Osamu's First Proposal


Hikan, Osamu

Date: March 21, 2011


This is both Osamu's introduction to the new Mizukage, Hikan, and a meeting in which Osamu delivers a research proposal to the Mizukage. As part of the proposal, Osamu requests various supplies and permissions.

"Osamu's First Proposal"

Kirigakure Administration Building: Mizukage's Office

This room sports a large wooden desk which sits upon a blue-green carpet, the walls are decorated with scrolls of militiristic sayings and commendations from missions for jounin. A single large chair sits behind the desk and in front of the desk are two smaller chairs. On the wall opposite the door is a large single-pane window which looks off of a cliff and out into the sea.
South - (S) [Administration Building - Hallway]


From head to foot, this Shinobi stands an intimidating six feet in height, gifted with the lean muscle and predatory grace of a large feline. His hair is nothing short of midnight, black, blue and shiny all at once, which stands on full view unlike it once did — tied in a very loose ponytail behind him. The effect causes some idle bangs to hang over his cheek bones. His face below boasts a fair gold complexion, and he could even be considered 'handsome' if not for the deep scar cuts him from the middle of his broad brow to the bridge of his straight nose. His eyes play complement to the rest of his coloring, amber-flecked slivers of dark chocolate, which seem black in some lights and brown in others. They're hidden behind a pair of black framed, sleek precription glasses. They fall down the bridge of his nose from time to time, only to be pushed back up at his whim. From his high cheekbones, his visage becomes narrower, and the thin lips above his sharp chin merely serve to place accent upon that quality.
Everything he wears is light cyan in color. A fitted shell spider silk covers his upper body and his arms to the elbow. It's tied at the waste by a loose sash that hangs by his side. Combined here is a long flowing garment that covers his legs, seemingly made out of the same material as his tunic. He stands upon a pair of simple flat sandals, rounding off the simple attire.


This young man stands just a little over six feet tall. His most notable feature is his mid-toned gray skin, which appears to be naturally gray rather than gray due to any kind of deathliness. His build is athletic bordering on thin. His facial features are soft and youthful, appearing to be in his late teens. His eyes are a piercing blue. Around his eyes, on his brow and cheekbones, and on the line of his chin are dark tattoo marks that mimic thick parallel scars set in rows. He has no hair to speak of.
The young man wears a thickly layered loose-fitting black robe made of gossamer silk. The robe sits just over his shoulders and has a V-neck which dips slightly below his collar bone. Running down his neck along the veign lines and on his collar bone are tattoos like those on his face. The arms of the robe widen towards the ends are are long enough to naturally conceal the young man's hands. Trailing from the robe into the wind and onto the ground are countless thin black strands of silk. A careful observer will notice that the robe has no seams, that the kirigakure symbol is woven into the gossamer at a variety of locations, and that the robes have a constant gentle ripple.

At the door to the Kage's office there is a rhythmic knocking. Seven knocks total.

The Mizukage is working hard as always. He is currently writing at his desk, filling out various pieces of paperwork and the like. When the knock comes, he looks up from above the top of his sleek glasses. His eyes narrow a little, before he looks back down at his work. All along his desk are scrolls and books. "Enter." Hikan speaks, in a clear and loud enough voice for the stranger to hear.
Hikan does not look up to see who it is. He had not summoned for anyone … so this must be someone who needs him for something.

The door to the Mizukage's office swings open, revealing Osamu. The young man is holding a black folder thick with papers. After standing for a moment in the doorway, long enough to scan the room, Osamu enters. He walks with a swaying like a dance, and long strands of black spider silk extend from his robes and echo his movements in tenebrous waves. Osamu even spins before coming to a stop in front of the Kage's desk. When he first stops, Osamu rocks his weight back onto one heal and his shoulders sway far backwards, but he straightens himself to a formal posture as Osamu turns his eyes towards the Mizukage.
"Okumo Osamu Chuunin, sir," is what Osamu says, his voice relaxed and sleepy sounding.

Hikan shifts a glance up when the door swings open, peering at Osamu as he saunters in. The silk is recognised immediately, giving away his clan before he even has a chance to speak. Of course, the Chuunin may also recognise similar silks on the Mizukage. A gift, as it were, from the Okumo.
The twirl is a little unexpected, but he says nothing. Leaning back a little and taking a break from his immediate work, he studies the big black folder. "Okumo Osamu, huh…?" He starts. "What brings you to my office this evening?" A simple enough question. His face isn't one of annoyance. On contrare. It's just /very/ stern. With almost unblinking eyes peering right up at Osamu carefully. Watching his every move. As he leans forward on the table, his fingers steeple together.

Osamu's face retains a natural grin as he speaks with Hikan. "Lord Mizukage, I have come hoping to hand you a proposal for medical research for your review. I have already spoken to Elder Kaguya Takeshi of my proposal, and he has expressed his support." The thick black folder likely has somewhere between two hundred and three hundred pages inside of it. More the thickness of a log of reports than that of a mere proposal. "I… believe… it would be of benefit to the village if you were to consider this proposal."

"Medical research?" Hikan questions, taking a look at the folder. He doesn't dare touch the thing yet. "Takeshi is an Elder of the Kaguya clan." He says simply, now tracing his hand over the black cover. "He has little standing in anything outside of those matters. Unless the medical research was in relation to the Kaguya?" Taking forth the folder and sliding it closer, he skims over the first few pages.
It is certainly very well … documented. "This does seem to be quite detailed for a 'proposal'. Is this proposal coming from the Okumo as a whole? Or just you? Are you able to say what soty of research your are planning?" A pause as he leans back. "…which will save me from having to read through hundreds of pages?"

"Yes, medical research. I used Elder Kaguya Takeshi as a point of reference to see if my proposal was sound enough to present to you, Lord Mizukage," Osamu says. "The research is primarily for medical benefit to Kirigakure shinobi as a whole. To research applications to the Kaguya alone would threaten to taint the research due to the biologic nature of the Kaguya kekkei genkai. Further analysis is contained within the proposal." Osamu then looks thoughtfully towards the floor, then momentarily towards one of the walls before looking back to the Mizukage. "I… Hmm… I would say that what I am asking for primarily is a right to gather and experiment on non-sensitive corpses, a medical research facility, and permission to explore benificent applications of my kekkei genkai on the health of volunteer patients… along with access to the volunteers' medical records… and - I have listed this all in the proposal - permission to observe medical procedures and autopsies within the Kirigakure medical facilities. Any level of clearance would be beneficial, though… I expect that until some results are shown I would not be granted access to very many classified files beyond certain medical records."

Picking up a pen of sorts, Hikan starts twirling the brush around between his fingers. Listening, and looking at the page which is opened before him. "I'll say this much. You Okumo people are definitely … interested in medicine. I recall when we once had a Sharingan eye at our disposal. The Okumo were obsessed with finding out more about it. This seems to be similar, if only a little different."
"So just so I understand." He pushes his glasses a little further up the bridge of his nose. "You wish to experiment on corpses personally, within your own medical research facility?" He holds up a hand, as if this request has already run into problems. "First off. We don't really have the finances to fund something so out of the blue. If you're not aware, we were just at War for a number of weeks." And as everyone knows, such things are expensive.
"Because of that, I am hesitant to approve of such a thing. Even given your apparent …" He looks down to the document, "…enthusiasm." Hikan clears his throat. "Let me be clear. Every day I get requests from people to build new things for them. Homes, training dojos. Extensions to the hospital even. I have to sort between what is truly useful for the village as a whole, or what would not be. You wish to explore further applications of your spiders in medicine and health. I can certainly see this as an advantage to Kirigakure as a whole. However, I need some solid results before I can approve construction of a whole new facility. Complete with staff to aid you."
Then, out of curiosity, he queries. "Has not the Okumo already got a designated wing of the existing hospital in Kirigakure? Where they perform exactly what you are asking now? Why do you wish to be seperate from them?"
Osamu nods at the Mizukage's words, but does not seem to be phased at all, the same grin remaining on his face. "The Okumo define webs and mazes of red tape. Any research done through the Okumo Clan facilities is likely to be almost entirely classified, and only the smallest results of such are likely to see use in any venue outside of the clan's own files. As for the expense of building a medical lab, I have taken this into consideration. As this is the largest financial expense, I have prepared a few proposed alternatives in Appendix C. The most desirable of which is use of the mortuary to perform research in. The mortuary itself is rarely used for anything except mundane autopsies, of which I would be specifically interested in observing. All sensitive autopsies are performed in more specialized facilities. The mortuary is out of the way, it is kept sterile, and contains within it any medical equipment I would expect to have provided for use in the initial research, until such results were shown as to prove the worth of my research."

Not bothering to flick through the pages, Hikan finds himself nodding a little bit. "Very well, then. I am … somewhat glad that you are wise enough to know of the finance positions that Kirigakure is put in." He says this, despite showing no difference in his stern appeal. "So long as you are sure that the Okumo clan agrees with this. I do NOT want them in here the day after you have started, arguing with me in why I have approved of one of their own to spend his personal time performing things that are not for the good of just them." He nods a little.
"You are to perform your research in this mortuary until I feel satisfied with your work. You will have no aids, so I can have experts better measure your abilities." He leans back a little, shutting the folder and pushing it back towards Osamu. It seems he has no intention of reading that damn thing. "…but I do not want to give the impression that I am giving you no bones. As new bodies come in from our missions, I will be sure to send a variety your way to better illustrate your skills. Of course, any bodies that you obtain on your own missions, are yours."
And with this, he begins to work on what he was previously. "You have six weeks. Six weeks to give me proven results that you are worth this time and effort. If by then you have not provided anything of worth, you will be pulled from that area."

Osamu nods at each of Hikan's statements. "Thank you, Lord Mizukage. I will submit to your office a full report in regards to planned operations and research experiments, safety procedures, and operational procedures. I expect that six weeks from today you will find my results amiable." Osamu takes no action to retrieve the folder from the Mizukage's desk, but instead takes a few steps backwards, maintaining the formal posture for the moment. "I will leave you to your duties, Lord Mizukage. I appreciate and value your time." Osamu's smile widens noticably, then he spins about, immediately returning to an extremely relaxed posture with his arms swinging freely in the same motions as his tenebrous wake, and he saunters out of the office.

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