What If? Other World - More Beast than Man



Date: November 30, 2016


What If? Challenge – If Daisuke had never been saved by his Aunt and sent on the right path.

"What If? Other World - More Beast than Man"


Senju Daisuke, 21 years old. That name struck fear into the hearts of many in Konohagakure and beyond. He was the village jinchuuriki, host of the Four Tailed Ape, and weapon of mass destruction. Daisuke had grown up around a mother who didn’t want him, a father he had killed in the binding ritual of the Ape and him as a baby had soured that relationship. His mother blamed him for her husband’s death and, aside from having basic nutrients in the house; she constantly went out on long missions for the village to get away from Daisuke. The boy was left to his own devices and a sinister voice in his head with its own goals in mind. Never a good recipe for anyone to mentally handle.

During the academy, Daisuke displayed remarkable chakra control and an almost vicious nature during spars. He adopted a carefree attitude to the point where if a classmate was hurt sparring with him, he would straight up call him weak and pathetic for a shinobi, that it was his own shortcomings that caused him to get hurt. He did not work well with a team and, if it wasn’t for what he was and his exceptional skill level, he probably would never have been promoted out of the Academy.

Once he became a genin the administration tried placing him in a group with a Jounin instructor. This also ended up going poorly as Daisuke’s destructive nature reared its head time and time again on missions, causing multiple reports and complaints to be made against the jinchuuriki. He was used to being unwanted, ostracized, and called a monster, and this had made the boy grow cold towards social interactions amongst anyone but the voice in his head. He was scolded time and time again, reprimanded even, but they couldn’t do anything because he was the village’s secret weapon and as soon as the boy realized that their hands were tied, he went off the deep end into a dark place where human emotions were not welcome.

Daisuke didn’t have a complete disaster of a childhood. Growing up he had made a total of 2 friends that stuck it out with his difficult behavior. Time and time again the boy tried to push them away to test their resolve or out of simple frustration that, while everyone else had abandoned him, they were still sticking around him. One was a boy named Katsu and the other was a girl named Nami. Katsu kept pushing Daisuke to grow stronger as a ninja, to steer away from the voices and the bad thoughts. Nami was able to bring Daisuke back from those dark places he would frequent often, her presence and voice able to clear his clustered mind. These two were the reason why Daisuke had made it as far as he had, but they would end up being his eventual downfall into darkness.

Daisuke had rushed through Genin and received the rank of Chuunin due to his strength alone. He could start being sent out on missions that would usually require multiple ninja and, since he worked best alone, he came back successful from each, though the repair bills on some of the missions were a little steep. It was during a mission in his fifteenth year that things took a permanent turn for the worse. Nami had approached Katsu concerned about Daisuke’s ever growing coldness towards others, and his almost robotic, unfeeling nature. They both knew what Daisuke held within him, and this became a growing cause of concern. They went to the Hokage directly, Daisuke’s Uncle Hashirama, and asked to be placed on a mission with Daisuke. They hoped that having his friends there would lighten Daisuke’s mood and cause him to enjoy himself a little more.

Daisuke was less than pleased to see his friends waiting for him at the gate the morning of the mission, though secretly somewhere deep down inside he had this annoying warm and fuzzy feeling. He griped about it all the way to the mission point, how they would hold him back, to not get in his way, etc. The friends were not deterred; they were used to this from the Senju. And so the mission began. It was to be a simple bandit eradication, a nearby camp had been harassing a supply line that went from the Capital City to Konohagakure directly and it was important that this supply line was cleared up.

A simple sounding mission if not for one exception. It wasn’t bandits that showed up. Daisuke and his friends were ambushed by Iwagakure ninja. The Stone and the Leaf were currently at war, and had been for a few years now, but hostilities had grown so infrequent that it was more of a cold war with border skirmishes. So what were the Stone doing here? The simple answer was they were after Daisuke, or at least what was inside Daisuke. The trio fought valiantly but Daisuke’s friend Katsu was the first to fall to a powerful earth jutsu. Something triggered inside Daisuke when he saw his friend die before him, a flight response he had never had before. He turned to Nami to try to grab her and leave but as they were running a kunai struck Nami in the back and caused her to go limp against him. She managed to squeak out a few parting words, something about being happy and living a good life, but at that time Daisuke was overcome with rage. He gave into the Beast within him as Nami died in his arms, and the Ape was very happy to be able to stretch his legs after so many years. The Stone forces were obliterated quickly and brutally, and if not for a small entourage lead by the Hokage, Daisuke’s rage would’ve continued and probably ended up consuming the nearby village.

Daisuke had lost the last bit of humanity that he had in his life. And so he stays, under constant surveillance, in a facility created for him, only to be let out when needed to crush, maim, or destroy the enemies of the Leaf. He is a beast, there is no humanity remaining within the young adult, now 21 years old. If not for the Hokage reaching out a motherly hand towards the Daisuke of this world, he too could’ve easily turned out like this.

"Being what we are, you can lose a lot, and your heart goes hollow, but if you got things you don't want to lose, they become a light to follow! These beasts aren't our only source of strength! What was inside our hearts before the monster… shines like a sun, powers us to any length! That's where our true power comes from!" – Killer Bee, Jinchuuriki of the Cloud

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