Out of the Flames


Odin (emitter), Myuu

Date: June 25, 2013


Myuu takes a break from saving the world only to find that her little corner of it has found some trouble in it yet again. With a burning build, a damsel in distress, and kittens, there's no way she can turn a blind eye.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Out of the Flames"

Kadomai's Green Street

Kadomai - Green Street (#484) [Land of Fire]

Green Street at a glance can clearly be told as home to the more humble of Kadomai's villagers. Primarily a residential road, by necessity it is not as clearly delineated with shrubbery and other such features requiring the attention of a groundskeeper. This region makes up for it in its lush grasses and frequent trees, interspersed at random between the houses.
Though its roads are rendered in bright new cobblestone the same as the town square, the houses themselves oft cannot claim the same level of luxury. Most here are small dwellings, modest huts of wood and thatch dotting the forested landscape. Though the most expressive and well-kempt of houses tend to be closest to the road, it is hardly the rule. Though some shinobi can be seen from time to time coming up and down the road, mostly the area is trafficked by simple villagefolk, going about their business. The road continues further west to the far end of Green Street, and then back east, to more ample homes and Kadomai's town square proper.


East - (E) [Kadomai - Green Street]
Leave Town - (LT) [Eastern Path]

Myuu had been running around for the last couple of days, doing odd jobs here and there to see if she could make herself enough money to manage to pay for the repairs to her chakra launchers, which had been left in Konoha. Most of the jobs were basic things… Find a cat, carry my bags for me, help me cross the street… Nothing really majorly important or detailed, and even if she HAD requested payment for them… nothing that would have earned her enough money to get her launchers back from that crazy old man who was repairing them.

NOW, she was wandering through town, taking a short, but well deserved break from the various requests that she got from day to day… Mostly because nobody had requested that she do anything for them in the last couple hours or so.

The door to one of the homes bursts open.
Coming out of the building in a stumbling run is a woman dressed in a simple sundress, carrying two children in her arms. The black smoke pouring out of the front door provides explanation to he reason she's gasping and coughing as she falls to her knees, letting the children down. Eventually, she manages to heave in a rasping breath and she brings herself to her feet, whirling around to run back into the building. Flames abruptly rise up to meet her, having been fed by the rush of air caused by the opening door, and she recoils with a shout and raised arms. She bites her bottom lip as looks at the fire, breathing quickening with adrenaline. It's clear by any who can see her face or the set of her shoulders that she's working herself up to push through and go back in.

Myuu jumps back a little when a woman suddenly barrels past her with two children, eyes widening at the sudden burst of smoke and flames from the building. Her mind quickly sets to work on exactly what was going on. It wasn't hard. The building was burning, and that woman just escaped, with her kids… but wait, was she about to go back inside?

"Woah! Wait! Hold on a second!" Myuu jumps between the woman and the house, "What are you going back in there for? Another kid?" She glances back at the house, "Tell me and I'll go in and get it FOR you, you're in no condition to run into a burning building after inhaling all that smoke like that!" She holds her hands up, as if to stop the woman from charging back in without an explanation. Clearly, there was no time to lose, but hopefully the woman wouldn't waste any time in telling her
what she needed to go in and get so badly.

The woman takes a determined step forward with a huff, that breath quickly turning into a gasp as Myuu steps in front of her. She blinks and says, "Move — I have to… You'll…?" She shakes her head, obviously flustered and not quite thinking clearly. "My daughter. She's not in her room. She's in there and I couldn't find her, but I had to get the other kids out of the house. I just —" She
gives a sudden, body shaking cough, he words coming out weak. "Just please help her…" She sucks in a breath, biting her lip and looking past Myuu in distress.

Myuu nods, taking a few steps back toward the house before flipping around and starting off at a run toward the building… This was a BAD idea, but she couldn't exactly leave the woman alone… Her hero complex was raging again. She pushed past the front door and called out, "HEY! Anyone in here?! Your mom told me to come get you!"

She held a piece of her jacket up to her mouth, and squinted through the smoke, trying to see and keep herself from suffocating. "We gotta get out of here, so if you can hear me, call out and I'll take you out of here! Please?" She really hoped that the woman's daughter was really in here, and hadn't run off without telling anyone and gone to a friend's house or something.

The woman raised a hand to Myuu's back as the woman begins running to the door of her home. But then the heroic figure pushed through the flames at the front of the home and the sound of her shouting filtered outside. The woman brought that hand back, clutching at her chest… and turned around, going to the other children. They were crying now, afraid, and she kneeled by them to whisper consoling words she was trying her hardest to believe in.

Myuu stands within the living room of this home. It is a humble place, constructed wholly of wood. The fire had only just reached the room when the mother had rushed out, it seemed, as half of it hadn't been touched yet. With the fire licking at the walls and ceiling, however, it's clear that that will be a short live relief. To the right, there are stairs leading upstairs. Most of it is
engulfed in flames, the fire seeming to have come from there. On the the left side of the wall the woman faces, with her back to the doorway, there is another doorway, this one seeming to lead into the kitchen are. There is smoke there, but it enters rather than escapes. And if the girl could hear Myuu, she didn't give any sign that she could, wherever she was.

Myuu glances at the stairs first… the bedrooms were probably up there… The mother mentioned that she wasn't in the room, so it would have probably been a waste of time to go up there. "Fuel…" She muttered under her breath, and then headed for the kitchen area ahead of her… it seemed to be the only logical choice. "Little girl?! We need to get out of here…!" After a few more tries, she decides to stop trying to call out to the girl… if she was here, she was probably unconscious, or too scared to make her presence known. Myuu needed to breathe less, if possible. She began trying to hold her breath, breathing in what she could through her jacket, and then rushed ahead.

Still, there is no reply from the girl to Myuu's shouts for her. But within the clean kitchen, untouched by the flame but for the dark smoke settling at the ceiling, there is a sound. A quiet thumping, a light scratching from… There. In the a cabinet low to the ground, that's where the sound is coming from. It seems to have a lock, though, threaded through a metal latch. But there's
no doubt that there's something inside of the cabinet, there. The only doubt one might have, by the sound of the groaning of the wood overhead, is that it would be worth investigating. Why would a child be locked in a cabinet?

Myuu froze as she noticed the sound, and quickly made her way to the cabinet, dropping to her knees in front of it. "Great… My launchers are broken, and the cabinet is locked." Myuu wasn't exactly the strongest girl in the world. "Little girl? Are you in there?!" she put a hand to the door of the cabinet, then began to study the lock… There just wasn't any time to try to pick it, and she was pretty sure she wasn't going to find a key nearby.

She finally decided that her only real option was going to be to try and break the lock… and she immediately began to search for some sort of tool to do that with. Ideally, a heavy object that she could smash the thing with, but she'd have taken something that she could pry the cabinet open with too!

Within the kitchen is another wooden table, this one seeming much sturdier than what'd been out in the living room. There's a broom beside the cabinet in question, it's bristles old and inflexible. Beside the stove is a metal rode, a poker used to excite the flames within the oven. On the wall is a metalworking of some kind. A tribal symbol or seal, perhaps? The each of these could be used as a blunt object to try and get the lock open.

The sound of crackling flames in the backgroud, though, is beginning to grow louder. The smoke at the ceiling is darker now. Thicker. Spreading lower. And the wood of the ceiling overhead gives yet another dangerous groan from stress, the flames above eating away at it's strength. Time does tick…

And Myuu grabs immediately for the poker! It was small enough to move quickly, metal, and while it might not have been a great option for beating the lock, it was certainly an option to try and pry it off with leverage. She poked the long piece of metal through the loop of the lock and pulled, using her foot against the cabinet for extra force… Either the lock was going to break, the bar was going to bend, or the whole latch was going to tear away from the wood. She was going to be happy with either the first, or last of those options!

Actually, none of the above happened. Instead, as soon as any real pressure was applied to it due to the tension on the latch, the lock sprung open with ease. As it turned out, the thing wasn't actually locked. Just closed. And now it was neither. All Myuu would have to do would be to remove the lock and she could open the cabinet. Whatever was inside had stopped scratching against the door by this point, though…

Well that was easier than expected… She'd sigh and shake her head AFTER she wasn't in a smokey building though… For now, she pulled the lock off and tried to wrench the cabinet open! Hopefully all that scratching was not a rat.

It wasn't a rat.
It wouldn't be too far off, though, depending on who you were. Rather than your run of the mill vermin, what'd been scratching against the cabinet door was a very young, white furred, blue eyed kitten. One of a kindle of them. The one that'd been at the door tumbled out of the cabinet with a plaintive mewl, the rest in the litter stirring to look towards Myuu.
Abruptly, the ceiling above Myuu and the cabinet cracks, the wood piercing through, some pieces of timber falling. It hasn't fully collapsed yet, but the view of the heavy dresser through the hole above says that it's only a matter of time, and not much of it. To add to that…
"Mia!" comes a feminine shout from the living room.

Myuu looks a bit disappointed at the group of kittens… Kittens were not little girls!… But she couldn't just leave THEM either. "C'mere!" She reaches and starts to pick up the kittens to hide them in her jacket, then she hears someone call out for a Mia… the mother's voice. "I haven't found her yet!" She calls back, then looks around… Was there another door from the kitchen? "Stay

The inspection showed that there was another doorway inside of the kitchen, yes, but it was the backdoor to the home, leading to outside. It was currently closed. The ceiling above sagged further with yet another groan, as it began to give way, flaming splinters falling down onto the crouching woman's back. The smoke was thicker, now, and should she stand back up, she'd find her face covered by it, eyes stinging. But she might want to do it and beat a hasty retreat, anyway. Whether she'd finished gathering the kittens or not, what was thought to be a dresser and turned out to be an armoire fell through the roof, heading right for the animal wielding heroine.
And from outside of the kitchen came the sounds of the mother, coughing, obviously ignoring her. "Why are you in the kitchen!?" came her shout. "Where's my daughter!?" The sound of wood snapping and falling resounds from within the living space.

The Armoire fell, and suddenly smashed into not Myuu… but a chair, which she had apparently grabbed to use in a replacement technique. "There were sounds coming from in here! Please go back outside, I'm going upstairs!" As far as she knew, that was the only place she had left to go!

She openned the back door first… and released the kittens, "Go, get out of here…!" And then she turned back, and looked up at the hole in the ceiling, "Mia?!" And then, instead of heading back out to the living room… she jumped THROUGH the hole, and into the room above… Ninja training sure was convenient!

This room is nearly fully engulfed in flames by this point. With so much fodder and the air from the windows that had burst open at some point, the flame spread through the room like it'd been doused in oils. A quick glance would show that it was the girl's room. The smoke was too thick and too low, despite the open windows, to see anything adorning the walls at regular height, but there were handmade, stuffed dolls burning in a corner and a small nightgown falls from the bed, soon to be nothing more than ash and memory.
Look around, there was no place that one would hope the girl would be hiding. The bed was engulfed in flames, and it's unlikely that it was be any better underneath it. There's a door on the far end — a closet — but it was wholly engulfed in flames, it's crackling heat sliding up it. And even worse than that…
The mother appears in the doorway. Her hair and dress are in flames, and blisters are rising on what skin is visible. She looks around as she enters, dashing in low through the flames, wild eyed, shouting for "MIA!" and seemingly heedless of the fact that she was burning alive.

"Get OUT!" Myuu screeches, "Or else your kids are going to be without their mother!" Myuu just didn't have any way to save the mother if she burst into flames in here. "If you don't get out of here RIGHT now, I'm going to pull you ouit! If Mia is still in this house, and I have to force YOU out, then she PROBABLY wont make it!" She sneers, "I'm looking, and I'm way better equipped to do it than you!"

The woman didn't seem to hear Myuu, looking around as though she were confused, her breathes coming in quick and shallow. A spare hand bat at the burning sleeve of her dress in an absent manner, the charring flesh doing nothing to dampen it's effects. But the confusion cleared from her eyes after a moment, returning with an abrupt harshness. "MIA!" she shouted, not seeming to see Myuu. "MIIIAAAA!" Her voice was a high, desperate keening and she began to dash through the flames around the best, coming to a full stand to shroud her head and shoulders in the smoke.
But a chance glance from Myuu, or perhaps some instinct or intuition, would tell the heroine that the child in need wasn't actually in the closet that her mother was heading towards, or even in her room anymore. Instead, she was down below through the hole that Myuu had jumped up through. In the fall, the armoire's doors had crashed open, revealing the unconscious child half hanging from it. But the flames were already spreading along it's wood, having reached the kitchen earlier. And the backdoor was covered in flames, same as the front. Still, something had to be done.

Something did indeed have to be done… And the FIRST thing to do was get that crazy woman away from that closet, "No! I've already found her! Let's go!" She doesn't take no for an answer, and immediately grabs the mother… She'd have to take her through the hole, it was probably incredibly dangerous to get out by the stairs.

Once she has the woman in her arms, she quickly moves toward the hole, hopping through with her, despite any protests. And then she put her down, "She's right there, I'm going to get her, YOU STAY STILL! Do not be stupid!" And then she started to remove her jacket, wrapping it around one arm before using that arm to try and get up to the open door… and get the girl from the armoire.

Getting out would be another goal… and for that purpose, she looked inside the armoire to see if there were any other clothes inside that weren't already charred.

The woman struggled against Myuu's grasp, lunging from the closet, but only for a moment. The words of the heroine caught the burning woman, and she stopped resisting her, instead reverting to simply screaming her lungs off, thrashing as she tries to pat out the flames as the pair travel through more. She gives another scream as they go the hole in the ground, falling into the kitchen below. As she's set down, she quickly gets back up to her feet and dashes out of the building. The fire had eaten away at her determination to save her daughter as much as it had her hair and skin, and now it was working on whatever was underneath. Nearly immediately, she was sprayed by a water ninjutsu. Shinobi, it seemed, had gotten word and arrived to help.

Myuu grabs the child and upon seeing the water being used to put out the woman… She rushes out to join them, keeping the child wrapped in her jacket, JUST in case. Once she's finally out she breathes a sigh of relief, and looks around for the mother, "Hey! Come get your daughter!" She holds the girl up, ready to hand her off and then go… get changed or something. She probably smelled like smoke. And she hurt.

The woman was on the ground with severe burns on her body obviously evident. But that didn't stop her from crying out and taking her daughter into her arms when the girl was offered. "Thank you, thank you, thank you," said the woman as she clung to her unconscious daughter, kissing her on the forehead with cracked lips. But soon, the girl was wrest from her mother's arm, a shinobi saying, "We need to escort you to the hospital."
Nobody but the bystanders seemed to notice Myuu leaving.

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