Over staying a welcome.


Daomi, Etsu, Kenta, Haruko

Date: October 15, 2011


Daomi was still hanging around the The Land of Fire, mostly to speak with Etsu. Unfortunately, as time goes on others eventually cross the path which in the end proves to be the kiri nins downfall.

"Over staying a welcome."

Forest Crossroads, Konohagakure

A rematch was due or perhaps an even better exchanging of words was in order, either way one thing was for certain and that was the last time the two met, it left a sour taste in the boys mouth that he planned to rid himself of. The girl, Just Etsu, had a fascination for the discovering and research of insects new and possibly old if something could still be learned from it. It was a trait Daomi could respect and understand the need for. Knowing that this is one of the few paths that led to further out of the forest, he waited, like a spider would for prey to come into its trap and as the time passed by more of his brood would be skitter about the area and claim a part of the land as their own lookout. Whatever was to pass them, no matter how big or small, their host would be the first to know about it.

Etsu was a little more cautious around these parts lately, but she was still open to it all because there was so much to find here. With the ground churned, trees rocked, wind blowing, a number of insects have traveled around here or have been spotted. She's a keen observer of these things, especially when it benefits her. Of course, the village gains by proxy, but the weight of it is more personal.
Arriving at the crossroads, she was about to check around for some insects, though something caused her to pause. "Hmm…" She hummed softly, kneeling to the ground. Her eyes scanned her surroundings before she spoke up saying, "You're free to come out. I don't think you need to hide much from me, anyhow." She offers.

From the branch where Daomi stood he hadn't expected to be found before spotting whom it was he waited for. Yet with the words spoken, it was clearly the case. It was quite frustrating as well, for the prey to have keener senses, to not be alarmed by the intruder in the area, to show no fear about the individual that stalks about. Was it the presense he gave off or just his skill level? The Okumo wasn't as aggressive as members of his own clan nor as the shinobi of Kirigakure, but he wasn't one to be taken lightly. "I wasn't hiding from you." Leaping from the brush and landing on the ground with a soft, graceful measure. His eyes scanning the girl, taking in her composure. "I was simply waiting and my determination paid off."

Etsu can't say she wasn't exactly frightened. She was taking a risk being out here and knew the consequences. The problem is that she had to face them and so, she figured she might as well face it in much the same way she came out here. With some recklessness. "I don't see much of a difference, but…" She shrugs. "To each his own. So, what were you waiting for?"

"I was waiting for you, of course." The boy would shift in his stance, leaning slightly to one side more than the others. His eyes never leaving that of the girls, "We never got to talk much the first time. Since you…" The tone in his voice changing to that of anger "…attempted to harm me." Daomi then raised a hand, slowly, but with a certain intent as he did so. Judging how Etsu would react before placing it within the opening of his kimono. "The second time as well was cut short, but that was through a fault of my own. This third time I assume to have much better results."

There are a number of things that run through Etsu's mind. Who is this person? What is his problem? Where did he get the notion to wait for her? When did she start being stalked? /Why/ is she being stalked? And how the hell is she supposed to stop it? In these few moments, she had nothing to say except to focus on Daomi and his explanation. Is that what this was about? "I did attempt to harm you. You know, we're kinda forced to think of you as enemies. I can understand why since your people are beating—" She cuts herself off at seeing his hand raised before her. She lofted a brow. "So, this is the third time we've met. I'm not sure of what to think of it."

Daomi headtilted while taking in the behavior of Etsu. Observing how she reacts to everything around her, especially with him. It was intriguing to say the least and he enjoyed watching it unfold. "Are you not happy to see me? I am happy that my waiting is over and here you are. Do you think this will turn into a fight? I do not intend it to do so, but like the first time it is dependent on your own actions." The boy would pause to watch the reactions of the girls before offering, "How is the Inuzuka?"

"Here's the deal, spider lad." Etsu starts. "I can't say I'm exactly happy to see you after I was swarmed, poisoned and acidified. BUT, I can blame myself since I attacked you. It was all an effort to try and get my partner out of there that failed miserably." She explained with a bit of a sourness in her tone. She didn't necessarily like that. "I don't know if it'll turn into a fight. I'm just anticipating. Also, I don't know how the Inuzuka is doing, but I'm assuming he's fine."

A slow two wheeled cart creaked along the forest trails from the south. A single donkey pulls the cart and on said cart sits a lone person covered by a green traveling cloak. The hood is pulled back however, since this part of the forest is well shaded. His features are well visible and seems to be a early teenager, even someone from the land of lightning if someone was keen enough to notice features like that. The driver has the reins lightly in his hands while he hums a quiet tune to himself. The rear of the cart is covered by a small tarp, lashed down with a few hemp ropes.

Daomi simply listened to the girl with a straight face, his emotions being contained within and not shown upon his face, "Then I should ask. How are you doing?" His headtilted to the otherside, "Seeing you here before me I can only surmise you were able to remove the poison. Quicker with the help from your kikaichu?" The boy would nod as he was sure that to be the case, "I won't hold it against you for anticipating a fight. Even though we both stand here, being as civil as two shinobi from warring nations can be, I still expect you to attack me once again. If not you…then those in the cart that approach from the south will." He didn't bother turning around to see who approached, his arachnid that were scattered about the forest while he waited earlier already giving the okumo what he need to know.

"I'm doing better since then, yeah. Still wasn't pleasant, but yes, they did help in getting it out." Etsu explained. "I'm not here to attack anyone, though." She continued with the change in the conversation. "I came to do what I usually do and hope that I don't end up in something. It's hard, but well worth it to find some things out here." She explains while observing the approaching cart. She honestly didn't think a cart would get through these parts so easily. She hums. A hand is lifted in greeting to the individual driving the cart.

Kenta is not having an easy time of it, no. He's been caught on more tree roots and rough bits in the trail than he'd like to admit. But, it's better than back packing this stuff along. Kenta waves a hand in greeting at the two nearby. He's not so blind as to not notice what's going on, but he's not about to agitate this on farther. He gives a smile and says, "Salutations to the both of you…" and hopes he's not stopped as he starts urging his donkey to move past. The animal does give a small call of protest however, even it can pick up what might happen here. Or it's all the bugs.

With the cart getting closer, Daomi can ignore the others approach no longer and shifts his stance about to be able to see Etsu and the newcomer in his field of vision. "It seems we have found something now. Do you know the individual?" The greeting from Etsu not being enough to discern whether she did or not, but the fact she hadn't openly attacked like she did with the Okumo speaks loudly. "Greetings to you as well." A lowering of the boys head would be given, "I am Okumo, Daomi from Kirigakure and this person next to me is Just, Etsu from Konohagakure. Who might you be?"

"Hello." Etsu offered back to Kenta's salutation. While watching the cart pass, she shook her head to Daomi's questioning saying, "No, I've never seen him before." She remarks. At hearing her name spoken the way it was, she chuckled and said, "Etsu. Aburame Etsu." She could roll with a joke, but she couldn't tell if he was actually serious about saying her name like that.

Kenta smiles and pulls the cart to a stop, "Tenjin Kenta, formally a genin of Kumogakure, not just a simple wanderer looking at the world." He pats the rear of the cart's tarp, "And selling herbs where I can to finance it." His face flashes a bit of innocence, "You two wouldn't be interested in some, would you?" Though he could guess the answer already.

Daomi glanced quickly to Etsu with her statement of not knowing the newcomer before turning his attention back toward Kenta, "A wanderer you say." It was welcoming to hear, that the merchant had no true allegiance really, but still being formerly from an ally with Konoha left the Okumo feeling wary, "Well, I guess that all depends on what kind of herbs you have to offer. I may be interested depending on that alone."

"Nice to meet you, Kenta." Etsu remarks as her eyes divert to the tarp he patted. So, he sells herbs? This could be something to bank on. "I might like to purchase some herbs, sure. What might you recommend for rashes? There's always potential for some of those when dealing with insects." She admits she has had more than her fair share when she didn't handle one properly.

Kenta perks up upon hearing a possible customer. "Oh, a good variety, let me assure you." He hops up onto his feet and turns around to unhook the tarp and draw it back showing several clay jars. He unseals one and it has flowers and herbs of many different kinds. "Let's see…teng root, axelrod, maincrest, pench flower…but the petals are the important part for those." As he sorts through the various colorful flowers and plants. As Etsu asks the question he says, "Oh, of course…" he notices the clan name earlier, "…but herbs, yes. They work fine but.." he reaches under the clay pot and comes up with a small white bottle with the kanji for 'oil' on it. "This oil comes very reccomended by my clan for rashes of many kinds. It's from a plant called an olive. Just rub this on your skin and it'll take care of the itching almost right away."

Daomi knew next to nothing about herbs or anything related with them, so with the list of things offered he simply tilted his head in wonderment and confusion. He pondered asking for something that he may need pertaining to him, but with not having any rashes, wasn't sure where to ask. "Quite a selection you have. Do you have anything to deter…insects?" If the boy had ever smiled in his life, now would have been one of those occassions.

Etsu steps closer to the wagon to see all that he has. Lots to choose from. She can dig it. "By the way, do you have any problems with pests? Perhaps bugs chewing away at your herbs and such?" She wondered. It was her business, after all. Pests needed to be put in their place. "I'll take whatever you can offer on rashes, including the oil. I'd also like some herbs for fevers and chills if you don't mind?" She asks of Kenta. While she was reaching for her wallet, Daomi's words would bring her to pause for a few moments before she continued searching. "You're a funny guy." She chuckles.

Kenta thinks about it for a second and says, "No, I keep my stores dry and small. But I have been in grassland lately, so haven't seen much insect problems." He digs out another smaller vial and says, "Essence of Burdock." He uncorks the small stopper and holds it out for Etsu to smell, it's very bitter smelling and pugent. "This is a root that'll clean out any toxins you might have and help clean out your liver as well as help with rashes. Two drops in the mouth a day, any more and well…let's just say you wouldn't be kissing any cute boys for a while." He chuckles and looks over at Daomi, "Insects though, I might have what you want…let me see…" and he pulls out three different plants which he points at each, "Pepperment, catnip, and basil. Crush these leaves and rub it on your skin." He shrugs, "Though cats might follow you around for a while." He sets the plant bundle down on the cart for Daomi and the olive oil and burdock essence for Etsu. "So let's see, that'll be six ryo, Okumo-san, and five ryo, for Aburame-san."

Daomi stepped closer toward the cart, eyeing the concoction placed in front of him. "Some…assembly required I see." The boy would pull his arm from his kimono opening only to place it into a deep pocket of his pants. "If I crush the leaves, do I still have to rub it on my skin or can I simply wear it about or have it near me?" He paused, thinking about Etsu's response to him purchasing this, "Just being tactical. Exploding Kikaichu aren't really anyones friends." Tilting his head at Kenta, "Before I pay you for these, what effects do they have on arachnids? None I would hope."

"Ah, alright. Perfect." Etsu nodded in regard to Kenta's stores. "If you have any problems, though don't hesitate to find me. It's my job to deal with pests of all kinds." She then leaned forward to smell the essence of burdock. Her face immediately scrunched up and her nose tickled before she sneezed. That was some bad stuff right there. "Ugh…" She sniffled and rubbed her nose. "I bet it does clean out toxins. They don't stand a chance to something that smells and probably tastes like murder. No offense." She then glanced to Daomi at the cute boy comment.
Holding up her wallet she continued saying, "Indeed, they aren't. Nothing wrong with being tactical." She offers while pulling out five ryo. She paused and began to pull out five more making it ten. "Could I get an extra two bottles of the essence of burdock and olive oil?"

Kenta shakes his head, "None taken. These only affect misquitoes, biting flies, and gnats." He understands though, "I wouldn't sell something that would harm the customer…unless they wanted that. I am not against selling more harmful agents, though with the war, they are harder to come by." He looks over at Daomi and smiles, "Of course, always happy when my stock gets cleaned out." He pulls out the last olive oil and essence of burdock from the back and sets them down next to the first pair before happily taking the ten ryo and slipping it into his coat.

Daomi fished out the ryo from his pocket and seperated the amount in the palm of his hand before placing the remaining back. As he handed over the money to Kenta and reached for the bug repellent mix he thought for a moment before asking, "I don't think my brood would appreciate me much for preventing them from a meal. What are the possibilties of mixing these into a projectile of sort?" Looking over toward Etsu at her larger purchase, "You should plan on building up your own immunity, it might be cheaper in the long run."

Kenta thinks about it for a second and answers, "I think it only deals with the smell that drives away the insects, not anything you would need to ingest or inject into the body. Though I do suppose in something like a water balloon it would work. That'd be overkill though, you only need enough to cover the skin with." He looks at Etsu and smiles, "Will you want anything else? I have some lovely creams that work well for light skin."

"Oh, no, I mean, I come to expect that from all herbs, but that's just me. It's like nature wants us dead…" Etsu jokes, though there was some underlying hint of seriousness in her tone. "But I don't want any more harmful things. I'm just fine with toxin killer and rash eraser." She nodded and handed over the ryo to Kenta while taking the oils in her other hand. "Thank you." She grinned. "As for immunity, I think I've got that covered, but thanks for the suggestion."

Kenta chuckles as he slips the money into his coat from Daomi, "Nature is a very odd creature. It protects you one moment, eats you the next." He sets back down on the bench on the cart and says, "Well, I thank you for your business. If you'll want anything else Aburame-san, I'll be heading towards your village after this. Though I might have to make a few stops along the way and restock."

Daomi nodded, stepping back from the cart with his purchase and placing it on the ground to free up his hands, though one he placed back on the inside of his kimono, "Well, I don't plan on rubbing it on my own skin. That would have adverse effects to what I intend." Looking over toward Etsu, his eyes squinting a bit "Well, I…Didn't think you could build an immunity that fast to poison. Unless of course we are both speaking of something different." His attention turning back toward Kenta who was preparing to leave. "I'll simply be around the forests, so you won't see me within the village. Hopefully I can catch you on your way out."

"Not at all. It's in due time. I just didn't give any estimate." Etsu chuckled. "So, you're going to continue stalking the woods while I search for more to study." She looked around as if expecting someone to jump out at her. "Jumping spiders…" She remarked to no one in particular, but if anything was going to jump out, she guessed it'd be one of those considering this guy had them scattered all over the place.

Kenta nods to Daomi, "With any luck, yes." He clicks at his donkey and it starts heading back down the trail and towards the village. Hopefully this time he won't end up arrested the moment he walks in like during the chuunin exams.

Daomi watched Kenta head off and offered a nod to the traveling merchant as the teen continued on his way. "Don't worry, I don't have any of those…yet." He turned toward Etsu, making sure to stay near his purchase, "As I'm sure you were able to figure out, I purchased these in hopes of repeling your Kikaichu. Do you think it will work? The only problem is deciding how to actually employ it. Five ryo isn't necessarily much money to give up, but I'd hate to think that my money had gone to waste."

Etsu watched Kenta pull off towards Konoha and nodded to him as he began his journey forward. Once he was far enough, she began the process of closing her wallet and placing it away in one of the pockets of her coat. "Good. I had to give it some extra thought." She stated about the jumping spiders. "As for the repllants, I don't know if they'll work against them." She shrugged. "That's not something someone would exchange openly, either." She tsked and wagged a finger in the air.

Daomi shrugged, "It was worth a shot and you can't blame me for trying. If anything you could say I was testing the waters for how much you trusted me." He stared at Etsu with his normal look that would be found on his face, "Besides, if you asked me I might tell you how you could repel my arachnids. Though I don't think you honestly care. You don't seem to be afraid of me. Which isn't a bad thing, something I've come to notice from your village, but never wise to simply be carefree."

Etsu hummed. "You're not the only one…" She states. "Nothing against trusting you or your person. I can admit I'm wary. Besides, you did try to collect information from me during that fight last time. Not something I'd be all that open to since then." She explained. "I don't ask because I would find the endeavour fruitless. Also, you carry yourself unlike your comrades so perhaps consider me comfortable if not just a little on edge. If it was any other of your people, I'd have to differ." She focused on him intently. "What I wasn't necessarily afraid of were your spiders. Call them something I'm used to since I use insects. It's what you do with them that's concernining."

"I'm simply a researcher. Collecting information is just a hobby of mine." Daomi admitted, "So it is how I carry myself." He found this interesting, perhaps something he could use to his advantage later. "Then I shall continue to do what I do best, I guess." The boy shifted his weight, his legs growing tired at having to hold his weight up. "Yes, I could see that, but again I must remind you that it is you who attacked I. Otherwise they would have stayed where they hid, waiting…like they do best."

"No, no, it's how you use your spiders. How you carry yourself differs." Etsu corrected. "You can be perfectly fine and use your spiders with murderous intent." She shrugged. "They are weapons and that's what I'm concerned about." She slipped her hands into her pockets idly. "I'm not blaming you for the attack. I know what I did. I was just explaining that I wasn't necessarily phased by /seeing/ them. What they /can/ do is concerning. I see spiders all the time. They're natural just like insects. However, to undermine what they can do? Not a good idea."

Daomi considered for a moment, "Well your kikaichu would be no different. Though, I would never use my spiders in such a kamikaze way to have them simply explode on an opponent." He shifted once again before giving up and sitting on the ground. Glancing up to Etsu, "Do you see your hive as only weapons?." The questions were going to start flowing if the girl didn't catch on to his attempt at gathering information.

Etsu smirked. "They wouldn't, I agree. As for the explosion, that was just a bit of a personal preference" She would wink, but it's not like he'd see it. "I see them as weapons, yes. They're effective in combat and will serve that purpose well." She admits, though there's more she could say. "They have a great deal of potential that I haven't tapped into yet." She admits. "Do you feel the same way about your spiders?"

Daomi shook his head, "I do not see them as weapons if that is what you mean. They've been a part of me since birth and are always by my side and looking out for me." He removed his hand from his kimono and retrieved a spider that was within, looking it over before placing it on the ground and watching it skitter away in search of food. "Of course if you mean about having a great deal of potential to unlock, then yes. I do feel the same way about my spiders.

Etsu nods. "Interesting." She stated in a thoughtful fashion. Her eyes momentarily focus on the spider as it crawls away. "Potential, weapons…they serve a lot of purpose." She admits. "You seem to have a great deal of connection to them." She nods. "It's admirable." She grinned. "I assume you care for them like you would your own self. Treat them like brothers and sisters?"

"It seems only fair to care for them. They look after me, I should return the favor." Daomi offered before glancing about the area, realizing how quickly time has gone by since their meeting, surprised at how few had came through the crossroads. "As for brothers and sisters, I have none but have heard rumors of Okumos eating their own and the same goes for spiders of course." He looked back toward Etsu, tilting his head, not realizing how off putting that statement could be, "I've never yet consumed a human being, don't think I have the ability for doing so."

Etsu might have thought about that for a bit. People eating other people. Sure, she's heard about cannibals, but hasn't met one. Doesn't think she'd want to either. "Let's hope you don't." She chuckles. "And I meant your spiders when I referred to brothers and sisters, but I think I bit off a lot more than I could chew with that info." She paused. "Pun not intended," she added when she realized what she said.

Daomi shrugged, "Even if I could, I'm physically too weak to be able to restrain someone long enough. I'd probably have to stun them or distract them with a genjutsu…" He'd trail off, realizing he was starting to give things way. It didn't bother him to do such, he just didn't want to. "Do you have family, brothers and sisters or perhaps any stories as disturbing as the one I told?"

Etsu chuckled. "I'm a single child." She offered. "Just me and my parents." She offered. "Although, I have wondered what it would be like to have siblings. A lot of others seem to be annoyed that they have one. I think it'd be fun." She shrugs. "That's just my opinion, though."

Daomi stretched a bit from his sitting position, getting rather comfortable where he was, "I don't even remember the last time I've seen my parents. Not since becoming a shinobi, I guess. Even then memories of them are fuzzy." He thought about them for a moment before realizing it didn't really matter. He knew of others to consider family if he had the need to feel a connection to someone else, they would be called upon. "What would you do with a brother or sister? Clearly your time spent searching for insects takes up most of it."

"I honestly have no idea. I had to take up my time with those things, part of that was because I had no one to share things with." Etsu explains. "If I had siblings, I don't know how much of that would change since its a hard part of me now." She shrugs. "Maybe I would search for insects every so often instead of all the time." She considered. "Or press flowers part time…or even better, bring them with me to do so." She thinks about it all before sighing softly. "I don't know. I'm sure its harder than it looks, but I wouldn't know that."

Haruko had been watching for a while. She's steadily been getting closer in between the treetops, and now that she has found her way close the gap between the two talking Genin. Not wishing to make the Konoha nin reveal her incoming presence, she is trying to keep hidden from both parties around here. Sneaksy sneaksy.

Daomi tilted his head, "I wouldn't know either, but you are still young so I can surmise your parents are as well. Both of them should still be fertile enough to bring another child into the world. Perhaps if you were to persuade them you may have what you want." He offered in an attempt to be helpful.
Unfortunately for Haruko however, as she moved around the tree tops she strayed to close to the spiders that the Okumo had spread across the area earlier in the day. It alerted their host to the new presense and Daomi shrugged off the danger, "We're not alone, but seeing as how we are in your nation, they must be for me." Deciding to test the waters, the boy instructed the spiders to swarm the newcomer, letting Haruko know that they spot her.

Etsu lofted a brow. She could understand being called young, but this was coming from someone younger than her… "Right…" She wasn't exactly looking for her parents to be rabbits for a day. "Nooo, I think I'll pass on that, but…thanks." Awkward. Looking around the area searching for the person he speaks of, she says, "I suppose they are. Wherever they—hey, wait a minute." She broke off the conversation as he began to attack the individual. Now there was a fight on her home territory. She knew what to do, but she wasn't sure she could accomplish it.

Haruko noticed the spiders creeping up on her, and sighs. She's been spotted. Well, time to increase the pace, and hopefully get rid of a few of those bugs at the same time. She hopped around the battlefield, ignoring Etsu with her attacks as she threw two Kunai, both of which would be flying straight for Daomi. Or that's them plan.

Daomi shrugged, "You're welcome." He then watched as Etsu attempted to find the newcomer and in response the boy motioned in the general direction. "She's over…" Not being able to finish as suddenly two kunai came flying his way, but passed right through his form that slowly faded away. The intended target standing up now, only to suddenly turn into a puff of smoke with a loud thud as the kunai struck into a log. "There."
The boy brought his hands together, making a sign and focusing his chakra. The purple sacs under his eyes beginning to slowly fill, something he has noticed will react when doing such. "Besides the obvious of me being from Kiri…why do you attack me newcomer?" Several spiders in the area, preparing themselves to attack as they swarm together behind some brush and foliage in different spots.

The two kunai from nowhere were enough for Etsu to try to find some cover somewhere. They weren't aimed at her, but they were aimed at Daomi. Remembering where he pointed as she fled, she focused her attention to the spot to see someone covered in belts. She winced. "I see something new every day around here…" She mutters to herself, mostly in irritation. Another battle has ensued and one she didn't want to be part of.

The combat has started, but Haruko still hasn't been attacked. She doesn't trust thiss, but she is not a coward, and defeat only is a learning experience when you tried. So she jumps to another tree, drawing three shuriken in mid-air and throwing them in Daomi's direction with a rapid movement.

Still, no response to the question posed. This was clearly going to be a fight and little more of anything else. Daomi simply had to outlast the other combatant and with the shuriken coming his way, it was now or never to prove such. The first two were easily avoid with a puff of smoke from a clone becoming the new target and the okumo easily fading away with the next attack. The third attack however made its mark, cutting across the boys silk kimono and tearing into his flesh. The boy winced in pain, but didn't bother reaching to cover up the wound where the tear in his shirt had already been patched. "My turn."
A quick glance would be given to Etsu, before focusing back on Haruko, "I should let you know, my name is Okumo Daomi. Remember it for whether I win or lose this fight, I will be back for more." With that being said, Daomi's eyes began cry purple tears that flowed down his cheeks as he extended his chakra outward. At the same time, the moment the newcomer landed on the tree, spiders that laid in wait quickly sprung forth to encompass the girl.

Etsu looked at the two combatants closely while keeping to her place of assumed safety. The truth was that no part of this forest was actually safe, but this specific spot was good enough for her. Sitting behind the large tree, peering out at the activity before her.
She knew not who this person was, but she wasn't sure if she was an affiliate of Konoha. Not that she knew of. Getting a decent glance at her forehead protector revealed that. "Suna…" She remarked quietly.

Haruko seemed to be unaware of the incoming genjutsu. Well, this is going to be fun, not that she knows this. She manages to jump down from the tree before the spiders attack however, and when she lands, she says calmly. "I fight to become better, and the best experience is the field of war." Then the scarf is unwrapped from her face, and she throws it straight for Daomi, keep on to the middle as the end becomes sharp as steel. Then a Kunai flies, and soon after, the other end of the scarf slashes out at Daomi's skin

The link has been established and the fight might as well be called now, but before it can Daomi must defend against the onslaught of attacks that come his way. With some quick finger movements, clones would pop up in his place to take the attacks. The first erratic steel cloth was avoided, but somehow with the kunai and second cloth attack, the Okumo gets tripped up in his hand signs causing more of his kimono to shred with each hit and quickly repair.
"I like your determination, but if you mess with the wrong person your actions could easily get you killed." The boy raises his hands which in turn calls out hundreds of spiders crawling out of their waiting spots, each one running over the next in an attempt to get at their food. A few spiders stopping short and burrying under the ground. As well as this, the tears continue flow and Daomi looks up to watch t grow blotted out with spiders that have even begun to fall from above. Either attached to webbing as they repel downwards or simply falling to latch onto Haruko.

One thing Etsu took note of were those tears. She didn't understand their significance, but she did think the color was odd. Whatever they did, it looked weird and wrong. What does somebody have to drink to make purple tears? She doesn't dwell on this long as her mind begins to wander off into imagination land, distracting her from what's at hand now.
She shakes her head and pulls herself together to continue to watch the battle. She isn't exactly sure how it's going to turn out, though it does get her to thinking again. Maybe that ninja carried an insect with her? She'd have to see if there were any bugs that may be wandering around that came from the Land of wind later.

Gah, spiders everywhere. It's creepy as fuck. And Haruko manages to avoid some of the bites, but she hasn't lost yet. She has to push on, wade through the endless spiders, and land that blow. "You're a creepy guy, you know?" She bites as she lashes out with her scarf again, trying for three quick blows after another with that sharp cloth.

"Yes, I have been told that once or twice…" Daomi would shrug off the comment as he continued to extend his chakra on to that of Haruko's. The Sand ninja was fast, too fast, but she couldn't outrun genjutsu. So he'd have to focus more on using that. For now however, he had to deal with that cloth that quickly changed to steal and back again. The attacks came his way and the first two were avoided, with the third cutting deep. He could feel this fight was at a fast pace and he was slowly losing. He needed to kick it up a notch.
The Okumo wiped away the tears on his face and took a deep breath to calm himself and focus on his own chakra. He could feel the effects take place quickly and raised both hands outward at Haruko. Watching as the girl took a step in the wrong direction the ground opened up behind her and webs latched out to draw the opponent in. At the same time his clothes began to flap wildly about and the areas shrubs, foliage, grass and leaves that littered the ground swayed about as well. Then in an instant thousands of spiders came skittering from every nook and cranny racing towards Haruko to feed.

The spiders were easily avoided. Sadly, the same could not be said for the webs, which caused Haruko to struggle in her imagined bonds, trying (and failing) to break free. It was tiring, possibly too tiring, but she didn't want to give up, and eventually those webs had to give way… right?

Daomi lowered his arms back toward his side with it being obvious that Haruko could do little more then struggle against webbing that wasn't even there. To those with a sicker personality, they might laugh at such a spectacle. The thought of such causing the boy to glance over toward Etsu to see her reaction and also gauge at why she has not attacked him yet, like she did to save the Inuzuka. It made him glad to think about however, perhaps they had grown closer or maybe she was scared that this would end up as her fate as well were she to intervene.
Shrugging it off, Daomi turned his attention back to Haruko going through the many attacks he could unleash on her while she was helpless. Deciding on one, he clenched his hand into a fist and the ground opened up next to the girl and the webbing once again shot out to draw her in.

That hurt. Ow. That hurt pretty bad in fact. And the Sunagakure Genin known as Amaro let out a scream of pain. A soft one, but still. The fight wasn't over yet however, so the girl took her distance from Daomi, drawing another trio of shurikens and slinging them towards the creepy girl. "You don't fight fair." She stated calmly, though there was a hint of anger in her undertones.

Despite all Daomi sent the girls way, she was still fighting strong. He wasn't used to running away from a fight, but if it continued on like this, he might have to. Until that time came, he was going to continue ahead as the last person he wanted to see him run away was Etsu. Whom hid protectively behind a bush. 'Making allies is hard' he thought to himself. He brought his hands and focused on his chakra, buildinp some more.

Etsu didn't attack for two reasons. The first was that she didn't think the battle was hers to intervene in, though she did feel the obligation to step in. That brings her to the second reason, which is that she didn't want to get stabbed, wrapped in acid and poisoned again. That was not a nice combination. Still, this battle wasn't right and from the looks of things, both combatants seemed to be reaching their limits. That was enough for her to step out and say, "Hold it! Just…just stop. You guys have met each others match. It's time to end it." She began to step closer. "Rest and save up energy for another time. You both are going to need it. Especially around here." She offered

Daomi glanced at Etsu as she finally stepped from where she was safe, he half expected her to help him and half expected to be attacked. Instead neither of what he had thought occured and looked back at Haruko who was willing to fight to the end. The boy was not however and knew it was better to fight another day. Which he would indeed. The look, obviously, of the Sand Ninja was forever ingrained into his memory. He would be back and next time she wouldn't be so lucky. "See you around Etsu…" trailed off as his attention was still on his opponent that unleashed several attacks. If he could avoid the first one, he might stay.
He brought up his hands to make the hand signs for the clone, but wasn't fast enough. The attack cutting deep into him, reminding him of how much pain he had suffered during this battle. That was of course all he needed to know it was time to go.
The next attack of Haruko's would follow and only meet with a faded image of Daomi's who was now a little further away then before. The steel cloth would meet the same faded illusion and once again the boy was further away. "I'll see you even sooner…" Was shouted as he made his way into the brush.

As the Kirigakure Ninja fled, Haruko threw one last Kunai. Not aiming to hit the weird boy, but to mark that she's seen his path, hitting a tree just besides Daomi at the moment Daomi passed. "I'm looking forward to fighting you again, some time when you're stronger." She says calmly before stepping and looking at Etsu for one short moment, giving her a brief disapproving stare before she, too, remover herself from the scene of the battle, trying to vanish from Etsu's sight.

Etsu sighed. She hated these kinds of confrontations. Though, she didn't have much in the way of power to stop it, she had words. They didn't seem to hold much weight. She watched last of the strikes take place before the two of them decided to end it and go their separate ways. Both would be lost to her as they disappeared into the forest while she was left to herself. It doesn't take much motivation for her to turn around and head towards Konoha.

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