Overwhelming Darkness - Ambush


Yuuto, Akinori, Maren, Jin

Date: April 26, 2014


A patrol of shinobi from Konoha and a merchant girl are ambushed by the monsters

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Overwhelming Darkness - Ambush"

Land of Fire - Great River Bridge

A fairly average day, leading into evening. Still in his test phase before being allowed to officially become a shinobi, Yuuto was sent along with a pair of Konoha Chuunin to patrol the forests for a bit. While it's HOPED that most of the threat is still in Tea Country, these things have been seen in the village more than once, so it's best to take precautions. Along the way, they've run into Maren, who decided to tag along briefly if for nothing more than to make conversation and possibly to be safer with numbers if these things ARE around. "At least there's some shade around here," he says with a yawn. "Much better than patrolling through the desert."

"Don't get too comfortable, we might get ambushed by those buggers." His hand is in his pocket allready, clenching his trench knife with a solid grip as the chakra flows through his veins. His shoulder muscles are tensed up and his legs are ready to carry him wherever. He'd nod to Jin as he scratches his nose a bit. " You noticing anything strange here , Jin?" He'd take a drag afterwards, exhaling the smog from his lungs as he gazes around the area, scanning for anything out of place or unusual. He'd inhale through his nostrils as he removes his hoodie. "Yuuto, remind me what we are doing again? Except hunting for demons."

Maren had fallen into the group easily enough, wearing her short kimono and skirt with knee-high stockings over boots, her short hair had been growing and reached her chin by now. She kept alert, hand on one of her swords, and though she gave everyone a certain amount of space, she stuck close to Yuuto, laughing at his comment. "The desert is not my favorite place either, Uchiha-san." She still had to go there to get some of her popular teas though.

Jin walks along with the group, his hands casually thrust into the pockets of his jeans. He has a cigarette in the corner of his mouth and idly puffs on it periodically, exhaling smoke afterwards. He comments to Akinori. "I don't see anything out of the ordinary yet." All the same though, he focuses his chakra in case something does happen. He reaches up to run a hand through his black hair. "I have to say that I'm relieved that you guys are here. After what's been going on, I'd have been a little nervous about being out here alone."

As the team walks along, a feeling of darkness would begin to creep out over the area and slowly overtake it. "Ahahahaha," a dark voice begins to ring out eerily. "The Children are here to play." Suddenly, dark figures begin to come out of the trees, rushing toward the shinobi and the merchant girl at blinding speed, their claws drawn to slash out at them in an early attempt to tear these shinobi limb from limb.

"You're the one who's a Chuunin of the village here," Yuuto points out with a smirk. "We're on patrol." Then the darkness comes along with that haunting voice, and the Uchiha's eyes narrow as he looks around. It doesn't take much observation, though, as the monsters come around after them. With a slash, his body melts to ink, Yuuto reappearing behind the one slashing at him with his warfan in hand and slashing its sharp edges down at one of the creatures and then another in a spin off of that motion.

Akinori's gaze flies up to the monster running up to him. He'd be shocked, his chakra suddenly feeling distorted as his image flickers to the side of the slash… only to be hit by the follow up from the corpse."G..ahh! Jumpit!" He'd slam his fist towards the knee of the corpse who slashed his arm, forcing a low amount of Chakra into it as he tries to stagger it's opponent. He would nonetheless swing his knife towards the corpse's throat, trying to cut it as he'd yell " Ambush! Jin, watch out! ".

Maren heard the laughing and the haunting words and a second later had drawn her swords, bringing the blades up in a reversed grip to deflect the attacks aimed at her. Unfortunately, the first came faster than she could react and sliced her arm through the kimono, drawing blood, though it would be hard to see the actual wound until she took off the top. No matter, she flipped one of the blades so she held it in a more traditional grip and slashed up with one, sideways with the second and then she stepped forward, using her weight and momentum to add to her strike. Her crimson eyes flicked to Yuuto and the others, watching them closely.

Jin answers Yuuto. "Even Chuunin get freaked out, man." And with good reason, too. As the Hitokage come out of the woods, Jin flicks his fingers as two seals appear between them. He tosses them onto the ground as a barrier springs up around him. Their attacks bounce off the barrier as the paper seals burn up in a flash of blue colored chakra. "I got it. Thanks for the head's up, Akinori. Anyone know what's the best way to deal with these guys?" He asks as he forms a quick series of handseals and then splays his hands outwards as small fireballs fly out towoards the advancing shadow figures.

The dark creatures that Yuuto is fighting are apparently of a bit higher breed than expected. Just as he avoided their attacks, they deftly avoid his then lash back out at him. Akinori seems to have a bit more luck, managing to temporarily stun then stab one of the creatures then dish out a bit of punishment. The other two seem to be doing decently as well, landing at least one strike each. Still, the creatures do not slow down, continually slashing at the shinobi, and their numbers seem to be growing out of the wilderness around to surround them.

As the creatures come at him again, this time Yuuto vanishes into the ground. A moment later, a copy of him would pop up out of the ground to kick out at the creatures following him to try to knock them off balance, quickly followed by a massive fireball firing out of the ground to try to consume them.

Akinori would feel a bit… weakend. He luckily dodged the attack headed for him as he takes another drag from his cigarette. "Can't be mad, can't be mad. It keeps me alive and kicking. Too bad you guys actually intend to kill me otherwise I would take you out for some Sake." He'd exhale a last wiff of air, spitting out the cigarette from his mouth as he channels a stream of chakra into his veins. "Jin, you good or need me to help you?" He'd glance towards Jin with his eyebrows raised, probally a stupid idea as he'd get hit easier with his attention laying with his kinsman.

Maren managed to bring her blades up in defense properly this time, and in retaliation she stepped toward her target, with a heavy slash, trying to duplicate her earlier victory by adding that important follow-through, then she turned, feet sliding across the ground as she tried to get behind the creature before stepping forward and trying to cut the 'back' of the creature, also adding that folow-through. She glanced over toward Yuuto before returning her gaze tot he things trying to kill them. "Any ideas Uchiha-san?"

Jin attempts his barrier again, but it shatters and the attacks get through. He recieves a cut along his cheek, breaking his glasses in the process. He backpedals, dropping another seal on the ground in front of him. This time a thick wall of chakra springs up in front of him and the attacks are repeled. "Stand back." He draws two seals and tosses the first one attempting to hold some of the hitokage in place before he drops the second, which causes a large explosion over a wide area. They needed some breathing room. "I'm good." Jin replies to Akinori. "But by my calculations, at the rate they're coming, in two minutes time we'll be completely overrun. We need a plan B, and we need it now."

With explosions, slashes, and more explosions, the shinobi seem to be thinning the herd, yet more of these monsters keep coming. Seems they don't plan on letting up. This close to the Tea Border, one can only hope this isn't an elite force like the one that chased the Kumogakure shinobi out of the country. There's not just a lot of time to worry about it, though, as more of these monsters keep coming.

Splash! Splash! Ink Clone after Ink Clone fools these creatures. Their strength seems to be a lot in numbers in these lower ranks, though drawing out the higher ranks would likely be a big mistake. As his eyes take on a red tint, Yuuto says, "I'm going to attempt to lock a lot of them down. If it works, blast them." With that, he attempts to push out a massive feeling of fear across the battlefield on their enemies.

Right as Yuuto spat out his words he'd notice the blades coming for him yet again, a single strike has landed on his leg as he'd try to dodge it. However, the second slash to his head is dodged with ease. It seemed like Akinori's mind is only increased when he's hurt. He'd send out his fist towards the head of a single opponent as he focuses his knife to another one. "Watch it Jin, two are coming for you buddy! Got any ideas?!" He'd kneel down onto the ground, glancing around the area as he examinates his opponent carefully. What could his next move be?!

Maren frowned as the shadow creatures kept comming. Her blades met thier chakra-enhanced attacks and she couldn't help but grin darkly, enjoying the battle despite the numbers they were up against. She flew at the creatures, slashing her sword twise, adding a follow-through, hoping to bisect the thing… Yuuto's instructions got a glance from the merchant girl and she noticed his eyes. He was getting serious it seemed… She poised, preparing to launch at the stunned creatures should Yuuto's attack work…

Jin replies to Akinori. "None. They're coming so fast, I don't have time to come up with a plan. Ach..I see them!" He moves next to the rest of the group and drops another seal onto the ground. Another shimmering blue wall springs up, protecting him from the attacks. As Yuuto says to blast them, Jin takes a moment to attempt to exert his will upon some of them, making them think that their limbs are heavier than they really are. He then tosses another seal, one that would cause another large explosion just like the last one. "We can keep doing this though. I'm running out of chakra.." Sweat is on his brow and his coat is soaked with it from his efforts.

Yuuto's Genjutsu seems to be of no effect, though a few of the shinobi do manage to still deal some damage and knock some of the monsters back. Still, they don't seem to slow down, more monsters replacing the ones that're taken out. It seems they do, however, take some interest in the shinobi's tactics. A massive Genjutsu flows through them, attempting to awaken the shinobi's fears and use them to weigh them down while continuing to attack.

Frick… Yuuto feels the Genjutsu weighing on him, yet it seems to stir something up in him rather than slow him down. With a growl, his eyes go full-blown crimson, and he forces a massive feeling of dread out on the monsters again with a simple command, "Fear." As that flows out, he shouts out, "Blast them!"

Akinori would grunt, the Genjutsu falling down on his shoulders as it's straining on his stamina. He'd pant a bit as he quickly rises up to meet the attacker sally forth, he'd quickly vanish from it's image as he'd slam his fists together. "Swallow's Honor!" He'd shout, a hue of white chakra is clearly visible around his persona as Akinori stands tall yet again.
Heavy breating shows that Akinori's muscle size have severely increased, pumping in the same manner as his breath. "Got enough of your Genjutsu foul demon, time to increase the pace shall we?!" His skin turns a bit red, recuperating from his transformation as he awaits the next assault.

Maren looked to Jin as he wiped the sweat from his brow and claim to be low on chakra. She made a snap descision. "Get behind me Jin-san! Try to catch your breath." She remained aware of Jin's movements and the shadows that targeted him, hoping to gain him some time to catch his breath. If he can't she was prepared to continue defending the Leaf nin, but she was also prepared to suggest..strongly.. that he ran for backup… She felt the genjutsu pull on her, sucking her energy away and she grit her teeth, irritated. She brought up her swords to defend herself from the chakra enhanced attacks, but missed one, taking another gash to her arm. That was going to leave a mark if it was as close to the first slash as she thought it was… Out of the corner of her eye she saw a shadow creature aiming for Jin and she stepped to the side, deflecting that attack with one blade easily enough. She brought her blade across her chest, slashing heavily before turning and trying to take the — approximate — head off the creature that had attacked Jin.

Jin nods to Maren and then moves to get behind her, accepting her help. As a genjutsuist himself, he could feel it taking hold of him and he was powerless to stop it. He drops to his knees, breathing hard. He attempts to focus and restore some of his chakra, but he was running on fumes. However the Will of Fire was strong in him, and he wouldn't give up so easily. Obstacles were meant to be overcome, and he would do this…if nothing else to show his sister that he's got what it takes to do this job.

With the Genjutsu being successful, the Hitokage are actually frozen in place for the moment. One is cut down by Maren as she protects the others, the others still frozen for now and giving the shinobi the opportunity to get the upper hand enough that they should hopefully at least be able to overcome this current wave and maybe get away before another shows up… maybe. But the sound of stones rattling from somewhere nearby does not sound promising.

Breathing just a bit heavily as he keeps these things locked down with the Genjutsu, Yuuto glances around… The team is starting to get winded. They've GOT to wrap this up at least to the point they can flee. "… Get back and go for ranged attacks!" he calls out before he vanishes into the ground. The shinobi have only a couple moment to move before the slender-framed Uchiha literally rips up a massive piece of ground and trees from beneath the Hitokage's feet, dropping those on top of it off as he leaps into the air and flings the giant chunk of earth down at them, attempting to annihilate as many of these things as possible. Of course, their chances of victory and escape now rely on the others since he's freefalling and can't do much other attack at the moment without recovering his chakra reserves.

Akinori's ears rise up, noticing the rock rumbling as his eyes shift back from the side to the enemies. " Create a window and run for it! Yuuto, take point! The rest follow behind, I'll be the rear guard!" He'd slice up some more enemies, hoping someone would open up a window of escape. He'd seem determined to be the person who leaves last, Last to leave but the first to go is his motto anyway. He'd glance towards Jin and Maren, examinating their movements and their intent to see if he can either assist or get away from them in case they do something huge.

Maren glanced at jin with a calculating eye, concerned that he'd been brought to his knees behind her. It was hard enough to defend a person that could move with her, but until he got back up, she had to defend him in place. She looked toward Yuuto, recognising his genjutsu as the creatures stopped moving. She couldn't keep back a grin as he ripped that chunk out of the ground either. She shook her head when he told them to switch to ranged attacks and simply ignored him, leaping forward to drop two good slashes at two separate creatures… Once she delivered those she leapt back to once again protect Jin if he still needed it. She was a close range fighter.. and she wasn't about to leave an 'ally' behind for her own good. "I've got your back, Jin-san, go if you can."

Jin nods to Maren as he finally manages to catch his breath. He rolls out from behind her as he forms handseals. "I'm on my way. You better be following me closely, Akinori." He murmurs. "Thank you, Maren-san." He flings his fingers out as fireballs pepper the area and then he tosses a seal over his shoulder as he turns to sprint away. The seal causes another large explosion as the Sarutobi nin tries to get away.

As the ground cracks and is ripped up then literally thrown at them, a large number of the Hitokage are crushed under its weight, the attacks afterward adding to the massive amount of damage done. A few seconds can make all the difference in a battle… yet the sounds of stone crashing against the ground like footsteps en masse is beginning to approach. If the shinobi don't get away, they could have another fight on their hands with a higher rank of these monsters.

With a nod, Yuuto falls back into the treeline. Deciding to do what he can to keep them back from there, he brings his hands into a seal then breathes down a trio of waves of fire bullets to supplement the explosions Jin is causing on them. His eyes stay on the battiefield as he starts to move away, though he keeps the distance to a minimum so he can help the others run if need be.

As Akinori hears the footsteps of what seems to be a large construct of some sorts, he'd throw out a small cloud of ash around the remaining enemies. Hopefully covering their traces for the time being untill they are a decent path off. " Go ! " He'd start to dash behind Yuuto and the rest of the group. He'd only be off by a mere 50 metres as he hopes that the enemy won't trail them. "Everyone here? Sound off and tell me if you're okay!" He'd hope that this will be the last for a long time…

Maren nodded to Jin's thanks and turned to keep an eye on the enemies and Yuuto. She could see that he was trying to lay down a kind of cover fire. Her attacks being short range, and the sound that was growing… she narrowed her eyes and turned to run after Jin, but she kept an eye on Yuuto to be sure he was following as well. To Akinori's order to sound off, she spoke up with a short and sharp, "Here." She wasn't going to comment on her physical condition unless pressed or with a medic.

Jin watched long enough to see Yuuto and Akinori lay down cover before he really put on some speed. When asked to sound off he says, "Here." He had some cuts and bruises, but nothing that couldn't be fixed by a medical nin. He could hear the heavy footsteps of what he can only assume are the statue constructs. He's heard stories of how one of those almost killed Kazuo. If it was that strong, he wanted no part of it. "Where's Yuuto-san?" He asks aloud.

Popping up out of the ground beside Maren, Yuuto would say, "Here." He glances back then looks ahead. "Let's get moving so we can notify the village of what's going on." With that, he draws his warfan again, looking back and saying, "Run ahead. I'll bring up the rear this time. Since you guys are Chuunin, your debriefing will be taken more seriously than mine." Given that the group starts moving at that point, the screen would fade to black with the sound of earth-shaking footsteps.

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