Overwhelming Darkness - Attack on Lightning


Kefka (emitter), Nariko, Hiroyasu, Hiei, Ogosokamaru, Ryouji, Chitose

Date: May 12, 2014


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Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Overwhelming Darkness - Attack on Lightning"

Land of Lightning - Beach

Coming of evening in the Land of Lightning, and it seems Kumogakure's good deeds are finally catching up to them… In a bad way. With borders setup along the countries and such, the Hitokage had to get a bit creative in the ways they attack. What appears to be a merchant ship headed toward the docks somehow has gotten driven off course. Heading toward the beach most of the Kumo shinobi like to hang out at on their days off, the ship doesn't appear to be slowing down at all, yet all the crewmen on the deck appear to be either unconscious or dead. It's hard to tell which at their current distance, but something is definitely up. As it approaches, a rather dark feeling seems to be accompanying it the closer it gets.

Running down towards the beach, from the village gates, was the young Yotsuki heroine known as Nariko. She had Hiro and Hiei besides her as they ran down in formation. "What the heck is going on? Is this what I've heard about it? We need to protect the village." Once she reaches the beach, she comes to a stop. "Alright, well, let's take care of this business. Don't let them get to the village!" She yells to anyone in the immediate area.

Hiei is running alongside Hiroyasu and Nariko. He is clad in his Yotsuki battle armor and there is a look of determination on his face. He nods to Nariko as he slides to a stop once reaching the beach. "Understood." He pauses while looking at the ship, then he looks down at the ground as he allows his senses to penetrate the ether, as he was taught to do by Hiro. He looks towards the monk. "Do you sense that? It feels like…no..it's them..not pirates." He bellows. "Call for reinforcements. We're going to need them!"

- Hiroyasu is running alongside Hiei and behind nariko who was in the lead. "A rogue merchant vessel is on a crash course with the beach, we need to get as many people out before it harms anyone." then he pauses a moment and nods to Hiei "Yeah it does feel like them.. that darkness.. the evil.." he says to the others before adding "I already did, the hawks went out to everyone who could be found.. everyone.." he says. -

She may have worn the same old carefree visage around the village, but Rise's body still ached from her last tangle with the darkness. Still, she pressed herself both physically and mentally, only to wind-up disappointed or even more exhausted then before. The beach in time became her one hope at relief, even though it meant having to share it with her fellow Kumogakure shinobi and civies from throughout the Land of Lightning.
For awhile after arriving, all seemed well and good. So much so, that she even lost interest in the occasional lewd looks and bad attempts at picking her up while she rested away from the others. She had only herself to blame for wearing a dress for a change…
A sharp pain jolts through her, emanating from the faint scars left behind by the darkness unholy fires. She's up in seconds, searching frantically for any signs of the damnable creatures.

A hawk lands next to Ryouji who is stamina training under a waterfall nearby. The hawk calls out to him as Ryouji peeks at it. He steps out and takes the message. In a flash he gets his clothes back on and takes off running. He streaks across the ground to arrive at the beach a short time later. He sees the ship and everyone running towards it and tries to catch up. He's the second string compared to the rest, but reinforcements are reinforcements.

Frankly, Chitose hadn't planned for this to be anything other than a simple diplomatic mission. However, even as she was to meet with some of the higher ups of Kumogakure, she heard about the commotion happening at the beach. She had thoughts similar to others. She was thinking pirates were going to be attacking but as she arrives, she listens to the others and then peers at the ship, "Well, Din." Chitose states and then looks at the others here, "I do hope you don't mind help from Sunagakure."

The boat cruises on and finally crashes onto the beach, digging into the sand and beginning to break. A moment later, the hull of the ship bursts open, and possessed corpses of the crew begin to pour out onto the beach in droves. "The children have come to play," the dark voice rings out as they storm out with blades, clubs, pieces of board, whatever can be used as a weapon in preparation to charge the shinobi who intend to thwart them.

Nariko looks to Hiro. "Alright, I want you to set up a wall of some sort. Nothing pretty, just make it work." She looks to Hiei. "Cousin, I want you to target the ship. Hit it with all you got." She looks to Ryouji when he arrives. "Ryouji, get as many civilians out as you can. After that I want you to stand at the ready." She spots Rise over on the beach. "Rise, I need you to be at the ready. Come help us hold the enemy back." She looks to Chitose when she hears her. "We always accept help from others. Come join us."

Hiei nods to Nariko. "As you command, Taicho." He begins to rapidly form handseals before pointing his first two fingers towards the ship itself. Lightning sparks and circles around his arm before pooling at his fingertips. "Lightning Release: Lightning Strike!" He large bolt of lightning lances off his finger tips, moving towards the ship itself.

- Hiroyasu listens to nariko "Good insight!" he says forming the seals to bring the earth to life, the columns begin to shoot up from the ground forming a wall.. well more like a cage it keeps the shinobi in and the hitokage out.. "You ever thought that we would be taking orders from the beariko?" he chuckles to the Yotsuki as he continues forming seals to reinforce the wall.. still leaving an avenue

The feeling in her bones draws her attention to the boat. The longer she stares, the harder it is to look away from the sight. The combined pain of her own nails digging into her palms and the shout from Nariko finally reaching her frees her from the imprisoning sight. A curt nod is given, even though the command was hardly necessary. Rise then dashes closer to the ship, meaning to take on the brunt of Hitokage's initial attack as much as possible. Without her weapons on hand however, Rise is forced to snag what makeshift weapons she could from the beach front to try and at least mess up the shadowlings ability to move.

Ryouji hears Nariko's command and gives a hand raise from his position to show he understands. He sees several civilians running for their lives and runs for them. He zips past them and calls out, "This way, you'll be safe if you take the trail out of here!" He follows them off the beach, using his speed to make quick work of guiding them out. Otherwise, he's staying a distance from the battle unless he's called in again.

Off in the distance, a child has lost his parents enjoying a day at the beach until this attack shattered their otherwise enjoyable day. "Mommy! Mommy!" the little girl cries out as the attack begins just a short distance away. Ryouji hears the cries and charges towards her, using his blur to pick up speed to reach her before the fight does. He skids to a halt and kneels down, "Don't worry, I've got you!" He scoops up the child in his arms and takes off just as several thrown sticks and bladed weapons land around him. He sees the wall coming up and slips through the hole left before that even closes. Reaching the edge of the beach, he spots a frantic woman and man and runs over. They pull their daughter from his arms and he says, "Get out of here as fast as you can, it's not safe anymore." And they run off down the trail with the retreating civilians.

A nod to Nariko and Chitose states, "Well, then I'll just do what I do best." She nods her head and rushes forward spinning around to whip her arms out. Each arm stretches out into long whips that she uses to attempt to hit many of the walking corpses and knocks them away. She allows them to try to catch as many enemies a she can before she calls out, "Where is the orchestrator of this little bit of hell?! Anyone see a captain or a leader?"

As the hordes pour out of the ship, several of the mass fall to attacks coming from behind the group! Konohagakure headbands and vests are seen as two to three teams of Konoha nin land near and around the Kumo nin 'cage' that Hiroyasu just created, with Ogosokamaru arriving as well on top of said thunderdome(tm?). "Flanks, don't let them get past this wall! Keep them from climbing over! Beat them back if you have the opportunity!" The Konoha nin all move out to do such, each moving off to keep their sectors at bay at least, pushing back at most.
Ogo looks at Nariko, then Hiei and Hiro. "Any intel you've collected past what's obvious?" Hitokage coming from a ship, onto land, towards them. Innocents getting away as fast as possible Ryouji ordered to help them escape. Rise attacking head on?
Ogosokamru grabs the hilt of his straight bladed katana, drawing it quickly. Already one could sense or even feel he had opened up his kekkei genkai. He crouches on top of the wall (or dome?) granted he just asked a question, but was within seconds asserting the retaliatory offensive with guerrilla tactics from his perch. Several slashes at Blur speeds with a quick return to his spot atop Hiroyasu's creation.
A glance to Chitose, then to the ship. "Pawns go first in chess. Don't assume the bigger pieces are here, but expect them to come at any minute!"

With a strike of lightning, a few of the corpses still on the ship are sent reeling. Rise's efforts slash up a couple, though others are able to dodge her attacks, along with those of Chitose. As one might expect, the Raikage slashes those he aims at rather readily before he reappears. While the corpses start to raise their blades to slash, this appears to be the decoy as a pair of huge chakra orbs fly from the deck of the ship to strike at the wall and explode outward over the area.

Nariko pulls out her trademark Sasuke Goatchiha pez dispenser, opening the mouth, a bleat erupting out as she pops a bill. Within a moment she seems to be bigger and faster. THe fireball heads towards her, her feet try to move her, but she can't move quick enough and gets knocked on the ground as the fireball hits and smolders a bit of her outfit. She grumbles something about how someone owes her a new outfit as she gets up and runs into the fray, her arms buzzing with electricity as she throws punches this way and that.

Hiei replies to Hiroyasu. "A good shinobi knows when to lead and when to follow. Nariko has got this, and I'm supporting her leadership." He then attempts to bring everyone up to speed. "If you've never faced these guys before, listen up. There is no leader or commander. They're being controlled remotely by the Crawler. The Hitokage will attack first in waves of shadow creatures and zombies. Should anyone die, they will join their ranks, so it's important we keep the civilians away from here. My student is handling that now. The real challenge will come when the stone constructs arrive. Their genjutsu is powerful, so be on your guard." When Ogo arrives, Hiei grins big. It had been a long time since he got to fight next to his sensei. "Lord Raikage. Nice of you to join us." Then Hiei watches Ogo use the Blur technique that he is so known for. He has a chance to show his teacher what he's learned over the last year. Hiei forms some handseals before stating. "Release: Lightning Aura." As a light blue lightning infused chakra aura surrounds his body. The muscles under his skin quiver and jump as if being under a constant electric shock. Hiei draws both Fukushi his katana, and Saiai his wakazashi from the sheathes on his back. When the attacks come Hiei attempts to dodge them by flipping around, but he keeps getting hit. Somewhere along the way, he loses his wakazashi in the sand of the beach, but he doesn't let that stop him. His duster and shirt on fire, he still attempts to save his cousin from the massive fireball by shoving her out of the way and taking the hit himself. It blasts him across the sand, his body rolling until it comes to a stop. His clothing is in tatters, but he stands back up and grips his katana. His body disappears as he moves at high speed akin to Ogo. He sends a lightning infused palm towards the hitokage before attacking again at such speed that he has returned to his starting point next to Hiroyasu before the attack is registered by the hitokage.

- Hiroyasu is watching a Ryouji does exactly as he is told, and does his village proud.. "You trained him well, it takes a special breed of shinobi to understand what is more important than glory.. must be so proud" then he nods "Well don't forget about the 10m tall stone statues.. that shoot earth shattering fire.." and low and behold like a prohpecy the two explosions of fire wash across him.. the first slams into a bastion of blue that swirls outward from his hand.. the second shockwave slams into it and it shatters sending him rolling backwards in a ball of smoke and cinder the smoke curling off his robe and cloak as a sudden barrage of seals escape from beneath the fabric and fly towards anything evil standing in their way. -

Rise curses under her breath. What damage she did was hardly enough to be considered helpful at all. She starts to risk a glance back after seeing an impossibly long limb stretch into view, but in doing so, Rise began a chain reaction that would leave her vulnerable. Her attention splinters bit by bit from there to the defenders and new arrives. As a result, Rise only belatedly catches a glimpse of the fire orbs before they descend. She doesn't react fast enough the first time to avoid the first, though instincts guide her well enough put it out before too much of her sundress goes up in flames too. The second half is evaded by instinct over anything cognitive. Rise's rage was taking over, driving her to break open the gate despite how her body protested against the notion. She speeds on, weaving past shambling corpses to make her way to the main deck, sweeping away the first batch to close in on her with a series of kicks before resorting to releasing an aura of submission to try and subdue the rest.

Ryouji looks wild eyed at the fireball consuming many of the ninja out on the battle field. He's thankful that it won't reach him this far back, but none the less, he gets knocked down by the shockwave. He gets up with sand falling off him in places. The Reizei coughs and helps up several stragglers who were hurt far worse from that attack. He reaches one man who's thrashing and screaming from an arm on fire. Ryouji leaps on the man and dumps scoopfulls of sand on the flaming arm, choking the fire off quickly. Granted, the man will be picking bits of sand and grit from the wounds later on, but it keeps the wounds from getting worse. Once the fire is sure to be out, he gets off and pulls him up. It's pointless to tell him to run at this point and takes off with him, heading for several stragglers who are still watching the fight by the trail leading off the beach. He hands the wounded man to him and frowns to them. They get the idea and head off as Ryouji turns back around to face the battle.
"Look out Hitokage, Reizei Ryouji is joining the fight…" the Reizei says as his form crackles with flicking lines. He crouches into a three point stance, then launches himself into the fray, aiming for one of the shadowed evil ones. He puts on a burst of speed and comes in with an elbow aiming for the gut before gripping his white sword and pulls it semi free of the saya, aiming for a hilt strike before freeing the blade completely and following through with a flash strike before sheathing the weapon once again.

As the explosion go off, it appears as if CHitose dodges the first only to be revealed to have fully survived the explosion but with a brand new cloak of chakra all about her form. She has eight tails whipping around behind her as she screeches out a roar and her left arm shoots out for a part of the ship, grabbing hold of it and then as she races forward suddenly, her right arm grabs for one of the corpses while those eight tails attempt to grab others. Her left arm yanks her toward the ship along with any passengers she can grab along the way to slam them into the ship as she whips up past it and uses her other arm to catch herself.

The explanation that Hiei gives, and Hiro caveats on is clearly understood, "Got it. Zombies, dark demon shadow things, and stone behemoths that shoot-" he looks up at the fireballs coming in at them, and points, "Ah, -those- kinds of fireballs!"
He's out of the way, as quick as necessary, and at the ready, taking note of how everyone else fared on the Fireballs. Hm. We need a new plan of attack. A distraction for those fireballs, so everyone else can press the attack from the front.
"Um.." he just a moment thinks out loud, "What the Farore is Rise doing- Nevermind, I'm going to draw their attention. They can't ignore me. Be ready to press the attack back at them when you have a chance. Nariko, this site is still yours!" And he leaves her to doing what she had done before he arrived, and he speeds around to broadside of the ship, around the mass of Hitokage, and finds himself pressing in from the side with a feint of a few slashes at some of the next few to pile off the ship, then giving himself distance after attempting to get their attention on him directly. Hope this works..
(Ogosokamaru's pose)

The first of Nariko's strikes are dodged, though the last one sends one of the corpses reeling. Hiei lands a series of blows, as do some of the others, including a Genjutsu from Rise to freeze up some of the monsters. "We are coming for your kingdom… We will snuff out every last light, smother every breath from every mouth, and stop the beating of every heart," a dark voice rings out, a deep feeling of fear attempting to drain on the stamina of the shinobi while the Hitokage charge with their weapons to hack and slash at them.

Nariko looks to her friends and allies. "Ryouji, Hiro, and Hiei, focus your attacks on the zombies!" She yells out. Then they send genjutsu out and she tries to fight it, but it hits her. She tries to move out of the way, but gets slashed instead. She grumbles and pushes against the zombie and charges her fist up as she sends punches towards it. "Stop. Destroying. My. Clothes!"

When the genjutsu comes, Hiei digs his fingers into the burn wounds already on thirty percent of his body. As the image and feelings fade, he runs to attack as his aura disappears only to be replaced by lightning swirling around his body. His muscles increase to twice their size and the armor he wears begins to glow as his lightning is channeled into it. "Hiro..I really need some healing." He comments as he moves next to the monk like shinobi, slashing out with the blunt side of his blade first and then infusing the blade with lightning, striking out again as the blade makes a high pitched whine.

- Hiroyasu nods to Nariko "I will but my I have make sure that everyone is capable first.. Combat does not supersede my duty.. Sorry" as the genjutsu of sorrow comes whining in his ears, he shuts it out with only a moment to spare.. a first in his sorties against the Hitokage.. when the attacks come hurling towards him, he just seems to walk right through them with his body making fast stuble movements.. with a swirl of bandages swirl around the burns and the chants begin escape the lips of the young monk and the bandages begin to glow and reverse the damage to the best their ability before turning into regular bandages to stem any wounds from the open air. -

She ground her teeth together, trying to push out the voice, the dim her awarness of the still burning fringes of her dress, and the silence echoes of the past coursing through her body. She slips, knicking her lips. The pain that blossoms pails in comparison to the noise. "Shut up!" She yells out, deflecting strikes at her wildly and getting torn gradually to pieces from too many missteps and overpowering swings. Fueled by anger, Rise knocks back or wards those closest to her away by releasing another three gates, mending flesh as a pillar of chakra surrounds for a short few moments.

Ryouji hears the death like voice calling out. It's like ice water in his veins. He knows there's no hope and his heart sinks in his chest. He hangs his head, letting his hair fall forward. Images of Kumogakure buring and his friends dying fill his mind. At least he knows a genjutsu when he's got one flooding his senses. He pulls out a kuani in his shaking hand, intent on stabbing himself to shock him out of the effects. But he isn't disaplined enough to go through with it. But the Hitokage is as they attack him with a sword. He doesn't even see the black blade cutting him deep. But he feels it then and howls in pain. He shakes his head as the pain causes him to snap out of it. "That stupid…" and he disappears and cuts. "…genjutsu…" he disappears for an instant again and cuts. "…isn't going…" and does it again for one final time, sheathing his sword with a click of the saya, "…to kill me!"

The genjusu tries to cut into the Eight Tails but the beast is not listening. Biting into her own cheek, she pushes past the genjutsu and then avoids the incoming attacks, simply zipping back and forth in quick little motions. She growls out and then calls out, "Do they have an end?!" The voice is dual, the voice of a teen girl and of something much larger, much deeper. She then rushes back into the field, tryin to grab hold of some more of the corpse troops and slam them into a nearby rock before coming to a skidding stop, the tails whipping up behind her, this way and that.

As the genjutsu washes over him, Ogosokamaru pulls out his tanto, reaching it out to catch himself in his offhand shoulder. Just a fleshwound, but it wasn't enough to break him free from the bonds of that, losing a bit of his spunk as it envelopes him in… just a terrible chasm of failure. The Raikage stops for a few moments, staring at the feet of one of the Hitokage coming at him with sword raised.
The last moments of the jutsu give him a downright terrible feeling. Not to mention the terrible feeling of a blade hacking downward into that same shoulder.
Sufficiently pulled from that little nightmare, he reaches up with his sword and slaps the weapon of that one lone soldier that attacked him, lifting the blade off his shoulder with a clink and another sound. The telltale snapping of the vacuum behind his blade through the air. The second slash coming back down at that warrior. "Thanks for waking me up. We need to press forward!" A glance to the Eight Tails beast with them on the battlefield. "Maybe we could.." he doesn't finish that thought out loud before he starts towards the larger group of Hitokage.

While some of the attacks land, the Hitokage seem to be holding their ground against the shinobi by avoiding most of the attacks coming their way, Hiei and Ogo managing to fell a few of them. "The light you bring will die. The light inside you will die. All that you are will die," that voice rings out again, attempting to make the shinobi freeze in fear while the Hitokage charge again. "Accept death now. It is so much easier than what is to come." As this goes on, one can hear the sounds of stones shifting and beginning to step from within the blazing ship. The bigger ones are coming.

Nariko is able to hold her head high as another wave of genjutsu hits. It is within moments that she dodges more swipes towards her. "Yeah, not again." She gives a forceful elbow to her attacker, before giving it a few punches as well. "That is fine. See to the wounded and then return." She yells to Hiro. She looks to Hiei and Ryouji. "Keeping attacking!"

Hiei looks over at Hiroyasu as he feels the warm medical jutsu revitalizing and healing his body. "Thanks my friend." Hiei replies to Chitose. "No. We had to defeat thousands of them and then take on eight of those massive statues last time. Settle in. It's going to be a long battle." He takes a single step forwards and then vanishes. To the casual observer it would look like Hiei is in several places at once. He's moving that fast as he attacks with feint after feint until he strikes out at several of the shadow monsters before appearing back at his starting point. "We've got to get more organized than this. Put up a united front. Or we're going to be overrun, even with the Konoha shinobi's help."

- Hiroyasu is too busy trying to tend to the wounds of his team, his sworn duty, to notice that the next genjutsu has already writhed its way in and by the time he attempts to purge its too late and he finds a weapon embed in his hand as he raises it to shield from hitting anymore vital not that it doesn't hurt beyond belief as it is.. but he soldiers on and charges to the aid of Ryouji.. the bandages unfurl and the chanting fills the air as the bandages with their seals glow and writhe around the wounds of the young genin.. "A reizei being hit.. you should be ashamed.." he chides the Genin.. but in reality it was quite a feat to hang in against such odds. -

As the initial surge of chakra dems, the flapping noise of now ragged sundress quiets as well. As intoxicating as the power felt, the painful tearing and regrowth of muscles, and despite the oncoming darkness that promised worst to come in one form or another, Rise mind still drifts away from the present.
She wasn't wearing her hat anymore.
She should probably do something about that..
Where was that clanking noise come from?
Her eyes are cast her adversaries, but she needs to strain her ears during those oddly quiet moment just to catch a hint of their armaments being moved. Odd. So very, very — "Accept… death?" She murmurs, focusing her sights on the nearest abomination. No answer. They swarm in, thinking on some level perhaps that their mind — her soul was still bare to them after she allowed their words to get to her before. When instead she dances between slashes, effortlessly parry strokes during side-steps, and leaps above the masses to a clearer section of the ship, all too belatedly they'd realize the truth.
As soon as Rise touches down, planks are destroyed beneath the force her dash forward to deliver a spinning kick with such force that a whirlwind is wipped up around her.

Ryouji shivers as the genjutsu saps his strength to move. A voice inside his head says, 'Maybe you should give up Ryouji? You can't win this…' He goes slack as another blade cuts him, sending him to his knees this time. Blood drips into the sand at his feet. Even as Hiro begins healing him, he gets up to his feet again. Ryouji says, "You're right, but I can't worry about that now. Thank you, Hiro-senpai." He disappears and launches himself at the Hitokage again, hitting over and over again with his sword. "Gotta hit, gotta hit this time!" he says, indeed sounding a little frustrated he can't land a hit.
Still, nothing the Hitokage could throw at her was slowing her. The Eight Tails would likely drain itself of power before these things could break through that massive cloak. Chitose's form is mostly hidden by the cloak even as she stands tall and then tilts her head, "I hear something coming." And hten she rushes forward and once more attempts to rampage through another group of Hitokage, "We need to stop the small ones! The big ones you mentioned are on their way!" She then tries to slam more of the creatures into various objects by whipping herself along with her long arms and multiple chakra tails.

Ogo listens this time, moving this way and that. Deftly and honed skill. The Genjutsu speaks to them all again, and Ogo just sighs. "They really like to hear themselves think, don't they?" He crouches, and the edge of his blade brought down across his chest in a very shallow, long slice of his skin between where the buttons had either snapped off, or been released by himself, leaving the middle of his chest and abdomen open. A little blood trickles from the bottom of the cut, but it succeeded in keeping him from being consumed by this genjutsu as well.
The resounding crack through the air that sounded like a nearby lightning strike was aimed through a rather large gaggle of Hitokage.
The Konoha nin that were sent to help? Yeah, among the amounts of Kumogakure nin that were there, thankfully it was medical heavy, but as far as the small group that is present here on this small front right in the middle was not overlooked, but simply other places needed medical attention. Not everywhere, but in a few other places where a couple people had gone down here, a couple there. They had there jobs, sadly it's just the way this battle has played out.
Ogosokamaru though, after that last genjutsu attack, didn't look very happy. And his kekkei genkai pushes into the next level, hearing something sinister this way coming.

A rather harsh round of attacks from the shinobi forces manages to knock down a good number of the monsters on the beach. However, there seems to be no rest for the weary, as now several of the enormous statues begin to step out of the blazing ship. "The Dark Guardian shall come and protect us, and all that is flesh and light shall die." With that, their staves begin to glow with chakra as they point them at the wall, firing out waves of massive dark chakra with intent to destroy the wall along with all those fighting from atop it.

Nariko tries to move out of the way of the bullets as they come flying. Her feet don't move fast enough and she goes down, the fire burning more of her clothing. "Hiro.." She reaches out towards him as she laid on the ground.

Hiei saw the attacks coming and it looks like they actually hit. But Hiei was already gone, leaving an afterimage in his wake. From Ryouji's point of view, he would feel a gust of wind and then there would be an afterimage of him and it would seem that he got hit by the dark chakra as well. However standing several yards away from the action, Hiei would set Ryouji down gently on the sand. He looks down at his student and reaches out to ruffle his hair. "I'm proud of you. Keep at it. I'll try to create an opening for you." And with that Ryouji's sensei would simply vanish in a cloud of dust as he once again attacks at high speed, seeking to disorient his enemy into thinking that he's everywhere and nowhere all at once before he strikes.

That did it. That wave of dark chakra blasted out far too quickly for the Eight Tails to get out of the way and she is smashed into the wall with that blast. The thing gets back up though, growling and then racing forward with a spin as it whips its arms out at the attacking statues and yells, "I see what you mean. These things hit like trucks!" Chitose keeps it together through the attacks but too many hits like that and she'll be out of this fight, she is definitely not moving with the strenth and speed she had when this started.

- As the bolt of evil fire come hurtling at the young monk and his team.. too many of them falling prey to terrible ills.. the smell of burnt flesh and smoke filling the air. Hiroyasu's ears are trained to hear the clarion call of the crescendo of pain. Hearing Nariko call for him, as the fireball comes hurtling at him as well, he leans to the side and spins with a gentle ease as the fireball like a charging bull wraps into his armored cloak and is flung into the distance.. Holding out his hands as the bandages for which he is using more than his fair share of wrap around the burning and dishelved Kunoichi.. the chants filling the air with the gentle warm glow of chakra as he attempts to seal her worst wounds, and allow her to get back to her feet if but barely as the bandages return to their normal bandage state to soak up the blood and charred skin that has seen too much this day. -

There words meant little to Rise at the moment. Nothing did except continuing to paint the deck with their dark remains, and if time permitted, feast upon the remains. Sadly, she seemed to have done a pretty thorough job from the get go, so — the trembling of the ship as the enormous statues push forth disrupts her thoughts, and nearly causes the Shirokiri to take a spill. "Stoners." She growls out guttural before taking off towards the edge of the ship. She reaches the edge just in time to catch a face full of dark chakra, or so it would seem.
While an after-image takes the brunt of the attack, the real Rise drops from the sky, elbow at the ready and yellign something that sounded strangely like the "People's" something or other…

The flames reach Ryouji as he lifts his hands to block against it, no fire in the face! Then he's gone and appears safe. Ryouji hardly registers the speed from Hiei. He reappears on the sand and looks up as he's hair is ruffled. He says, "Hiei-sensei…" he says in awe, "…thank you! I'll do my best." As soon as Hiei disappears he looks at the status lumbering out and charges. "Hiei-sensei gave me a second chance, I won't disappoint! Now die!" He bounces from statue to statue slicing and hacking with abandon.

That did it. That wave of dark chakra blasted out far too quickly for the Eight Tails to get out of the way and she is smashed into the wall with that blast. The thing gets back up though, growling and then racing forward with a spin as it whips its arms out at the attacking statues and yells, "I see what you mean. These things hit like trucks!" Chitose keeps it together through the attacks but too many hits like that and she'll be out of this fight, she is definitely not moving with the strenth and speed she had when this started.

Ogo is blasted by the fireball, and out of it with a jet of smoke behind him, still smoldering, he goes in after one of the constructs. But misses, for some reason it was able to dodge Ogo reaching it to grab it, and attempt to throw it down to the ground into the other constructs. This leaves him just a touch winded from the exertion to try and catch it, and sliding across the top of the water to a stop, taking a deep breath, and looking at all the damage and destruction that's going on on the shoreline.
A few more things he could try, swirling around his brain.

The Hitokage throw up a massive defense at the launch of attacks, though this is sort of a dual edge on their part. The emergency tactic saved them for now, but it's also cost them a bit in their offensive. While some are doing a bit of a recharge, one aims a Genjutsu at Ogo in an attempt to isolate him while a couple others aim their staves at him to strike, the rest standing at guard in preparation for the next assault.

As Nariko was laying on the ground, being patched up by Hiro, she looked towards the statues and her Raikage running into the midst of battle. She tries to eye the statues for a moment. If the statues latch on, they would all see a bright light, as if a train were heading straight for them, just without all the choo choo noises and stuff. "It will only hurt a bit.." She mumbles as she winces in pain from all the blows she has suffered. "Thank you Hiro." She tells him as she reaches for her abdomen.

A cry rings out as a squad of Yotsuki leap out into the fray. They are led by none other than Yotsuki Raiga himself. As the clan members move in to attack the statues along with the konoha shinobi that are here, Raiga barrels in towards the stone statues. "Beat 'em down! For kumogakure!" Raiga becomes a one man wrecking crew…things might be improving for the Kumo nin…for the moment.
Hiei noticed a lull in the activity, and he got a burst of hope when his clansmen showed up. "Nayru yeah. Hit them with everything. We're too close to give up now." When Nariko does her Tempest Witch routine, he goes back on the offensive, appearing to be everywhere and nowhere at once. Digging deep to keep fighting against all the odds.

Hiroyasu finally has a moment where he can be on the offense, weaving several seals from the earth beneath him the rock molds into a copy of himself.. The rockyasu charging at the same statue at the Yotsuki does trying to take advantage of well any advantage that he can.. the earthy reanimates attempt to punch, pound and slag their way to victory.. or a sweet death. -

Rise's elbow felt like it would shatter after the stone head doesn't give under the pressure of her assualt. As far as she knew it may have very well done so, though she doesn't dwell on the thought longer than a heart beat before focusing her thoughts elsewhere. She kicks off from her target, ignoring the jolt overstressed muscles, then again when she landed on the beach front alongside everyone, sliding with both hand and feet to slow her momentum. The sand went along way too.
Next to Hiei, she was perhaps the only one fast enough to cover the large stretch of sand and water and interpose herself between the three statues and the Raikage. If she was more opporunistic, she might've even tried just that. Then again, she didn't quite 'feel' like herself at the moment. The clinking (clacking) noise from before wouldn't stop. She lets out an animalistic growl and speds away, kicking up a small sandstorm and towers of water in her wake, then springing high, rolling tucked up like a headgehog. At the last moment, Rise would kick her legs out for a supreme drop kick to one of the statues faces!
And if in luck, kick the one into the other in the process.

For her part, Chitose is very injured but she'd not do well to let another village she was visiting be destroyed. So, she rushes in with her arm stretching out to grab the boat and she tries to latch on to one of thsoe statues and slam it into that vessel before coming to a stop again with that whipping motion, turning back around to prepare another round, hoping that light blast from Nariko is enough to blind them for this salvo.

The next, and hopefully last genjutsu at Ogosokamaru hits him, and though he tried, inflicting pain upon himself with his own blade wasn't enough to keep it at bay. The next thing he sees when he awakens from that momentary nightmare, is Kumogakure nin and the support troops all rallying to send in a wave of attacks at the golems, or whatever they were called.
That is interrupted as he feels two piercing blows to his body. The golems had thrown their spears? Ogo couldn't tell.
The Raikage smiled a little bit as he lowered himself to a knee on top of the water. "Kumogakure.. will never kneel.." and as he falls backwards to float along the surface of the water, turning his head to watch the aftermath, "When it's men and women stand to strong.."
His eyes would close just as a medic team gets out there to check on him and follow him back to shore.

Through a hard-fought battle, the Kumo shinobi continue to fend the Hitokage off, striking tit for tat with the dark creatures. Though their numbers don't seem to have dwindled severely thus far, they seem to actually come to a halt, that dark laughter ringing out again. With a flash of dark chakra, the remaining creatures vanish into thin air. It seems their purpose here has been served. Perhaps it was to injure the Kumo shinobi. Perhaps it was to wear them down or keep them on their toes here and their eyes away from the Land of Tea. Whatever it is, none are around still to tell.

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