Overwhelming Darkness - Outbreak


Hiroyasu, Maren, Yuuto, Zankuro, Akinori

Date: April 19, 2014


A night out at the bar turns deadly when a horde attacks the village.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Overwhelming Darkness - Outbreak"

Outside the Sake Bar — Konohagakure

The Sake bar is filled with the usual crowd, men and women are enjoying the booze that is being served. A musician and some female dancers are around the bar playing some songs and dancing to it in a respectfull manner.. not that kind of sleezy thing you expect in Fuuma Alley.

Akinori's face is recognized inside the crowd, happy and dandy all the same as he lifts a cup of sake to his lips.. a heavy swig is seen to be gulped down as some sake leaves trace on his mouth corners. A cigarette hangs inside a ash tray near Akinori , which he grabs as he drags heavily from this aswell. A big fume of smog is exhaled from his lungs as it is seen leaving the bar out of the doorway. Yep… this is tonight's game, heavy smokers, heavy drinkes, music and dancers aswell as the occasional funsies. Definetly a good crowd for those who enjoy some old drunks.

Zankuro could care less about booze and their hounds. His only reason, er, only TWO reasons for showing up at the Sake Bar henged as an older gentlemen is the dancers and a little stealth practice. Admittedly though, he was mostly here for the former. WIth that being said, he enters the bar with the intent of attracting as little attention as possible, and yet positioned in the perfect spot to oogle the girls.

Tucked into the crowd is a woman with short cropped black hair and crimson eyes. Wearing a black tunic over a short skirt and has a merchant clan's crest on her back. Hidden by the table are her two swords. She appeared to be sipping at some flower sake, paying more attention to the snacks she'd ordered while she watched the dancers and the denizens of Konohagakure relax. She glanced over as an older gentleman entered the bar and found a place to sit. She sipped at her sake again, alone at the table toward the side of the bar, and near the door.

With nothing else to do for the moment with his citizenship on hold, Yuuto has made his way into the sake bar. His eyes glance around curiously as he enters, a slight smirk tugging at his lips as he sees a familiar face sitting at a a table and decides to walk over and join her. "Mind if I sit with you?" he asks with a light nod in greeting, placing a hand on one of the chairs as he waits for a reply.

Akinori's gaze flies around from person to person, glancing onto the old man for a while. He'd try to read his Chakra as he had a weird hunch about him. He takes another sip from his Sake and another drag from his cigarette as he slowly stands up, walking over towards the counter of the bar.. appearantly where all the cool kids hang out. He'd gaze around a few more times as he tries to pinpoint some intresting individuals.

The longer he looks, the harder it becomes to hold the henge. It was hard enough trying to remain looking only mildly interested, covering his nose partially behind steepled fingers to hide red cheeks and the start of a nose bleed. He glances away, hoping to hold off reaching his limits for a while yet. That is when he catches sight of Akinori on the move. With his heart racing it becomes even more difficult to hold together the henge. The only thing remotely keeping him calm is keeping an eye on the elder Sarutobi and making sure that he >didn't< make his way over to him.

Maren looked up as Yuuto entered the bar and approached her table. She nodded and waved a the chair, popping another cookie into her mouth. "Hello again, Yuuto-san." She poured a saucer of sake and pushed it toward Yuuto, her eyes flicking to Akinori as he moved to the bar itself. From observing him she also noted his interest in the older gentleman. The elder male was certainly acting oddly… She smirked but turned back to Yuuto. "So, is this what you Leaves do when you're bored? It's very cordial."

"Hi there," Yuuto says as he moves to sit down, nodding in thanks for the sake before lifting the saucer to sip from it. "I'm kind of new here, but it does seem to be a passtime of many of the locals." With that, he glances toward the old man, eyes tinting red only for a moment before he looks back to Maren. "What do you merchants do for fun when you're not busy selling wares?"

Akinori slowly paces off from the bar, moving himself into the crowd in order to mingle. He'd sip onto his sake one more time before he dumps the cigarette into it, exhaling the last puff into the air as he seemingly heads back in the crowd… this is only a trick ofcourse as he pushes the cup in some random's hand. "Hold it, keep it, love it, throw it away for all I care." He'd move back to the bar, placing himself on the other side of the old man… seemingly behind him, glancing towards his neck as he slowly awaits the response of this person. He glances a bit to his nails as he whistles a tune on a certain moment. Obviously on purpose.

He kept an eye on him as much as possible, but the girls were calling for him~ So, his attention turns back to them. Zankuro tenses up at the noise. Now he was whistling!? And… were their even more eyes on him? The henged teen is sweating bullets at this point. Perhaps now would be a good time to sleep away, or so he wonders as he warily peeks over his shoulder.

Maren poured a second saucer for Yuuto, ever the hostess and glanced back at the old man when she noted the red in Yuuto's gaze. Her eyebrows flicked up and she picked up another cookie. "Depends on the merchant. I don't usually go drinking but I heard something was happening tonight. I guess that's it." She motioned toward the dancers. Akinori didn't go unnoticed in his stalking of the old man, though and she watched quietly, curious if something was about to happen…. It was plain that the man wasn't acting as an older gentleman would….

"Ah," Yuuto says, pondering a bit as he sips his sake, nodding in thanks once again for the second fill. A brief glance is cast toward the dancers, a faint smirk touching his lips as he asks, "Ah, seeking a little alernative entertainment tonight then?" he asks a bit teasingly as he looks back to her. "I think that old man might be having a heartattack. Maybe his buddy behind him should check on him," he says loud enough for Akinori to hear him.

Akinori's gaze falls onto Zankuro's face, disguise unfold he sighs relieved. He'd swing his arm around his neck as he slowly drags him towards the table where Yuuto and Maren are sitting. While he would forcefully drag Zankuro alongside with him he'd slowly speak towards him. "Nice try Zankuro, you're sticking by my side for tonight. Glad you're here! So time for your first lesson in socialities, we're going to find some new peopl allright?" He'd stop by Yuuto and Maren, opening his mouth again as he reaches the table. "Hi, you folks! I'm Sarutobi Akinori and this here is my relative. Go on, introduce yourself man!" He'd sends a elbow into Zankuro's side, which is seemingly allot smaller then him. In the mean time he'd place a cigarette between his lips as he lights it up, dragging slowly from it. He just LOVES to teach Zankuro somethng, or put him in a miserable spot. No matter what he still likes the guy, he can't be mad at the one who he hopes will surpass him.

"Ack! Let. Me. Gooo!!" He cries out as he struggled to break out of Akinori's hold to no avail. The only thing he does accomplish is to break the henge all together, returning to his shorter and more plushie self. "Hmm… wait! No, not alright." He renews his struggles until he gets elbowed in the side. Groaning pathetically, he holds his side and sends a weak glare at Akinori for embarrassing him like that. "Your gonna pay for that.." He murmurs as he began digging out smoke pellet..

Maren gave Yuuto a look that broadcast a comment of 'smartbomb' and she kicked him in the shin lightly under the table.. well.. lightly for her…. So it would probably leave a bruise on the man…. Meanwhile she looked up as Akinori drug the old man toward the table… And the henge breaks. Maren appeared slightly suprised at the transformation then snickered when the boy was elbowed in the side. "I didn't know you Leaves were so liberal with children in bars." She was teasing Akinori… and Zankuro.

As the other boy is drug toward the table by Akinori, Yuuto chuckles a bit. "Uchiha Yuuto. Nice to meet you two," he says with a nod to each before his eyes dart toward the door as he hears screams and sounds of battle ringing outside while a feeling of absolute darkness begins to settle in over the village. "… What the heck?" he asks before he jumps up from the table and darts out the door to see what appears to be dozens of walking corpses, still showing their fatal wounds, yet combating shinobi and villager alike. Their eyes glow white, and a haze of black chakra hangs over their forms. The emergency in Tea Country has reached Konoha. "Shell… This isn't good," he says as he reaches back to retrieve the war fan from his back, stepping into stance as his eyes take on a glow of crimson with tomoe spinning out of it. Well, if there's ever been a time to prove his worth to Konohagakure, this is it.

Akinori'd smile and gaze down upon the two, he opens up his mouth. "This is Sarutobi Zankuro by the way, he's a bit rude and—…" A loud scream interrupts him, loads of commoners are fleeing out of the bar and onto the street as Akinori glances to Zankuro. "Zankuro, get your act together!" He'd quickly step outside behind the young Uchiha, withdrawing his trench knife from his pocket. "Darn it, looks like the tea situation is crossing over to Konoha… Zankuro ! Stick close and watch my back. You got that?!" He'd slam his fists together, a white hue emitting around him as he'd nod towards the Uchiha. "No time for socialities, we got a situation on our hand and this doesn't look like your standard D rank mission kids!" He'd build up a bunch of chakra into him, preparing himself for the combat ahead.

Zankuro rolls the pellet in hand, timing the drop for the most opportune moment. The scream makes him drop it preemptively, but thankfully it doesn't go off in his pocket. Frozen from shock, he doesn't move until well after Akinori has yelled at him, and even then, he's ill-prepared to deal with what was outside after getting bumped around by all the other patrons trying to escape. "Ri.. Right.." He says weakly after making his way to Akinori's side by sheer dumb luck. The boy is obviously shaken and confused. But by some miracle, he manages to focus enough to at least build up his chakra reserves. Just a little.

Maren's own crimson eyes sharpen as she caught hint of what Yuuto had. She slipped out of her chair and followed Yuuto instantly, her expression locked like stone as she looked around. She heard Akinori's words to Yuuto and saw Zankuro hesitate. She turned to the boy and offered a reassuring expression as she drew her weapons, two swords from her hips. She did not gather chakra as the others had.

- Hiroyasu was already in the streets fighting his way through the hoarde, the sudden emergence of the threat caught him off guard. It was not like you bring your arsenal of weapons with you on a diplomatic visit to deliver the usual reports to the Hokage's Office. Armed with only a Kunai in one hand swinging it and leaping off of walls and rooftops trying to get to a defendable area which nearby was either the hotsprings or the sake bar.. the bar was more defendable as he whirls through the door.. "What is going on?!" he shouts with a huff hugging his chest "Need to breath" he huffs. -

In the streets, the possessed corpses fight mercilessly and unstoppingly, even at injuries that would hurt them were the body being used as anything more than a suit of armor. These creatures do not care that what they have done is desecrate the corpse of someone's loved one. This is only a means to an end. Even if one is taken out by a shinobi, the others seem to be completely unphased, having no fear or other hindering emotions. Even the crew running out of the bar are descended by the corpses striking with blades, kunai, or even claws of chakra if a blade is not available. There seems to be no prejudice in the type of corpse used, young, old, even small children used as puppets.
As a pair of corpses come his way, Yuuto sinks into the ground to avoid their strikes. He appears right back up behind them, blade coursing around his fan as he swings it to slash at the corpses to strike them with the sharp edges of it, aiming at their legs in an attempt to remove them from combat by dismembering them.

"What the heck are these things?" Yuuto asks as his crimson eyes dart around while he defends himself.

Akinori glances over to Zankuro, not noticing the incomming reanimated corpses as they slice with brute force through his skin. He'd try to dodge it twice but sadly he gets hit both of the times. "Grrrh!" He sends back two hard cuts down the two corpses, infused with a decent amount of Chakra as he would lick his wounds after. His face turning a bit more reddish as it remains hard for him to concentrate on himself and on Zankuro's safe being.

Zankuro smiles weakly back at Maren. But even that paltry attempt at feigning courage wanes in light of the attacking horror show. This wasn't like fighting some cursed seal inuzuka out in some random forest. This was pure bedlam within his own village. Even knowing what he knew, Zankuro is ill-prepared to defend himself. Eyes widen to the size of saucers at Maren's interception. Seeing her in action steadies his nerves… a little. He latches on that little courage and starts throwing as many sharp, pointy things on his person at the corpses with shaky hands.

Maren saw the creature aiming for Zankuro and the boy's expression and she knew he wasn't prepared for that fight. She stepped between the corpse and the boy, using her sword to deflect the bladed attacks aimed for Zankuro. She was about to yell at him when he suddenly started going on the offensive and she kept quiet. She had her own issues to deal with. As one creature came at her with a kunai she used precise footwork to avoid the strikes, only to go at the zombie's head with both of her blades, one comming from the right the other from the left in a reversed grip. It created a kind of scissor attack and she hoped it would lop off it's head…

- Suddenly, the barrage of claws and steel accost the Young Kumogakurian shinobi, a quick handseal and a sudden influx of chakra cause his body to form into 3 cloneyasu's who attempt to avoid the onslaught.. as luck would have it one of the attackers is not fooled and by chance hits the real one sending a spray of blood as steel finds flesh. The two clones burst into a cloud of smoke ~Bommfph~, kicking a chair upwards he round houses it sending it flying towards one of the corpses with the feet flying first. Before he rolls over a table and throws dishes, large and small trying to avoid being overtook. "Anyone got a Plan?" Hiroyasu asks. -

Despite attacks made against them, unless they are wounded to the point their bodies can't move at all, the possessed corpses continue to charge the shinobi droves. When Yuuto takes one down and injures another, the one down actually starts to slash at him while crawling on the ground. Akinori is successful in carving the corpses he fights in return, though they continue fighting with slashes at him in tandem, as do those fighting Maren and Zankuro, even the one now missing a head swinging blindly for a moment.

As he is attacked, Yuuto suddenly bursts… into ink. Now in front of an alley, he is seen hurriedly sketching with a brush on ink as he glances around. "Best I can think is to disable them as quickly as possible. Dismember them if you have to. It won't make for pretty funerals, but we don't want any more people dying."

Akinori's gaze falls onto the enemies infront of him, his physique moving faster then normal as he dodges it quite easily this time. He'd send out a few more slashes towards the zomboids as he notices Zankuro being engaged by some walking corpses. He'd send himself infront of Zankuro as he overshoots his position quite a bit, causing him to fail to interrupt the assault. It seems like he aggro'd one other aggressor which was intended for Zankuro, so he doesn't feel too bad about it.

With Hiro striking from a spot different than before, the corpses are confused for a moment, though they charge as soon as they spot him again to strike feverishly.

Kids. Old Folk. It didn't matter at all to whatever force was guiding their corpses into battle. It was enough to make a normal man sick… but not Zankuro. His hands still felt shaky, and with so many people rushing about either dealing with the 'problem' or fleeing in terror he couldn't bring his best to the fore without the chance of harming the wrong person. Not that the latter technically matter…
The weight of his worries causes drags down his head. It is only by through Akinori's intervention that he avoid getting slashed the first time. But how does he "Gomen." It'd be the last words Akinori would hear before the boy goes rocketing out of the main road and conviently out of reach of the last attack aimed at him. He lands on a nearby rough top unsteadily, but quickly recovers. In one exahle, all of his fear is dispelled. What remains is burned upon the pyre that is will of fire within every Sarutobi… even the back sheep of the family. After that, his eyes dart back and forth along the defenders, searching for weak points to shore up with covering fire and break down ways to better manage the fleeing populace.

Maren frowned as the now headless body was still swinging at her and she narrowed her eyes, lifting her blades to block each attack and answering by using a show of strength to try and bisect the crpse from shoulder to opposite hip. She followed that by a swipe at the legs, hoping it wouldn't be able to move on it's own after that. She noted Akinori step in to try and aid Zankuro and nodded before she'd glance at Yuuto and the medic. She wasn't the plan type, she was mostly muscle rather than brain. "Any other brilliant ideas?"

- As the corpses charge at him, he bumps a chair into the way of one of the corpses with a simple brush of his knee against it. He is in the middle of attempting to sidestep when he finds the claws of his opponent rending into his robe, through the chain-armor.. apparently the dead don't have the same restrictions on their range of moment that the living do. Hiroyasu leaps back clutching his wounds before grabbing the nearest handheld items, it chair, metal pot or what.. he is trying his hardest to wang the enemy with blunt force trauma -

While the shinobi seem to have some sort of brotherhood in protecting each other and are doing well in their attacks now, these possessed corpses seem focused only on attacking and causing as many casualties as possible and instilling fear for what may come next. This comes in the form of a massive Genjutsu sent out by half the creatures in attempt to make all the shinobi freeze in their paths in fear, followed immediately by the other corpses slashing at to get some damage in while they're down. Tactical warfare, definitely not always fair.

Yuuto himself is caught and blinks a bit as he's actually caught by one of his signature jutsu… He really should've seen this coming, but he didn't bother to step into his highest level of Sharingan, which may seem like a mistake now as a claws of chakra drag across his shoulder and dig in deep.

Akinori would simply just dodge the aggressors attack, only to fall to a Genjutsu which drains him from all his willpower… he tries to slice his fingertop open to break the effect but alas it is in vain. Akinori simply just focuses whatever energy he has left into taking the hit he gets from a nearby zombie before he's struck down to the ground. He'd grunt hard. "Hnng…. Who of you guys think we can beat this enemy?!" He'd shout, heavily panting as he places himself down on his knees and handpalms. His gaze drags along the battlefield as he recuperates for the time being.

The oppressive sweeps over him. Zankuro fights it with all of his will, but in the end, even the fire within diminishes beneath the wieght of the illusion. Still, he would do no more than fall to a knee, fighting against terror even as some of the zombie horde begins making their way up the roofs and tear into him.

'Focus, Zan!' he screams in his head.

Maren was wading forward, blades before her when suddenly she felt her heart stop and she sunk to her knees. She didn't look very suprised, just angry. She flinched as she saw Yuuto take a hit but didn't have much time to think on it as she herself was attacked. She managed enough control to raise her arm, taking the blow there rather than her main body, but the force of it forced her down again. She shook her head as someone asked if they could beat this foe, but what did she know? she was jsut a merchant.

- The wave of Chakra that washes over him, begins the tell-tale sign of a Genjutsu with a deep breath and a quick handseal the chakra in his body is stopped then surged pushing out the external influence. It seems he was the only-one who didn't fall prey to this rather powerful Genjutsu.. even more so since the Uchiha failed.. Hiroyasu spins and kicks a table off its leg and sends it sliding towards his enemies trying to retard their advance. "This is not going well.." he mutters glancing at them and seeing that one of them was showing much worse for wear and moves in clapping his hands together and they glow blue.. then green before he begins to tend to the wounds of the injured Genin and giving him a small shot of chakra to help him to solider on. -

Despite their targets downed and being struck, the Hitokage do not let up, especially since one actually made it through and is still attacking. "We will sweep across this world, and all that is flesh and light shall die. All that you see, all that you love will become darkness and death," their voices ring out in unison again as they raise their blades and claws to strike at the shinobi again.
As Yuuto is attacked, he sinks into the ground again, coming back up and striking at the creatures with his fan once again. "Anyone got a clue what these things are? They're nothing I've ever seen before," he says as he attacks, eyes darting around.

Akinori pushes himself back on his feet, glancing up slowly to the situation at hand. "Allright… guys! We'd best take these guys to the training fields! Too much civilians here! What'd you all think?!" He dodges the attacks send towards him as he motions his body around the area, he'd try to decapicitate some walkers as he spits onto the ground afterwards. " I don't know what they are, but I remember some. Looks like the dead are back to live again." He glances around the area, awaiting the enemy yet again.

Zankuro bursts from the group of zombies surrounding him, knocking them back just long enough to grab one of them and use it as a human shield! Corpse… shield. Whatever! The point is he becomes a tornado, no, a HURRICANE of force…. until one of the zombie gets in a lucky shot at his gut. He cries out and drops his weapon and shoves away his immediate opponent before leaping to another roof top. Again he scans the area, searching for the largest cluster of zombies. As soon as he spots it there's an inferno trapped within a seemingly harmless ball of flames awaiting them. He hoped it would down any reinforcements from the horde in their section, if only for a shortwhile.
"That won't work Akinori-senpai! There's too many of th—rk!" He nearly bites his own tongue from Hiroyasu's jab. "Who da heck are you?… and… why do I feel so… juicy all of a sudden..?" He asks of Hiroyasu.

With the number of attacks against them currently lessened, the Hitokage seem to be doing a touch better. Yuuto's attacks are evaded by the higher levels he is fighting, though the others appear to be doing well for the most part.

Yuuto blinks a bit at Akinori's words, peering over. "Are you an idiot? There are too many, and we're not the only ones fighting. They're probably already there. Just keep striking them down," he says as he spins into another slash of his fan, sweeping across bodies in attempt disable them, despite his last attacks not working.

Maren moved to Yuuto's side as the Uchiha climbed to his feet and when a creature tried to get behind him while he was busy with another creature, Maren was there to slash the thing with her black sword. She stepped back up, not back to back with Yuuto, but facing the other direction to keep an eye on them both nonetheless. "What should we do?" She took another swing at any hat came close to her.

Akinori's body moves yet again away from the blows, sending out some couple of wind slices towards the zombies. "Hey… I'm not smart but I'm trying to spark the toughts here, so speak up then!" Sweat dripping from his forehead, quickly stepping towards Zankuro as he places his hand onto his back. "You're doing great Zankuro, keep it up man!" He'd grin, awaiting for the situation to unfold.

- Now out in the open streets, it was much easier to avoid the attacks, a simple act of bumping one of the corpses into the other one was sufficient to avoid being cut. Having resurrected the Chuunin— whom he misindentified earlier but can now see the vest in the dark—, He can focus on other tasks; the important ones keeping the people who will be his first line of defense standing. He rolls over the back of several zombies before coming down next to Zankuro, jabbing him several times, "Oh, just a wandering goat found myself in a quite a terrible place.." he says before adding to it "It's called healing, its the latest fashion in combat.." Hiroyasu snorts before trying to move on the next victim.. or injured shinobi.. -

- Hiroyasu twirls and flips out of the way of the attacks with ease using the environment to his advantage finding himself in the position to provide medical healing to another in this group of less-than fortunate fools. Taking a moment to press against the vital pressure points and giving a sudden surge of refreshing vitalzation. "Keep knocking em down, I'll keep you on your feet until you have the luxury of a death when its all over" he says. -

"There is no hope. Even if you win today, more are coming. We do not need these corpses to come for you," the united voices ring out again as combat continues, the remaining Hitokage striking at their targets again and again. "We will come from land, sea, and sky to overtake you until the rivers run red and oceans fill with blood." While Akinori's attacks are evaded, Zankuro manages to catch his targets with the illusion of being trapped in flames while his real attack rains down on them. "You try to fight. You try to run away, but you are made of sand. You are coming apart between our fingers," their voices ring out more as their attacks do not cease, slashes coming again and again.

"Best we can do is hold them off and take them down as they come for now," Yuuto says, glancing around as he swings his fan to deflect the strikes coming his way. "Just stick close, and you'll be alright." With that, he straps the fan back momentarily and grabs his scrolls, releasing a trio of black wolves to leap at the corpses around himself and Maren to rip and tear and their limbs in an attempt to take thm out of commission.

Akinori quickly forces his chakra into his veines, moving from side to side as he dodges the attacks. He'd push Zankuro out of the way of an aggresor as he tries to dodge the last strike aswell.. yet met with a failure, he's struck again with a blow. "Pff… rigged living dead is what they are. Can't hold up for much longer I guess." He'd sigh, glancing towards Zankuro as he'd hope to see him succeed in dodging the next attack. He's definetly fatigued and his chakra is running low. Not knowing how long it would take him to defeat this enemy.

He would however continue to strike onto his enemies with his trench knife, hacking and slashing along the way.

Zankuro strikes a thoughtful pose and nods sagely to Hiroyasu. "I see, I see… Wait a minute." But Hiro doesn't wait long enough for him to complete the thought. A sweatdrop forms, though quickly disappears in the wake of more of the horde clamor onto the roof tops, as well as those he warded off before clamor back to their feet. The scroll becomes the shield, but given their numbers overwhelming the rough, Zankuro is forced to flee from one roof top to the next on a stream of fire. Each time they manage one last swipe, wounding the boy. Undaunted, Zankuro finally draws to a stop long enough to catch his breath and try to focus. Once again, he is saved by Akinori. He'd thank the man… but there just wasn't time for pleasantries. A wave of smoke and flame and napalm is sent down into thickier junctions of zombies. Admist it they zombies taunt the defenders, though most probably fell on death ears. There was a lot going on after all. >.>

Zankuro strikes a thoughtful pose and nods sagely to Hiroyasu. "I see, I see… Wait a minute." But Hiro doesn't wait long enough for him to complete the thought. A sweatdrop forms, though quickly disappears in the wake of more of the horde clamor onto the roof tops, as well as those he warded off before clamor back to their feet. The scroll becomes the shield, but given their numbers overwhelming the rough, Zankuro is forced to flee from one roof top to the next on a stream of fire. Each time they manage one last swipe, wounding the boy. Undaunted, Zankuro finally draws to a stop long enough to catch his breath and try to focus. Once again, he is saved by Akinori. He'd thank the man… but there just wasn't time for pleasantries. A wave of smoke and flame and napalm is sent down into thickier junctions of zombies.

As if to add insult to injuries, the zombies taunt them all! Granted, in Zankuro's case their words fall on death ears. Those last few jutsu of his had a convient way of smothering some of the less important noise. >.>

"Could these things be any more annoying?" Maren asks as Yuuto sends out ink beasts after the corpses. She spun then, raising her blades to try and deflect the attacks comming her way, blood on her arms where she had taken hits, her tunic's sleeves cut through. But she looked fully focused on her swordwork and footwork. She nodded easily to Yuuto's comment about sticking close to him but she would not be just a burden on the Uchiha or the other Leaf shinobi, she swung her blade with visible strength aiming to bisect each target as she goes, crimson eyes hard. She does keep close to Yuuto, but she's not defenseless at least. She took note of Zankuro's position once he lands but turns back to her own fight immediately after.

- As the undead continue to assault him, he expends a little effort as possible leaning slightly as they sail past him in their charge or swirling an arm over the top of an overzealous bite or swipe. His monkly robes fluttering with his moments, "Are you guys out of breath already?" he asks attempting to vault over several of the corpses using a piece of debris from the liberal use of jutsu.. landing and forming a prayer steeple and his hands begin to glow green before Hiroyasu taps the Chuunin on the shoulder and the feeling of being refreshed if even just a little fills him before the young monk moves off. -

The scene around Konoha as these creatures continue to fall is rather horrific. While they have defeated the monsters' invasion for now, the scene is actually far more disturbing for what it looks like is that they've splattered the remains of people of the Land of Tea AND some of their own villagers across the streets and buildings of their village…. and there are still stronger ones fighting in other parts of the village and spread out across the country, even heading into other countries on the corpses of those fallen in this dark war. This is but a mild beginning for what is to come.

"Not much more," Yuuto says as he watches what's left of this force in this area fall. He doesn't seem too bothered by the gore, but he does seem concerned by how this is going… He somewhat wonders if the point of this is really to win so much as wear down. If there are much stronger creatures in this army, even the stronger shinobi will begin to tire after a while… This is likely only the beginning. "I'm going to go see who else needs help," he says before seeming to vanish into the ground.

Akinori slowly reverts back to his normal state, the hue removing from his persona as he looks around for Zankuro. Once found he'd dash towards him as he examinates him. "You allright young cub? I hope those things didn't scar you… You did perfect, just like I expect from a Sarutobi!" He'd bow infront of him, only as several blood drops fall from his arms and his mouthcorners onto the ground. He is a bit pale from exhaustion as he holds his fist infront of Zankuro, hopefully he gets the hint to bump it with his own. "Keep your head on a swivel , but rest for now. We'll need it for other moments." He'd place himself next to Zankuro on the piece of surface, as he places his head down on the surface as he grabs a cigarette. He'd place it between his lips as he ignites it swiftly, dragging long and deep from it as he exhales the smog. "Uhh… good fight, sadly a bit too serious." He just lays there, getting his rest appearantly.

- Hiroyasu rubs the bridge of his nose under his glasses, "Only in Konohagakure.." he mutters before popping his neck and moving to render assistance to the injuries of the others, which at this point seem to be mostly focused on the Sarutobi Chuunin. "I don't even want to know how you managed to get so beat up." he says employing several different techniques in an effort to keep him in fight shape, he idle green glow of his hands as they wipe clean the wounds, reduces the swelling and seal many of the cuts and gashes. Also was the effective use of pressure points to control bloodflow, reroute life-sustaining chakra to the vital areas in need of assistance. "You shouldn't leap in front of any attacks anytime soon. These wounds look healed and you might even feel good enough.. but your just barely held together by ninjutsu. These wounds are tender and can reopen if you stress them. So Uh don't" he says before glancing about, his job here is done.. helping those who could help themselves. "Tell them, the Goat Medic strikes again!" he proclaims before scaling up a wall with a jolly jump before disappearing into the night. -

Maren watches Yuuto suddenly fade into the ground and she scowled, stomping her foot over the spot where his head had disappeared into. "Figures…." She watched the medic see to Akinori's wounds and took the time to look at her own, two good cuts on her arms… Could have been worse… She shrugged and let it be, the bleeding would stop naturally in time. She sighed and headed back into the bar, intent on finishing her sake… if it was still in one piece.

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