Overwhelming Darkness - Reclaiming Ground


Yuuto, Ari, Kiku, Akane, Chitose

Date: May 21, 2014


A team of shinobi move into the Land of Tea through the Southern Pathway to attack the Hitokage there and try to drive them back.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Overwhelming Darkness - Reclaiming Ground"

Land of Tea - Southern Pathway

The coming of evening in the Land of Tea, and a team is moving toward one of the points on the map directed by Shuuren, albeit this location is pretty much a direct walk. A bit past the border, the creature have started to come back toward the Fishing Village that the Kumo Shinobi took down before. The objective is pretty simple. Push them back again, further if possible. As those along the path walk toward their destination, the feeling of darkness over the area begins to grow, a simple sign that the creatures know they are coming.

Eyes tinted crimson to show the use of Sharingan in a minimalistic fashion, Yuuto walks quietly along with what is kind of a random team that's come together. Still, a team is a team, and this fight is going to be rather extreme. He's adorned in his normal white and black ensemble, though he's packed a few extra scrolls and brushes compared to normal.

Ari had managed to pick up on her own intelligence, especially when it came to figuring out how to push back the darkness which plagued them so. She huffs slightly, approaching the group from afar, evaluating them with with a hint of scrutiny. "You know things are bad when a mix match of shinobi are brought together for a mission like this," Ari speaks softly to the group, her body adorned in a long bellowing cloak, tattered at her feet.

Kiku was finally slightly forced to come along. Mostly cause of her experience with all three styles of combat, and the fact that she's insanely balanced in all three. To help protect herself from the influence of genjutsu though, the woman is wearing a metal mask that seems to have a few bone chips in it. She doesn't say anything, and goes all Dr. Doom with her gazes…Thats all she needs to really say at the moment.

Akane had gone along with Kiku due to her medical skills. She'd noted the sharingan in Yuuto's eyes witha dark expression in her eyes but covered it quickly enough. She had kept an eye on the Uchiha ever since, keeping to the center of the group as they walked. She kept quiet as Ari joined them, noting the new addtion before going back to watching Yuuto.

Showing up, Chitose looks at Yuuto and hurrms, "You know, I wouldn't have expected you here." She shakes her head, "And you also know that I'm going to have to report you when this is over, right?" She hmms at him before looking at the others here. She isn't using her full power yet but she is waiting, idly, looking at the various people before looking forward, "First things first though, right?"

As the team approaches the town, the dark feeling suddenly seem to hit a plateau. This would ALMOST be a relief if it weren't a sign that there was an attack imminent. "The light you bring will die… The light inside you will die… All that you are will die," that haunting voice rings out as suddenly dark creatures begin to swarm down the path. It seems they decided to intercept the shinobi headed their way with a first wave rather than allow them to get too close. Without a moment's hesitation, the monsters begin to slash with dark chakra-fueled claws at the arriving team of shinobi.

As someone else approaches, Yuuto's eyes cut back over his shoulder at her to offer a nod. "Indeed… But we are glad to have another along for the fight," he says before looking to Akane and casting a smirk her way… then to Chitose. Oddly enough, he only grins a bit at her words. "Well, the world is ending and all that. Figured I may as well show up," he replies with a shrug before looking back ahead as that dark voice starts to ring out. "I'm sure Kuoroke will be glad to hear you've spotted me outside the village." Just as the monsters reach him, he takes a hit… and splatters into ink. Appearing a few feet back from where he was, he is already weaving handseals before breathing out a pair of massive fireballs in succession in an attempt to blast them as they come at the group to hopefully start dwindling their numbers early.

Regrettably Ari wasn't as lucky to completely avoid the attacks. The first darkness fueled attack cleaved through a clone of water while the other hit head on. Ari is forced back into a defensive position while manifesting a torrent of lancing water lunging straight into the darkness.

Kiku's eyes flare, and without saying anything, she extends her hand. A strong Seal Barrier comes out. The creatures smack right into it, and when they try to move around it, Kiku creates another one. The woman shakes her head a little bit, and tries to grab one of the creatures by its face before bringing out her rather large bone blade. She focuses her mind a little bit, and a bit of chakra edging appears on the blade. The woman then tries to impale the creature on the blade with repeated stabbings before spinning around to throw it into its buddies. Somebody's not in a good mood tonight…

Akane eyed Yuuto when he smirked at her then she saw as much as felt the shadows as they attacked the shinobi around her. She blinked as Yuuto used ink to defend himself, which also probably meant he could attack with it as well. Unfortunately, that slight distraction cost her and she flinched once as claws raked across her arm and chest, opening gashes as they went. But then she seemed to close off the pain in her mind (mostly) and retaliated in one smoothe motion, her sword in one hand, a dagger in the other. Hopefully the poison would enter thier system and make them an easier mark….

A shake of her head comes from Chitose at Yuuto and then she is about to respond more when the enemy attacks suddenly. She screeches out in pain as she is cut by the vicious attack of the Hitokage and is able to dodge he next, whippin her arms out and slamming them out toward the enemies.

Though the initial blast from the Uchiha is avoided, the second knocks some of the monsters back a bit. Meanwhile, those fighting Ari are having a bit more luck, striking her and then avoiding the incoming water lance, those Chitose is fighting having the same kind of luck. Kiku actually manages to do a bit better, locking the creature she is targeting down and taking it down with her bladed strikes. However, this is apparently just the beginning as more of the creatures continue to come, that voice ringing out again and trying to wear on the psyche of the shinobi while its monsters attack. "Accept death now. It is so much easier than what is to come."

As he feels the Genjutsu trying to overtake him, Yuuto quickly forms his hands into a seal and purges his system of it. "Kai." He then splatters once more as he is attacked, this time appearing to the side of where he was with scroll and brush in hand as a pair of two more clones of him fly off the page to lash out at the Hitokage.

"It would be wise…for all of you to not hold back against these things!" Ari exclaims, while her own chakra gradually began to circulate and become more taint. A vicious rusty azure hue began to form about her body along with the release of her curse mark, sprawling about one half of her body. Her eyes began to take the shape of… a sharingan? Though hinted with a blueishing chakra diluting it into something of a violet tint. " I know very well how to handle you demon…" Ari voices to the shadows, releaasing the hold of the genjutsu and flourishing with a blade of chakra, completely wrapped in circulating with buzzing electric prowess, attempting the bury the buzzing blade deep into the enemies before her… she wondered though…how everyone else would hold up?

Kiku gets distracted by the voice, and doesn't bring her barrier up in time. She gets slashed pretty good, and several creatures start to pounce on her. She growls a bit, and focuses her mind. The woman uses her own genjutsu to disappear from the field. Yes, you read that right. There's a Kaguya with genjutsu. Fear the Mighty Kiku! The woman tries to stay invisable as she starts slashing at the little whatever you want to call it thingys!

And Akane found she was right. Yuuto could attack with Ink as well. She wasn't able to think on it for long, though as she felt energy being drained from her and slicing her own leg did nothing to help the situation. She was able to spin out of the way of the next attack aimed at her however. And that left her behind Kiku. Akane more sensed Kiku than saw her, but decided to take advantage of the position, turning and laying hands on Kiku's spine, channeling her lightning and healing chakra together to energize the Kaguya. It would take a few seconds perhaps to land fully, but it would spread out through her body quickly enough. "Have a boost, Kaguya-san!"

As that attack came, Chitose had to agree with Ari. It wasn't a time to hold back. She lets out a screech as she digs a kunai into her hand, chakra cloak flowing around her body, tails sprouting. The full cloak of the eight tails sprouts out from her even as she growls and is drained of some of her energy. She feels that dread, shivering at how it drains but then dodges out of the way of the attack and strikes out with hre whip like arms toward the Hitokage. That dual voice of a girl and some large creature calling out, "Smash them to nothing first!"

With what may be a turn of the shinobi's luck, the shadow creatures appear to be taking a bit of a pounding from their attacks. Though some of them are avoided, a good enough number of strikes land to incapacitate if not kill a number of them coming at the team. The remaining however, with reinforcements still coming, continue to strike out at the shinobi with malicious intent as the voice attempts to lock the shinobi into a fearful state of shock to quell any defenses. "What happens to this piece of flesh when darkness touches its soul?… It bleeds light and fades away."

As his clones strike the monsters, Yuuto blinks and has to do a double take at Ari for some reason. More than the monsters, he seems to focus on her a bit more as suddenly his Sharingan lights up fully. "… The land?" he asks, this distracting him enough that the Genjutsu gets a hold of him and allows the monsters to tear him him. With a deep gash ripped through him, the Uchiha is knocked back a bit. He growls a bit before reaching to his back to resheath the scroll and retrieve his black gunbai, a signature weapon of some of the more infamous members of the Uchiha Clan. He lunges forward, wind surging around his body as he strikes at the monsters with the sharp edges of the fan. "Break through! If we stay here, they gain ground instead of us!"

Ari is obviously fairly curious of Yuuto…A sand shinobi with eyes like that? Her eyes shift back until suddenly she is locked down within a genjtusu, impeding her movement, and draining her energy just enough to splice through her body with the same intense darkness fueled chakra… She gasps in pain, blood trickling from her wound as her seal pulsated, forcing more raw chakra through her veins… "Break through them then!" Ari copies back at them, "Fire Release! Twin Twisting Great Fire Dragon!" From her lips expells a mighty beast of fire chakra, two heads flourishing into the mass of darkness creatures, attempting to slam them before enveloping into a massive explosion.

Kiku starts to say something when Akane…not quite able to see her, gropes Kiku. The woman turns visable, glaring a bit before turning bright red as Akane zaps her. "….I expect a dinner before somebody does that.", she growls. Kiku hears the break through, and grins evilly. The Then the Fire dragon. She rushes behind it, and veils herself in a stronger fade. Somebodys plotting something evil again…

Akane blinked at Kiku then blushed faintly and chuckled. "I owe you a dinner then." She noted Yuuto's reaction to Ari but could not see the girl from where she was at, so her attention remained on Yuuto long enough to watch him take the hit then pull out the war fan. She couldn't take any longer than that. Though this Uchiha seemed different in the way he fought than theones she'd known, she couldn't think on it, though. She felt the genjutsu slide over her and then the sharp pain of a cut. She was closest to Yuuto at that moment and she stepped behind him. "Sorry, I have to take a moment." And she brought her hands up to her own chest, healing the medic first…

A look at the various enemies and she looks to Yuuto, "You're right, we gotta…" A gasping sound follows as the chakra beast is then cut by the blades, frozen wiht fear and then shaking her head, "Gotta move…" She winces and then shakse her head and then looks to the others, "Watch out! I'm going to make a path!" She then breathes in sharply before unleashing a deluge of ink across a group of Hitokage.

Though most of the attacks are avoided, they seem to serve the purpose of opening the monsters up for a huge blast from Ari. The blast carves a path toward the fishing village, which, as the shinobi near appears to have a new level of monster, the bird-like statues, charging at them with claws drawn as they try to carve into the shinobi and prevent them from making it any further into the country.

Just as Yuuto is about to be torn asunder…. he vanishes into the ground… Literally. With any luck, he hopes these things can't travel underground, which he'll probably find out soon if he stays there long. However, that isn't the focus of his actions apparently since a moment later a horde of ink monsters of various shape from chimera to troll to things only a madman would dream of burst forth from the ground followed by dozens of snakes to try to bind the monsters down so the others can blast them.

Follows through right after Yuuto, intending to bring the new beasts down into a delibiating submission. Ari moved quickly between each attack, resembling a mere flash of light each time she was struck, she followed through releasing an orb of energy down at the oncoming beasts…. The orb coming with enough power to hopefully lock down the beasts for a following onslaught. "This should hold them down! Try and hit them with everything you got!"

Kiku was rushing along while trying to be invisable, but well, didn't work out as intended, as Kiku…ends up running right into two chakra slashes. Her shikot tries to intercept them, but doesn't get there in time, as the woman has two very very large slashes ripping her open. She stares a bit…before falling down on the ground. Kiku moves off to the side, and gets herself between some solid objects, and pushes her hand out. She coughs up some blood, but remains focused, in case she gets attacked…

Akane scowled as Yuuto disappeared into the ground behind her, but then ink beasts expode forth and she's once more distracted long enough to lose the race against the first attack aimed for her. She growled, blood flowing from her skin once again, but she managed to avoid the second attack. Then she sent out a wave of chakra 'sonar' to feel out who needed her aid.. and located CHitose. It doesn;t take her long to step forth and lay her hand, glowing faintly green, over the worst of Chitose's wounds. "Kaguya-san, I'll be right there!" She'd felt Kiku go down as well but Chitose had been closer…

The shinobi having a mini-army of creations of their own apparently catches the Hitokage off guard. The beasts bind a big number of the monsters up, holding them back for now while allowing the orb of lightning to rip through several of them along with Chitose striking some of them down. The crowded statues appear to have some trouble moving with so many of them bound together in these forms, a weakness that probably won't be able to be exploited for long, but it ast least gives the shinobi some breathing room to prep for the next assault and heal up.

Indeed, it seems that Chitose's body is cut into again but thankfully that Akane is there to push chakra healing into her form. She then whips her arms across again to try to rip apart the enemies that are caught int he vice.

Kiku nestles into her spot, and focuses her mind. Her body starts to slowly knit itself back together. The woman takes several deep breaths as some of the cuts are much more painful to heal then others….
Akane kept her word, the moment Chitose broke the contact with her chakra, Akane was already using her excellent speeed to reach Kiku, both hands out and over the Kaguya female. The medic's eyes were a deep green now rather than the normal jade tone but she was heavily focused as well, healing the damaged organs before she cared about the skin over them. "I won't let you die here, Kaguya-san."

Looking at Akane, she nods a ltitle to her and then looks over toward the Hitokage, "They won't stay down." She states and growls out a little, healing herself up and then steps back toward before the group, "We should prepare for the next round." She then shifts hier position, "Prepare to hit them with everything."

Ari watched as their onslaught of attacks seemed to work, holding the Hitokage briefly at bay, and allowing the group for the most part to lick their wounds. Ari herself sighs as her own chakra began to darken further, dampening her skin tone until it was rusty like red. Even hair blonde locks of hair began to mimic that same look. " Another technique like that and we should be able to push them back and clear the way completely… if you are willing to do so?" Ari speaks to Yuuto softly, though turns slightly nodding to Akane. "We also need to protect our medic… no more holding back against these guys,"

Kiku glares at Akane a bit. "You deal with keeping them in the fight. I'm too injured to really be useful.", she tells. The woman keeps her mind focused on the healing of herself for now.

"The Dark Guardian shall come and protect us… and all that is flesh and light shall die," the dark voice rings out again, signaling that things could be about to get much more dangerous. The remaining statues break free from their ink bindings and charge the shinobi while the ground statues to shake once in a while with a cadence of footsteps… Off in the distance, one can hear the sound of stone clanking with the approach of the giant staff-wielding statues.

Glancing back at Ari, Yuuto nods simply. "Set them up and I'll start launching bigger attacks after this," he says as he grabs a scroll from his back, opening it to release a multitude of ink clones that jump in the way of not only the attacks aimed at him but Akane. Once they've been released, he stares out at the monsters, uttering a simple command with a stern voice. "Fear."

Glancing back at Ari, Yuuto nods simply. "Set them up and I'll start launching bigger attacks after this," he says as he grabs a scroll from his back, opening it to release a multitude of ink clones that jump in the way of not only the attacks aimed at him but Akane. Once they've been released, he stares out at the monsters, uttering a simple command with a stern voice. "Fear." (re)

Kiku growls a little bit as Akane attends her. The woman winces a few more times, as she gets attacked again, and she can't get a barrier up. Her eyes roll up into her head, as she starts to pass out…
ds about protecting the medic and took a breath, turning back to Kiku as the Kaguya growled out an order to focus on the others. Akane chuckled softly. "Yes, Ma'am." She sent out a wave of chakra, searching for the next target for her healing, ignoring the fatigue that was beginning to show signs. She stepped after a chakra signature, laying hands on Ari from behind, channeling her chakra through the healthy tissue into the destroyed tissue and mending it as best she could given her time limit.

Hearing the incoming, Chitose does everything she can to avoid the incoming attacks but gets cut up again before shaking her head, "We gotta clear this group out, soon. I'm running out of steam and the big guns are coming!" SHe nods her head and spits out a little chakra blood as she rushes in to try to slam a group of enemies into a nearby wall, "Prepare!"

Ari nods as everyone appears to be in agreement making their plan easier to come by. she then cringes lightly as Akane forces healing chakra along her charred tissue. "thanks…. we just need to hold them off for now.." Ari speaks softly as she begins cultivating a massive sword of lightning. she attempts to use it prematurely to stop the attacks against her, instead it fails causing a massive wound along one side before she finally gathers herself and launches the sword attending to capture the hitokage in a massive electrifying explosion.

Though the attacks from most of the shinobi are deflected, they distract and open up the monsters for a hellacious blast in return for the damage she received. This serves to obliterate a good number while slowing the rest down from being able to attack for the moment.

While the monsters are busy being obliterated by Ari, Yuuto vanishes into the ground again. This time, however, what emerges with him is not a creature of ink. Instead, despite his slender frame, the Uchiha is hoisting an ENORMOUS chunk of earth from the ground over his head. With a grunt, he leaps into the air with it and spikes the huge mass of earth down upon the Hitokage, sending it skidding and pretty much destroying what was left of the Fishing Village while using it to bar the path of the giant statues heading their way.

Akane BLINKED as Yuuto lifted the giant boulder but turned back to Chitose, once more igniting her lightning chakra to infuse the girl with stamina rather than focus on the still healing wounds. Akane was sweating by that point but she just focused and sent out her sonar again, looking for the person who needed her most…

The girl in question might be wounded but Chitose can deal with that eventually, she can't deal with passing out due to being exhausted. She instead spins around to whip another arm out around at the remaining Hitokage and then letting out a breath and looking for the massive statues that were surely to come next.

Ari was coming more relentless as her seal began to over take her. her chakra reserves continued to surge as she opens her palm once more, building up yet another full katana of pure lightning. The blade itself vibrated and zinged as she hoists it yet again, not caring much mind to the lay out if the city…. she merely attempted to obliterate all she could to give the team a base to heal without invading enemies….

The combination of attacks from the shinobi manages to annihilate all the Hitokage in their immediate area, bits of stone flying and shattering all around. On top of that, the giant piece of rock has temporarily barred the path of the incoming giants. This gives them time for a choice…. stay and fight, risking rather ultimately in a fight that's only likely to get harder with their already depleted reserves and being down a shinobi or bar the area up further to hold the position and retreat for now.

Breathing a bit heavily, Yuuto glances around… One down with most of the team dwindling in energy… He gathers a bit more chakra then vanishes into the ground, once again coming up with a massive chunk of earth that he leaps into the air and flings to send spiraling and further barricade their area to keep the larger statues at bay.

Akane heard the explosion of stone and covered her neck with her arm as small fragments rained down on them. She lifted her head searching for and locating Kiku once again only to see the next dumpling Yuuto grabbed appear. She ducked her head as he tossed it to further barricade the pass. That looked like it took a lot of chakra to her so she moved quickly to his side and rather than healing Yuuto, she shared her chakra with him. Her expression wasn't happy with the action but she wasn;t going to endanger people just for her personal feelings. And he did fight well…

A look at Akane and then the others and the chakra beast that is Chitose is simply trying to repair her damaged body under all that chakra, just shaking her head, "As longa s we can hold this ground, we'll be fine until the next push."

Ari appears to note have a lot of energy left for yet another attack instead she uses this as a moment to recall her chakra and merely take things easier. for this moment she simply aighs heavily and shakes her head. obviously frustrated due to the ensuing battle…

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