Owl Sage - A Scoutpost


Nori, Hiroyasu

Date: September 1, 2013


Nori picks up Hiroyasu for the next part of this journey. They have to take down a scout-outpost together to limit the forward operating base's power. They sneak in past several guards and Nori uses his newly learned nature chakra sensing capabilities (but not without Hiroyasu *THWACK*ing him a few times) to find the weakspot in the tree's structure. Hiroyasu takes care of the rest.

"Owl Sage - A Scoutpost"

Land of Fire

Nori is on the back of his owl flying from one section of the Land of Fire to the next. Seeing as he was already headed passed Konohagakure, he knew just the person that he wanted to grab. Hiroyasu-san! Nori wasn't exactly sure where he'd find Hiroyasu, but he had a few guesses, and the first one was correct oddly enough. The lake! Nori had swept down on his steed (well, Daifukuro the giant owl at least) and landed right behind Hiroyasu in a poof of wind and dust. The young Yamanaka would basically grab Hiroyasu and up the owl would start. Nori would apologize for escaping with the Kumonin in such a way, but hey…desperate times call for some sort of measure of insanity. Nori would explain that the owls were being attacked by the eagles. The eagles were finally invading. Nori and his owl, and now with Hiroyasu, were headed for an eagle scout outpost that was apparently their forward operating center. Nori and Hiroyasu's task was to take out the outpost if possible.

Hiroyasu had been enjoying a lazy time at the lake, lounging and relaxing.. after the exams in the forest you could not have enough peace for a little while.. When Nori lands abruptly and almost abconds with him without a word, there wasn't any hestiation as there was trust it was serious. "The Eagles again? I thought they had gone back to being quiet after the last time.." especially sense Yotsuki-san was not exactly gentle with them in anyway shape or form. "What do you need from me Nori-san?" he asks, "beyond the obvious" he adds.

Nori speaks in flight, but as Daifukuro picks up speed, he switches to telepathy. ~Apparently they were just gathering resources in preparation to stage a full scale assault. I need your help with possibly carrying me as we sneak into the camp. I won't lie, this isn't exactly going to be fun for you. I mean, we have to sneak in, find something that can destroy the base, and leave…and if we're found out, fight our way through. We may get hurt. Are you sure you're in? I'll owe you big time."

Hiroyasu pauses considering, and well Nori has had his back.. and he really felt he owed him after not coming to his aid in the second round when we was outmatched. ~I understand, you haven't been packing on the pounds have you?~ he asks jokingly.. Owls, Eagles, it was never easy in konoha with the absurdity sometimes. ~No I'm sure~ he says putting up a good front there is a little bit of worry.

Nori would probably be able to read Hiroyasu's chakra and note the nervousness, but the boy doesn't say anything. In a little while, the large owl would start dropping down into the tree-line. Nori speaks, ~We're arriving at our destination. We're going to have to sneak in from here. Daifukuro says their base is at the top of a tall tree up ahead. There will be a round of patrols below the tree-lines that we will need to avoid, and one at the base of the tree. From there, we need to enter the tree and make our way to the top.~ Nori erks and suddenly gets the joke, ~Packing on the pounds…as in, I was eating a lot in the Forest of Death? Yes…I did eat well.~ He grins. And then the Owl lands. Nori states, ~You want lead or shall I? Keep your senses out. I'd rather avoid the patrol then engage it.~

Hiroyasu nods ~Alright~ , all that he gets an alright as the answer.. mission mode activated, critical brevity reached. ~I mean after, everyone I know is binge eating in the ramen house as we speak~ he chortles in his head, which was odd sounding now that he tried it. "You lead, your senses are more keen and that could give us an the difference of an extra second" he says with a nod.

RP: Nori transforms into YAMANAKA-CLARITY.
RPCOMBAT: Nori defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSING-TECHNIQUE…60

~Binge eating? It wasn't that bad. I even brought spices so the food wasn't so bland, but maybe they weren't smart enough to do that.~ Nori grins and nods then when Hiroyasu states that he should lead…so Nori does. The boy puts his senses out and after they get a few paces into the forest and away from Nori's owl companion, the boy stops and holds up a hand. ~They are coming already. This is earlier than I thought. Do you need help hiding? If so, I can cover you in leaves and hide you under some shrubberies.~ Nori is serious, but that has to be a blow to the ego.

Hiroyasu nods ~I did too, and I was able to forage pretty well.. they aren't used to actually doing what we do.. but still it was nice to have hot rice, fresh fish, pickled vegetables again.. oh and tea.. so much tea~ he muses.. he sighs "That would probably be best" especially since last time his own ineptitude almost compromised them then too, he says leaping into a thick bush hopefully it was adequate.

RPCOMBAT: Hiroyasu defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…29
RPCOMBAT: Hiroyasu attacks with STEALTH…12
[NPC System]: Eagle Patrol roll(s) Eagle Senses from 15 to 40 and get(s) a 30. - Rolled by: Nori

Nori goes and starts sinking into the ground as Hiro jumps into the bush. The young boy goes about pulling twigs and sticks and branches about the inside of the bush and around Hiroyasu. Hiro would be covered pretty heavily under the bush and Nori would slip below ground just as the Eagle patrol goes overhead. Perhaps it is luck, perhaps it is preparation…either way, the boys go unnoticed and the Eagles fly by. Nori waits a little while and pops out of the ground…sucking in a deep breath. ~Holding your breath sucks…but we're clear. Let's keep moving.~ As they walk, Nori states, ~I had fresh fish, plenty of berries and even some wild vegetables. I make my own tea anyway…but I did miss my rice. There weren't any rice paddies in the forest.~ A little time goes by and suddenly a monster of a tree can start to be seen between all of the other trees. Nori slows down and nods to Hiroyasu, ~This must be the place. What do you think we should be looking for once we're inside. We have to destroy the tree and disrupt their outpost. Have access to fire jutsu or something? My earth style won't take that sucker down.~

Hiroyasu waits for awhile to even move, his breath always being held to mimize movement before emerging with Nori and following him.. ~Fire jutsu? uh no my earth lacks the power too..~ he thinks about it, ~It will depends on how they are using it as a structure. It has to have a load bearing point I could snap wedging it with a Seal Wall~ he supposes.. he really needed to get explosive seals, laziness was biting him hard lately.

RP: Hiroyasu makes a Int roll and got 8.
RPCOMBAT: Nori defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSING-TECHNIQUE…52

Nori nods to Hiroyasu, ~That could very likely work,~ in relation to the load bearing point. It was a smart comment. There were two eagles standing guard at the base of the tree. Nori could sense them easily and he states, ~You've got the one on the right. I've got the one on the left. Don't let them make a sound…stun first if you can. We attack on the count of one…that is when the countdown hits one…attack.~ If ther aren't any questions, he would start, We attack in three…two…one!~ Nori shoots out a mental stun, followed by a Yamanaka mind-body-switch to take over the eagle. In case Hiroyasu fails, he'd try to subdue the other Eagle with the first. Nor of course, would go limp.

RPCOMBAT: Nori attacks with MIND-LOCK-II…59
RPCOMBAT: Nori attacks with MIND-BODY-SWITCH-II…32
[NPC System]: Nori's Eagle roll(s) Bliss from 20 to 60 and get(s) a 46. - Rolled by: Nori
RPCOMBAT: Hiroyasu attacks with CAPTURE-BARRIER-SEAL…16
RPCOMBAT: Hiroyasu attacks with CHAKRA-SUCTION-TAG…34
[NPC System]: Hiro's Ealge roll(s) Bliss from 10 to 20 and get(s) a 13. - Rolled by: Nori

Hiroyasu nods ~On the right~ maybe it was the inferior craftsmanship or that his favorite brushpen was destroyed in the demonic fires of hatred that swept him.. but his seals have not been the same, he fingers the two launching the barrier capture, but instead of waiting for the results just launches the silent vortex of chakra tendrils which attempt to violent rip at the chakra with most damage being centered around the network of the eagle. It went off without a hitch, the capture seal suddenly forms around the eagle trapping it in a barrier of chakra so that nothing can escape as the tendrils of the vortex greedily sap the eagle of his energy and some of his vitality.

The Eagle bows to Hiroyasu and oddly enough, even from within the bird, Nori's voice is heard in Hiroyasu's mind. ~Tie me down with rope. Make sure you put the rope in my mouth and then around my beak several times. Then tie my wings to my body and my feet together. I don't want him getting away from me when I leave this body.~ And so, after Hiroyasu does so, Nori would depart from the beast and knock it out with a single blow to the head. When all of this is over, those two Eagles will wake up just fine (although hopefully at the base of an ash pile).
Nori starts into a slit in the tree that is large enough for the boys to enter. There is a long winding spiral ramp up the tree. Nori herms and stops, ~Eh, would you mind if I take a moment and try something. I've got…like…a thing…I want to try.~ Nori fishes out a stick from his burlap sack and hands it over to Hiroyasu, ~Um…if I start looking like, well, an owl in any particular way, hit me with this stick.~ And with that, Nori smears something across his hand, sits down, and begins meditating. He'd start exhibiting a beak after a few seconds. Hitting time!

Hiroyasu nods doing as instructed being extra careful not to really harm them any further in process of binding them. He crawls into the stairway, then Nori tells him the strangest thing he has ever heard, konoha is a zany place but looking like an owl is he kidding.. ~Ah okay~ he says taking the stick, hit him with it.. hit him with it.. yeah he could do that this might even be a little fun now that he thinks about it. His hips swing back as his shoulders swing up and he brings the stick over nori's head with a resounding *THWACK* the stick shaking in his grip from the recoil, he also did not say how hard but he figured if your growing a beak it's a not a light love tap kind of issue.
From the mind's eye sort of position it was an odd if not completely foreign thing, he didn't sense Nori doing anything, no spikes in chakra or jutsu, ~by the goat ogre's beard! What was that?!~ he exclaims in his head.. although he didn't actually consider it may not be active but screaming in here would echo and well the echo of a stick on skull may be passed off as the tree creaking or a branch falling.. voices would not, and could be ignored.

Unfortunately for Nori, he did hear the mental scream as an actual scream in his mind. His eye cracks open and he blinks, ~Oh, yeah, sorry…eh, that was me attempting to sense natural chakras. It should help me find the weak-point of the tree…maybe. It's sort of like sensorning sensing, but…different and with much more dangerous risks. Like, the whole turning into an owl thing if I don't do it right.~ Nori rubs his head as he says all of this. ~I'm going to try it again. Hit me again if you see anything odd.~
And so, Nori goes motionless again. This time, his hand starts to grow feathers. Then the next time it would be his eyes growing way too large for his head. Then, is that a tail-feather? Finally, after about three or four times of this, and a lump over his head the size of a coconut, he'd pop up with a big smile, ~I did it, I did it. I saw the chakras. The tree is weak right up ahead. Come on, I'll show you.~ And Nori starts slowly walking forward.

RP: Hiroyasu transforms into GIJIFUGAN-II.
RPCOMBAT: Hiroyasu defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…39

Hiroyasu nods ~Ah okay.. natural chakra~ he makes a swirl around his ear a few times, yeah sounds crazy to him. ~Alright~ he grips the stick again waiting the stick wiggling over his head in the kendo like stance. ~Is that feathers~ *THWACK* , ~Are his eyes too big~ *Thwack*, ~Tailfeathers!~ *THWACK*, *THWACK* *THWACK* *THWACK*.. when he leaps up he gets a preemptive *THWACK* ~Oooo sorry, I thought you were changing again… err.. uh.. sorry~ he says holding the stick behind his back sheepishly.. ~Wait… We need to move, there are eagles coming, we need to move and quickly~ he says with urgency before ushering the young Yamanaka to his feet and helping if he needed it to the location he thought he found.

Nori rubs his head as he runs. He is outright sprinting now. He was focusing so much on the natural chakras that he hadn't seen the other Eagles coming. Luckily for Nori, Hiroyasu was quite good at what he did. The young boy gets to the spot in the tree where there is supposedly a weak point. He points to Hiroyasu and states, ~Here. It is hard to tell, but the main life-force of this tree is at this spot. It is the tie between the roots and the rest of the trunk and branches. If this spot is hit, the whole tree should crumble and fall. Hurry.~ Nori backs up to let Hiroyasu do his thing and then gets out of the way, ready to either engage the eagles coming down or running for it.

Hiroyasu nods as they run ~Ah.. uh okay~ this was going to bad.. ~this is going to be bad, I plan to place two seals at an intersection this is going to shear this like a pair of sisscors.~ he says with a frown ~I feel bad destroying something this old.. Nori-san~ he says before laying to the two seal so that they will exert as much pressure as possible on that weak spot. He sighs and nods ~Ready?~ he ask before tapping the seals and activating them with amount of chakra required and the wall slowly begins to coalesce the chakra pushing against the weakspot with the force that would normally be used to stop a decent level jutsu dead in it's tracks.

RPCOMBAT: Hiroyasu defends against with a SEAL-WALL…34
RPCOMBAT: Hiroyasu defends against with a SEAL-WALL…34
RP: Nori makes a Spd roll and got 16.

The seal-walls go off in perfect unison. Hiroyasu couldn't have planned it any better. The trunk cracks, then splinters, then starts to give way, causing the whole tree to sway. Nori runs immediately for the exit. Hopefully Hiroyasu is following suit. Behind them, the tree sways, dips, and goes crashing down. The scouting party won't even have time to exit. Nori and Hiroyasu may get hit with bark shrapnel too if they don't hurry. Nori makes it out though and turns to wait for Hiroyasu. If he isn't there, Nori will have to try and hold up the opening or something.

RP: Hiroyasu makes a Spd roll and got 7.
RPCOMBAT: Hiroyasu defends against with a SEAL-WALL…38

Hiroyasu runs after the Nori trying to get out in time, but his tattered robe is caught on a protrusion from the tree. He jerks it, he jerks it hard but the wood is caught between the chainlinks, he reaches out looking for something to grab, panic setting in as he jerks it again riping the a large chunk of wood loose which is stabbed through the robe as he runs to the opening but there wasn't enough time it was already coming down, he huffs and whines… throwing down a seal in front of him which begins to form a half dome behind him as he passing it holding up the ceiling and bracing it for just long enough that he leap out of the entrance when he does he goes sliding face first into the dirt and mud, no time for dignity when your life is on the line.. he moans from the ground.

Daifukuro shows up right as Hiroyasu faceplants. Nori would offer a hand to Hiroyasu and state, ~Come on friend. Our ride is waiting and we need to get out of here before they realize what we did.~ And with that, once the two of them are atop Daifukuro…the large bird would flap his wings and take off with them. Luckily, Nori is fairly small.

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