Owl Sage - Guard the Armory


Nori, Miyo

Date: September 9, 2013


Nori and Miyo are in the Hospital when Nori's summons come ask him for help. Always eager to help them, he drags Miyo along for the ride. They end up guarding a cave full of weapons from a bunch of eagles. When the eagles are sent away, Daifukuro asks Nori to learn about senjutsu in order to bring this eagle conflict to an end. Nori agrees.

"Owl Sage - Guard the Armory"

Land of Fire

Nori is seated in the hospital room. He's undergone a few chakra surgeries to heal the wounds in his shoulder and leg, and except for a few scars, the wounds look healed. Those scars will be there to remind Nori of the Chuunin exams for quite some time. The young Yamanaka calls out to Miyo, expecting that she might be right around the corner. She has a habit of popping up like that.

Suspiciously, Miyo is right around the corner. She had wandered off to find a snack and when Nori calls out to her, she pops through the door with a popsicle that she is sucking on. She has managed to smear the blue stuff all over her face and seems completely calm about it. Was there something wrong? Why was Nori calling for her? "Nori-san, what is wrong?" She asks before licking the popsicle with a bright blue tongue.

Nori jumps a little when a blue-faced Miyo pops her head inside his room from outside the door. He is a second away from screaming about an Oni, when he realizes who it is. "Ano…don't scare a boy like that Miyo-chan. You've got popsicle all over your face." The boy chuckles and clutches at his chest jokingly. Just then, a poof of smoke goes off right between Nori and Miyo. The poof is more like a miniature explosion that leads way to an owl flapping its wings in the room. Nori jumps again and screams, "Oni!!!" He erks as he realizes that it is only Mochi, his summons. The boy continues to clutch his chest, this time it might be for real though.
The tiny owl cries out, "Nori-san…I need your help…wait, you're inside?" The little female owl suddenly realized where it was, "A hospital room no less? You okay?" Nori nods, "I'm fine. Ready to be discharged even. What do you need?" The owl turns and realizes Miyo is standing there. Her tiny owl wings make no sound and barely move any air. Nori smiles, "Miyo-chan, meet Mochi-san. Mochi-san, meet Miyo-chan. Whatever you need to say Mochi-san, Miyo-san can hear it." The bird hoots in greeting before stating, "Fine, then our land is under attack by the Eagles. We need you to help us defend our armory." Nori blinks and looks to Miyo, "Can she come?"

Miyo frowns at Nori's comment about her having popsicle all over her face, and then puffs up her cheeks a bit. "I know… I'll clean it up later or something." She tries her best to lick at her lips to clean it off, but it is a futile attempt and she is forced to go back to eating the popsicle when it starts melting. However, the melting popsicle is lost in an unfortunate act of reflexes when a poof of smoke explodes in front of her. She drops the popsicle right on her foot, the blue ice smashing all over her bare toes as she squeaks with fright. Like Nori, she clutches at her chest, but then looks down. "Aww… my foot is all gross now…" She whines.
Miyo looks back up, wondering what it is that an owl might need help with, especially from a bed-ridden, post-surgery Yamanaka. She tips her head to the side when the owl recognizes her pressence. "Oh, hello Mochi-san. You look a lot less tasty than actual Mochi." She comments with a little bow. When Nori looks to her and asks if she can assist, she blinks a couple times before checking behind her. "Me?"

The owl eyes Miyo, and especially after that comment, she gets all puffy. Eventually she states, "If the Savior vouches for her, then so be it. Summon Daifukuro though to take her then. The armory isn't far from here, so she'll have to hurry. For now, I'll reverse summons you alone." Nori nods and slowly gets up and out of the bed. He's supposed to get checked out of here, but when his Summon friends call…Nori responds. The young boy bites his thumb and touches it to the ground. A /much/ larger puff of smoke this time goes up and an adult-sized owl, easily standing at 7 feet tall, takes up a large chunk of space in the room. Nori stares at the owl for a few moments in silence. In reality, he's speaking telepathically to the bird of prey before he suddenly up and poofs in a cloud of smoke himself. This leaves the bird and Miyo there alone. The large beast turns to focus its bulbous eyes on Miyo with great focus. In a deeper voice, the female Great Horned Owl states, "Miyo-san. You are to come with me. Are you ready for a…fun…ride? We must hurry though," and out the bird would hop/waddle. The owl would lead her through the corridors, everyone staring (and in essence, creating a distraction to make it harder for the nurses to realize that Nori is missing. One calls out to Miyo, "Get your summons out of here!"

Miyo watches the exchange between Mochi and Nori with a raised eyebrow. She had no idea what was going on, but her foot was getting stickier by the moment. She looks from one conversational participant to the other, trying to gather some sort of information. What was the armory? Who were the eagles? Why were they attacking the owls? Why was she even going anywhere? Miyo scratches at her nose which suddenly started to itch from all the thinking.
When Nori summons the bigger owl, Miyo lets out a gasp. "Ah! It's huge!" She exclaims, surprised by the size of the bird. When the bird speaks to Miyo… however it did what it did, she nods, and then frantically rushes after the owl, hoping it would hurry up so people would stop yelling at her. "He's not mine!" She squeaks, pouting a little. "You're already a bunch of trouble…"

The owl calls out to the nurses and to Miyo, "These hallways aren't made for creatures with wings, so hold your tail-feathers." The owl coos and states, "Oh, right you don't have tail-feathers." Finally they make it outside of the hospital and the bird leans down to accept Miyo. Once she climbs aboard, Daifukuro (the owl) would flap its huge wings and up Miyo would go. They fly, and fast. The bird would do its best to make Miyo uncomfortable with the dips and wind-current catches, and dives. She is never really in any danger, but…she wouldn't realize that.
After about a fifteen minute flight, Miyo would find herself flying over a small mountain range. As the owl drops down, the two of them would enter a small ravine on the side of the mountain. A cave would almost appear out of nowhere, and…standing at the entrance…was Nori and the small owl. Nori would nod to Miyo and state, "Miyo-chan…are you prepared for a fight? We're about to have our hands full."

"I know! Just… try to hurry!" She chides a bit, encouraging the big owl to waddle faster. "And I don't have tail featers!" She giggles a little bit at the thought of it. As soon as they are outside, Miyo wastes no time in boarding… does one board an owl…? and from there they are able to move out, flying away. Miyo is obviously not really a fan of flying, as she latches onto the bird and holds on tight, not really willing to let go. When they rendevouz with Nori and Mochi, Miyo hops down and brushes herself off and hides her hands within her robe to hide the shaking. "Ah… haha.. yeah, a fight. I suppose so. I hope its not too bad."

Yes, one boards an owl! The owl will even eat your luggage if you have any…for FREE! Nori would eye Daifukuro and grin broadly, "I take it she took you for a good flight then hmm? She tends to do that. The first time I think I peed myself. Getting feathers wet in flight…not the best thing." Nori exaggerates a little…maybe…to make Miyo feel better. The young boy then shrugs, "Hopefully not. We'll see. I've been setting up defenses while you were in flight. There are red balloons in here with explosive tags. I need you to start releasing them as soon as the Eagles start appearing. I think we have like…100 of them." One pops in the background. "99…" Nori sighs. "You ready to hop onto another owl and take flight from there? You'll be fighting from the sky. I hate it, but…it's the only way to fight the owls. Your Taijutsu will actually come in handy then. I've got to carry dirt up with me."

Miyo is really, still, unsure what is going on. But, she also assumes its probably not worth getting all worked up over it. She smiles and nods, and then looks towards the cave when the explosive goes off. "So… uhmm… what exactly is going on anyway?" She inquires, curiously. "I have… to fly again?" She looks over to Daifukuro and frowns. "I… guess I am okay with that…" She switches her frown to a bit of an awkward, lop-sided grin. "I guess I'm ready to do whatever… just… uhm, let me know what to do!"

Nori says, "Well, I've got a summoning contract with the Owls. The eagles want their land and resources…which happens to be in the Land of Fire oddly enough…and they've called me to help stop the eagles. I've fought alongside the Owls before, which is why they awarded me the summoning contract in the first place. The owls are kind and wise. They have children. The females are on equal footing with the males, and well…it is a great society that I wish to keep strong. That is why I, and through proxy, you…are here. Think of it as protecting that which is pure and good and worthwhile…and training on top of it." He nods, trying his best on the sales pitch. "Of course, if you'd rather go home, I can arrange that. I'd understand too. You aren't under any obligation here at any point in time." Nori smiles warmly, hoping she'll be up for it.
And that is when the hooting starts. The alarm! Nori looks out, focusing his senses and states, "They're coming. Grab as many of the balloons as you can and start sending them out…that is, if you're staying."

Miyo nods. "Ahh… that sounds… nice. I wish I had some sort of contract so I had a cool animal companion!" She seems a bit excited about it and then looks to Daifukuro. "Maybe one that doesn't fly, sorry." She makes a pouty face and then turns back to Nori. "I think we can definitely help them! Hopefully the two of us are enough to make a big different and what not." She rolls back the sleeves of her robes slightly to reveal two wraps around her wrists bearing seals. She quickly performs a set of hand seals to activate them, setting them aglow, and with a flick of her wrist, she summons forth a stack of shuriken into each hand. "Hah, I'll stay." She makes her way back towards the balloons to begin releasing them as instructed.

The boy smirks, "The owls are awesome, to be sure." He speaks about the owls with reverence. The boy turns to Daifukuro and chuckles about the flying comment, "Yes, well…I can't say I'd blame you, but I love it now." And Nori goes about starting to get the balloons released too. When she asks if they can help, Nori nods, "Every little bit counts. Plus, they won't be counting on us being here, so it is part of the surprise. Balloons aren't something they'd have thought about."
The 99 red balloons go sailing through the air. As the Eagles catch up to them, the owls inside the cave start exploding them through a remote release technique. Eagles begin falling out of the sky. The trap worked and the Eagle numbers have fallen. Nori looks to Miyo as they both send out the last of the balloons, "See…every little bit helps." Then, Nori runs over and jumps atop Daifukuro. Nori holds out a hand for Miyo to hop on too. Nori calls out mentally to Miyo. She may not have seen this technique from Nori before, ~We can speak in here.~ Nori pokes his mind. ~You speak, I'll hear you. Coordinate attacks this way…and defenses. All three of us are in here as a team.~ And then Miyo would hear the coos of Daifukuro too in her head. Yup, they're all there.

Miyo hears the balloons going off and worries a bit about the danger she is in. She was not one for combat, even though she has been trained for it. The last thing she wanted was for her blade or hands to have to take a life if she could help it, and she looks to Nori uncertainly because of her hesitations. She nods and then climbs back up onto the owl with him. "Alright, Nori-san, let's go."

RPCOMBAT: Hel attacks with SHARP…12
RPCOMBAT: Hel attacks with SHARP…22
RPCOMBAT: Hel attacks with SHARP…15

Nori would ensure Miyo was safe and secure and then he'd speak to Daifukuro, ~Go.~ And then with a few swift flaps, they'd be up in the air. The first Eagle they engage is smaller than Daifukuro, but still large. Nori shoots out several kunai. One manages to hit the Eagle's wing. It falls out of the air. Several more Eagles take its place and start to come in for the kill. Nori calls out to Miyo, ~Attack the one to your right. I'll go to the left…and then dive Daifukuro.~

Miyo let's out an awkward squawk when Daifukuro takes off, flapping her wings. The eagles were, needless to say, intimidating. Even though the first one Nori takes care of is smaller than the owl they were on, she didn't want to see… any larger, scarier eagles. She preps her shuriken and looks around for a target, as soon as Nori informs her of a target to the right, she makes a sound of affirmation, and turns, flinging her arm out to release the stack of shuriken, hoping they'd hit. She had no idea with the way they were moving.

RPCOMBAT: Miyo attacks with SHARP…26
RPCOMBAT: Miyo attacks with SHARP…26
RPCOMBAT: Miyo attacks with SHARP…11

Two of the shuriken make contact and the Eagle falls out of the sky. Hopefully Miyo was paying attention, because Daifukuro then dives to escape a large pack of eagles. The rest of the owls intercept the pack of eagles from following, and Daifukuro pulls up and comes from below and behind the pack. Nori states, ~Level off…and attack any eagle you see.~ A pair of eagles break off and head towards Miyo. Nori on the other hand goes for a pair of eagles that are attacking a single owl.

RPCOMBAT: Hel attacks with SHARP…14
RPCOMBAT: Hel attacks with SHARP…22
RPCOMBAT: Hel attacks with SHARP…15

Miyo frowns as she hits the eagle with her shuriken. She didn't really like harming it, but it had to be done or she might die. Had to be careful… life for a life? Perhaps it'd survive or something… yeah, it would, she assured herself. Then all of a sudden the owl dives to get out of the way and Miyo lets out a surprised "hyah!" and nearly falls off, but manages to cling on for dearly life by wrapping her arms around Nori and clinging tightly to his back. As soon as they stabilize, she apologises and gets back to work, defending the owl from the eagles as more come in.

RPCOMBAT: Miyo attacks with SHARP…20
RPCOMBAT: Miyo attacks with SHARP…14
RPCOMBAT: Miyo attacks with SHARP…26

Nori only barely manages to tag one of the eagles engaged with the owl. In fact, he almost hits the owl with a stray kunai. He isn't used to this whole fight in flight thing (and he sucks at taijutsu anyway). The two on one owl now has a fair fight at least. Miyo on the other hand does quite well with her shuriken. She hits two of them. One hit is even an instant death to the head. Whoops. Nori calls out, ~Good shot, now hang on. Manuever.~ More of the eagles move towards Nori and Miyo. Some have speed too and manage to get close enough, despite the large owl's manuevering, to possibly scrape Miyo and Nori.

[NPC System]: Eagle for Nori roll(s) Claws from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 28. - Rolled by: Hel
[NPC System]: Eagle for Miyo roll(s) Claws from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 38. - Rolled by: Hel

RPCOMBAT: Miyo defends against with a SEAL-BARRIER…30
RPCOMBAT: Miyo defends against with a SEAL-BARRIER…30

Miyo lets out a cry of disdain when she slays the eagle. that was not what she wanted, and she was about to yell at Nori that it was NOT okay, when suddeny they move even quicker. When the eagles come in, Miyo tries to raise a seal barrier, but they slam into the barrier hard enough to jar her painfully, but thankfully don't rip her from the owl's back. "Ah!"

RPCOMBAT: Hel attacks with SHARP…14
RPCOMBAT: Hel attacks with SHARP…24
RPCOMBAT: Hel attacks with SHARP…20

Miyo's seal barrier protects Nori too from getting hit. Unfortunately for Miyo, she takes the brunt of the attack. Nori says, ~Duck,~ and throws out several additional kunai to try and get those Eagles off Miyo's back. Luckily enough, Nori hits both of the eagle's with his kunai and they fall out of the air. Overall, the owls seem to be winning, and it really does look like it was because of Miyo and Nori's long-range capabilities with those kunai. The Eagles hadn't expected that. Without shinobi present, this was just supposed to be a scouting party taking out a small security squad guarding the armory…so perhaps Nori and Miyo really did turn the tide.
The remaining Eagles are either taken down by the owls, or they turn and run back the way they came. Having driven the Eagles back, Daifukuro returns to the cave entrance of the armory. Nori hops off and helps Miyo get off too. "You okay Miyo-chan? You need a hand with that claw scratch? The owls can heal fairly well." A small owl hops over, looking to see if either of the shinobi do in fact need medical attention. She has a medical bag strapped to her chest. Nori then looks back to the armory, "Seems we saved their weapons. Without these, they'd have had a hard time fighting the main invasion force off."

When they land, Miyo practically cheers and lets Nori help her down from the owl, however, the instant her feet hit the ground she slumps down, unable to stand because she is shaking so badly. "I could have sworn I was going to die…" She murmers and then looks up to Nori. "Hm…?" She looks down to the scratch and messes with her robes a bit. They were damaged, but she seems to be more or less fine. Thank whoever built her ridiculous armor. "I seem to be more or less okay… I'm sure I'll have some bruises from that in the morning." She pokes at the injured location a bit and winces. "Okay.. yeah, ow…"

The owl mednin hops over and hoots, "Don't be silly human. I'll have you healed in a snap. Just…sit still while I apply this paste." It would smell HORRID to Miyo. It also looks like there might be some bug bits in there…and the owl would be using her feet to apply it. If Miyo does let her put it on the cuts/bruises though, they would mend very quickly.
While the mednin talks to Miyo, Nori's attention is drawn to Daifukuro. The large bird coos and states, "Listen up both of you. Savior Nori-sama. You have again helped us repel an attack from the Eagles, but if we are to be successful in stopping their main attack, I need you to learn something from me. It is called Senjutsu, or sage jutsu. You know about your internal chakras that you use to fuel Ninjutsu and Genjutsu right…and your stamina for taijutsu too. Well, there is a third thing to add to the mix…natural chakras. Everything in nature has a chakra, the plants, the rocks, the sky." Nori cuts Daifukuro off, "Like their spirits…" The large owl nods. "Indeed. Well, a sage is someone that can see that natural chakra and then pull it into them. I can teach you how to see it and how to pull it into yourself. There are perks to harnessing natural chakra, but there are also great risks."
Nori listens and nods, "Go on. I'll do whatever I need to help you." The large owl nods, "Okay, you'll need that determination. The perks are that it will greatly strengthen you. The downsides are that you could turn into an Owl…and from there…into an owl statue, but that is only if you don't get the balancing of the internal and external chakras down as you pull it into yourself." Nori gulps. "Don't be afraid though, I have two things that can help you. One, a stick that is used to beat natural chakra out of someone…so if you start turning into an owl…have someone hit you with this. If you can't pull enough in, smear some of this onto your skin. It is a mixture of our owl urine and spit and the dirt between our wings. It'll help you." Nori takes both the stick and the smearing cream and places them into his burlap sack. "Finally," the owl starts, "to see and then pull the natural chakras into you, you simply need to stop moving entirely. It is much much harder than you think it is. Try practicing it now while I return Miyo-san to Konohagakure." Nori nods and looks to Miyo, "You going to be alright while I stay here?"

Miyo looks to the owl and nods. She didn't really see any reason not to let it take care of her wounds, up until it actually started doing it! That paste smelled absolutely terrible! "Oh… what did you put in that?!" She squeals as she is touched with the nasty substance. While she is busy being treated, she misses most of the Nori is being told by the owl, up until he comes back over to her and asks her if she'd be okay. "Well, I wouldn't mind going home… but if we have more to do, I suppose…"

The large owl states, "That will be it for now. Get some rest. The Eagles will need some time to regroup. We will need to figure out what the next move is tactically on our end too. We can come find you as well if you wish." Nori nods to Miyo and says, "I'll make sure they call for you. You've been a huge help Miyo-chan and I'll owe you big time when all of this is over. For now, rest." And Nori starts meditating in an attempt to sense natural chakras.

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