Own's Own Hell - Awakening



Date: June 22, 2012


None given.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Own's Own Hell - Awakening"

Unknown location

Roughly a week after his slipping into a coma, Maikeru lays in a
hospital bed in Kadomai. Despite seeming to be unconscious, his body has
been unusually tense at times, almost as if in a war inside himself or in
pain. The Medical Ninja in the village have tried to make him more
comfortable and to wake him, but nothing seems to be working, almost as if
he were trapped inside some sort of cage in his mind.

Inside his mind, that is almost what is going on. In the wasteland
where he has fought Jigoku many times since his recreation, Maikeru is
currently tied by his arms to what appear to be two large boards fashioned
into the shape of a cross. He hangs there wearily, his body bruised and
bloody. Around him stand a few younger versions of himself and two of
Jigoku. Two of the ones of him look about the same, though one looks just
a little older, adorned in black and having short silver hair. The other
is adorned in similar clothing, except his coat is white, and his hair is
down to his jawline. Then there's the pair of Jigokus…. One is adorned
in a black and white gi and actually looks like a fairly normal guy. The
other… Well, he, of course, is the Jigoku everyone knows and hates for
what he did to his home country.

"What a disgrace," the deep voice of the Jigoku Maikeru is most
familiar with rings out at he steps up to the man he and the others have
bound and beaten. "Look how weak you've let yourself become. You don't
even know who you are anymore. That's why your mind created us and why
this place inside your soul has become a wasteland."

Looking up to Jigoku as he speaks, Maikeru lets out a cough then looks
around at the forms of himself and Jigoku around. Just as he is about to
speak, Jigoku slams a fist into his gut and then another and continues
swinging until one can hear ribs cracking.

As the others start to step toward him, Maikeru lets out a growl, his
body starting to take on a blood red glow. The growl gets louder and
louder as they begin to pound their fists into him countless times, and a
red flash seems to fill the entire area.

In his hospital bed, Maikeru suddenly sits up and growls loudly. Beads
of sweat rolls down his forehead, a rather intense look in his eyes as he
looks around, spotting nurses and Medical Ninja rushing into the room. So
he managed to break free and wake up… He almost feels some relief until
he sees a transparent form of Jigoku standing in the corner of the room
with a smirk on his face… Oh, jolt. Things may have actually gotten

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