Pain and Gain - Bait and switch


Satomi, Eremi

Date: September 30, 2013


Satomi makes a wayward decision when suddenly confronted with a missing nin.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Pain and Gain - Bait and switch"

The land of fire

Satomi was hopping from tree to tree. Peremiter duty, she took it very seriously. Even though the chances of her finding something was absolutely minimal. She stopped a mugging near Askwazi village. That's it. And her watch was almost over. A tree branch bends when her foot hits it. She sighs and comes to a halt on a thicker branch, bending through her legs and sitting down, scanning the enviorment while resting one arm on her knee. The other leg sways loosely right below the branch. Her other hand fixes her hair. There's always time for a little break!

For Eremi, the day thus far had been rather uneventful. Which with his current situation in life wasn't necessarily a bad thing. A few moments of peace and quiet now and then was a gift and one he wasn't going to complain about. Still, the day wasn't over yet and there was much ground to cover in the Land of Fire as he walked through paths least traveled with a hand clutching the single strap of his backpack that rested on a shoulder, while the other hand idly clutched the waterskin that was latched to his belt.

Satomi looks down only to notice Eremi. She perks an eyebrow, her brain taking a moment to puzzle in the pieces. Missing nin!? She gets up and hops off, landing in front of Eremi's face. Her headband decorating her neck like a loose fitting necklace. The Nara clan symbol on her right shoulder. "Eremi?" She didn't know Eremi personally, but read about him and was happy she kept her eyes open. She has her palms open to show she's no direct threat. If he's attuned to it, he would also notice she has her chakra dampened. "Don't worry, I'm not going to attack.." She adds, keeping enough distance to try and keep Eremi comfortable.

Not expecting anyone to be trailing him, it came as quite a shock to have someone pop out and land in front of Eremi and though it startled him, he did his best to hold his composure while his eyes studied the girl. She looked to be about his age, only slightly taller and as his spotted the Nara clan symbol, it was clear he was in for trouble if she wanted to fight. These close quarters, coupled with the several obstructions that granted shadows at every turn gave him quite the disadvantage. He was weary and had every right to be, especially as Satomi called his name. "Yes, I am Satonezu Eremi." He wasn't going to lie, there was no point in doing so. His own forehead protector made it obvious what he was. "If you aren't going to attack me, is there something I can help you with?"

"There is actually.." Satomi says, crossing her arms. She was equally weary. "Why?" She asks, squinting at Eremi. "I mean, leave the village…" She was curious most of all. She wanted to know why, if he had a good reason, she would make her own judgement. She knew he didn't know that. Her brain was already turning and calculating every possible outcome of this scenario and deciding on her next move. A strength and a weakness, treating everything like it's a game of Shogi!

Hearing what was wanted of him, Eremi nodded as it wasn't unexpected. Most people that would find him or came searching for him had wanted that same question answered and he'd give them one, "I don't think of it as leaving the village, that's why I still wear the forehead protector." Raising the hand that rested on his waterskin to adjust the protector before return back to his side, "The Land of Fire will always be my home, I just…I can't be a shinobi for Konoha anymore. Not under their terms. I simply don't agree with their way of doing things anymore. So, I'll continue for as long as I can, to do what I can and use my abilities to help those that need it." It was a similiar response he gave to any asking, but it was always interesting to see how people would respond. "Whether it be guarding the water convoy to Sunagakure from afar or helping those on missions without them knowing it, it's the least I can do until I can come up with something better."

Satomi looks at Eremi and chuckles. "Noble, truely… It sounds like I should let you off the hook then?" Sarcasm dripping off. "I'll need more than that…" She looks at Eremi. "Lady Hokage isn't irrational, if you disagreed with the methods of the village she would have sanctioned you to take the path of a wanderer with Konoha bonds and ties… As a friend and ally of Konoha." She looks at Eremi. "Instead of a wanted person." She pauses. "You do realize the message you're sending right?" She looks at Eremi and sighs. "Kids look at you, and see a window. If I don't bring you back. It could mean that, due to my inaction, a child of Konoha believes it doable to leave and tries as well. With potential dire consequences. What if it's a nara boy? And our hidenjutsu gets released to another nation? What then?" She was clearly at a forked road. "So, while your reasons sound very noble, they don't sound very well thought through." … "What don't you agree with, and why did you neglect asking permission to leave?"

And that was basically the same response Eremi received each time he gave his reason for leaving. Why cut off ties in such a way? Why not become a wanderer or simply retire? The boy shook his head, eyes falling to the ground as he thought deeply to himself about things he just couldn't say. Were he to actually do so, then the orders to bring Eremi in would quickly change to 'Wanted: Dead or Alive.' Sighing, he'd focus back on Satomi, "If only it were that simple. To be allowed to know what I know and go on as 'wanderer'. Pretend I know a hidenjutsu, they wouldn't let me become a wanderer. Now pretend I know a deep dark secret, they definitely wouldn't let me leave. At least as long as I keep my mouth shut and don't inhibit Konoha's actions for the time being, I'm a small threat, barely even on the radar. Open my mouth and start saying things, our meeting would have happened differently. Instead of your hands being turned outward to show no hostility, you'd probably be clutching a kunai or one would already be in my back." Shaking his head once again, "No, there's not much I can say and asking wasn't an option."

Satomi stares at Eremi for a second. She could understand where he's coming from. Secrets, are a strategist's greatest asset. Someone with a secret is a threat and ought to be either totally alligned to you, or eliminated. In an ideal world. "So what you're saying is, that you know a secret…" Satomi pauses. "One of Konoha's.." She keeps staring at Eremi. "One that would give the Hokage cause to deny you to leave the village?" Satomi's forehead furrows. She's clearly buried in deep thought…. "Tell me?" She was dead serious. "Just, tell me your secret. And I'll give you my word, that if it's out of your control. Out of yoru hand. If you're forced on the path you walk, then I will be out of your way." She pauses.

"Otherwise, I'm afraid I might have to bring you in. And have Intelligence corps decide over that instead. I think your chances are better with me.." She pauses. "And if this was a trap… Then me keeping you talking so long means ANBU would be all over you. This meeting could never have happened.." Satomi always walked the line regarding the rules anyways. What's one more set of rule-breaking going to hurt? She didn't always agree with the village either!

"What I do or don't know is a cause for concern. I will say that." Pausing briefly as he thought about what Satomi was saying, "Whether the Hokage knows of this as well, is something I don't know, but considering it involves the higher-ups, it was too great of a risk to find out. So I left after knowing what I knew and will now do what I need to do to fix the problem. Most likely on my own as there are few that I can trust and those that I do trust, probably no longer trust me since I left."
Eremi bit his lower lip, as if to prevent himself from speaking anymore. As time went on out here on his own and with each new person coming to find out his reason for leaving, there was only so much he could hold back. The lying became easier at first, but not letting too much spill was growing inconvenient. "I'm sorry. I can't tell you. We've just met and I don't want my life to end by saying anything that I might know. Because if this was a trap, were I to open my mouth, I would surely be dead." Shrugging some at the idea, where at this point, it might not be that bad of a deal. Though he'd miss so many people. "I can say, if you feel the need to bring me in, that's your duty…as a ninja, and I won't blame you for it, but…were you to let me go there's the chance the next time we meet I might just tell you what I know…It all comes with trust though."

"What I do or don't know is a cause for concern. I will say that." Pausing briefly as he thought about what Satomi was saying, "Whether the Hokage knows of this as well, is something I don't know, but considering it involves the higher-ups, it was too great of a risk to find out. So I left after knowing what I knew and will now do what I need to do to fix the problem. Most likely on my own as there are few that I can trust and those that I do trust, probably no longer trust me since I left."
Eremi bit his lower lip, as if to prevent himself from speaking anymore. As time went on out here on his own and with each new person coming to find out his reason for leaving, there was only so much he could hold back. The lying became easier at first, but not letting too much spill was growing inconvenient. "I'm sorry. I can't tell you. We've just met and I don't want my life to end by saying anything that I might know. Because if this was a trap, were I to open my mouth, I would surely be dead."
Shrugging some at the idea, where at this point, it might not be that bad of a deal. Though he'd miss so many people. "I can say, if you feel the need to bring me in, that's your duty…as a ninja, and I won't blame you for it, but…were you to let me go there's the chance the next time we meet I might just tell you what I know…It all comes with trust though."

Satomi chuckles. "See, that's a chance too small for me to bet on… I'm no betting girl." She pauses. "I make calculated decisions.." Spoken like a true Nara. "Look, if we end up banging our heads together, one of us ends up on the ground. I pray it's not me.." She looks at Eremi, and premtively begins letting her chakra loose. Slowly and steadily. She didn't want to arrous suspicion, and tries to stack her advantage. Betting … No, making the calculated decision that he has no chakra sensing abilities. "Now.." She says calmly.

"If you're afraid sharing your secret with me will get you killed, I will give you my counteroffer." She looks at Eremi. "Not telling it, will get you killed for sure." She pauses. "Telling it, gives you a chance to live and fulfill your mission. If it's a noble one, with my assistance." Satomi keeps her palms open, meanwhile her chakra network begins brewing. She hoped she didn't have to use it, but better safe than sorry! "

"Let me explain. I can't let you walk out of here if you don't tell me. So either, you will kill me. That will be cause enough to turn: bring in alive, to: bring in very, very dead…" Satomi pauses. "Or I will kill you…" Outcome is the same, it would be a death sentence. "Or, neither happends, we both go our own way. And I inform the Hokage that I believe you're too big of a threat to be left alive with a secret you claim is big enough to cause turmoil as great as you claim it will be.." She looks at Eremi. "The alternative is the calculating man's choice… And you don't look like an idiot.. .. .. Are you?"

Frowning, Eremi could tell where this conversation was going. With either him telling and be killed or him fighting and being killed, but he didn't like either options. He had nothing against Satomi and like those that have previously came hunting him, using force to try and bring him down, if he was lucky, he didn't have to fight back. Though Satomi looked different than the rest that came before her, as if to get away he'd need to actually go on the offensive, at least once. It hurt his heart to think he'd need to attack someone from Konoha just to be able to survive. "Then let's not bang heads together." Something that seemed inevitable.
Knowing or at least, suspecting what was going to happen next, Eremi pulled the strap of his backpack off his shoulder and let the pack fall to the ground with a loud thud and enough force to break the earth beneath it. "I'm sorry, it's just too soon for me to say anything to anyone right now. The time, it just isn't right. So if you feel the need to attack me, bring me in or kill me. Then do what you must, but the secret I know will not escape from my lips."
The boys feet began to shift against the dirt, one would go in front of the other, but his hands still hung loosely at his sides, "I might just be…an idiot. I've been called one a few times and even recently been told I'm a terrible ninja for not following orders." Shaking his head, "But if not doing what you believe is wrong makes you a terrible ninja and keeping quiet what you this is right makes you an idiot. Than I am clearly both and there's nothing I can do about that."

Satomi shakes her head. Why does this nin, out of all nin have to - get it - … "You are right. Doing what you feel is right, even against orders is what seperates the ninja's from the mindless drones.." Satomi pauses. "However, trusting me - is - your best choice right now. There is no way for me to show that I can be trusted… Other than for you to trust me.." She hoped that made sense. "Please, don't force me to do this…"

"You seem nice enough and if things were different, maybe if I had met you before all this, I'd have no problem opening up to you, but I hadn't, so I can't." He took in a deep breath, relaxing his nerves, but still staying aware. His opponent was a Nara and the landscape belonged to her so his eyes would shift between Satomi and the shadows, back and forth. "If you want me to trust you, all you have to do is let me go. Walk away from this like we never met, except we had and I'll never forget it. You know me as Satonezu Eremi, missing-nin and former Chuunin of Konoha and even though at this point it doesn't matter who knows, I was ANBU before leaving. For a time, but long enough…You are a member of the Nara clan, beyond that, I don't know…"

Satomi sighs, looking at Eremi. "And then? How can I help?" She pauses. "How do I know you're not an enemy rusing your way out of trouble?"

Eremi smiled, "That's just it." Grabbing his forehead protector to adjust it once again, "I am an enemy and trying to get out of trouble is exactly what I'm trying to do." His hand fell back to his side, "But it all depends on your view. To many people Kirigakure shinobi are enemies, but to them, they're doing the right thing. To many shinobi, I'm an enemy, but I feel what I'm doing is right and in the end, if allowed to continue I just might be. Though what my intentions are can only be shown if you let me go, at least for now. At least…until next time. Otherwise, we'll end up clashing, one of us will win and the other walk away the victor, but if that happens I can never trust you. This is the moment where trust is gained." Slowly he'd nod, "But don't get me wrong, I understand what I'm asking of you is huge. Because you have no reason to trust me either. I'm simply an enemy to Konoha and your duty is to bring me in or kill me where I stand. This is it for both of us, whether we'll regret what we do or be thankful for our decisions down the road…What choice will you make?"

"You're putting me in a very difficult position…" Satomi says. Sighing and calmly mulling over the situation. "Don't get me wrong. I will bring you in, because it's my duty to myself to do so. Because I believe it is right. Not because some village tells me it is.." She looks at Eremi. "You being Konoha's enemy doesn't automatically make you my enemy. I have a brain and I ought to use it." She however shakes her head. "You are however asking for trust I cannot give. Why do you deserve a chance to walk away, asking me to trust you… With possible dire consequences…" She pauses. "When I have to earn yours before getting anything to begin with?" IT was a bad deal on her side.

Eremi hummed a bit to himself, unsure where else to take this. Satomi wanted answers and there wasn't any he was willing to part with yet, it was too soon, too dangerous. There was a chance even telling anyone could put them in danger as well. Having more people lives on his shoulders, digging away at his consciousness wasn't something he could take. His fingers began to tap against his waterskin, wanting him to take a drink, but it was poison and barely made things easier to deal with, "I'm sorry, I don't know what else to say at this point. I am asking a lot of you, but you're asking a lot of me. We're at an impass until one of us budges, but it seems we're both pretty set in our ideals. Stubborn to the core with our nindo's."

"Our nindo's are the same. It's unfortunate, that neither of us are in a position to trust eachother.." Satomi shrugs. "My father always said, that we can see a true warrior's soul through battle.." She smiles. "Then again, my father was a general and a kenjutsu-ist. Not a ninjutsu-ist like most Nara.." Satomi grins. "Lets look at eachother's souls shall we?" She treated it more like a spar than an all out fight, though she didn't know how he would treat it. "Better be ready.." Then, she kneels, firing ten earth bullets rapidly Eremi's way. In between the volley's … She curved her shadows to, through other shadows, weave along the forest and capture him mid-way, pinning him for his second volley to at least hit partially. At least, that was the plan.

Eremi nodded slowly, "Your father sounds like a wise man…" Watching Satomi closely to see what she might do. "My soul however, is damaged and not in a 'true warrior's' state. Whatever you learn from me in this fight, is not who I really am." The girl would drop to her knees and at that same instance one of his hands quickly raised in front of him, finishing his stance. Though what he said was some what true, about being damaged. For as the chunks of earth came shooting his way, he misjudged their velocity, missed a step in his defense and was hit by the attacks. The chunks of earth hitting with full force, pelting against his skin and leaving bruises that he would need to tend to later.
Not to be hit again, he resorted to less smooth movements as he leaped from his position to roll across the ground not once, but twice, making sure to avoid what ever Satomi might have thrown his way. "Honestly didn't expect a Nara to use Earth Manipulation. I'm truly learning something." Between his ramblings, a hand would shift behind his back to one of his pouches, produce a kunai and flick it at the girl. The kunai seemed like it was flying straight, as if it might hit the girl, at least that's what Eremi wanted it to look like. He made sure it was off in its trajectory, but close enough she'd think he was actually trying. Though it was a gamble considering Satomi was much smarter than most. There was a chance she saw right through it.

Satomi was flabbergasted. He intentionally missed? She was considering that and really, didn't know what to make of it. "I see you're not trying to hurt me.." Satomi didn't want to hurt him either. "But you are, this is downright insulting.." She looks at Eremi and grins. "Face me!" She wanted to see his soul, no matter how damaged! "A damaged soul can be mended…" She smiles. "The glory of what it once was will always shine through!"

Eremi straightened up after attacking, shifting back into his fighting stance. One foot in front of the other and a single hand raised in front of him. "Hurting you will do me no good…" At least, that's how he saw it, but it appeared Satomi wanted him to try, give it his all or she wouldn't be satisfied. Perhaps it was the only way for him to gain her trust next to actually just saying why he ran away. "I guess, you leave me no choice."
Suddenly Eremi bent down, then raced forward a few feet before jumping into the air with one foot leading the charge at Satomi. He wouldn't let up after that, no, he'd press on the moment he landed by jumping back in the air, twisting his frame and following up with a series of kicks.

"You never expected a Nara to use earth jutsu… Nor a clone…" Both Eremi's attacks hit. But, all he hits is dirt, smacking the dirt off the clone reduced it to dust. Satomi's voice came from the top of a nearby tree. She was sitting there, gathering chakra to prepare for his capture. Meanwhile, an earth clone rose from below the tree, rushing Eremi and engaging in taijutus, quick jabs stabs and kicks… Engaging him full on. While Satomi's shadows get the chance to approach, split up, and come in from every angle!

The dust would fly from the destroyed Earth Clone and Eremi waved a hand at it to help clear his vision before being attacked again. Luckily for him, she gave away her position before doing so. It was respectful. "You're full of surprises." He'd offer, before needing to defend himself from the next Earth Clone that came charging him, throwing attacks left and right that forced him to bob and weave until he decided to completely vanish from his spot and reappear several feet away, then doing it once again to appear some where else. He knew while fighting a Nara, he couldn't stay in one spot for two long. Which is why he wasted no time in jumping toward Satomi with a fist reared back ready to strike and unleash a series of punches and kicks.

Satomi collected shadows around her, which splash up to catch Eremi's first set of attacks. She however wasn't prepared for the continuous assault. Some punches making it through the reflexive shadows, causing Satomi to stagger and bruise. One punch causing a teeth to sink into her lip, making a small stream of blood go down from her mouth. She smiles and wipes it away with her glove. "Interesting…" She says, while weaving seals to expand the influence of her shadows. Trying to hit Eremi with several straight up shots using her shadows from many different directions!

Each punch and kick would land against Satomi once again, but instead of it being an Earth Clone he was fighting it was the real deal, but it felt like hitting a tree or a brick wall with each successful hit as if the girl was coated in armor. He didn't give up the assault though, every defense can eventually break down and from the looks of Satomi's face, it was starting to work. However, that might have been her plan all along, he had stayed in one spot too long, was too close to avoid the shadows that came and binded with his own, forcing him to freeze and preventing him from moving. "Well…played…" He'd manage to get out while his body jerked and twitched the best it could to try and break out of the hold.

"Thank you, frankly I agree.." Satomi weaves more seals and amps up her jutsu even more, causing her field of shadows to expand significantly. "This is one I designed myself. You might feel a sting.." She laughs sadistically. Exhausting himself like that might have been a mistake! Satomi decides it's time to put all that testing into practice. The first time she uses this in an actual fight. She weaves seals, causing her shadows to pulse with her heartbeat. (+transform/show shadow synthesis) … Making them seem almost alive! "Now.." Satomi says. "I hope this doesn't end up killing you!" Another sadistic smirk, then… She weaves a set of twenty-five intracate seals extremely fast. Whatever she's prepping, it's going to hurt!

Slowly, Eremi's shadows begin to BURN AWAY … Instead of creating them, Satomi's destroying them. And Eremi notices that the parts of his body that used to cast those shadows hurt like a nightcrawler, as if they're melting from the inside out! "Your chakra is connected to your shadows. Yang chakra to be precise. Control over the chakra means I can dissolve it. But without the chakra being in your system, it gets out of balance. The ying chakra, much like white blood cells, are actively desroying your network.. WHich causes the physical harm…" She explains. "Experimental, but … quite effective.." Satomi says. And completely her own!

Being trapped, there was little Eremi could do except wait to see what happens next. Despite all his struggling, the shadows have him locked in place tightly, he wasn't going anywhere. Still, his eyes would stay focused on Satomi for as long as she was in front of him. Widening as she went through several hand signs and even looking in disbelief as it seemed the shadows around the girl were growing, moving as if through their own will. This wasn't going to be good, but he braced himself as best he could. "Doubt…ful."
Suddenly Eremi began to shake, clenching his teeth as tightly as he could while groaning as if he was in serious pain. He had no clue what was going on, but it hurt. It felt similar if not worse to having several of the Chakra Gates unlocked without the added benefit of making him stronger. This simply hurt and he had no idea way. Though as the attack continued on he'd feel himself coming more in control of his body, fingers able to move despite the pain. He'd continue to test the limits while doing his best to not faint from the pain until eventually his hands and arms were able to move.
Once he had that little freedom they shot in front of his face to form an X as he focused deep within himself. It was fast as he did this, having done so several times before, the first gate would quickly open, followed by the second. There was little change in his outward appearance save for the veins that were visible, bulging from the release in chakra that coursed through his body.
With the two gates open, Eremi sprinted toward Satomi, seemingly a blur as he rushed toward her. Once within range, he'd instantly drop down, twisting his body and feet around each other like a spring, then unleashing the momentum to shoot upwards with an uppercut for Satomi's chin.

Satomi was already preparing for this. She recogniced the strong fist and was waiting for the gates to open. Now they are open, she smiles. Her shadow meanwhile make her look pitch lack. Really, there was no light left, just a dark void that's hard to look at, as if you look into the sun. Causing the attack to simply bounce off of her shadow armor. Leaving her unschaved.

"Nice try…" Satomi says, lowering her shadows, which instead begin forming several spikes, aiming to pin Eremi to a nearby tree. "Now, here's the dealio…" She says, even if it doesn't succeed. "I have seen you fight. You have proven to me that you're …" She pauses. "I don't know, something in my gut tells me to trust you. And if years of playing Shogi have taught me one thing it's this… If my gut tells me something, it's good to at least explore it. Rationality only gets us as far…"

Satomi sighs. Taking a moment to admire Eremi's musculature body for a moment. A girl has her moments ~ … "Lets agree, to meet eachother at the land of tea beach, in three days." Satomi looks at Eremi. Even if she had him pinned and open for another blow, potentially a death blow from her shadow sewing. She doesn't follow up. If she didn't hit.. She turned her back on him. A sign of trust… Or maybe she knew exactly what she was doing… Who knows. As she moves she pockets one hand, and waves with the other. "I can help, if you let me…" She chuckles to herself, rubbing her stiff neck. "This fight… Never happened… For your sake.."

Spiraling upward, Eremi's fist connects with Satomi's chin, but once again it feels like punching a brick wall, only this time the material he was punching felt thicker, stronger. Upon impact it made his knuckles pop and sent a vibration down his arm that sent shivers through his body. He'd never fought someone that was capable of taking his attacks in such a way. Normally they'd get out of the way or end up hurt. This was a new experience for Eremi and he didn't like it. Sure, he could have opened more gates, but there's the chance Satomi was holding back as well. It would seem that she was the stronger of the two.
"Thanks…" Was all that he could get out before being impaled by several needle sized shadows that pinned him against a tree, holding him in place once again and preventing him from doing little else, but to bleed from his wounds. This was the first time, in a long time, that he's been in a fight that seemed so one sided, but was it actually? Was Satomi simply lucky and Eremi wasn't on his game? It didn't matter though, he lost this time and that was the end of it.
Coughing, blood would fill his mouth and he'd swallow it, "If getting my ass handed to me is what it took to get you to trust me, if even a little bit, then I guess the victory is mine, and I would do it again anytime." A smile would form on his lips and he'd nod the best he could. "Unless something happens that causes us to meet before that, I can accept to meet you in three days." He'd watch Satomi turn around and wave off, "I'd like that…any help, it's always welcome." The shadows that held him in place would start to fade away as Satomi left and the wounds would slowly mend, but he was going to need to rest to lick his wounds after this.

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