Costume: Cartoon Movie - Paint With Just One Color



Date: October 13, 2015


Magical Native American trope, subverted.

"Costume: Cartoon Movie - Paint With Just One Color"

A pristine forest glade

John Smith crouches in the brush and watches while the native Chieftain's daughter lies in the middle of the glade, silent and still. When they'd met, he'd been quick to tell her about all the modern essentials his colony would bring to this savage land…but now, after a day of learning from her about the lore of the forest, he's beginning to think perhaps he had it backward. Even now, he is seeing small creatures like squirrels, songbirds, and rabbits begin to congregate curiously around the peacefully resting maid, something he'd never have expected wild animals to do. Maybe he and his people could actually learn more from —


Smith startles and falls back at the same time all the critters (barring one unfortunate exception) dart away. o.O; It all happened so fast, all Smith can recall seeing was a flash of movement and a crimson spray. When he looks again, Shemri is standing up, a triumphant grin on her blood-spattered face as she holds a slit-throat rabbit up by the ears. "Hoi! I shall treat you to supper tonight!" n.n

Smith scrabbles out of the brush, backwards, away from Shemri. o.o; "What th — why'd you — how could you do that!?"

Shemri blinks in confusion as she sets about skinning the rabbit with her stone knife. "Eh? Why should I not? It was a clean kill, it did not suffer needlessly. Do your people not eat meat?" :P

Smith regains some of his composure and stands up. "Well, yes, and I've been hunting myself before, but…I thought you were…communing with the forest spirits, or something." c.c;

Shemri tilts her head thoughtfully. "Ah. Aha. If such a thing is possible, you must teach me how to do it sometime. It sounds like a very useful skill for a huntress." >)

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