Panic! Tensions start to brew


Goh, Yuge

Date: November 28, 2012


Goh catches up with the Mizukage after a long stint away.

"Panic! Tensions start to brew"

Mizukage's Office

It's been… well, at least a few months since Goh had talked to the current Mizukage. Their last conversation had involved Takeshi too, and the dissapearance of the jinchuuriki Tsun. To get through that pickle, the blonde had figured it was best to just be honest about it. Which he was! Fortunately, Yuge had forgiven him that once and let him be on his way. And true to his word, Goh had not touched any Kirigakure ninja again. He hadn't even come close to Tsun, that much is sure.
Regardless, the pickler was now back in the Village for the exams that are currently being held. While not a contestant himself, he thought it would be good to arrive and see where everyone was at.
Reason for visit the Mizukage? Well… certainly nothing urgent. More just a catch-up. And with Goh setting up his own guild for neutrals and wanderers, perhaps this would be a good chance for Yuge to learn more about Jump? More-over, Goh just wanted to inform the Mizukage personally that he was in the Village, and while he might look sneaky at times, he's certainly not here to cause trouble.
It all begins with a knock on the office door. Only seconds later it swings open, and Goh takes a bold step in. "Good morning, Yuge!"

That paperwork of the visit from Goh was only a few moments before Goh was shown up. It was enough to make sure there was no papers on his desk, but otherwise Yuge looked as relaxed as the host of a bunch of forign shinobi being in the middle of his village for an extended period of time could be. Straightening up slightly at Goh's entrance, he'd give a polite nod in greeting, motioning to the chairs across from him at his desk. "Greetings, Goh-san. Please, have a seat. I do hope that the festivities see you well, hai?"

"Of course." Goh replies, sounding happy enough as he sits down on the chair. "You really know how to host a party here, that's for sure. I haven't seen many disgruntled people here at all." He grins, rubbing his nose a bit. "Look, I just wanted to check in and let you know that I don't plan on causing trouble or anything. I know you're probably juggling a millions things right now, but… yeah. I'll be in the Village, but I'm not going to be causing trouble." There's an almost mischievious grin that comes across his face.
"I'm looking forward to having a good chat to the locals and selling my wares, but that's it really. If I run into Tsun, I'll be sure to walk the other way." He nods dutifully.
"And lastly, I just wanted to offer my thanks for your part in this. Setting up the exams and everything… it's a fantastic idea, and has killed off the flames that were fanning for War. Me, and I'm sure all of my neutral friends are very happy that it hasn't come to that."

Yuge would smile slightly, a small shake of his head was given. "I would not deny Tsun-san the chance of pickled vegitables, if she desired it, Goh. Ultimately, there is a jounin watching over you.. as I knew you were here from the gate. However, I still believe your intentions were honest before and are honest now. Therefore I figure forgiven, forgotten, unless it becomes an issue, then we remove the head to make sure it doesn't again, hai?" Yuge would grin slightly, half-joking it seems on that last part. "As for the war.. I don't want war, Goh-san.. I doubt anyone does. So an alternate method of relieving that pressure is always useful.. There are.. things, out there that still cause me consern.." Yuge would drift off a moment, studying Goh for a second. "You do have that group, don't you.. and.. do they take missions from villages?"

"Heh, sounds fair to me." Goh replies, tilting his head a bit in curiosity. "Normally I'd ask what is concerning you, but I'm sure it's all classified or something like that." He muses, waving his hand to move on. Crossing his legs in his seated position, he narrows his brow a little. "Jump, you mean? Yes, it's a group made up of wanderers and neutrals. Ninja, samurai or just farmers. Available to provide work from the contracts we continue to get." The pickler pauses a little at the final question.
"That's a loaded question, and a complicated one. Usually it hasn't been an issue. Not many ninja villages are willing to give us, the rascals of Jump, their missions in order to complete." He smirks a bit.
"Why? Need some help?"

Yuge would study Goh for a long moment. "Unfortunately, there has been something.. recently.. that has disturbed my tea. There's an unsettling.. something." He would smile faintly, a shake of his head given. "I can not know the future any more than anyone else, hai? However, the more resources at someone's disposal the better. As you and yours have proven cunning enough, if nothing else, to be able to capture Tsun-san.. I would like to hire your group for an extra general guard. While the nin of Kiri are capable of handling even this crowd.." He'd motion vaguely towards where the exams were going on. "Having those who are not associated with us and thus are not watched as much.. is never a bad thing, hai?" Yuge would chuckle softly. "I may not want to go to war. I want to be prepared for those who would seek such hostilities, hmm?"
Goh closes his eyes tightly. "Like a peacekeeping force in Kirigakure?" The pickler sucks in a breath, before exhaling longingly and his eyes open.
"Sorry Yuge, I can't do that. Jump is still in its infancy, and still trying to get a grip on the landscape. Maybe if we were more settled we could do something like that. But it's very important that we look neutral, because we are. And while your idea is to keep the people from bickering amoungst each other and thus not really favouring anyone, some people could look at us and go, 'Hey look they're helping Kirigakure. They must not be neutral at all!'. Does that make sense?" He scratches his head a little.
"At the very least though, I'll make sure to keep an eye out. If I see any fights or things escalate, I'll try and calm it down. But yeah, we aren't really a militia or anything like that, or a private merc group able to be rented out. Heck, three quarters of us are just farmers and wanderers with horse drawn carts." He pauses. "Sorry." Another pause. "Did you want to tell me more about what you're sensing is going to happen? Usually the instincts of a Kage are pretty good."

"War." The word was said quietly, his hands steepling before him as he'd take a slow breath, then sigh. "Ahh. I hope to be wrong, Goh-san. The exams were a hope for returning the world to a relaxed state. But.." He'd give a slow shake of his head. "there has been noted a few descrepancies in those who joined the exams. Is it potential mis-reading? Sure.. we aren't going to alter it, but if people are sneaking in.. you know trouble is coming, hai?"

"/What/?" Goh looks as surprised as anyone. "I thought the exams were doing the trick! You're saying people have snuck into the exams, I'm presuming much more experienced people than required, to take out the students trying to pass?" The pickler looks stunned to say the least. "Tell me you're at least trying to find out who they are? Or have an idea already? I have friends down there. Little kids, we're talking about." In the grand scheme of things, anyway. The Genin doing the Chuunin exams were certainly not very old, or experienced in life.

Yuge would wave a hand. "We have ideas. They're being watched. We're not going to let other's plans to force war on everyone result from a slip in of the exams, hai?" He would sigh then, shaking his head. "I can't stop the exams. Not for people stacking the deck, as it were. That would be even worse than if we did not have the exams to start with. On top of that, we're already dealing with past… issues.. about the reputation of Kirigakure." Yuge would shake his head slowly. "Ultimately, you now understand why I am asking. It's unsettling. At this time, however, my hands are tied."
Goh rubs his face, obviously conflicted. "Look Yuge. I really want to help you, I do. But I can't get Jump involved. I set Jump up so that it would sit completely outside of the ninja world and it's battles. The final tipping point on why I set it up was because of the rumblings of War. So neutrals had a place to go and work without fear of getting ambushed out of no-where. Pulling the guild directly into this mess would undo everything."
The blonde slouches a bit in his chair. Obviously looking deflated at his new position that holds responsibility. "Like I said, I'll keep an eye open for anything weird, but I can't go prodding about. I understand that you can't just stop the exams and give everyone a pat over." He seems to sigh, a little dramatically.
"Fingers crossed that your resources are good enough to find stuff out. If you had asked me just six months ago when I had no ties or lives depending on me, I'd jump right into the action. Times are changing, I guess."
And with this, he stands up. "I have faith in you, Yuge. Faith enough to make the right call in the end." And with this, he turns to make his exit. Obviously keen to think about all this news some more.

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