Panty Thefts On The Docks


Kaido (emitter), Tsubaki (as Saorin), Kioko, Jade

Date: Unknown (log received February 23, 2015)


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Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Panty Thefts On The Docks"

Fire Ferry Docks [Land of Fire]


Welcome to the docks of the Land of Fire. The welcome here is met with several fisherman and merchants packing up their boats to travel to distant countries for trade. Other merchants seem to be arriving from random directions carrying their cargo. Several times a noble and large ship is also seen harbored here. One specific Ferry lies here, this provides transport to the Land of Water.


All three of you were called to come to the Administration Building to be part of a mission. Nothing was said about it until the three of you have assembled and the Jounin in command was briefed. When you arrive in front of the council, the Jounin, a Senju by the name of Keitaro is waiting. He looks each of you over, having read the Bingo Book about you all to familiarize himself with your skills and abilities and nods at each of you.
He takes a deep breath, pulling the mission scroll out from underneath his arm and says, "Good, you're all here, we're going to be headed down to the docks this time, the mission we're going on is delicate and requires the utmost discretion, which is why you 3 have been chosen…" It sounds good to him, and he continues, "There have been quite a few incidents of, shall we say, theft of…" He coughs and reddens slightly, "Female unmentionables, and the villain has not been identified." He clears his throat, "Due to the nature of the thefts, the village has requested that this be solved by kunoichi only, as the victims would be… embarrassed having to deal with male shinobi about it, especially if questions were to be asked of them." He looks them over and says, "Since this is considered a D-Rank, you three have the skills and abilities necessary to complete this. I will be there strictly to oversee and I will not be participating. Do you all understand and accept?"

Jade nods and tries to remember who Keitaro is bt just shrugs when she cant remember. "Sure why not, another cakewalk for the village." Like most genin shes long tired of D ranked jobs. As she takes the brief she speaks again "So any reason to expect anything more than some local idiot?"

While Kioko doesn't really understand the need for a Jounin to oversee a mission like this, following orders isn't much of an issue. As he begins to explain the mission, her eyes would narrow just slightly before she smirks. So THAT'S why she was brought along with another girl about her age. They need kunoichi mature enough to attract the thief's attention. "Okay, so track down some perv stealing underwear, beat him up, and drag him in. Simple enough."

Hyuuga Saorin waits for the instructions to finish, looking mildly impatient with the mission. It was still a D rank… The girl is clearly younger than the other two, being only 13 years old. "Hmm… Umm… Sounds simple enough," she says with a small nods. The girl shifts a bit in her spot, looking to the two older than her. "I'm ready … When you two are."

Keitaro mentally wipes the sweat off of his brow, he was expecting them to protest or consider this sexism or something of that sort, so it was a relief to hear that they all were ok with it. He answers Jade first, "Unknown, you'll have to talk to the women in the fishing village about possible suspects, but we don't believe this is anything but a local. Hence why this is a D-Rank mission, we could always be wrong however, so do keep that in mind." He looks at Kioko and Saorin and nods to them as they speak and says, "Yes, the goal is to capture the perpetrator and recover the lost items and hold them over for the magistrates to judge and sentence as appropriate. Again, it should be fairly easy for all of you."
With that all said and unless there are more questions, the group leaves Konoha and spends a few days on the road, heading towards the village next to the Fire Ferry Docks. Where one might see clotheslines strung up with all sorts of clothes to dry in the sun, the thief has forced the women in the village to leave their laundry inside to dry. It's perhaps more of an inconvenience than anything, but it's enough of one for them to have pooled their money to hire Konoha to do something about it.

Jade pockets the file and turns to head out "lets go then." Clearly not planning to sit around for such a simple job. She really should learn Kikaichu scouting. Jade is fairly lazy in her walking, trailing behind the others as she takes the rear guard. She looks around the place "Wow this place is in the ass end of nowhere huh?" Looking at the lines she tries to note which ones seem like they are owned by younger guys or single guys. Though that might be hard to tell.

Rather than just keeping her own eyes out, Kioko would allow a few wasps and bees to roam out beside her along the trees to communicate back to her which houses might seem suspect of a panty-stealing scoundrel. "Well, if the worst they have to call on shinobi for is something like this, you'd have to expect it to be in the middle of nowhere," Kioko responds with a chuckle to Jade, eyeing around and keeping an eye out with her insects as they travel along.

Saorin wanders between the two, keeping an eye out for anything suspicious with her normal vision, pale eyes darting around until they reach the town. When they finally arrive, the girl takes a moment to activate her byakugan, eyes getting veiny as the Doujutsu is activated. "Hmm… she says softly as she looks around with her new sight, trying to find something interesting.

It's a fishing village, there's quite a few single men that live around here, most are old timers who are too old to sail the waters and probably aren't spry enough to steal underwear and get away with it. There's nothing suspicious that you can detect just by walking by, and no offending articles of clothing are there for you to discover. You are met with some suspicion however, this being an out of the way village and shinobi not being seen around these parts unless there's a war (as was recently) or an incident such as this.
Keitaro directs the three of you to the center of the village where a very irritated bunch of ladies await. Keitaro clears his throat and says, "Konoha has agreed to your request, with me are: Kamizuru Kioko, Aburame Jade and Hyuuga Saorin. They will be investigating the… incidents for you. I will remain here in case there are any problems and I will not be getting involved." The lady who looks to be the leader of the group glares at Keitaro who holds up his hands and walks off towards the docks, perhaps to get an update on how the trade and fishing routes are going leaving you to talk to the harridans.

Jade listens to them talking as she just looks around not sure if theres younger menfolk around looking suspicious. She looks over at the women "Well now that hes dodged responsibility you can talk to us. Do you have any reasonable suspects? And when did this start? Did it coincide with someone new to the village or something similar?"

Despite not learning anything of value yet, Kioko would leave her insects out exploring, though she keeps them from getting near anyone who might get startled and try to kill them. As they arrive to speak with the group, she'd nod to the women as she's introduced with the others, smirking over at Keitaro as he's sort of run off. She goes silent for now as her insects do the search, allowing Jade to do the questioning.

Saorin makes a soft displeased noise at the situation. "Would it be possible for us to lay a trap? We could lay out some … items that the villain might take and then grab him when he tries to steal it…" she suggests. … to whoever might be listening to her.

The instant Keitaro is out of sight and earshot, the women all speak up at once, "It's Kamio I tell you!", "No you old biddy, it's that punk Kenshin!", "No it's not, he's too much of a wussy to do it!", "How would you know you old cow, your granny panties weren't stolen!", "Shut your mouth! My favorite bra was taken!", "So what?!"
It dissolves into the women yelling and flailing at each other, which might be amusing, but it certainly won't help you solve this problem. It's clear from the argument that each of them have a suspect, but none can agree on who is the likeliest suspect.

Jade lets them fight for a while clearly finding it amusing anyway. She looks at the other two and whispers "Wanna bet it was a ferret or something?" almost joking. She slaps her hands loudly to shut the group up "Ok ok calm down before I calm you down. We will get to the matter of this. Our resident mistress of devious plans already has one" Pointing to The hyuga girl with a big grin like 'oh yeah hes already caught'…its really hard to tell if shes taking the lace or not.

As the arguing starts, Kioko lets out a sigh, peering over at Jade and shaking her head. "You're all going to have to calm down if you want this solved, or we'll just turn around and go home and sign off that you wouldn't cooperate so we could complete the requested task. Now tell us… do you actually have any useful information besides simple blind accusation? Any time of night he regularly steals the garments, any particular size or build of woman, any actual sightings even from a distance?

Saorin just falls silent when the arguing begins, not looking to add fuel to the flames. Instead, she wanders off so that when Jade points at her, she's not there. The girl has some shinobi wire on her, and she asks some of the men for nets that she could borrow, moving along to try and tug Jade and Kioko away from the women who are arguing. They won't be of use…

The admonishment from both Jade and Kioko doesn't exactly stop the argument, if anything, they turn on the kunoichi and say, "Who are you to tell us to calm down!", "Yeah! Have you had your underwear stolen before?!?", "We hired you because we thought you'd be sympathetic!". The last woman does however calm down enough to answer Kioko's question, "Well, usually it's at night, although lately we've pulled our laundry in at night and now it's happening during the day. We've completely stopped hanging out laundry out to dry, which is a bit of a problem because they're now dripping in our houses. We don't even have a clue who it is or how it's happening."
The women all calm down at that and nod and another says, "I saw someone nearby when my…" Here she blushes and says, "garters were stolen, I'm sure he was male but I didn't get a really good look. He was hiding by that tree over there…" She points to a very large oak tree near a couple of house and says then, "He was sorta tall and lanky, and he didn't look like a fisherman, that's all I can tell you."
The fishermen all look up at Saorin and raise an eyebrow, but give her a couple nets.

Jade looks over at the trees and then nods then looks back at them "We live in a village full of ninjas. They dont steal our underwear off the line, its out of drawers…or if they are really good while someone is wearing them." Joking to try to get them to calm down. She wanders over to the trees looking around to see if she can find anything and see who lives in that direction.

As Saorin tries to pull them away, Kioko holds up a hand to her to tell her to hang on. Maybe she should've worn her Chuunin vest. She casts a glance over at the tree then to Jade as she tries to joke with the women. "Thanks for the information. We'll take it from here," she says before turning to start walking toward where Soarin was trying to earlier. As she walks, she'd whisper, "We're going to need to lay a trap… Did either of you spot a vacant house one of us could pretend to be moving into?"

Saorin waits for a bit, as suggested… And she feels like they're all on different pages … The girl holds up some of the nets she got. "I … have some nets to help…. Maybe we could just hang up some laundry on our own? And … Kioko-san could use her bees to keep it above where the target would steal the laundry…" she offers, not sure if her idea is a good one or not. And she's also rather quiet.

There are quite a few vacant houses nearby where the tree that the supposed thief was spotted. One happens to be next door and the women have no problems with having you move in and setting a trap. As you get the women to stop arguing and listen to you, they give you three suspects that could fit the bill of the person seen: Guruin Kamio, who recently was dumped by one of the first victims, Fukio Kenshin who is a known troublemaker and who holds a grudge against the harbourmaster and his wife for firing him from his job as a dockworker, and Seichiiro Hiroshi, a younger man who's attempted to grope a couple of women on the wharf. They all live nearby and one of them could easily be the culprit.

Jade listens to them before looking at Saorin "Ok lets set a trap then." Smiling softly. "Maybe we could check in on these suspects too when we are all situated." Trying to work together with the others while considering options.

"Let's," Kioko says with a nod to Jade, peering around to be sure no one matching the description of the three men is around. Of course, if someone were watching, they'd probably be trying to hide. With a smile she'd go into a shop for a quick moment and buy a robe, taking the time to ask where the local bath is while she's in there. When she comes back out, she'd start walking toward the vacant house nearest to the tree. "Come on, girls. I'd like to check out the local hot spring after doing the wash."

Saorin help get the trap set up near this tree and the like, hmming softly as she gets everything set up while Kioko gets her robe. The girl's eyes have lost their intense stare now that she's deactivated her Byakugan, and she looks back to hear Kioko calling out. "H-hai!" she says back, coming down from up high (as that's how she's setting up the trap… to drop down on someone) and going over to the Kamizuru.

Jade lets the Hyuga girl put up her nets while she looks around. She acnt do scouting with her bugs yet so she just sits in one of the nearby trees and tries to look around for the fishermen to see if any of them look likely.

After entering the house, Kioko would come out a few minutes later with her clothes washed and ready to hang out to dry, including… yes, what will be the thief's objective. Someone is REALLY going to owe her if all this gets stolen and isn't retrievable! But it's for the good of the mission, so she goes back inside to stand in front of a fire that's been lit in the fireplace. Now all there is to do is wait…

Saorin just waits with Kioko now that the trap is set. Well, she does reactivate her Byakugan. It doesn't take too much effort since she's learned how to used it when she first became a genin a year ago, and she's been practicing ever sense. Her eyes sweep the area up to about a third of a mile as she tries to see who might be falling for their plan.

It takes a while, obviously whoever it is that's stealing female unmentionables is being cautious, especially now that there are kunoichi on the job. Nothing happens for a few days, even though Kioko's bloomers are flapping in the breeze. But eventually, at daybreak, the sound of the trap being sprung and the nets dropping on someone (or something) can be heard, along with the rustling of someone trying to escape.

Jade wakes up with an annoyed start and throws out a swam of Kikaichu to try to confuse anyone, the shiny white beetles fill the air as she rushes out wearing a tshirt and a pair of shorts…oh and dragging Saorin…she hugs in her sleep.

The light of the sunrise reveals that you've captured… a lean and lanky youth, tangled up in clothesline and in the net dropped onto him. He makes muffled curses as he tries to free himself and then stops when you all arrive and surround him. He sweatdrops a little and says, "Err… good morning?" He then frantically searches for a way to escape. He's got Kioko's unmentionables in one hand and her bra in the other and he says, "Umm… this… isn't what it looks like?"

Jade looks at the boy with still tired eyes "Well thats one job done. Should I have my Kikaichu drain him dry before we take him in?" An empty threat but it should keep him compliant.

With the youth caught, Kioko walks up and stares him down. "Oh, it's not? So you're not the guy fitting everyone's description of a boy who's been stealing undergarments?" she asks as she walks over, extending her hands out with a rather intense expression. "Hand them over, and maybe I won't hurt you before I turn you in."

Saorin keeps back for the moment and just watches for the time being, chakra charging through her body just in case the boy decides to run. Which should be difficult with the nets entangling him and Kioko's honey likely keeping him stuck in place. "You look very suspicious, so you ought to start talking…" she suggests to the boy.

The boy looks at the offending garments and then drops them and says quickly, "No no! Wait! I mean, I know it looks bad… but I'm not the one who's been stealing the rest of the underwear…" He looks around quickly for the women in the village and then says, "Um… I think you've noticed that the women around here aren't exactly… err… well…" He turns red and then says, "Anyways, I ah… just wanted to see…" He shuts up then and says, "But I DO know who stole the rest… it's Kamio… he got dumped and he thought it'd be great revenge to make life miserable for his ex. But he knew he'd be the first suspect, so he stole a bunch of others to throw everyone off. I've got proof! Check his house, he's hidden the goods in his sock drawer in his room!" He looks at them pleadingly, "Please don't turn me in… they'll kick me out of the village for sure" For the record, you've caught Seichiiro Hiroshi.

Jade quirks a brow at him "So you decided to steal more underwear…why? You know were turning you both in right? Might even get paid double for it." She crosses her arms to see if the guy has a better excuse.

When the guy actually drops her undergarments on the ground instead of handing them to her, Kioko's expression of anger gets about 5000X angrier. She literally goes to grab the boy by the neck, net and all, and drag him in the house. "Forget this. We're tying him up for questioning, and then we're going to turn them both in." After a moment it kind of hits her and she calls behind her, "Can one of you bring my things in now that I have to wash them again because of this baka?"

Saorin nods quickly and grabs Kioko's underwear quickly before much more can happen (hopefully), saying, "So… Now all we have to do is go find Kamio, if this guy is telling the truth, then…?" she asks hesitantly, going into the borrowed house so that she can put Kioko's things where she is.

The youth is dragged inside screaming and once you manage to enact justice upon him, and head to Kamio's house, the stolen unmentionable garments are where Hiroshi said they were, stuffed underneath his socks in his sock drawer. When you drag both offenders in front of the women of the village, and give them back their stolen underclothes, the two are immediately tosses out on their ear from the village and told never to return again. Keitaro meets you there and once everything is done, says, "Great job you guys, Mission Complete, let's go home… the party is on me!"

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