Paper Trail


Konda, Miyo

Date: August 1, 2013


Konda is struck by a paper airplane bearing a note and a challenge. Her pursues the challenge set out for him by a mystery person!

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Paper Trail"

Various Konoha Areas

Konda is currently strolling through the marketplace. A chunk of kinako is sticking out of his mouth, junk food as usual. He's browsing the booths with his arms resting behind his head. Contentment is on his face as he chews on the soybean and sugar syrup stick, or what is left of it.

As Konda makes his way through the streets of Konoha's marketplace, he would find something particular… particular enough to poke him in the side of the head! The young Uzumaki is struck by a paper airplane, and when he is hit, the tip crunches up lightly and the thing tumbles through the air to the ground. However, if he would decide to look around for its thrower, he would find no one suspicious enough. He could open it and see if it was anything special, and if he does, it would read: "Hey, you! Yeeaaaaaaahhhhh…. you! I've got a miyoshun for you! It's simple really, and something every shinobi should be able to do! You just need to follow a trail of clues, and they are pretty easy to follow! Just take the hint given here, and then locate the next paper airplane! So, simple, yes!? Well, get to it! There might be a reward at the end!" The writing is in a fairly flowy, girly script, and was obviously written with some haste. Associated with the paper airplane is a small token that bears the emblem of a local produce seller in the market known for his excellent apples!

The airplane hits on Konda's shoulder and bounces off. He pauses and watches it hit the ground. Konda looks around quickly and picks up the paper uncrumpling the nose a bit, then notices the words. He unfolds it, reads it, and smiles. A secret admirer? He chuckles and says to himself, "Ok, I'll follow it. Could be fun…" He tucks the airplane into a shorts pocket and finishes off his kinako stick with a crunch. He pulls a small box of them from his vest pocket and shakes the box. He shrugs as he does not hear any more rattling inside, then tosses it into a nearby garbage can. Konda watches the signs for the produce seller who should be around here someplace.

The produce seller, known as Mr. Takamura, was busy haggling with several customers over an entire bushel of his freshly picked, bright red apples. Each one of them looked more delicious than any apple had the right to be, and he was bound and determined to get an excellent price for them, and so were the mother and daughter trying to acquire them from him. It seemed to be at a bit of a stalemate. However, something may catch Uyeda's attention, and that is a single paper airplane stitting upon an apple behind Mr. Takamura's stand.

Konda spots the airplane and approaches the produce. He glances at Mr. Takamura haggling with the mother and daughter and hopes he's distracted enough. He inches around the stand and plucks the paper airplane off the apple. Konda looks at Mr Takamura, grins, and turns to take off running. No, not suspicious at all!

By the time that Konda gets his hands on the apple, Mr. Takamura has noticed his devious acts. He attempts to apprehend the percieved miscreant, but is a bit too slow to do so. "Fold you, kids! Don't you dare come back here, you hear!" He shakes a fist and then groans and rubs his temples. After a moment her turns back to the customers and lets out a sigh.

Konda can now take a moment to read the message inside the paper airplane he has acquired. It reads: "Good job finding the paper airplane! Mr. Takamura is such a nice guy, and he really has the best apples, so I hope you didn't steal it from him! He was instructed to give it to you along with the apple, since you'll need that. Maybe you already know, I don't know, teehee! Anyway, onward to the next clue! Good luck!"

From inside the paper airplane, tiny sketch slips out on a smaller piece of paper. It has the symbol of the Aburame clan on it. Time to investigate!

Konda groans, reading the paper. "Awww man…" he says and hangs his head for a moment. He made a mistake, he shouldn't have stolen this. Now Konda has to fix this and since he needs the apple he trudges back to the apple stand. As he appears in front of it he bows, holding out the paper. "Mr Takamura, I am sorry I've caused you so much trouble. I was the one who took the paper. It was part of my mission and I misunderstood what I was supposed to do. So I'm correcting this." Konda takes risks, sure, but he knows when he's wrong and makes up for it. This might take longer than needed, but so far, there isn't a time limit for whatever this mission is. Afterall, the paper says he needs the apple and he wants whatever this is to be perfect. So apple it is.

Mr. Takamura looks down at Konda, and being quite a large, well-cut man, he strikes a rather imposing image. "Well, I figured you had made off with some of the produce." He shakes his head a bit. "I was instructed to give that paper to someone, and I imagine that it was you, anyway. However, the apple will cost you two Ryo. A fair price, I am sure." And it was, a fair price, especially after he caught Konda stealing items!

The uzumaki genin shrinks back, stealing something valuable like produce isn't something Konda wants to be known for. Imagine what his parents would say?! As Mr. Takamura offers the price and doesn't seem to mad about all of it Konda smiles, "It does." Konda pulls out his money pouch and hands out two ryo dropping them into the produce seller's hand. Konda takes the apple and waves, "Thank you!" Then heads off to the Aburame village.

After leaving a much more satisfied Mr. Takamura behind, Konda would find his way to the next clue, and upon arrival at the Aburame village, he would notice a paper airplane dangling from a string at the waist of an Aburame clan member who appeared to be preparing a cart to peddle wares in at the market. Whatever it was he was loading into the cart, they smelled delicious!

Konda ran all the way here, being so glad that he fixed that bit of the mission. He looks at the paper again, double checking it to see if it's really aburame's clan insigia on it. Never hurts to double check your information. He glances past the two large trees at the small section of wooden huts. His nose picks up on the smell and with mouth watering, he follows it. Luckly he also spots the paper airplane. This time he plays it more low key and walks up to the aburame clan member. "Excuse me sir, I'm Uzumaki Konda and I'm on a mission. I think you might have something for me?" he says pointing to the paper airplane. "Um, also, what are you selling? It smells really good." he asks.

The Aburame man looks up as Konda approaches, and then stuffs his hands into his pockets. "Mmmmm…" he grumbles a bit, and then looks down to the paper airplane before giving it a flick with his finger. "Apple for the plane. You'll also get one of these…" he reaches into his cart and pulls out a fresh, warm, honey-glazed Takamura apple. Other contents unknown. "You'll be delivering it to a girl by the lake." He pulls a small thing of hair tied together with a band from his pocket. "This is your… uhm.. clue…" The hair as undeniably gray.

Konda blushes, "A…a girl?" He hands the apple over and takes the takamura apple. Making sure it won't get messy, he stores it in his ninja pouch. He also takes the gray hair and looking at it, turns it over in his hand. "Thank you." he says looking back up at the aburame seller and giving him a quick bow. He turns and walks out of the small 'village' and heads towards the lake. He's not about to guess who's hair this is, lots of people have gray hair who are not old. The hair does make him even more curious. Who would cut their hair for a clue to their identity?

At the lake, Miyo sat patiently upon a log. Very few people sported ash-colored, gray hair in the way that she did. Long, exceptionally long, even, and freshly trimmed to keep it neat and tidy. She had a paper airplane dangling from a string attached to the ponytail that held her hair in place. As there were not many other people around the lake at this time of the year, it was clear the clue indicated her.

Konda approaches the lake and does a quick sweep picking out anyone around. He spots the girl and tilts his head, watching her for a moment before approaching. Unzipping the pouch he pulls out the apple wrapped in cloth to stay clean. He unwraps it and says, "Uzumaki Konda, at your service. I take it you were the one wanting this?" He holds out the apple while slipping the hair into a pouch with the other.

Miyo grins up at Konda. "Uzumaki, hehe! I am Uzumaki Miyo!" She then plucks the airplane from her hair and holds it up in exchange for the treat. "I think you're looking for this, aren't you?" She gives him a little smile and makes grabby hands for the apple.

Konda giggles too, he can't help it. It's almost infectious. "Another Uzumaki huh? Distant cousins I guess. Mom never did say much about the family." He smiles and gives the apple over. "My treat…" he says dropping down on on the log next to her. He fishes out a pocky from an open box in a hip pocket and sticks it in his mouth. Chocolate it looks like. "Nice to meet you, Miyo-kun." He holds out his hand for the paper airplane, "So what's on the paper?"

Miyo accepts the apple from him and quickly munches into it while it still has some warmth and lets out a sound of pure bliss. "Sho gewd…" she mumbles around a mouthful of honey and apple." She shrugs about the airplane and looks back out to the lake while enjoying her treat. "Maybe we're cousins, but I doubt it." The airplane reads: "I know she's cute, but don't flirt with her too much or the next airplane might get away from you! A Shinobi's best trait is dilligence! No slacking! Back to the market where you started and you'll find your reward!"

Konda reads it and blushes. It's true, he was a little flirty. "I ah…yeah…enjoy your apple!" he says and gets up and runs. He shakes his head feeling a little silly for flirting. He puts it out of his mind though, she's just a girl.

Back at the market, he would find a simple airplane pinned to a pole in the center of the square, however, that pole was the meeting ground for a couple of bullies that liked to pick on others that were smaller and weaker than them. And, well, they certainly would size Konda up to be just that! Well, he'd have to figure out how to get that airplane!

Konda ends up back and sees the pole along with the thugs. Konda sizes the bullies up and knows he can't power through them. He instead he tries to use his intelligence. Konda walks up to the bullies and grins at them. "Hi!" he says, giving a polite wave. With his other hand though, a seal slides out from his sleeve and is hidden behind his hand.

The two bullies look at Konda, giving him suspicious glares. "What do you want, punk?" They ask, before taking up semi-surrounding stances. "This is our turf, and you're tresspassin'. Better have a good reason."

Konda nods, giving a smile, "I do have one." He points up at the paper airplane on the pole. "I need that. So if you'll excuse me…" and jumps. He tries to get above the bullies heads and slaps his seal barrier down between his legs but over the bullies heads. "SEAL BARRIER!" he calls out. With skill and a bit of luck, he'll have formed a dome blocking the bullies in and Konda kneeling on top of it. If he's still alive, all he needs to do now is stand up, leap off, and grab the airplane.

With the bullies effectively subdued, Konda is free to acquire the paper airplane, which reads: "The ability to follow clues, persistence in a mission, the usage of multiple sets of skills, and all done without too many problems, hopefully! However, I must also thank you for delivering my tasty treat! They told me I was eating too many and cut me off, so I had to do something a little more creative to get them. Oh, and about your reward… I forgot about that… sorry!"

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