Party Crashing


Atsuro, Berii, Isato, Naru

Date: September 17, 2012


A team of Leaf nin have been sent on a mission to a party, just to ruin it.

"Party Crashing"

Estate of Nagatani Hidemasa

A team of Leaf nin have been invited to the party of a prominent noble in the Land of Fire. Not by that noble, though, that would be far too simple! No, they've been sent here by a rival noble who, with a bit of subterfuge, has arranged invitations for them to attend. Their purpose here might seem somewhat petty: to ruin the party. Spiking the punch, tripping the waitstaff? The ninja have been instructed to ruin the party in just about any way. The only exceptions are that they can't be caught and they can't seriously hurt anyone — or do anything that will obviously lead to serious injury. No burning the place down, guys.
The ninja arrive at the party separately, though pretty close to one another, timing-wise. As one might expect, the party is a rather classy sort. There's a string quartet playing on a raised platform off to the side. Nearby is a dance floor. On another side of the room is a big buffet table with all sorts of tasty-looking food. Waitstaff wander from crowd to crowd, carrying trays of drinks or appetizers. All about are fancy-looking people, dressed formalwear of some kind, whether western-style or eastern. For now, people are just chatting and the like. But how long can that last with a bunch of malevolent ninja on the loose?
Not long, for Atsuro has just arrived. He's dressed in a classy tuxedo, and with a little makeup, his Inuzuka facial tattoos have been removed. Now he looks all fancy and noble-esque, just as he was born to be! Taizen isn't with him, but the incessant barking of a dog outside has already sown the seeds of destruction for this party.

Isato would be the first genin to arrive he would have itching cream and some sake from his father's room both tucked away in his bag. "This ought to be fun." Today he would be sporting a nice long sleeve shirt an pants something that he wouldn't be worn out in the training fields. On the wrist of the right one would be a compartment made to sprinkly achole. As he held his hand over the punch bowel and got his cup he would sprinkle the achole him at the same time until it was gone, walking way from the scene of the crime cup in hand he would post himself up by the window. Thinking to himself. ("tsk, I can't set this up to slash anyone since I don't have tree walking…think Isato think.")

Berii's parents were notorious for putting Berii in all sorts of awful costumes for the entirety of her life, so it was without a doubt that she completely avoided mentioning having to take part in this mission. Of course… they heard and of course, they over dressed their poor daughter. Berii, having difficulty saying no had left her house with monstrousity of ribbons and a wildly designed kimono then there was the hair style, leaving the young girl with a cockatoo esque set of spiked hairs. Stealth was emplyed when heading off for the mission, she made sure no one saw that.
Thankfully, her quick change scroll came into use for once. As soon as the village was out of view Berii swapped out for a much more basic black kimono with pink trim, and also managed to get gel out of her hair due to a spring on the way. A basic kimono and simple straight hair very bland for a fancy party but, she perferred it.
Eventually she arrives, looking dismal already as she was not looking forward to a mission that pretty much entailed messing with someone she didn't know. With a lack of eagerness she made no effort to jump into it, instead she'd just quietly shift through the party events, keeping a keen eye for traps and any forms of sabotage in the food before she actually tasted it.
Popping a bit of sushi in her mouth she moves along to an entertainer, making great acts of origami and he scanned the crowd just as she walked up. "You there girl! How would you like to learn the wonderful art of… ~Oriiigamiii~" His hands come together at the thumbs and start flapping like some bird when he says 'Origami' this well, puts an already grumpy Berii off.
But one of the audience members that was somehow already tipsy gave Berii a hard shove forward shouting, "Yeahaugh!" …great.

Surprisingly enough for Naru this sort of mission somehow remained right in her alley. Adorned in a sparkling snow white kimono with a scarlet red sash tied along her waist, her loose locks of jet black hair trailed down along her shoulders, her bangs were held in scarlet ribbons, gleaming her form indefinitely. Naru had already settled in mingling with the other party goers, for now, leaned over checking out the assortment of entrees.
"Hmmm…" Naru mused quietly under her breath, her eyes exchanging a few looks with the others in the area, she already had some ideas in mind which could ruin this part, and she didn't have to touch a thing. For now Naru moved along, gearing closer towards Berii, offering the other Uchiha a slight smile, personally not too fond of her but still rather respectful. " Hmm, is it delicious, Berii-chan?" Naru asked curiously, a little thrown off by the sudden arrival of the drunken man, instead she just let out a tired sigh, shrugging her shoulders while she eye'd the rest of the crowd… Using genjutsu was going to be considerbly easy to fool others.

Whatever sake Isato's dad drinks, it certainly goes well with that punch. Word has already spread of how delicious it is, and people are flocking to it, gulping it down, and unknowingly getting sloshed. Aside from Berii's little misadventure, nothing big has happened yet, but with a huge percentage of the crowd drunk, it's surely not long before something embarrassing happens.
The noble, one Nagatani Hidemasa, continues to wine and dine his guests, blissfully unaware of the disasters that are about to befall him. To his credit, he actually comes over to help Berii out, but he's beaten to the punch by Atsuro. "Leave her alone, you— you /ruffian/!" cries Atsuro, chewing up the scenery, "What sort of people are they letting in here?" Yep, he's saving Berii /and/ making trouble. Very efficient.
Hidemasa, already thoroughly embarrassed, scurries off to get some of his staff and have them whisk the rowdy guest off to a guest room. The damage has already been done, however, and the other guests are already whispering amongst themselves. "Nice work," Atsuro whispers to Berii before disappearing once more into the crowd.

Isato would be holding the itching cream would sigh for a moment until he realized that people are flocking to the punch, smirking as he narrowed his search until he had the idea to spread things. Looking at the cream he would shrug his shoulders before walking towards the back room, itching cream in hand as he placed it on all the door handles. "I wonder if this still works?" since even was at the punch bowel he hopes that he won't get caught.

Berii honestly wished she had time to answer Naru instead of being tossed into this paper folding situation, she didn't know a thing about origami but, thankfully /someone/ steps in to make a distraction. Atsuro, to be exact. The Uchiha looks like she's about to cry but, that wasn't true at all her face was just so screwed up by confusion it looked like tears were coming which got the origami artist to clear his throat and beckon another from the crowd to step on up. Taking this chance to escape she slides away with a false look of distress.
As to what Atsuro praised her for, she couldn't really accept it but, it worked, she could hear the general chatter agreeing with Atsuro if not blindly repeating Atsuro's words more or less along the lines of, 'Ruffians indeed. What /is/ he letting in here. Look! Another drunk!' A smaller woman who didn't take too well to alcohol stumbles on by Berii, giggling as if that was how she breathes.
This causes enough of a distraction for Berii to follow a destructive lead. Two "Gentlemen" were going back and forth about the state of the Land of Fire's economy and how to stabilize it once more before another disastrous war with the Land of Water occurs again. Both had their own opinions and both thought of their own idea of fact. They've been bickering for some time, standing at the punch table to keep their whistles wet in order to keep their back and forth blabbering. While the two continued to chatter Berii would casually flick her wrists, letting those two bicker and everyone else complain about the drunk woman, while her shuriken zip by and dig in beneath the table. Most who know Berii, knows there's bound to be wire attached to those things.
Now she waited for them to finally stop. Maybe? Please? No… the two men started to actually repeat themselves, "Neh? It's Nagatani-san's pawty, why not ask him who's white?" The two look Berii's way questioning where this girl came from and all she does is give them a large smile.
"Mmm, yes. The trashy girl is right." "Trashy indeed, such a hideous hair color!" "Bohohohoho, something we can agree on." "Quite, quite." Well after those comments it makes the next move all the more enjoyable, when one turns to find the man of the hour, Berii's finger twitches in a subtle fashion, just enough to life some wire off the ground and trip the man up.
"WHOOP! WHAT?! I SAY!" He slams down on the ground, not noticing the alcohol's effects until now as he feels no pain after the collapse and finds himself upright again. "How petty I expected more of you!" "More, hmm? I did nothing, you tripped over your own two giant platypus like feet!" "What? Platypus?! I don't know what it is but, it sounds offensive let's have it!" the two start duking it out and Berii doesn't do much but tug harshly on the wire to collect her weapons and move along with a look of sheer disappointment on her face. So upset with this wild party!

Naru's techniques were a little more subtle, finally taking a drink in hand she masked herself to look inconpicious, her eyes trailing over a distant few who had settled along near the entree table. Slowly placing her hands together and focusing just a slight bit of chakra, a younger woman placing her own bit of sushi into her mouth was suddenly clutching her throat, choking as her lungs collapsed and filled up with hot air. Her face had turned blue, and she began to spazz, literally throwing herself upon the table and shoving food off the side. " Someone help her!" "Hey! Stop throwing around food!" People became pushy, literally shoving eachother out of the way as a single person attempted to pull the woman to her feet and lounge the sushi out of her mouth, of course the food had already been down hatch. For now Naru maintained her genjutsu, allowing chaos around the dinner tables to ensue, surprisingly a light smile spilled across her face, everything was working just fine…

Well, things are going downhill rather quickly for poor Hidemasa. The waitstaff is complaining of some kind of itch going around, a number of partygoers are either stumbling around drunk or openly brawling, and now simple as simple as a woman choking throws the whole party into chaos for a moment. It was an annoyance earlier, but now he'd kill just to have people murmuring about "that damned dog and his barking" instead of all the other horrible things that have started to plague this party.
Glancing over at the stage, inspiration strikes the poor man. He signals to the band to play. Atsuro, who has been standing near the stage, has to take a sip of his drink (hey, he likes a little sake too, kids!) to hide the smirk on his face as the entertainers begin their rendition of… well, the song can't even be identified. The instruments are completely out of tune. Hmm, how did that happen? Hidemasa turns white.
While the party is still in mostly full-swing, things are beginning to break down. Already, guests are beginning to trickle out. If Hidemasa's luckily, they'll make some excuse for leaving so early, but most of them simply scurry off. It won't be long now…

Isato looked around the room with a smile on his face as things were going just as they were told to, with a shift in weight he just posted himself up and watched as Naru and Berii went to work on the rest. For the most part it appears that Atsuro-sensei was getting in the mood of things as well, he would sip on his cup of unsoiled punch. Smiling as if he was watching a movie he would shift about as he yawned for a bit, it appears it was reaching Isato bed time.

Berii looks among all the chaos, trying to figure out why a majority of the party was drunk. Something must of been planted for this many people to get sloshed. Unless, this was how fancy people partied? "Huh." Clasping her hands together it seemed like their work here was done, in order to avoid raising suspicion with her being nothing but, an innocent bystander while everything else goes wild, Berii starts to head off with the crowd.
A glance would be given to Atsuro and she gives him a slight nod as she heads out with the crowd, continuing that look of displeasure like how a she believed a wealthy partygoer should look when things go this bad. With a hurried step she'd slip out and head around the corner, following the barking and coming Taizen's way. "Hey, Tai. Dunno what sensei towd you to do but, I think you'd be the naiw in the coffin, if you know what I mean, hnn." Berii inclines her head into the direction of the party.
With that said, she'd scamper off not knowing what Atsuro's orders were earlier but, if it were to stay put she wouldn't expect Taizen to listen to the Uchiha. Homeward bound now!

With not much effort everything was going as planned, she would attempt to exchange a quick glance with Atsuro, the playing of the terrible music was almost her cue to go ahead and start head out, she sighed softly, watching the ruckus take place but not at all participating in it. "Hmm I suppose twe are done here…?" She whispered under her breath, pulling away from the rest of the group as she neared towards the doors exist, her expression was filled with shock and concern, of course that was invisible to what was really going on within that mind of hers..

Seeing that the team has started to leave, Taizen figures Berii might have a point here. He charges into a convenient open door, and starts barking loudly once again. Atsuro is surprised to see him here, but can't quit conceal a grin. The presence of a giant, loud dog is already enough to get most guests heading for the exit, but Taizen takes it a step further, using his huge size to easily knock over tables and other furniture. By now, there's hardly anyone left in the hall.
Atsuro walks over to Hidemasa. "Killer party, man," he says, grinning widely, "Hope the next one's just as good." Hidemasa, who is just in a total daze by now, mumbles something unintelligible in response. Atsuro claps him on the shoulder, then heads out the door, subtly gesturing for Taizen to finish up and leave. Which he does. One might be concerned about one of the waitstaff trying to capture him with a tablecloth, but generally you want proper equipment when you're trying to capture a nin-dog. Taizen escapes, leaving behind him what tomorrow's newspapers will describe as 'an unmitigated disaster' and 'a nightmare of drunken louts and bad music.' Mission accomplished!

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