Party Hearty


Yuuka, Chiaki, Yuudai, Takeshi, Kiku, Mushi, Kitaru

Date: November 25, 2012


A group of shinobi gather to celebrate and promote good fortune for the upcoming exams. There is lots of eating, drinking, and general merriment in the packed restaurant!

"Party Hearty"

Namami Restaurant

With the Chuunin and Jounin exams on their heels, the village is brimming with life more than ever. Shinobi from all walks of life and different Lands swarm Namami Restaurant for a hot meal and possibly several bottles of sake, all in good cheer and eager anticipation to watch the third round of the exams for themselves. The last of the sun's rays disappears, the evening deepening over Kirigakure with dark storm clouds looming threateningly overhead, with the very possibility of another storm. Not that that is unusual in itself.

The front door opens and the bright light from inside swarms out, the slender figure stepping through as she blinks her vivid aquamarine eyes against the sudden change of light. Despite her small frame, Yuuka moves with incredible ease with the enormous length of the sword attached to her back. Kubikiribocho, one of the legendary seven swords of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. That in itself is enough to gain a little bit of attention, a few quieting to give it a short glance before looking away with nervous tension. Not that Yuuka notices. A calm smile tugs at the Kaguya kunoichi's soft lips as she moves inside, rolling her shoulders lightly to adjust to the weight at her back.

Chiaki walks into the restaurant behind Yuuka keeping close, she was actually relaxing before the exams. This is weird for Chiaki because she is usually always doing some form of training. Part of her was surprised that she was actually able to pass the written exams, but Fuuta was right, they weren't as difficult as she had pictured them to be. She still wished she could see Tsiro or even Fuuta to let them know the good news, but it couldn't be helped. She would probably see them soon enough anyways. She moves ahead of Yuuka and takes a seat at one of the tables looking back at one of the menus. "Thank you for allowing me along Yuuka-sensei.." As a waiter stops by she thinks on what she wants before politely ordering some dumplings and tea. The waiter turns to take Yuuka's order as well and bows deeply before her aware of her high status.

Chuunin and jounin season already and Yuudai was not in the least bit interested. The tall pale kaguyas messy white hair would be unkept and tied back in a single string to support it. His white and red robes would fit tightly to his body today as he made it through the crowd, an obvious look of annoyance upon his face as he pushes his way through the crowds of villagers and shinobi alike. "Why do I have to be here?" He would ask himself out loud as he enters the front door of the restraint. His attention would fall on Yuuka for a brief moment hard to miss her really now that she is bearing that large weapon upon her back.

A moment would pass as he gives her a silent nod before turning to peer around the restraint, man a lot of people were here. Each trying to get a quick meal before heading off to their stationed locations. Yuudai would approach Yuuka for a moment his attention would glance down over at Chiaki, a pale brow arched at the young one before he turns his attention back to Yuuka. "Free seat for myself?"

Takeshi is already here, drinking sake by the gallon apparently. The owner is already pretty aware of who Takeshi is and they go way back, the two appear to be having a drinking competition. Luckily the owner doesn't do any cooking. That done he takes his bottle of sake and offers the owner a high five, moving over to the table of Yuuka, taking a seat. Forget asking, he's takeshi.

At the table he looks at Yuudai and Chiaki, "Course there's a seat, Get in here. You two want some sake?"

Well, somebody else comes in. Kaguya Kiku. She tries to shift into the crowd a bit, as nerves tear into her. Its not long though before Kaguya Noriko and Kaguya Yumi come in, looking for Kiku. Her Older sister, and mother. "KIKU! Where did you go hiding, oh little sister?!", Noriko yells out. Yumi searches for her more quietly. Both the Kaguyas move over to the table, and bow to Takeshi. Yumi speaks quietly. "Elder, have you seen Kiku? We wish to congratulate her for her success in the first round. We will also like to prepare her for the second round.", the woman tells.

Meanwhile. Kiku is trying her best to look normal, and not a Kaguya, avoiding the Kaguyas for the second in favor of a quiet corner, and a small jug of strawberry sake….

Yuuka gives the waiter a small, brief smile to the waiter if but for a brief moment before glances back at the girl, Chiaki. One of the genin of the land of water. "You are certainly welcome, Chiaki-san." she murmurs, her voice warm and comforting. And all at once Takeshi takes a seat at their table, followed by Yuudai not too long after.

She blinks once with some surprise before her smile grows even brighter. "Of course, Yuudai-kun. Please take a seat. And Takeshi, none for him." Yuuka gives Yuudai a pointed look to make sure she was firm on the decision of him drinking sake. No, certainly none for him.

Reaching up over her shoulder, the ivory lacings around the sword unravel as Yuuka swings it above her, moving it smoothly to lay it vertically against the edge of the table just next to her before lowering herself smoothly into her seat.

Mushi arrived awhile back along with the huge stream of people. So many people from different nations can lead to good things, good peace, but of course a bit of conflict. But so far Mushi hasn't visited the hospital or done any work at all—she's just been strolling, shopping, nothing of consequence.

And now she comes into the Nanami Restaurant, though she stops short at the number of people crammed in there. Though when she sees a few familiar faces she proceeds forward, making her way to a certain table with… "Yuuka-san," she'd say, and lean over a little to give the Kaguya woman a friendly pat on the back. Then she'd look up to see the others, and give a friendly smile to Takeshi.

Chiaki blinks at Takeshi when he makes the offer of sake and pauses for a moment in thought before giving him a slow nod. She was about to enter a very deadly competition, she might as well try all the luxuries she has yet to try. Besides she was needing some sake to experiment with her poisons. "Sure Takeshi-sensei. But only a small amount. I am unsure if I can drink as well as you can." She smiles sheepishly and glances over at the boy sitting with them and offers him a polite nod in greeting before standing and bowing before him. "Confrontation Beast Viper-Fist User, Mizukiyo Chiaki. It is a pleasure to meet you." She glances at the other newcomers and sits back down at the table assuming that they too have already heard her introduction.

Yuudai would cast his head back as he unties the string from holding his hair. The deep wild locks simply fall to his shoulder and below as he slides into the empty seat, his deep yellow eyes locked on Yuuka for several moments as a small smirk crosses his face. "No Sake for me, it does not put me in the best of moods I am told." He would say before turning back to face Takeshi, "But perhaps another time with less people around." He would say his smirk never fading as he looks over the Menu, immediately flipping away from the section with nay veggies in it, as a look of peer disgust comes upon his face. As the waiter returns Yuudai would simply hand him the menus, "Meat, cooked meat surprise me, just no vegetables." He would say turning his attention to Chiaki as she introduces herself Yuudai could only chuckle as he turns to Yuuka, "Isn't she a little ball of fire." His deep yellow eyes would fall upon Chiaki for a moment as he simply nods his head, "I am not one for formalities, so Yuudai will do for myself."

Takeshi nods at Chiaki, sliding a whole bottle of sake to her, "Well okay then! Drink to your heart's content!" He finds another bottle for himself, popping it open and draining it down. Then a nod at Mushi as she enters, "Mushi! Great! You're the person that helped my Yuuka, you are always welcome around here!" There's a nod of the sake bottle to her before he turns to look at Yuudai, "And you! You haven't been around lately. Where you been?"

Kiku watches as her older sister and mother leave, noting Takeshi's condition. The woman pours a small glass for herself, and takes a few sips from it. She watches the large gathering. The woman looks down at her hand, and sees the ripples in the sake from her hand shaking. She takes several deep breathes, settling herself down. Her nerves are shot at the moment, as she wants nothing more then to run and hide right now.

Chiaki blinks at the whole bottle offered and chuckles faintly. If that was Takeshi's idea of a little sake she couldn't imagine how much he drank on a regular basis. "Much appreciated Takeshi-sensei." She opens the bottle and sniffs it curiously before taking a swig from it. She blinks for a moment and coughs hitting her chest firmly to get rid of some of the burning. "Definitely unexpected…" She looks back over at Yuudai and nods at him in greeting. "My School has taught me from a very early age that a formal greeting is a must. It is a pleasure to meet you. And I have to be a little ball of fire if I am to reside with the rest of the Kaguya." She grins lightheartedly and takes another drink from the bottle seeming to slowly get used to the burn of the alcohol.

The small tap to her back and her name murmured earns Yuuka's bright blue green eyes, blinking up over her shoulder with instant recognition. "Mushi." The Kaguya pushes herself to her feet quickly and reaches out for Mushi, pulling her into an unexpected hug as she chuckles with an abundant of mirth. "Oh, Mushi, you have no idea how happy I am to see you." She pulls back, hands still on the woman's shoulders as she smiles brightly. "I am so glad you are safe. You look well. Am I to assume you are here for the Exams?" Yuuka turns just enough to glance back at Yuudai, "Yuudai-kun, this is Mushi. She is a healer that has been very generous to me and my family. She used a seal that protected Yuriko when she was still inside me during the last Exams, and the very one that delivered Yuriko."

Yuudai would simply tilt his head to the right as he turns his attention to Takeshi, "I simply like to be alone at times. On the outskirts where I can train alone and hunt alone nothing special, just my only corner of paradise. A place where only those who are close are allowed to spend the night." He would say as his yellow orbs slowly drift towards Yuuka's direction, "Nothing personal really, I just simply like to hunt my own and train in silence until late nights come." Yuudai would remain silent until Mushi makes her appearance, the greetings and welcomes from everyone would cause the kaguya male to turn his attention upon this strange person.

As Yuuka gave her explanation Yuudai could not help but to give a faint smile, both eyes closing as he folds both arms over his chest. "Well then, in that case I believe a greeting and thank you from myself is long overdue." He would say as he peeks at her from behind his pale eye lashes. "One could say a world of thanks is owed to you, but I hope a simple thank you from me can show my gratitude." He would say, obviously he was terrible at saying thank you, or looking others in the eye when he said it.

Hmm, you wouldn't know this group of polite and nice people were the fierce Kaguya Clan. Mushi finds herself warming up to the company, and she'd say to Takeshi, "It's great to see you too, Takeshi-kun." She'd say no more as Yuuka hugs her, and she grunts before hugging the other woman back.

Then she'd step back to look critically at Yuuka. "You look good too," she says. Then, her bright smile softens a little. "And I heard you got Keisuke-kun's fancy sword. Maybe one day your child can inherit it, after you. After you die at a very, very old wrinkly age." She'd order some rice balls, and say to the others, "Nice to meet y'all. I'm glad to be here during these exams."

Chiaki nods when her dumplings are brought to her and looks at the others as they speak focusing on her meal for now. She looks over at Mushi and smiles at her faintly before chewing her food as she waited to speak. "Thank you for helping keep Yuriko safe. From what I have seen she is a very healthy infant." She looks over at Yuudai and nods in agreement with him. "There is nothing wrong with being alone. It is how I prefer to do most of my training as well." She quickly finishes her meal and politely pushes the plate out of the way before sipping on her sake once again. She blinks for a moment and laughs to herself as she comes to a realization. She turns to Takeshi and holds out her bottle. "You know Tsiro-san was the one who told me Fuuta would be teaching me how to drink. I'm sure he would be surprised when he finds out that you are in fact the one teaching me." She grins faintly before taking another long swig, seems she was learning from Takeshi rather quickly.

Kiku sits in the corner by herself. Her body is shaking a bit, as she pours herself another glass of strawberry sake. She bites her lip, looking at the list again. There had to be a mistake on the written exams. There had to be. She sighs a bit, and keeps her mind settled as she tries to come up with some idea of what to do.

Gently pulling her small hands away from Mushi's shoulders, a flicker of sadness hints at Yuuka's gentle smile as she lowers her chin with a quiet not. "I did, though I wish it was another sword. And that may very well happen some day. One never knows." Warmth sparkles in her bright blue green eyes. "You should have to meet Yuriko-chan. I think you would be surprised with how much she has grown, with a personality all her own. But for now, please, take a seat with us. We are celebrating and having drinks. With the exception of Yuudai-kun that is." Yuuka chuckles, pulling back to take a seat in her own chair again.

Quiet steps with ever that genjutsu wrapped about him would carry him into the resturant. For those who he could bend, there was nothing there. For those he could not, that quiet step simply carried him towards an empty booth. He was reading the news, he had made it past the written part and so was looking forward to the next half. Survival. It was going to be interesting.. and draining. But then again, nothing in life was ever easy, right? After he'd take a seat, the genjutsu would be dropped, leaving him revealed at that booth, although he didn't seem to notice exactly who was in that place to start with.

Yuudai would grin lightly as the waiter brings a large plate of two slabs of meat on the bone. "This will do well." He would say as his manners appear to fade and he tears into the food like a savage beast. His shoulders would roll and adjust as he bites down into the meat, though he was still carefully listening to all that was said. As he munches down a large amount of food he would turn to nod at Mushi, "I rather not drink sake or a drink like it while I eat. It ruins the sweet taste of the meat, that and vegetables." He would say before turning back to the slab of meat upon his plate.

Chiaki looks around idly as she finishes off the bottle of sake and manages to spot Kitaru. She rises from her seat and walks over to Kitaru sitting down at the booth with him. "Hello Kitaru-san!" She smiles a little bit seemingly more cheerful than she usually is. "I passed the written portion of my exam, I'll be heading out to the next round soon. What about you? Not that I need to ask, you and Fuutama-sama seem more than capable of passing." She looks into the bottle seeming to forget that she had managed to drain it before sitting it down on the table. "I came here with Yuuka-sensei to relax, and that is what I am doing. This stuff isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I still think I'd rather be training, but I think this beats meditation at least." She chuckles faintly at that and looks over at the paper Kitaru is reading. "Speaking of Fuutama-sama, do you know whether or not he'll be participating in the Jounin portion?"

Mushi grins at the mention of Yuriko. "Yes, well, I can tell a good mother when I see one," she says. "How could I not have helped out?" Her rice ball with a pickled plum would come, and a bottle of sake. She takes a sip and a bite of her rice ball as she helps herself to a seat. And then she's listening to the conversation going around the table with interest. "I'd love to meet Yuriko-chan," Mushi says to Yuuka. She looks at Yuudai and takes another swallow of sake along with her rice ball. "Rather than interfering, I'd say it adds to the flavor of some food." She sits back to look at the room, there are a lot of people, including at their table. She says to Yuuka, "I heard plenty in your village passed the exams. Does your kid show the signs of being a good shinobi?"

Yuuka chuckles to herself as she reaches for one of the bottles of sake, pouring herself a drink in the saucer set in front of her. "Well you could have been a cold person and decided not to help me, for a multiple of reasons, but you had not. And now I consider you a friend of mine." she easily explains. Lifting the saucer to her lips, the Kaguya swordsman glances up at Yuudai while he literally tears into his cooked meat, smiling behind her drink as she sips. When Kitaru enters, Yuuka pulls her saucer away just enough to tip her head towards him in greeting, smiling brightly. With the exchange between Mushi and Yuudai, she lifts a pale brow as she glances between them, taking another small sip of her sake before she leans towards Mushi and whispers in her ear. After she grins to herself, chuckling.

Kiku takes a deep breath, and stretches out a little bit. She spots Kit a bit, and gets up. The woman takes a seat accross from him, and offers him a small glass of strawberry sake. She offers it to Kit. "Can we talk?", she asks him very carefully.

Kitaru would look up from the paper at Chiaki's watery greeting, a raised brow as she.. rambled? That was definitely.. not Chiaki. Studying her for a moment, he'd just chuckle softly with a small shake of his head, before looking to Kiku. He'd motion to the seat, although he'd politely decline the sake. "We can of course, Kiku-san. I don't mind talking to my friends.. I however, am not going to drink as I do not have the recuperative abilities of the Kaguya.. hai?" A light smile was given towards Chiaki. "You may wish to ease up on your own drinking too.. otherwise you'll have a hangover for the exams.."

"Add to the flavor huh, well I suppose I will be trying that out when I return home I suppose, but for now I will simply take the advice given by our new seven swordsman of the mist." He would say turning to smirk at Yuuka as he lays the bones from the meat down upon the plate. " Preparing for the exams you little viper." He would say as he motions for the waiter to simply bring him some water, rather bland but he was use to its fine taste. "I will give you the same advice someone gave me then. Being a viper makes you a predator, so prey upon them like a predator and do not become the prey." He would say with his attention turned to Chiaki, "You were trained well I am sure, besides if Yuuka has faith in you, I am sure that alone backs up your strength." He would say, his pep talk could obviously use some work as well as he takes the mug of water from the waiter, a slight shrug in his shoulder, "So go get them little viper." He would say, giving a brief smile to Yuuka as he shrugs his shoulders once more before taking a sip of his water.

Chiaki blinks at Kitaru and grins faintly motioning over to Takeshi "Takeshi-sensei gave me the whole bottle. It would have been rude not to drink it! Don't worry though that's it for me." She looks over at Yuudai as he speaks to her giving Kiku and Kitaru time to speak and listens to him closely as he gave her advice. She nods at Yuudai "See! No one else thinks like that, people are always telling me to lighten up with the blood shed and to get more 'people' skills. That is not how a predator thinks though. You, understand. And thank you I have been trying to train well. Tsiro-san has actually taken me on as his student to help train me. He's been doing quite well at that. And I'll be sure to 'get them' as you put it." She smiles once again and turns her attention back to Kiku and Kitaru, still unsure of whether or not it was going to be one of those private talks she couldn't be apart of.

Kiku watches Kitaru a bit. "Things are going to be a bit hairy in there. I was wondering…if you would be interested in…teaming up with me in the Survival.", she asks. The girl bites her lip a little bit. "I know its not exactly a Kaguya way of doing things, but if we team up, one can watch the others back, and two of us can set up traps.", she tells. "We could get the two scrolls both of us need quicker as well.", she says.

Kitaru glanced over at Takeshi for the drink given to Chiaki, a small shake of his head given. Starting them young it seems. He'd sigh softly before shrugging, oh well. Looking to Chiaki, he'd chuckle lightly at her response to Yuudai. "I.. would have to say I have not said you need people skills, Chiaki-san.. simply to look at more than one way of doing things at times.. hai?" He'd shrug then, looking to Kiku. Pondering for a moment, a slow nod would be given. "Hai.. that is true.. I also did not plan on taking out any Kiri nin in the survival round at least.. I saw Fuuta-san on the list.." He'd tap the scroll he had. "So.. we can definitely see Kiku-san. It's a good idea to scout ahead too, very smart, hai?"

"Well thanks," Mushi says, with a wry smile. "I do make some interesting friends. And if you need my help again ask anytime (foraverysmallandreasonablefee.)" She looks in disgust at the strawberry sake, but doesn't say anything aloud about it. It's to Yuudai that she listens, and she says, "Oh, everyone is prey. Evenand especiallythe apex predators. You just have to become the strongest prey of all." It's a chilling thing to say, but in a strangely calm unassuming tone. She takes her rice ball and eats it in huge bites that leaves a few grains of rice sticking to her chin. She finishes her sake pretty quickly too, and orders more of both. She looks to Yuuka and asks, "So…what do you want to accomplish, Yuuka-san?"

Kiku takes several deep breathes, and nods her head. "Narusegawa is in the competition. And I know how you feel about her. Tsiro is in the competition as well, along with Fuuta. Most of the rest I don't know anything about.", she says. The woman takes a moment to sip her sake.

Leaning back in her seat Yuuka smiles to herself, "Yuriko-chan has been standing against objects as of late, so it is only a matter of time before she can stand amd walk on her own. She is very determined, and nothing seems to really bother her for the most part." she answers, sipping her sake. Her bright eyes glance up at Kitaru and Kiku talking to each other, a small smile tugging at her lips again before shifting her gaze back to Yuudai and Mushi while they chat. Everyone was getting along, even enjoying themselves. These were the moments she wish she had more of the most.

"Of course, Mushi. I would love if you became my family's physician. If you can that is. Luckily Yuriko-chan hasn't had so much as a cold yet because of Kaguya's natural regenerative properties, but it is only a matter of time before that happens. A cold or a flu…" Mothers worry, just a little bit. Yuuka smile is small as she shrugs a slender shoulder. "In the exams? I think I would just like to pass a couple of rounds at least, but I do not expect to win. Not yet at least. I still have to become stronger."

Kitaru would frown at that. He had missed her being in the exams as well.. Looking back at his scroll a moment, a small nod was given. "Hai..well then, Kiku-san.. we'll ambush Naru and remove her first. The strongest needs to fall quickly, hai?" A small shrug was given with a sigh. "Tsiro is welcome to join us.. as is Fuuta. But I'm not sure if Tsiro will or not." He'd shake his head slowly, pondering for a moment as he'd study Chiaki. "I do hope the best for you Chiaki. If everything goes according to plan.. you will be chuunin and I will be Jounin." He'd smile slightly with a shrug. "It will be hard to fight Kiku-san, Tsiro and Fuuta.. but, I'd rather keep the win within Kirigakure.. instead of elsewhere, hai?"

At Yuuka's seemingly innocent comment, Yuuka arches a pale brow as she gives him a sideways glance, watching him in silence for but a moment before a small smile tugs at the corner of her lips and she shakes her snow white head softly. Amused if anything.

Chiaki listens to Kiku and Kitaru before blinking for a moment. She stands rigid, her face going pale with a queasy look. "I…don't feel well…It was nice meeting you Yuudai-san and nice seeing you Kitaru-san. Please…excuse me." With that said she runs out of the restaurant to relieve her poor stomach and get some rest before the exams. Perhaps it was a bad idea to down an entire bottle of sake in a few minutes without any training.

Kiku nods her head. "I have an idea for Naru. My new seal is something perfect for setting a trap.", she tells. The girl smiles a bit, and produces a bone shaft. SHe hands it over to Kit. He would notice the smoke seal markings on it, but altered a bit. "Get her to breath a little of this…", she tells.

Yuudai would simply smirk as Chiaki left, "That wont end well I believe, perhaps an entire bottle was to much." He would say, heck for Yuudai a small amount in a saucer was to much. Yuudai would once again slam his mug upon the table as he slides his seat back and stand to his feet. "Well, this has been Nice seeing friends who helped in the past and discovering a youngling that reminds me of myself. But I am returning to my home. It has been……yes." He would say as he digs into his pocket taking out a small amount of coins from his pocket setting them down in his plate. "I will see you all in the future, and for you Yuuka, I will see you another time perhaps." He would say as he cast his right hand up for a faint wave as he would make his way past the customers to leave the restraint.

Kitaru would watch Chiaki go, before looking to Kiku at her response. A small smile was given as he'd take the bone, studying the seals. Hmm.. while he had picked up some supplemental seals, it seems Kiku was deeper into them than he. A light nod given as the bone was given back. "Useful. Potential to use on multiple people too. No need to even fight.. lock them down, take the scroll, walk off.. hai?" Yuudai was studied as he'd announce his departure, then leave, a small shake of his head was given as he'd go back to studying the scroll.

"Family…physician?" Mushi asks, her eyebrows raised, and then she smirks. "No," she says. "While I am experienced at what I do, you'd do better with one of the medics trained here. They have much more balanced and conventional training than I." She blinks when Yuudai makes a jab about Keisuke, and she looks quickly at Yuuka to see how she'll react. She has to raise an eyebrow half surprised and half impressed when she shows such composure. She waves slightly to Chiaki, and when Yuudai leaves she'd say, "It was interesting meeting you, Yuudai-san." She looks at the seals with great interest, leaning closer to get a better look at it. "Those are some good seals," she murmurs.

Kiku looks over at Mushi a bit. "Yeah. Before I…awakened, I specialized in seals. Then Kitaru here taught me how to use Genjutsu. I have several self seals that I use, and a few area seals. This is a modified smoke tag that I was working on. Its much more refined then the one seal I made on myself.", she tells. The woman draws out her camellia blade, and focuses. Several seals line up on the blade, giving the blade an chakra edge. Kiku's skin starts to glow as well, as a semi poorly done seal on Kiku's hip activates. The woman then extends her palms, letting two bone plates come out. One for capture, and the other for Barrier. "I'm a bit odd….especially for a Kaguya."

Yuuka blinks her bright eyes up at Chiaki when the girl suddenly excuses herself, a small frown of concern at her pale brow as she watches Chiaki push herself out of her seat and practically dart out of the restaurant. "Poor thing…" she murmurs softly. Ever the den mother of kirigakure. It was probably not the best idea for Takeshi to give the girl sake before such a big occasion. She'll have to talk to him later.

Her bright eyes glancing back to Mushi, her entire expression warms with a smile as a small chuckle escapes her lips. "True, however you know more about my particular blood mutation than anyone else does. And Yuriko-chan has inherit that same mutation. So you can understand why I would be concerned. However, I will not pressure you if you think such a position would be possible for yourself."

Flicking her bright eyes up at Yuudai when he gets up to leave, Yuuka pauses briefly before smiling and lifting a hand with a gentle wave. "Be careful and be safe, okay?" It was unneeded though. She knew that he could take care of himself even if he did live in the Blood Marshes. Oh well. Its Kiku next that draws the Swordsman's attention when the girl suddenly draws out her Camellia Blade, right in the middle of the restaurant. A few of the other patrons appear to become uneasy at the sight because of it.

Kitaru would watch Kiku as she showed those seals as well, a small nod given as he tapped them off mentally. Kiku did have quite a few on her person, afterall. It'd be useful in the exams, to be sure. Musing for a long moment, he'd finally motion for Kiku to put the seals away. "The display is good, Kiku-san.. but.. hold off on doing that again until after the exams, hai? While we don't see nay forign nin here.. no sense in giving away info anyways, hmm?" He'd shrug slightly. The scroll rolled up, it'd be put away in one of his pouches. "I'll look for you in the field Kiku-san.. stay safe.. and keep your wits sharp until then, hai?"

"You should be careful about telling people that you can use illusions," Mushi says, with a glint in her eye. She indicates the sword and says, "May I see that?" She'd half extend her hand but withdraw it quickly if Kiku refused. And she says, "You know, the more I learn about your clan the more I think every Kaguya is 'odd for a Kaguya' in their own way. Heh." When the sake comes she takes a swallow and says to Yuuka, "I have five golden rules in my healing, and one of them is never give medicine or treatment to someone who is sick from drinking. And I'm sure your physician will be too terrified to look less than wonderfully after your daughter." She smiles to show the joke—hopefully it's a joke.

Kiku withdraws her seals into her body, before handing the sword over to Mushi. Its…a rather large sword for such small girl. Then again, that seems to be the norm for Kaguya women. Its a templar blade. The woman nods her head a bit. "I'm still in the process of learning.", she tells. The girl leans back in her chair a little bit. The woman nods her head to Kit. "I will.", she tells.

"Heh, I am sure." Yuuka murmurs lightly in reply, though she is a bit disappointed. Oh well. She smiles gently at her second glass of sake for a thoughtful moment longer before she lifts the glass to her soft lips and drinks it down, already a warm flush in her cheeks from the affects of the alcohol. Then taking some coins from a hidden pocket, Yuuka sets the money on the table as payment before she smoothly rises to her feet, wrapping her slender fingers around the neck of her chosen bottle. "I think I should get home before the babysitter worries. Please feel free to visit us in the Kaguya district at any time, Mushi-chan. You are always more than welcome." Yup, when she starts using -chans is when Yuuka's just a little bit tipsy. She gives everyone one last smile, including Takeshi, as she reaches for her blade, turning it over easily to rest over her shoulder. The hilt rests on her shoulder with the length stretched into the air when Yuuka turns, walking out with the enormous Kubikiribocho on one shoulder and the bottle held in the other.

Eyeing Yuuka for a moment, he'd give a small chuckle. One final bow to Kiku, then Mushi, Kitaru would follow off after Yuuka. Of course, he'd take a step, two, and would fade out as was his normal action in that sort of situation. Those who could power through his genjutsu would see him walk away, anyone else, he simply vanished into thin air. Making sure Yuuka got home safe, Kitaru himself went home to have one last night of true rest before the big exam.. This wasn't going to be any different than the missions he use to go on with team K. They went out, they cleaned up, they came home. It was something he almost looked forward to.

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