Struggle with No Reward - Passing a Checkpoint


Nori, Hiei, Hiroyasu

Date: May 19, 2013


With the Daimyo's troops out looking for 16 year olds for the draft, a checkpoint at a very pivitol crossroads outside of Konohagakure Village has been setup. Trying to pass through the checkpoint without getting caught is half the mission. The first half was finding out about the Konoha-Kumo alliance, Misaki's troubles, and why they needed to get back home in the first place. Needless to say, they don't quite make it through the checkpoint perfectly and hijinks ensue.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Struggle with No Reward - Passing a Checkpoint"

Crossroads outside of Konohagakure Village

Skirmishes have been going on here and there all over the Land

of Fire. If it isn't the Daimyo trying to find 16 year olds for the

draft…or traitors at any rate…then it is the True Fire Movement

looking to strike fear into the hearts of the shinobi and Daimyo. It's

actually all very chaotic, and in a sense for the shinobi…both

terrifying and fascinating all at the same time.
Unfortunately for the Kumogakure shinobi, they had been sent

out on an official Kumogakure mission along a clear path, only to have

that clear path come under control of the Daimyo's troops. Nori had

already been dispatched outside of the village because the TFM has

been shooting all hawk traffic they see with bows. Nori, and the other

younger Genin, are the new messengers. Nori's telepathy, even though

it is only good for a small distance, is proving useful. He is

sticking around one of the Konohagakure outposts and getting new

assignments. One of them is to ferry Hiei and Hiroyasu from the

outpost back to Konoha…so he is there waiting for them.

As Hiro and Hiei walks towards the outpost, Hiei is shuffing

his feet as he goes. Usually, he's always in a hurry to get to where

he's going, but today he's dragging his feet. There is a scroll in his

hands that he reads silently as he walks. He had gotten the message

earlier in the week and Hiro would notice that it's got the seal of

Clan Yotsuki on it, too. Whatever the contents are, Hiei doesn't seem

too happy about it. He's been very quiet during their journey.

Hiroyasu walks with his hands resting behind his head in a

carefree stride, the boulder in tow. "News from home, Yotsuki-sama?"

it didn't take much to notice the seal. "I don't think my letters have

been arriving, Mother has not sent me a single reply" he says with a

frown before continuing his stride now less happy as before.

Nori looks up to see his two favorite Kumonin heading his way,

"Oh, so it was the two of you that I'm to babysit." He winks after

that last word, but then he notes that they don't exactly seem too

happy. "You two okay? Looks like the state of things has got you

down?" Nori himself doesn't seem all that phased by it. This is really

the first 'action' he's seen. Sure, he's been on missions before, but

this is different. Nori looks around, "No Misaki-san? You two didn't

leave her to die out there did you?" Apparently he's picked up on

their reluctance to cover her car when she goes all crazy from

previous experiences with the team.

Hiei spots Nori and offers him a small smile, and he still

greets him in his customary manner. A high-five. "Hey, hey Nori-san."

He rolls the scroll up and puts it into one of his pouches on his

belt. He asides to Hiroyasu. "Letter from my parents. Due to the

things with the Daimyo back home, they've both been called to active

duty." Both of Hiei's parents were Jounin, but he was worried more

about his mother. She had been withdrawn before he left and she had

closed down her store. If she had been called to go back into active

duty, then things were serious in Kumo. He rolls his shoulders.

"They'll be fine, though. Father is the one that trained me,

afterall." When he asks about Misaki, Hiei shakes his head. "She

wasn't assigned with us." He cuts his eyes towards Hiro. "I'm sure it

has nothing to do with how she treated the Hokage."

Hiroyasu says "Nothing to do with it at all, I'm sure" with a

faux shrug before looking about "Babysit, really? Can't you leafies

find a better word if you want insult us. Despite that we keep pulling

your hams out of the oven, again and again." he strikes a pose "Maybe

you should call us heroes" in classic Hiroyasuian flavored humor.

Nori hi-fives Hiei back. The young boy sits back and listens

though when Hiei and Hiro speak amongst eachother. He does pipe up to

say, "If they are Jounin then I'm sure they can handle some villagers

just fine. I didn't realize though that the other villages are having

this same issue. That seems…too organized." He herms for a moment,

but then his mind wanders back to the conversation, "Misaki-san did

what?" He blanches lightly. He's never even talked to the Hokage, let

alone mistreat her.
Turning back to Hiroyasu, Nori says, "I could say that they

wanted me to get the two black sheep back into the pen…or that they

wanted me to bring the two loving rams to slaughter (because 10% of

rams are gay, not that they'd realize that)…or that they wanted me

to bring the two trophy shinobi to the show case…or," he pauses, "I

can keep going all night, but we're running out of time." He grins

brilliantly and readies himself to get hit by bringing his arms up.

Nori uses those arms to wave them along, "Come on, let's go. The Land

is crawling with enemies."

Hiei shakes his head to Nori. "Different issue in Kumo.

There's a faction out to assassinate the Lightning Daimyo and his

family. It's taking a lot of manpower to make sure he and his family

is well protected. That's why Mother and Father have been placed on

active duty again." He smirks. "Well, we were called into the Hokage's

office the other day and Misaki-chan made some demands of her. But

anyways, Konoha and Kumo are offical allies now. Hiro and I take our

orders from the Hokage like we would our Raikage back home. I've even

been patrolling the Land with the other leaf ninja." He winces at all

the examples Nori gives about babysitting them. "None of those sound

appealing to me." He chuckles as he walks along. "So, Nori-san. Is

there a reason why they sent you out to escourt us back?"

Hiroyasu nods to Hiei's expose "I'm sure Father has been

shipped out, I doubt Mother would be." rubbing his chin as too why his

letters have not been returned. "Yes, we sort of are under direct

control of your Hokage, while in your village. She is a very

accommodating leader, I can see why your village prospers" He looks

around "Enemy? Fire or Fire?" as both are of the fire variety one

terrorist, one ruling terrorist. Going on to the full guard, even

pulling out several seals that he rests between his fingers.

Nori herms, "I had not heard that we are officially allies

now…and more than that even, that you are basically no different

from me now either." He chuckles. "The real reason they asked me to

escort you guys is just that I've been through the gauntlet and told

the commanding officer here that there are a few checkpoints that the

Daimyo set up. We will have to go around them…but they also have

random patrols…and my sensor skills should come in somewhat handy

for that." Somewhat handy is true. It is harder to note non-shinobis

with chakra sensing.
Nori watches as Hiro goes into fight or flight mode already.

"Let's hope we can just sneak, ne?" He also herms about Misaki, "Did

Hashiramako-sempai kick her straightaway out or did Misaki-san get away with it

as usual?" Nori shrugs.

As Hiei listens as Nori lays out the situation he frowns. "You

know stealth isn't my thing, right?" He tosses up his hands. "I

learned the basics at the academy, but I figured I wouldn't need it

much. I was focusing on bashing heads and learning the best way to

take apart my opponent." He places his hands behind his head as they

keep walking. He grumbles. "They're just obstacles. We should just

remove them." He leaves Hiro to answer the question about Misaki. Hiei

loves her, but she gets on his nerves sometimes. The stunt she pulled

in their meeting…he was very surprised that the Hokage didn't kill

all three of them.

Hiroyasu erms "No, Niisan stormed out immediately afterwards,

the Hokage was mostly kind to us about it, but still threw us out. I

went back the next day and repaired our standing. Mostly.." rubbing

the back of his head. "Stealth is not my forte either Hiei, but you

don't see me avoiding it when it's needed" he looks over at Hiei

before back to nori "you have a plan B right.. just in case" he nods

his head at Hiei before looking the other direction "Hmm that cloud

looks like a goat" putting his hand over his eyes to block the sun.

Nori smiles at Hiei, "Which is why they sent me. I'll help

navigate you through. Still, that means you have to do everything that

I say okay? For example, if I tell you to bark like a dog, what would

you do?" He waits a moment to see if Hiei barks, but looks over to

Hiroyasu and winks. He's such a smart tire.
Nori shrugs, "I think we have the ability to remove them, but

the Daimyo's force is following orders. I'd rather not kill them if we

can help it. The True Fire Movement are also just villagers. They are

upset, and rightfully so, but they are villagers that we are here to

protect. If they get in our way, fine. Do what needs to be done to get

home." He shrugs and starts walking.
Nori talks as he walks, "She threw you out? Ouch." Nori rubs

at the back of his head, "I need to talk to the Hokage. How exactly

did you guys do that? We need to get the villagers representation in

the Hokage-sempai's advisor's cabinet. That might not stop everything,

but I think it would help. Also, having them be free to investigate

shinobi using excessive force when it isn't necessary…and then

having the power to punish those shinobi…might be a good idea too."

Nori eyes Hiroyasu for a moment, but he doesn't eye Hiei. Uh-oh.
"I like you a lot, Nori-san, but I am not barking like a

dog…if I can help it." Hiei replies. When Nori talks about them just

doing what they think is necessary, Hiei nods in agreement. "I

understand that. But at the same time we have orders, too. And

anything that jeapordize the mission must be removed. Sometimes, that

includes people." He shrugs. "But we don't have to kill them…I

wasn't really suggesting that. But sending them home with a few

bruises won't hurt too terribly much." He pauses and frowns slightly.

"There may be some merit in that, but anytime you involve normal

people with the ninja world, it never goes well. Inviting someone to

punish shinobi is just…them signing their own death warrants. Unless

you intend for them to hire mercenaries, and then you'll have people

abusing even that. Putting a kill order on a ninja just because they

may not like them. I think the way it is now, is the way it should


Hiroyasu says "It's easy Nori-san, you walk up to her office

and ask to see her!" before thinking about it "I thought you had a

division that handles and meters out justice to shinobi found in the

wrong. We do in Kumo, they are feared, it's said if you see them its

because your life is no longer worth your bunk. Which is most cases

might be made of dirt or stone depending on rank." he kinda loses

focus on the conversation and rambles some before coming back "Being a

less than fortunate son of the land myself, I can understand the want

to sit at the table. But like Hiei said, if you don't have the right

manners you are just barking in the dark." before going silent.

Nori looks butt-hurt (yes, just went there) that Hiei won't

bark like a dog for him. He starts chuckling though and shakes his

head, "I didn't think you'd actually do it either, but I figured I'd

try for /some/ entertainment in this bleak world." He snickers. "Oh,

yeah, sending them home is fine if we need to." The young Yamanaka

hmms and adds, "Oh, I didn't mean that the villagers would be the only

ones in control. The advisor's cabinet should be in charge of an

inquisition of sorts. Right now I'm not sure there is open

communication between the villagers and the Hokage-sempai. If one

shinobi constantly uses excessive force, then there is no way for them

to really tell the Hokage. If there is a team that can investigate

such events…and maybe the Uchiha police should be in charge of just

that…then maybe the excessive force would be minimized. Accidents

happen, but if it happens over and over, is it still an accident?"

Nori shrugs, as often does. "And I'm not sure. I haven't heard of such

a division here. I'll have to walk in and talk to the Hokage."
As they move, Nori grows quiet. "We are moving close to the

first check-point. There are probably several patrols around. Let's

stop and wait and watch for a bit." Nori puts out his chakra senses

and goes silent and still.

Hiei has been around Nori long enough to know that when he

says that they should stop and wait for a little while, he does just

that. He squats down so that he isn't easily seen and remains quiet

for awhile before asking. "Any idea how many there are?" He does

whisper at least, he glances over at Hiroyasu and then back over at

Nori. He didn't like this hiding stuff, but the difference between him

and Misaki is that Hiei is a team player. If someone comes up with the

plan, he'll follow it.

Hiroyasu nods "Ahh you want to establish a venue for

communication. I figure she would be amenable to that, as it would

allow for the Kage to send information to them like evacuations or

advanced warnings as well a funnel up information from the outlaying

lands." when they are told to stop, he does immediately and crouches

down leaning back on his boulder as a backrest.

Nori sends a communication to Hiei and then to Hiroyasu one

after the other…~There's a little bit of an issue. Last time Fudo-

san and I came through here, there were four people at the checkpoint

and one patrolling the woods around it. Fudo couldn't get past the

checkpoint as easily as I could, so he stunned one of the guards. It,

eh, looks like they've gotten backup. There's six guards at the

checkpoint and another six patrolling the woods in groups of two.

Either that, or we suddenly got a lot of deer in the area. Kinda hard

to tell with non-shinobi types. What should we do?~ He waits to hear a

response before going to the next person.

Hiei tilts his head forwards as he suddenly hears Nori's voice

inside of his head. He's not alarmed, because he used this form of

communication in previous missions. Hiei smiles. ~Actually, I have a

plan. Nori, you and I could become one of the soldiers using the Henge

technique. We could pretend to be escorting Hiroyasu through the area

as our prisoner. As long as they don't question us too closely, it may

work. It would beat trying to defeat twelve guards between us. Not

even I like those odds. Relay this to Hiro…see what he thinks?~

Hiroyasu hears more voices in his head than usual, but it's at

least nori's voice. He attempts a response ~I suppose we can do it, I

have my Seal materials, so I can forge something if we want. It won't

hold up under high scrunity but I could trap it as a capture barrier.~

he adds, sometimes he should really go back and learn how to use the

impersonation jutsu.

Nori hears and sees all. Well, sorta. Nori sends out one last

message to Hiroyasu and Hiei…his energy already starting to drain

somewhat as it takes a little effort to switch between minds, ~I can

also make up a fake document if needed with Genjutsu.~ Nori then

henges into a bigger, older version of himself. Yeah, he's done this

older version before it looks like. Maybe to try and pretend to look

older and bigger. He nods to the others and keeps his mind on Hiei for

ease, ~I'll stay in your mind since we need to work together. It

doesn't matter if Hiroyasu hears us…might be more realistic reaction

if he doesn't. Oh, and go hard on him.~ Nori grins broadly and then

whinks at Hiroyasu. Uh-oh.

Hiei nods towards Nori. "Transformation Justu!" He transforms

into an older version of himself, only his skin tone is a few shades

lighter. He's dressed like the soldiers are and carries a spear

instead of his sword. He looks over at Hiro and whispers. "Okay. We

have to make this look good, so I'm going to have to rough you up a

little. Just a couple of bruises that are easily seen to help sell the

story. I take no pleasure in this." He knew that Hiro would say not to

hit him in the face, so he punches him in the side of the neck, just

hard enough to create a bruise and then punches him again on the

shoulders before tearing off his sleeves, if he's wearing any. Only

thing is, if he's not taking any pleasure in what he's doing, why is

he smiling so much?

Hiroyasu feels like a sheep in the wolves den, why do they do

look at me like I am a piece of meat, then Hiei drops the classic

phrase. "Not the face!" before taking a shot in the neck "Owww!" then

another to shoulder before ripping his sleeve off "Mother gave me

this!" his lip quivers, "give me the sleeve, I want to sew my heart

back together later.." snatching the sleeve and putting it a pouch. He

leans over and picks up some dirt and slaps it on his face, neck, and

clothes. "I hate you both.." he whines.

Nori punches Hiroyasu in the ear. Yes, the ear. It isn't in

the face, and it'll swell quite a bit, and it'll take Hiroyasu by

surprise. Nori doesn't smile though during or after he's done the

deed. He's got a pretty good poker place. The young Yamanaka, err, or

older Yamanaka rather, bows and then grabs Hiroyasu and starts tieing

him up with his rope. He makes one hand in front and one hand in back

whispering, "You are a ninjutsuist…we're making it so you can't make

handseals is all." Nori, for being fairly slow, is actually quick with

the rope tieing. He's done this before several times. "Let's go," and

he pushes Hiroyasu forward.
Up ahead two patrolmen find them first. They say, "Halt, who

goes there?" Hiei hears, ~You speak.~

Hiei shoves Hiroyasu in the back pretty roughly before looking

at the patrolmen. "Found a shinobi helping some traitors. Taking him

in for questioning." His voice is a little lower than normal, though

he does look the man in the eye when he speaks to him. He knew that in

order for this to work, he needed to act like he belonged here. -

Please let this work..please let this work- He thinks to himself.

Hiroyasu spits and snarls in contempt, he could not hear

anything in his head so this was going to improvisation time. So He

struggles against his bonds before rocking back and forth on his feet,

he seems generally in discomfort.

The younger man stares at Nori while the older man talks to

Hiei. Nori, for his part, just struggles to hold Hiroyasu. Nori isn't

that strong, so it really does make for a good struggle. As the older

patrolman man talks, the younger patrolman starts to inspect Hiroyasu.

The older one says, "Where are your transportation papers?" Nori

pushes Hiroyasu into the younger patrolman saying, "Hold this." He

pulls the papers out and hands them to the older man. The paper is

blank, but it is Nori's stare that causes the man to see what he wants

to see via the Distortion Genjutsu technique. Genjutsu can be useful.
It seems like things are going alright, but after a moment,

the older man waves Nori and Hiei forward. They are being brought to

the six other men at the checkpoint. Hopefully, it is just for

processing. Nori says to Hiei, ~Be on your guard.~ Sure enough, the

six men look up when the five of them come into view. The two

patrolmen say something, a password it seems, and then the older one

talks, "We have a transportation of an enemy shinobi. They came to us,

so it looks legit. They even have papers. We figured you could process

them first though before sending them on their way." One of the six

looks at Hiroyasu and then cocks his fist back to hit him as he says,

"Scumbag!" Nori calls to Hiei, ~Stop him.~ That is all the time he

has, no other details. Hiei better have a good reason for why he's

stopping the man.

Hiei quickly raises his arm, catching the soldier's fist in

the palm of his hand. "It'll have to wait. We have reason to believe

that there are more where he came from. His friends will definitely

try to rescue him. Send us on before the others get here so we don't

have to deal with his buddies. In the meantime, he needs to be in good

condition." He releases the soldier's fist after squeezing it just a

little. "Better condition he's in, the more we can torture him later."

Hiroyasu stares defiantly at the fist, "Come on beat me real

good. Lets stay a while, I bet you punch like my mother anyways" when

Hiei stops the fist, he was trying to play the angle that if they

wasted time his friends would arrive. "Just a few more minutes.." he

rocks back and forth in his restrains while smiling, "Just a few more

minutes.." he repeats with a perverted grin and devious eyes his in

head, he's picturing locking hiei and nori in a barrier for several

hours in the hot sun, of yes any minute now they will get what is


The soldier makes contact! Or not. He blinks when his fist is

suddenly in Hiei's. "For someone to move that quickly, you've got to

be a shinobi too. Double check their papers." Nori points to the

papers saying, "They're there and all in order." He isn't a friggin

Jedi, but sometimes the power of suggestion helps. The man in charge

takes a look at the papers. He does feel the pressure of the shinobi's

friends coming, so only glances at them. The leader says, "Perhaps we

should push them along and prepare for his friends. Start laying the

traps." Nori says to Hiei, ~Just a little further.~ The patrolmen both

nod and then push Hiroyasu back into Hiei's hands. "Shut him up would

you at least?" Another man says, "Put a gag in his mouth," while

another says, "How about a dirty sock." He proceeds to take off a wet,

stinky sock and throws it at Hiroyasu. Hiei will probably catch

it…maybe. Nori doesn't.
As they move out of the main area, the two patrolmen tag

along. They are almost free. In fact, they're well out of yelling

range of the six at the checkpoint, when Nori trips and falls.

Momentarily, his henge flickers. Uh-oh. A quick kunai is thrown out

from Nori on the ground…and it moves to cut Hiroyasu. With any luck,

it will take out the ropes holding him and not cut him…maybe.

Hiei does not catch the sock. However he does comment. "I've

had some shinobi do you think I caught this one?" He

looks at the dirty sock and says plainly. "I'm not touching that."

Shoving Hiro in the back again, they move on. Only two patrolmen

decide to tag along. Hiei was quietly trying to devise a way to get

them away from here when Nori suddenly falls and his henge flickers.

Looks like the jig was up. Reaching behind him, he produces two

shruiken held between the fingers of his hand. With a flick of his

wrist, he sends them towards the patrolmen. "What's that over there?!"

He pretends to point off in the distance after launching the attack.
Hiroyasu leans forward, his hands raising up making them

better targets and nori's kunai slices completely through a rope, and

his sleeve, and maybe first couple layers of skin sending a twinge of

pain. "why I am the whipping boy today.." before going quickdraw

gunslinger with two seals, "Double Capture Barrier!" he says hurling

the blue glowing seals at the two guards attempting to trap them in a

reverse barrier giving his /friends/ the time they need, then slaps

his hands together into a prayer steeple, fingers extended.

The whole shinobi training thing doesn't exactly catch high

remarks. That's probably why the two patrolmen were following them.

Still, the Daimyo does have shinobi in his draft, so it isn't out of

the question either.
As Nori falls and his henge flickers, and then the kunai go

flying into the woods, the two patrolmen look back and forth between

the forest and eachother and then back to Hiei and Nori. "What's going

on?" they ask, quickly drawing their own weapons. One has a short

sword while the other has a whip. They don't have time to react though

to much more, because Hiroyasu traps them in the capture barrier. The

whip can barrely be lashed inside the barrier, and the short sword

pokes at it. Nori gets up, anime sweat-drops while making a peace

sign, and then starts to run for it. He calls out to Hiei and

Hiroyasu, "Run!" And so he makes a break for it. Hopefully that

barrier will last a moment and Hiei and Hiroyasu will move it too.

Hiei drops his disguise with a *poof*. He smiles at the two

patrolmen now that they're in the barrier and offers them a finger

wave just before he leans forwards and rockets off in the direction

that Nori is going. He kicks up dirt and debris as he goes and a wind

accompanies him as he goes. "Better pick up the pace, they could be

loose at any moment!"

Hiroyasu kicks up dust as he zooms trailing behind Hiei but

catching up to nori then keeping pace "You lack the Stamina for any

kind of extended jaunt don't you? Should be scout out potential hiding

spots?" knowing that in the past nori winded himself quickly. "And

Hiei, pray to the ancestors that I don't catch you!" he wasn't running

full-bore, he was running quickly but in a marathon like manner, long

run stride.

Nori has a great deal of stamina oddly enough…the problem is

actually more that he is using things like henge and telepathy, which

drain his natural chakra and make him have to focus between things.

That and he plays it up for the sake of having an ace in his pocket.

Nori also just doesn't have speed. That one is true. Nori says as they

run, "I can hide better than you two if needed. Still, I think setting

up a trap, maybe explosive tags, or some sort of diversion would be

better for you two rather than hiding. The last thing we need is for

all of them to come and find us and actually find you two. You're

terrible at hiding." He grins as he says this jokingly…although his

grin moves in and out with each huff.

Hiei turns around and runs backwards while he talks to

Hiroyasu. "Bah. Whatcha gonna do? Put me in a barrier? That's if you

can hold me down long enough for it to work." However, he does slow

down so that Nori and Hiro can catch up to him. Now running regularly

again, he comments. "We've got a clear path back to Konoha, right? Why

not just dust these guys and run all the way back to the village at

high speed?"

Hiroyasu says "Cause they can track it, what we need to do is

find somewhere to hide until the trail is cold." He thinks for a

moment, "I've seen you create a dome of earth, to snuff out a fire.

Can you make it bigger? Like enough to hide us in the side of a hill?

After we do some misdirection tracks wise?" before looking to nori and

Hiei before looking back to his running path.

Nori listens to both and finally says, "While they will

probably just make us as Konohagakure shinobi, Hiroyasu is probably

right…better to not confirm the point. Yes, let's move into the

trees, harder to track us that way…and then we can jump down before

the mountains to the north. I can easily setup a bunch of earthen

walls and domes that will mask our presence. Let's just hope they

don't have another sensor with them."
Luckily for them, the plan works. The shinobi are tracked for

a little while, but between the tree-walking and the earthen tomb, the

Daimyo's troops give up. Some time passes before Nori releases the

earthen protection…and they high-tail it back to Konohagakure

without further incident.

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