Passing on the key


Eremi, Daichi

Date: December 4, 2015


Eremi seeks Daichi to quickly advance the boys training for the trying times ahead.

"Passing on the key"


A search had begun, starting with the training forests, the usual places where Daichi could be found. The training grounds, forests, the rocky area. Where ever the kid may be, Eremi was on the hunt. Though on foot, the man still moved quickly through the area, the weather being kind enough to hold back the rain clouds that were forming off in the horizon. The sun hung directly overhead, but the changing in seasons left the air with a bit of a nip. The thought had once crossed his mind that Daichi might not be in the area, but instead on a mission, home or some where else within the village. Sending a request to meet with the young Satonezu would have made things much easier…

If Eremi ever checked the lake he would have found Daichi training his water walking on it. It had begun to get colder giving the boy extra incentive not to fall into it, and he had gotten much better because of all this. He would now be at the stage where he is practicing his taijutsu techniques while on the water which involving a lot of flips and jumping around would cause rippling effects. Though it seems he is near mastering it he still has the signs that show he fell in recently whenever Eremi stumbles across him.

The search within the training grounds, though extensive, had lackluster results. Eremi wouldn't give up though, only hurry his approach as his tactics went from the ground to the trees. It still took time, but eventually Eremi would find himself near the lake where Daichi was on the surface of the water, making strides the elder Satonezu had not known the younger was currently capable of. He watched for a bit, examining the kids techniques before jumping free from the tree line and making his presence more known. From the distance he'd call out, "Daichi!" The name carrying on the wind, hopefully not enough to startle the kids concentration. If noticed, a wave would follow.

Daichi was fully distracted by any outside force, and tuned it all out….. That is until Eremi came out of nowhere calling out his name. He jumped startled at first falling downwards, but luckily recovered. Well recovered as in falling, but using his hands to flip him back up onto his feet. Though once he saw it was Eremi he just threw a wave his way and walked off the water. "Hey Eremi. What you out her doing? Were you coming to teach me some new interesting technique?" He scratched at his cheek for a oment thinking about what he could possibly learn next and remembered he had improved his Leaf Whirlwind into the Leaf Great Whirlwind. "Oh! I don't remember if I have shown you, but my Leaf Whirlwind is improved now. Though I have not really created the whirlwinds yet like you can."

Eremi smiled at Daichi, holding his ground as the boy approached. "That is exactly why I came here, Daichi. There are some dangerous roads ahead, paths that will truly test us all, and I need to make sure you're ready for whatever comes." He wanted to keep the mood light and positive, so stopped there, not going further into detail. "So you've learned Leaf Whirlwind and already advanced upon it? That's quite impressive. And to see you've already started training in Water Walking." Nodding approvingly, Eremi eyed the boy for a brief moment. "Show me….Show me every thing you've learned so far. Come at me without holding back. I need to make sure you are physically capable of dealing with what I want to teach you next…"

Daichi looks at him and nods for a moment. "Yeah I have been training a lot. I have even tried to learn some ninjutsu though I am not as good at it as taijutsu. I would probably only use it in cases of countering others." He frowned but quivkly grinned when he was told to come at Eremi with everything he had. Which he first assumed he could take off his weights, but if not it didn't matter. He would shrug if not allowed and stand prepared in front of Eremi. Then he would after a quick moment of stretching charge at him. The first thing he would do was go for a leaf gale in which instead of flat out tripping Eremi he would just try to knock him off balance. That would hopefully allow him to follow up pretty easily with a Leaf Great Whirlwind which comparing heights would probably just be aimed at his chest.

Eremi held his ground, expecting little surprise from what Daichi might offer. The attacks were his own after all, which made avoid being toppled over quite easy. The whirlwind that followed however, had more force behind it than was expected. Not braced properly, the arm trembled slightly, pushing into Eremi and almost knocking him down. There'd be a bruise there later…"Good…" Rubbing the spot of impact slightly, "Good. Again. Continue to push." Unlike before where Eremi simply allowed Daichi to beat on him, the elder took a step forward before rearing back with a clenched fist.

Daichi would be so shocked that he had any effect on Eremi considering how easily he stopped his attacks the last time they did this that the clenched fist connected pretty easily. Though the boy had felt a lot more pain, so this was nothing. After rubbing the spot where he got hit he would charge again. This time though he would go for a regular leaf whirlwind that was used more so to send him back around into a leaf gale. Then hoping he was tripped up some a punch would be thrown his way.

More prepared for how quickly Daichi is improving, Eremi braced himself properly against each attack thrown. There was definitely power and speed behind Daichi's movements, but it needed more…He wasn't ready yet, not for the coming weeks. "Alright. Alright. I've…seen all I need to see." His stance would relax, hands dropping down at his sides. "Daichi. I want to teach you something. You're at a point where you're physically ready to learn it, but mentally, that is up to you. Have you ever heard of the Eight Chakra Gates?"

Daichi looks over at Eremi now that he was told that that was enough. Then he listened as Eremi spoke about teaching him something, and he was obviously interested though he didn't know too much about what he was talking about. The most he would have heard about the chakra gates before would maybe be hearing about something preventing shinobi from growing to their full potential. Though wherever he would have if he did he probably didn't pay enough attention to it. "Uhhh…. I don't think I have. It doesn't sound familar at least."

Eremi nodded, "I expected as much. Come, walk with me and I'll explain a few things." He'd turn about on his heels, expecting Daichi to be right alongside him upon his request. A glance would be given to make sure the other was doing as such before continuing on. "The Chakra Gates are a secret and forbidden technique that surprisingly enough can only be learned by those that have studied Konoha Strong Fist. The style itself preparing the body, strengthening it, for what the Chakra Gates can unlock. So the further you progress in the style, the further you can progress in the Chakra Gates, making it easier to manage." He knew this didn't exactly explain what the Chakra Gates were yet, but he didn't want to overwhelm the kid with too much information at first.

Daichi does indeed follow trying to stay right by his side. Though Eremi's longer strides keeps him slightly moving ahead every once and a while making Daichi speed up every so often. "Oh? So it is like I have been practicing for these gates already? And if it is forbidden then how do you or anyone else know it? Don't those techniques usually get hidden away?" He thinks for a moment before adding on one more question. "Oh and umm…. What do these gates do that make them forbidden?" He seemed curious more then anything at the moment.

"In a way." Eremi offered, "You could be come the greatest Taijutsu Master under the Konoha Strong Fist style, but if no one taught you how to unlock even the first Chakra Gate, you would simply be a Taijutsu Master and nothing more." He continued his strides as the pair made there way out the lake, past the river and on the street. They'd pass other people and as they did, Eremi refrained from commenting until the were by themselves for even the briefest moment. "I don't know the story of how the first person learned it, but I'm sure they stumbled across it. Someone taught it to me and I'm going to teach it to you. It's not something I take lightly as not everyone should learn the Gates. It is a very advanced technique with devestating results not only to your opponent, but to yourself as well. Over exposure or eagerness to advance beyond your own bodies limits could very well result in your own death or simply destroying your body to the point you'll never be able to live life to the fullest again."

Daichi continues following along with the older Satonezu listening to him speak about the gates. "So learning these gates makes you more then a Taijutsu master? How so?" Of course that was held up as they walked by people and Eremi refrained from speaking while they were. Upon speaking about the effects of using these gates Daichi for a moment frowned wondering what power this technique gives that would make it worth putting strain on your own body. "In what way does it harm your own body? I have not heard of techniques that do that, or at least not many. And I have never seen it in person."

The pair continued on down the street, cutting across Gekkani Passage, moving further through the village. At this point Daichi was asking a lot of questions, understandably so, Eremi wanted the boy to be curious. "The Gates take what you already are and advance it. Incrementally so. From the First Gate which allows your muscles to work at 100, to the Eighth Gate that can give you powers greater than the Five Kage's. Though the gates can only increase what power you have. A Genin could take on a Jounin and a Jounin would rival the Kage's. A Kage could take on the world…"
It was something Daichi probably thought sounded fascinating at this point and while Eremi wanted the boy to be so, he didn't want Daichi to forget it's forbidden for a reason. "But…it's a technique that comes at a cost. Your muscles, your body, it never truly gets used to such a thing. The Chakra Gates are limiters on your body, preventing your body from tiring out early and dying. Unlocking the Gates allows you to remove the limiters, but as you do so, it tears your muscle fibers and makes your heart beat faster than it's used to…Unlocking the Eight Gate increasing every thing 100 fold and by doing so, surely granting death."

Daichi looks at Eremi still, and was truly fascinated, but he wasn't completely stupid for a nine year old. He knew before being told that a forbidden technique would be forbidden for a reason, and it didn't take long for those reasons to come out. And the costs sounded pretty scary. Though the skill sounds like something that if used in a controlled enviroment, besides this eighth one, that they could be game changers in the middle of the fight. "That sounds…dangerous. I suppose that means it isn't something to be used lightly even on the lower gates huh?" He frowned but even through the frown he seemed interested in how they worked still.

"That's correct." Eremi gave a glance at Daichi before returning his eyes ahead. The mountains weren't too far now, the location Eremi had in mind. "The first gate is naturally the least damagin to the body, but it is damaging to the body nonetheless. There are some people that never recover from using even the first gate, either from overuse or their body simply not being ready. Which is why it shouldn't be taken lightly. Unless for a specific reason, the Chakra Gates should be your ace in the hole no other choice. You seem responsible enough and you're definitely skilled enough to handle the first gate, but if I find out you're mishandling what I've taught you, I'll put you in the hospital myself. It's my reputation on the line and I won't have it dirtied anymore than I do to it myself."

Daichi nods slowly towards Eremi as he mentions the things about the first gate. "It does sound dangerous, but it is always good to have an ace in the hole I am sure. Better to be injured from these gates than being dead because you didn't have them." He does think some on it though. Mostly about was something that could kill you if used wrongly worth it, but then his thoughts went to multiple people he knew from his short past he remembers. And all he can think is being able to use something like this to save others would be worth the pain he would go through himself. What if this is what allowed him to find his brother. "Eremi….. Do you think this skill… These gates. Are they worth knowing? They sound like it is worth knowing if you're using them correctly. Then you could surely do a lot with it."

They'd reach the base of the Mountain and Eremi pauses to glance at Daichi. "I think they're worth it for the right person. Certain people could change the world with such a gift or throw it all away." He'd start to walk up the path to the mountain's top. "Remember the Taijutsu Master example? Well, the Taijutsu Master is incredibly skilled, well versed in their respective Taijutsu styles. The Chakra Gates can not only amplify what you already know, but allow you to learn and employ techniques that wouldn't otherwise be possible."

Daichi stands next to Eremi at the base of the mountain and frowns slightly. "Okay. So there are skills that you need these gates to learn? Does that make the skills restricted then too?" He frowns and fidgits a little with the weights on his arms before eyeing the mounatin in front of them closely. "How do you learn these techniques then? How do you open them when they sound like they are meant to not be opened?"

Eremi nodded, "Heavily restricted. The gates put your body at its physical limits, trying to push what your body would normally allow. The techniques…Well, they put the gates to their limits. So hand in hand, they both can be very dangerous to the user, but if used properly, can be dangerous to your opponent as well." Moving along the path would bring them higher and higher until reaching the top of the mountain. From this spot the whole of the village could be seen. "I don't know many ways to open the gates, I only know of one. There are 8 gates and each is located on certain parts within a person's chakra pathway system. The first two are in the brain, the next two in the spinal cord, the fifth is located in the abdomen, the sixth in the stmoach, the seventh just below the stomach and the eighth. That one is in the heart and the one that is deadly to the user." Eremi would move toward the edge and point at a spot, "Take a seat."

Daichi follows along mostly listening and thinking. Then when asked to sit down he does just that. "Eremi. When and how often do you use the gates? Do you limit yourself to certain situations? Or do you use them….well at least the lower ones often? It sounds like it would be more apparent if you did, but mabe your body just handles it well?" Then stretching some in this spot he looks towards Eremi once more. "So what is this one way to open the gates?"

As Daichi sat as instructed, Eremi moved to be behind the kid, out of sight. "When I was younger, I used them more than I should. Mind you still only at important situations, but I wasn't skilled in my youth. I was terribly shy, cowardly and weak. Now that I'm older or more importanly, more skilled, I use them less and less." Eremi would clear his throat as his eyes focused on the rain clouds slowly approaching. "Now, thankfully you already know Tree Walking and have almost mastered Water Walking. So you know how to focus on your chakra within yourself and direct it where you need to. That is what the Chakra Gates are a part of you. You focus chakra and direct it to your feet in various levels to be able to walk on all sorts of surfaces. For the Chakra Gates, you need to focus once again, searching within yourself as you build up your chakra until you discover you've reached your limit. Keep focusing though, continue to push against the barrier, harder and harder until it bursts open. It won't happen at first, you might not even locate the gate, but if you keep practicing eventually you'll discover a new sensation within your body. At first you'll feel unstoppable, but slowly it will tear away at your body and you'll instantly notice that."

Daichi doesn't pay much attention to where Eremi is, so for the most part stares out at the village while listening to Eremi. "Yeah I have practice chakra control a lot recently. Kenta makes sure that I have that down, and soon he said he would try another training thing where I have to match the chakra output he sends through a scroll. So I have gotten prett good at messing around with chakra and all, but not so far as a piece of the brain. You think it would help if you gave me a general area it is located at?" He doesn't try anything yet. They were up here, but he wanted to make sure that he didn't have more to say or that anything in specific he should do to help with the process.

"Good…Good." Eremi crossed his arms over his chest, chains rattling as he did. "Kenta's a great teacher to learn chakra control from. He'd have to be to be an exceptional medic." The surgery of his Sharingan done by Kenta happening not too long ago. "Yes, the first two are located in your brain. Just focus what you can, fill up your chakra pathway until you feel that limit and push against it."

Daichi nods while continuing to look out at the village, and upon hearing him just say the brain he begins focusing some to see if he can find it himself. Though he does ask one thing first. "Is it possible to skip gates? They seem to be order, but could someone accidentally or purposefully skip some?" Then he would search around whilst feeling up his chakra. It takes a good bit before he finds anything, and even longer before he actually figures out that this limit is what Eremi may be talking about. Though pushing against it would probably end up being a little tougher. Hopefully all this chakra control training was useful to him now.

A question commonly asked, "I've never heard of anyone skipping gates. With more practice and control you can push through several gates with greater ease, but not directly skip a gate. Each gate needs to be opened before the next can, otherwise you wouldn't have enough chakra coursing through your pathway to open the next."

Daichi registered what he had said, but did not actually respond. He seemed to be concentrating heavily on this chakra focusing now. Though he figures they would be pointless as gates for this if the wern't hard to break through. And so far he still does not manage to break through for whatever reason. He at one point thought he had done something to it, but still the challenge was harder then he expected. He didn't want to give up on trying this though and kept pushing on.

Eremi remained quiet and motionless as Daichi focused, he didn't want to distract the kid during the process. It was hard enough on it's without having to tune out distractions. It was an exercise that went on for quite a while until Daichi was finally ready to call it quits or was actually able to push through. The latter being rather remarkable for it to happen the first attempts. Either way, Eremi would encourage Daichi to continue to practice his chakra control and focus on his own and not to attempt to use such during a spar. The results possibly having dangerous consequences to both the user and the opponent. Knowing Daichi was 9 though, keeping him from using the gates freely would be a challenging task on its own.

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