Patrol with a surprise


Ataru, Atsuro, Tobikuma, Luna (emitter)

Date: September 9, 2012


While on a D-rank patrol for Konohagakure, the group is assaulted by the Yaolin Mafia who is after Ataru's head.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Patrol with a surprise"

Forest outside of Konohagakure

It was mid-afternoon in Konoha. While Ataru wasn't an offical ninja of Konoha, he was trusted enough to at least help with some basics of the village. Atsuro thus was given the mission of patrolling the local forest and Ataru got hired to go with him. They were known friends so it was figured they'd work well together. As such, that trip through the forest would find them taking a small break at that bridge, relaxing a moment before moving on.

Never one to pass up on a break, Atsuro leans against the railing of the bridge. Taizen sits down on the ground nearby. "You get sent out on patrols often, Ataru?" Atsuro asks, deciding to try and strike up a conversation, "I'm actually not totally sure what your position entails. But since you've led a mission before, I guess it can't be /too/ restricted." He stops to grin. "Just no training the genin, I guess. The hospital can only save so many people at one time."

Ataru would laugh at that, shaking his head. "I ain't that rough on genin.. I learned from Ryuu-san, hai?" He'd smirk with a shrug of his shoulders. "I'm a not offical shinobi.. I'm trusted enough ta do basic stuff.. D rank, maybe C-rank in a pinch, hai? With all the tenseness that's been goin on lately, I ain't gotten much really.. I mostly do mail runs 'tween Konoha and Kodomai.. 'cause I'm fast."

"Sure, sure," says Atsuro, waving his hand, "You're being too modest. You know, I went to visit someone in the hospital the other day, and they've got a picture of you in the lobby? The plaque underneath says you're the one responsible for that new wing they're opening. Congrats, man!" He reaches over to give Ataru a congratulatory clap on the shoulder. "But seriously, it still seems like you end up in the hospital a lot."
Atsuro shrugs. "Well, that's not too different than most chuunin. Can't say I do a lot of mail runs, but I get guard duty and all that sort of thing. You know, menial tasks."

Ataru chuckled with a shrug. "I volunteer there a lot. I ain't a doc, fer sure, but I can handle sprains and basic stuff at least, yanno?" He'd grin then, "and yeah.. pay a lot fer me ta get patched up. However, I ain't actually been in there 'cause I was hurt fer the last lil bit.. Most rest of the people I spar ain't able ta keep up.. yer my challenge." Ataru would grin at Atsuro with a shrug. "So.. yah.. it's more me volunteerin, then gettin patched up."

It's been about four days since the news of his senpai's death hit Uchiha Tobikuma like a brick and the young boy has been mourning her ever since, though, being a shinobi he knows his obligations come first, so he is now on a mission with two more experience shinobi. The Inuzuka and Wanderer are already ahead of him and the Genin is just catching up, spotting them on the bridge as he closes in, and with one single hand-seals he flickers from sight and reappears somewhat close to him. As the two talk, he remains quiet as thoughts run through his head…thoughts of denial and dis-belief.

Atsuro raises an eyebrow. "I didn't realize you ever went there voluntarily. Just carried in on a stretcher. Anyway, you can't challenge a jounin or something? I can't be the /only/ person in the village who can keep up with you. But really, it's more like you keeping up with me." He shakes his head. "Bah, you're no fun to tease when you're like this. Just calmly deflecting everything I say. Just like…" He glances over to see Tobikuma appear.
"Him," he finishes. "Hey, kid," he says, "You actually don't seem to be doing it today. You all right?"

Ataru would laugh, shaking his head slightly. "I dunno a jounin, so I ain't able ta challenge em.. And if I'm deflectin everything, then ya gotta get better teasing." He'd snicker, lightly giving Atsuro a thump on the arm. Glancing over, he'd wave to Tobi once he caught up with them. "Yo. Glad ya could catch up.. didn't mean ta leave ya back there mate.. just doin our thing.. hai? Ya do seem ta need time ta think too.."
Atsuro would continue his normal teasing of the wanderer, but then Tobikuma is mentioned and addressed, though, the young boy remains quiet while drowned in his thoughts. After a few seconds of delay, the questions reach him and he slowly lifts his head, looking at the two older boys. "I'll be alright…" he mutters. A forced smile is place upon his lips and his deep blue eyes disappear from view as his eyes close up. The facade only remains for a moment before his cute face becomes flooded with negative emotion.

"Woah woah woah," says Atsuro, "My teasing has been perfected for slightly over two decades. There is no 'better teasing.' If I can't do something, it's because the technology hasn't been invented yet. How dare you." He frowns at Ataru. It's not totally clear if he's joking or if he's genuinely upset at this attack on his wit. "No, but seriously, how can I make fun of someone for volunteer work?"
He glances over to Tobikuma. Obviously, he's not feeling too well. Atsuro has a feeling he knows what it's about, but is there anything he can do that'll actually make it better? "You want some food?" he suggests. Man, Atsuro is just the worst at comforting sad kids sometimes.

A sharp shrill satiate the air briefly, and adequately piercing to sting the drums of the patrol group. Along either side of the massive bridge, which connected the sprawling canyons below, a band of spruced individuals revealed themselves. Hair hung loose in a tied knot behind their heads, and long black sheathed blades hugging against their hips, the animosity which alluded them was a tall tale that this encounter wasn't fate.
"Hey, Punching Bag!" A single member insulted, as the group loomed closer to fill the gap and ensure the patrol group was closed off. If anyone had knowledge in local crime syndicates, it would be obvious that they were from the Yaloin Mafia Family. The leader of the group stepped forward amongst the others, a middle aged man, body encased in the delicacies of black silk in the form of a flowing hakama. " Satonezu Ataru, you think you can escape from my intelligence network? You actually thought you could escape the wraith of the Yaloin Family?" Words, compassionate with a villainous intent. "I'm going to have fun dismembering your body personally… "

Ataru stilled at the shrill, his whole body tensing. Did he know that shrill? Oh you bet he did. Getting to his feet as the men approached, his whole body harden, that glare towards the man who called him punching bag something leveled at a man who was considered evil itself. Fingers would flex, then ball into fists slowly, as his chakra level surged through his body, that stance being deployed to set the pistons within his arms and legs. "I ain't a punchin bag no more.. and I ain't runnin from the Yaloin family mate.. I'm the one who's gonna become the family night mare.. I'm the one who's gonna pound the family inta dust." He'd point at his face. "Ya see this? This'll be the last thing yer lookin at, 'fore I rip off yer head.. and send it back ta the family so they know exactly what happen.." Ataru shook his head slightly. "Ya'll got exactly three seconds ta get lost.. 'fore I do rip ya a new one.. and I'm sure my buddies here wouldn't mind helpin me remove garbage of society, hai?"

Tobikuma shakes his head, continuing to run thoughts through his mind, but then he speaks… "Can we continue the mission…" His voice is low and he seems distracted, but perhaps he wants to keep his mind off his senpai by diving head first into work. "…please?" Just as the words finish leaving his lips, the sharp shrill is heard causing the Genin to snap his head up to watch a band of individuals sprawling out onto the bridge; Closing him and the older two boys in. When the leader of the group speaks up and threatens his ally, a frown touches his lips and his eyes snap open, a blood red color flooding them as a single tomoe appears in each eye. "Shut up," he yells at the leader. Intensity is on his face and it is clear what is going through his mind before stating, "I'm not going to let an ally die when I'm around."

Atsuro pushes off of the railing and Taizen stands up. "Well," says Atsuro pleasantly, "This was unexpected." He grabs a couple of ninjato from Taizen's vest. "Is it common in the Mafia for the head of the whole organization to approach a dangerous enemy just so he can do some posturing? I confess, I don't know what it's like to have such poor judgement." He glances over to Tobikuma. Well, at least whatever's got the kid so upset is going to somewhere productive for the moment. "I assume you know their tricks better than I do," he tells Ataru in a low voice. "What's the best way of defending both sides?"

A daring smirk swelled on the leaders face as Ataru had taunted them, as well as the rest of the group for that matter, but with the sheer amount of numbers, diligence of his combat group, it was going to be difficult to outwit the Yaolin family today. " Lets see how well you speak when you have a blade thrust into your throat…" Upon those words he gestured a single hand wave, and the roaring stampede of foot steps trampled along the bridge, from both sides the band of warriors encroached on Atsuro,Ataru and Tobikuma, glistening blades of silver drawn shimmering in the sunlight, coming quick upon them with painful swings of their blades, for now the leader kept his position.

"The runts are ta soften ya up.. the boss swoops in fer the kill.. so here shortly he's gonna wave and they'll all come plowin in.." Ataru would blink, chakra shifted into his feet to allow him to lean away, avoiding the strike towards him. Shaking his head slightly, he'd snarl at the man, balling that fist again to give an over hand right, right into the middle of the attacker's face. "Like that.. and then the fight's on til he thinks he can step in ta end it.. but he ain't one of the head of the family.. he's just a high enforcer.. Tough, mate, really tough.."

Tobikuma watches as the group closes in on them and as a sword comes his way, chakra floods through his body, and he flickers from sight..though as he reappears a small cut can be seen on his upper arm and his white jacket is sliced. With no wince of pain or anything, he pulls a kunai out and launches it toward one of the closest targets before lunging toward the person who attacked him…aiming a punch directly to the man's face.

"I meant which side of the bridge I should be defending," says Atsuro, "But that helps too, I guess." He brings his swords up as the lackeys charge the group. Quickly blocking two strikes, he pauses for a moment to see how Ataru and Tobikuma are faring. Tobikuma's a little injured, but nothing serious yet. Since things are fine for the moment, he doesn't hesitate in retaliating, responding to the two strikes with a couple of his own.

As the blade glistened in silver, streams of scarlet blood ensued as the blades cleaved through flesh and bone, spilling blodd onto the bridge. While there were no deaths straight away, the combined attack had instantly wounded a few of the goons, forcing them into a brief retreat while another volley of goons stepped forth with their own blades. All that could be heard was the clattering and swift movement of blades swishing through the air, some in the form of triple swings, trained to Atsuro's sides and Ataru's chest. Tobikuma was still locked in the madness of the hording mafia, his opponent droped down low in attempt to sweep him off his feet. "Kill them already!" The Boss man was becoming furious, taping his fingers against the sheath of his blade… He was impaitent, and this scuffle was taking way too long to end.

Ataru moved. Talking was over as the melee swirled about. With the fresh goons coming in to try and slash at him, he'd blur out of the way, reappearing behind them to immediately flourish that combo, several hits to both men to attempt to stagger them back. He was being mean too, aiming for joints and groins, making them pay completely for attacking him it seems. This wasn't the normal Ataru. This was a savage beast that was raging at the ones who had abused him.

Tobikuma once again flickers from sight, but the sweep manages to catch him off guard, but he quickly performs a hand-spring and lands on the railing…balancing himself as he deeply inhales. The Genin uses his brain and with so many of the enemy in close proximity to each other this next move should work wonders. With a quick and long exhale, the air coming from his lips ignites into a stram of flame and moves forth into a cone to encase any mafia members in front of him. The look on his face is very intense and angered as the blood-red eyes of the Sharingan stare out over the group. The only thought running through his mind is of his senpai.

Once again, Atsuro manages to match the blows aimed for him. Another check of Ataru and Tobikuma's status is somewhat worse. Ataru is uninjured, but seems to be raging a little too hard. Tobikuma has been injured again. And he's raging too hard too. "Tobi," Atsuro calls over, "You okay?" Figuring the best thing he can do right now is try to give the group some breathing room, he catches Taizen's eye. Then the two simulataneously leap forward at the crowd of enemies on one side of the bridge, then start to spin in mid air. They attempt to blast through the group all the way to the shore, then do the same thing to return to Ataru and Tobikuma.

Most of the mafia were torn to shred after the second barrage of attacks, a few hits in miss on their side but for the most part, after the savage combo of Ataru, the burning fire ball raging along the bridge, and Atsuro's shredding attack, many of the members were thrusted off along the bridge, while others pulled back away from the fight by the sudden exclaiming of the boss man. "Stop!" The members were on his mark, and just like that they peeled off of the group, the elder Mafian began to undo his Hakama, revealing his built and well trimed form, scars, and even parts of a dragon tatoo which stretched from his side all the way along his back, with his blade in hand he nodded his head to Ataru. " How about we settle this… Here and now, You and me," The man requested, it seemed that seeing many of his members getting defeated did have some sort of toll over the senior member. " Or are you afraid? Ataru?"

Panting, if slightly, as they'd pull back, Ataru didn't draw out of that stance, his attention turning instead to the boss man. Eyes narrowing as he'd all but glare at the man, a small nod of his head given as he'd take two steps to the side. "Fine. Then we'll settle this, I rip yer head off and send it packin with the rest of yer lackies. Whatcha think?" He'd glance over at Atsuro and Tobi then. "I got em.. He's gonna go down now… Just make sure the rest of em stay away from me, hai?"

Tobikuma nods to his soon-to-be sensei, but then once everything settled, the bossman yelled and the goonies back off of the shinobi group. The Genin flickers from sight and reappears next to the two older shinobi, delivering a nod to the orders before re-awakening the Sharingan. "If they have any shred of honor and dignity they won't interfere…" he says loudly. Apparently, the young boy's depression has turned into anger for some particular reason.

Turning away from assessing the damage caused by his and Taizen's assault, Atsuro watches Ataru silently for a second, weighing his options. "Fine," he says after a moment, "Give 'im chaos. Well make sure you aren't interrupted." He backs away from Ataru, though he tries to stay close to Tobikuma. With the duel, the thugs, and the injured genin he's got three things to keep his eye on here. Best to keep at least one of them close at hand.

"So you aren't as hard headed as you look, you will regret this," His voice carried off with height of egotism, his looming annoying smirk spilled over his face while he cackled with laughter. "You fail to release me being here isn't because someone had simply given it to me, I've worked hard, slaying whoever my get in the way, my blade instills fear into my enemies. So then, let us play Ataru," The Man flexes his muscle, chakra slightly building up into his body while more so acting as a source of meditation. In a gust of air his body moved like water, exploding in Ataru's direction while bringing his blade to bare at Ataru's side, and with a flick of his wrist he sent the handle of his blade into Ataru's solar plexis, attempting to cause him to double over for the second strike, baring the same glinting blade side-ways against Ataru's thigh..

Ataru spat to the side. "Ya are just a punk that liked ta push me around when I couldn't strike back.." Ataru would move as the blade came in, blurring just out of strike range from all three attacks, indeed, he'd land on the flat of the man's blade after that last strike. "Now.. time ta see what the punchin bag can do back…" With that, Ataru moved, snapping that foot forward to kick at the man's head, it was a feint, pulling his attention high, Ataru blurred to attack low, sweeping the enforcer's leg out from under him and with a punch would launch him upward, exposing him to that next attack as Ataru gathered himself.

Tobikuma remained next to the Inuzuka, watching Ataru fight the boss-man as he pulls some bandages from his pockets and begins to wrap them around the two cuts on his arms…just some basic first aid. "I think Ataru-san will win this…" he mutters. The Sharingan looks over to the goonies, watching them carefully for a moment before returning his attention to the fight at hand. Despite watching this, he can only think of his senpai…wondering if she is really gone, but at the same time grieving over her lost; An internal battle.

Glancing occasionally to the thugs on either side of the bridge, Atsuro and Taizen still keep most of their attention on the fight. Hey, they've got heightened senses, and the other guys sucked anyway. Ataru easily avoids the guy's opening attacks, and actually jumps onto the sword. "Nice," Atsuro calls over, "Kick his ring!" He glances to Tobikuma again. "Are you kidding?" he says, "You know how many people Ataru's sent to the hospital? That guy's history." He smiles a little, figuring that if Tobikuma's aware enough to watch and comment on the fight, he must be feeling a little better.

The attack had happned swiftly, despite the mans prowess he found himself curled under the kick to the head, only to be launched up straight into the air from a ferocious punch sending him skyward. The wind kicked up, gusting against his form while he spiraled and attempted to catch himself within the air, it failed though, and all he could do was look down at Ataru from above. "Spinning hedgehog…" The man cursed under her breath, bearing himself for what was to come.

With a low growl and that explosion of chakra, Ataru left twin imprints in the wood from the pistons in his legs firing as he'd launch upward. He literally blurred from sight, maybe only the sharingan able to keep up as he proceeded to pummel the ever living snot out of the man from what seemed like all angles all at once. It'd be a grand total of 35 different hits that would smash into the guy, finishing with Ataru finally blurring back into sight above the man, spinning into a massive kick in the middle of his back to send him lauching back down for the ground, before Ataru himself would land off to the side.

A Blood pulp is what the man had become, the sea of mid air strikes pummeling into every part of his body, crushing against his ribs, impaling the organs from within, arms, legs, everything just seemed to break like glass as his body was slammed into the ground below, cratering his body into the earth as he just laid there, motionless, swiming in his own blood. " Flyingfox…" one of the whispers could be heard, as the mafia band, whom at first seemed so cocky and sure of themselves could suddenly feel the panic overwhelm them, and just like that they began to abandon their master, turning tail and scrambling off in the other directions, Some leaping off the bridge into the water below, others treking down the side of the valley… The man within the crater was motionless…Still alive, and covered in his own blood.

Ataru, panting softly, would straighten up from where he had landed. Glancing around at the others that fled, he'd walk over to the crater that held what use to be a man. His face still hard, he'd spit on the guy. "Rot in emerald mate. Hope ya enjoy meetin all the people ya killed.. they're all gonna do ten times worse what I just did ta ya." Ataru would glance over at Atsuro and Tobikuma, his body was still tense, this other side of him rarely shown.. A nod towards the path, he'd catch his breath for a moment. "Ya'll gonna keep on goin? I'll finish the patrol ifn ya wanna go get patched up Tobi-san.." Ataru would turn with that and walk off, finishing that patrol of course. What was going on in his head, was another matter though.

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