Peace in our Time


Katsurou, Hashiramako

Date: September 21, 2013


Katsurou has a meeting with the Hokage to discuss matters of how to deal with a Shirayuki living in the village that is wanted by Kirigakure.

"Peace in our Time"

Hokage Lookout

Hashiramako had given herself some time to prepare for this meeting with the newly promoted Katsurou. She'd brewed a tea that she found especially soothing, and cleared her desk so that there wouldn't be any distractions during their meeting. Word went out to the guards and functionaries in the tower - he was expected, so none should impede his progress to her office. Still, she worried. So much about this young man's life could rest upon this meeting. She had uncertainties about the choices that lay before him, and she had concerns about her own role in all of this. But, she'd decided that the best choice lay in being honest with him, both about the possibilities, and potential problems.

Katsurou had woken up this morning feeling like this was a big day. He couldn't help but to be a little nervous and anxious about seeing the Hokage. He would go through his morning routine with a blank stare on his face as his wheels were cranking over time in his head. It seemed as time crept by each time he looked at the clock while waiting for his meeting with the Hokage.
Time would finally pass and it was now time for Katsurou to set out towards the Hokage's lookout. He did not choose to wear anything special for the occasion other than his usual combat attire. It was out of no disrespect for the Hokage it was just more comfortable to him. He passed through the guards who greeted him with a nod as they all knew who the Shirayuki was by now so there was no need for questions. He approached Hashiramako's door and gave a few light taps then awaited for permission to enter.

"Come in." the Hokage said. When Katsurou enters, Hashiramako greets him with a small bow. A little smile crosses her face as she flirts with the idea of lightening the mood by starting with something funny, but, she reads the situation and decides against it. A time and a place for everything, she supposes. It's just that there seems to be less time for humor than there used to be. So, finally, she just says, "I've made us some tea. And please, take a seat, we should get right to the heart of the matter."

"Good morning, Lady Hokage." Katsurou says as he bows respectfully towards the Hokage when she greets him with one. The Shirayuki searches for a chair when she offers him to take a seat. He sits then scans the room at various objects. So far, he was 2 for 2 of being in a Kage's room of their respected villages. "Thank you for my promotion of the Chuunin rank. As well as accepting my package to be an instructor at the academy, Lady Hokage."

For a moment, a look of regret passes Hashiramako's face as she pours the tea, then settles into a chair herself. "I am afraid that your tenure as an instructor will be, sadly, brief. To get to the point, because I am uncertain exactly how much of this you are aware, the diplomatic meeting between Konohagakure and Kirigakure can not really be considered a success. However, after that meeting, I was able to meet with Takeshi, who was speaking directly on behalf of the Mizukage. While you still live, the Shirayuki will not stop hunting for you. Their desire to protect their Kekkei Genkai, which is proving to be quite strong in you, is understandable. So, a solution was proposed to circumvent this issue: to whit, a series of events would be set in motion, and during that series of events, you would appear to die."

Katsurou takes a moment to digest what the Hokage was saying to him. His gaze falls to the floor as he thinks on this for a moment. "But Lady Hokage." He says looking back up at her. "Respectfully, I do not think me appearing dead will be a solution to the problem. For that to really work, I would need disappear off of everyone's radars. I have made a home here in Konoha and I am working very hard to be an important factor in this village. Please do not take this away from me. I…I was finally feeling like I belonged somewhere."
The Shirayuki furrows his brows as he scoots the end of his seat. "Not only that, but I would need to change my appearance, my idenity, I do not think this is the best course of action. My mannerisms, my speech, even my skills are very distinct and different from others."

Hashiramako nods her head slowly to each objection that Katsurou makes. "You are absolutely correct. With this solution, for a time, you would be forced to assume a different identity. Under this new identity, you would likely need to spend a significant amount of time in neither Kohohagakure or Kirigakure, so I am preparing a long term mission that could send one or more ninja to Kumogakure. Eventually, in time, once diplomatic relationships between our villages are peaceful enough to reveal this duplicity, and not have the Shirayuki clan take it as an act of war, you could resume your actual identity. I can not say how long this process would take, nor can I say how perfect this double life would be. While war would be averted, it is possible that the Shirayuki would still be hunting you."
The Hokage pauses, and takes a sip of tea before continuing, "There is a second solution that has recently made itself available, but it rests largely in your hands. It would, once more, upend the life into which you have settled, and place you on a new path. The first solution includes me handing you over to Takeshi, and on your trip back to Kirigakure, that is when your death is faked. In this other solution, instead of faking your death, it is possible that you may be able to convince Takeshi he could appoint you as ambassador to Konoha. You would be recognized as a ninja of Kirigakure in both of our villages, and likely your first tasks would include developing an embassy from your home village here. However, both the Mizukage and I have given our blessings on these embassies. As ambassador, you would have freedom of travel between our villages, and more than that, you could become a pillar of peace in the ninja community. And most importantly, you would no longer be hunted."

Katsurou was taken aback by the Hokage's alternative situation. He slides back in his chair with furrowed brows and his chin resting on his fist. A sign that he was thinking deeply on the possibilities of each course of action. "Let us say I live this double life and at the end of it all we reveal to Kiri who I was all along? I think that would bring up trust issues among the villages if there is peace established by this time." A heavy sigh escapes the Shirayuki. "Though, if i speak to Takeshi about the ambassador position for Kiri…that is taking a huge risk. Not only that but the Mizukage would have to agree upon it." The Shirayuki seems to shudder with a sense of anger just thinking about being in the same room as him again after what he has put him through. "And if they say no, I am a sitting duck." He says all of this outloud as he muses over things.

Once more, Hashiramako nods her head. She adds, "Let us not fool ourselves. In either case, you are in a precarious position. I trust Takeshi and everything that he has said. But, he is loyal to Yuge, and if his orders are not to fake your death when I release him to you, but instead to kill you, then even though there will be Konoha jounin nearby to assist in the planned scene of your faked death, they may not be able to react quickly enough to save you."
The Hokage gives time for the depth of the matter to sink in, using a sip of tea as punctuation, then goes on, "But I do not believe that is what Yuge and Takeshi are planning. And, as it is not, I don't think that you're going to be any more of a sitting duck when you present this to Takeshi. If this second solution is something appeals to you, I do not intend to leave you to just your words to convince Takeshi. I will send with you a scroll, giving my full blessings, and stating that Konoha will accept you with open arms as an ambassador from Kirigakure. But, is that something that you want? You have trained to have the life of a ninja, and this will lead to the life of a diplomat. A diplomat among shinobi, to be sure, and it is a role that will doubtless come with its own perils, and its own incentives to drive you forward to become the best shinobi that you can be. But, it may not be the life that you had envisioned for yourself. Do not let me dissuade you with this - if you are one of the ninja who can bring all of the ninja villages closer together, then your worth to the generations that follow may be immeasurable."

Katsurou lets out a heavy sigh. He was very grateful for Hashiramako's blessing and opportunity on her end to allow him the choices she presented to him. It was just the worry how would he be accepted back in Kiri. Would they be understanding? Would Yuge fall back on his word that he had given Katsurou in the first place right before he left Kirigakure? The thought of being reunited with his clan and more importantly, his sister tugged at his heart. So many uncertainties surrounded such a heavy decision. His brows furrow once more. If only he had some sort of guidance someone that could— Suddenly a light blue aura surrounds the Shirayuki. A pattern of seals that glow in the same light blue color appear on the skin that was not covered by clothing. A vision passed through his mind and the voices of his ancestors began to speak to him. This was a rare moment for them to be creating the link on their own instead of vice versa. What seemed like 5 mins was only just a few seconds in real time as he came to.
"Do not be alarmed, Lady Hokage. It is only my ancestors giving me guidance of the decision I should make. I feel that they are right. Forgive me for being a little dramatic but given my history, I feel that the route of becoming a pillar of peace between the two villages is something I was destined for from the beginning. Everything that I have gone through…it very well could have been to lead up to this chance of opportunity. Where I was not so sure of being a believer in destiny, I am beginning to see that things to happen for a reason. I have always had this feeling that I was to be the one to lead my clan to a new era and bring glory to the name, but I would not believe it would be on a scale this large. My trainer, Shirayuki Ruko, even felt the same way. It was why he sought me out and taught me how to established the link between this world and the spiritual world with my past ancestors. I also owe this to my father who died at the hands of men wearing the leaf symbol." His tone seem to grow a little more solem. "It is easy to extract revenge on the people you hate, but it takes an even stronger person to rise above that hate and progress forward."
Katsurou pauses a moment. "I suppose I should also take that into consideration with my dislike towards the Mizukage. There is no room for hatred when thousands of people's lives are in your hands." Katsurou shakes his head. "Forgive me. I am rambling now." The Shirayuki stands up from his chair. "If…if things go sour, I canont return here. I understand that it is crucial for these two villages to form an element of peace. My presence here would just then keep that from happening. Just know that I will not hold Konoha to blame." Katsurou puts his hands behind his back and continues, "I would like to ride out to Kirigakure in the next day or two if that is possible."

"You should ride with Takeshi." Hashiramako says, clearly the tone of her voice making it a suggestion rather than an order. "We have already put arrangements in place for you to be released into his care, and, again, I trust what he has said so far. He has gone to greath lengths for peace himself, so I do not think that he will turn away from this opportunity. Furthermore, travelling with him is what is most safe. Whatever paths destiny may place before us, a shinobi must always walk that path themselves. And, until the matter of your position is publicly proclaimed, then your particular path may be beset with hunters from your own family. When you ride out to Kirigakure, if you are riding with the Mizukage's own aide and head of the Kaguya, then these hunters will be considerably less likely to strike."

Katsurou nods. "I will pack my things and give my farewells at once then. I do hope to see you and Konoha soon then." The aura and seals fade away from his body. "Is there anything else you need from me before I take my leave, Lady Hokage?"

"No." Hashiramako says, her voice soft. And then, smiling, she can't help but end their conversation on an upbeat note rather than the weighty topics we'd been discussing. "When you are saying your goodbyes, if anybody asks, just tell them that you are going to be going on an S rank mission, 'Bring Peace to The World.' They may not take it seriously, yet, but you and I know it is awfully close to what is actually going on."

Katsurou smiles. "This is true. If we can just get Konoha and Kiri to see eye to eye, the rest should fall into place. Though, there is trouble brewing in Iwa but perhaps that should be a topic saved for later. I would just advise you keep an ear out along the borders. A councilwoman by the name of Itami has been…helpful providing us information on them so far. But yes, they may laugh but we indeed know this is right direction for world peace. Thank you again for this opportunity Lady Hokage and even though the choice is ultimately up to Takeshi and the Mizukage, I appreciate your input towards me being selected for the position." With a respectful bow the Shirayuki turns towards the door and exits unless stopped otherwise.

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