Perfect Trap part 1


Yuuto, Katama

Date: February 26, 2015


Yuuto and Katama go looking for Scarecrow's men (part 1 of 3 logs)

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Perfect Trap part 1"

Outskirts of Amegakure

It's afternoon in the Land of Rain, though, with the way the weather is here most of the time, it basically doesn't matter what time of day it is because it's going to be dark. Still, the fires of hope, determination, vengeance, and rage burn strong in some. The efforts of the group known as Seihen to take over Amegakure were going quite well until the man whose path seems to be eternally and violently entwined with that of Yuuto stepped in to assist those currently in power in taking care of them and assuring that they are in firm control of Amegakure and its future.
After watching for a few days and getting word from contacts who had entered the village, but since fled, about Scarecrow's men coming into Amegakure, Yuuto has decided it's time to personally investigate. While not entering the main streets of the village, he and Katama have come into its outskirts to have a look around with themselves cloaked in. As they walk, he'd take note of a few posters around town assuring everyone that everything's in order and asking for support and faith in their leaders. At least their efforts haven't been completely ignored… As they walk, he'd spot a bar and grill-type restaurant, nodding toward it as a place to check out since someone new to town might decide and try eating there.

Katama moved with a few clicks and clanks now and then, her favorite armor under her robe. The rain was pouring all around them of course so she'd worn a simple traveller's hat, the wide cone-shaped type. Her hair had grown a bit longer so it fluttered about her shoulders as she walked beside Yuuto. She had spent some time with her family lately and then returned with fresh news about the Silence. She had been concerned about Sunagakure but Kiri had finally stepped in to aid everyone. Took them long enough. Crimson eyes flickered to Yuuto's face, nearly smiling softly. She had returned to him but in the interrim she ad learned just how much she'd missed him. This information about Scarecrow was distasteful and she wanted to kill the man herself, but she was glad to be helping Yuuto again.
The restaurant offered shelter but since they were in Amegakure (outskirts) there was a small plaace inside the door here they could shake the rain off. She bowed politely to the server that came up to them. "My companion and I would like a table, Please. That one." She pointed to a well placed table and the server, a young girl, was flustered enough to just nod and lead them to it. Once she sat down she removed her hat and set it aside. "Some hot tea would be nice, thank you. And some mochi." Why did she suddenly want mochi? No matter, the coin slipped from her sleeve and the girl nodded, dashing off to get the order…

As they enter the restaurant, Yuuto would allow Katama to do the talking. He actually stays silent, taking his time to glance around the place for any faces or markings he might find familiar from his battles with Scarecrow's men. Of course, he wasn't generally kind enough to let any he found live unless Katama stopped him from killing them… He takes a seat across from Katama at the table, glancing around once more before looking back to her. "… This place has an even more eerie feeling about it than it used to…"
Katama cracked a small smile at Yuuto's comment. It was true, but still. For Yuuto to say something was creepy was entertaining. The server brought them the order, tea and mochi then bowed and left them. Katama took a bite of the mochi and chewed thoughtfully as she peered around her. "Well things seem too be relatively quiet…" She blinked several times then, tilting her head as she peered down at the napkin, several kanji quickly scrawled there. Idly she slid the plate and napkin over for Yuuto to see. The girl had left a note stating there were two men behind the restaurant, in the alley.

Yuuto nods to Katama's comment as he picks up a glass of tea to take a few sips. "I suppose quiet is better than too noisy," he says as he peers down at the napkin. With a simple nod he'd take another sip and put the glass down. "Excuse me a moment," he says, standing up and stepping out the door toward the alleyway, though he stands at the corner unseen currently to listen in rather than approaching.

Katama nodded and smiled as if nothing had happened, but her crimson eyes flicked back and forth to see if anyone had taken note of Yuuto's movements. She did not like that she was left here even for a moment. But she would listen and if she heard batle she would go…
Outside Yuutoo would overhear a gruff voice and a younger voice, an older man with a scarred cheek and a younger who looked like a pup wet behind the ears. Both hd the tattoo of a raven's head, which was as logical for Scarecrow as teaa was for most people. The elder was telling the younger, "The master wants us to find his runt and his snare."
The youngersaid, "And kill them?"
"No. we're to try and take em alive… at least the girl anyway."
The younger grinned darkly at that. "She jsut has to be alive right?"

"Today seems to have all the makings of your lucky day," the grim voice of Yuuto rings out from the head of the alley as he steps out into plain view. "I'm afraid you won't find her anywhere near the place, though, since I had her and the others evacuate the moment I heard he'd escaped." His eyes then take on the crimson glow of Sharingan as they stare out at the men, jagged black lines raising from them as he calmly speaks while a single trail of blood begins to pour from each of his eyes down his cheek. "Don't worry, though. I'm sure the old man will be just delighted that you found me so soon. A pity you won't get to enjoy it," he says as a spear of black earth seems to simply materialize itself out of the dust in the air and fly directly at the chest of the older man with intent to impale him and kill him right in front of the younger one.

The men snapped to attention the second Yuuto spoke. The elder of the two seemed to figure out they were in a abd situation almost instantly, but those tears of blood were plenty to confirm that. Scarecrow had sent them. But he had not warned them about the mangekyou. Infact the younger, Jira, watched in wonder as Yuuto gathered his spear, those specially designed eyes were haunting… The elder, Bora, tried to dodge, almost made it, but the spear tore through his armored chest, leaving a gouge deep int he flesh as he moved aside with a cry of pain. "Jira! Run! She can't be far!" Jira nodded and turned, bolting around the corner and into the rain. Meanwhile, Bora gathered his chakra about him and mirrored Yuuto's attack to a point, though his spear was made of water…

Though Yuuto doesn't move, he does use his Sharingan to attempt to throw the incoming spear off course. However, it actually manages to make a gash in his arm, bringing a slight smirk to the Uchiha's face as he looks at the wound then back up at the men. "And here I thought I'd be kind and give you swift deaths," his grim voice rings out as chakra focuses through those intense eyes once more, intending to lock both men into a state of fear and preventing them from running away or attacking again until he's good and ready for them to or he decides to kill them.

Bora sliced his arm, ira tripped and landed hard.. Neither man was able to throw off the genjutsu. Fromt he alley Yuuto might hear Jira whimper, but Bora wore as he fellto one knee. he wasn't a pushover as many sent after Yuuto had been… But then, this was closer to the end game. Bora growled. "Leave the kid alone. Kill me ifyou have to but Scarecrow-sama is going to find you or her and you'll see!" Stupid words from the stupid. Jira tried to crawl further down the alley, tried to hide behind a large crate… He was clearly young and .. yes .. stupid… Bora, though offered defiance.

"Big words," Yuuto says as he calmly steps forward, looking between both of them. "But I'll let the kid live for now. After all, if both of you die, who's going to deliver my message to the old man?" With a rising of his chakra once more through those intense eyes, more blood pours down from his eyes as huge boulders seem to literally appear out of thin air above Bora and crush down upon him one after another to leave a blood-dripping grave for him right there in the alleyway composed of black rock, flesh, bone, and the blood that would spill out from under it if the man doesn't manage to survive this attack. "Tell Scarecrow that, if he wants to settle this, I'm ready for him. Even if it kills us both, I'll do my last favor to this village and make sure that a noose like him doesn't weasel his way into a seat of power in it."

Bora had no chance in the world to defend against that and Jira let out a scared cry as he watched his friend be crushed under the weight of several boulders. He turned large scared eyes on Yuuto and waited for his death to come soon.. When he was told a message he nodded and gulped. Chewing on his lip he hesitated, glancing back at the restaurant then to Yuuto. Something was off. Yuuto might notice then that he was not anble to strike with the kind of force he normally had to offer, something was strange, unbalanced inside his body… Jira looked nervous and tried to stand then nodded. "I.. i'll tell himbut.. but please don'tkillmeyourfriendisintrouble!"
That was when Yuuto migh notice a bit of a ruckus happening within. A large crash sounded then several people screamed, many patrons ran out of the establishment…. The tea.. The tea had left a taste in Yuuto's mouth, something bitter and cloying…

Noticing the effects of whatever it was in that tea, Yuuto narrows his eyes a bit before they turn into pure rage as the young man announces that Katama is in trouble…. Apparently someone predicted their entrance into the village well… Scarecrow… Whatever he's been poisoned with his weighing on him heavily, but he can't let it stop him… not now. A deep growl escapes his lips as he turns toward the wall of the restaurant, sending one of the boulders that was coving Bora barreling at the wall with intent to knock it down and dash into the building to prevent any delay of his reaching Katama.

Jira squeaked as Yuuto seemed to catch on, suprised the man hadn't just killed him outright. The show of force that brought Yuuto closer to Katama made Jira nearly faint but as soon as Yuuto was looking the other direction.. the kid took off running. Straight into the raina nd the crowds, heading back for Scarecrow and then.. anywhere but there.
Inside katama had clearly fought. tables were cleaved in half, men lay bleeding and people cowered. Katama was nowhere to be seen. One of the patrons pointed out the front door with a gaping expression. Outside there was no way to track very well in the rain and paved streets, but a crowd of distressed citizens led into the village….

As he storms in only to find Katama nowhere to be found, Yuuto's eyes get rather large in rage. He nods quickly to the patron who points out the door before darting outside and looking around, only to find very little other than the stress of the crowd to guide him into the village… It seems their investigation was laid out as a trap, one that now leads Yuuto straight into the heart of Amegakure to do battle with Scarecrow, all his men, and even the forces of Amegakure if he hopes to save Katama from a fate worse than death. "…. I should've known it would all lead this way… You've been one step ahead of me my entire life, haven't you?… Still, it's time for us to both stop running… Let's end this." With that he'd begin to run through the streets toward any sign of where Katama was taken.

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