Perfect Trap part 2


Yuuto, Katama

Date: February 27, 2015


Katama is used as Bait to lure Yuuto in. (log 2 of 3)

"Perfect Trap part 2"

A tower in Amegakure

By the time Katama wakes up from the poison after being taken from the restaurant, she'd find herself bound in a chair in a room high up in a tower in Amegakure. She's a lot further in the village than the restaurant now, making it quite likely that it'll take a while for Yuuto to make it to where she was brought since the rain washes away a lot of evidence of movement. Across from her at the door stand a set of guards with their arms folded over their chests, merely waiting to give their boss the signal that the prisoner has woken up…

Katama had a pretty good resistance to the poison so it wasn't long that they had to wait. She woke to the sound of rain but did not move, her head hung forward , hair blocking her eyes froom their view. It took her a few moment sto figure out what she was seeing as she opened her eyes. Her knees, her feet, her hands bound to a chair.. Lovely. A soft groan escaped her and she lifted her head. Seeing the guards she sighed and turned her head, cracking her spine and making a point of staring the guards down with her best Oni-hime impression. "I demand you release my hands this instant!" Her voice was rough from the poison but still sounded imperious enough…

When the woman wakes up and starts making her demands, the man at the door blink and then actually start laughing. One lifts a hand to knock in a repetition of five knocks. A moment later, the door would open, and a figure Katama would've only seen in drawings an visions of Yuuto's nightmares steps through… Scarecrow. His real mask adorns his face, not the one he was allowed to wear in prison, his gaze just as haunting if not more than that of Yuuto. As he speaks, his voice rings out in a distorted, disturbing manner, "Well, well, such a simple trap laid, yet you've fallen straight into it…. It's only a matter of time now until he brings me what's mine. Nearly twenty years of patience are about to pay off… But hmm… what should I do with you in the mean time?"

Katama continued staring at the guards despite their laughing. She was well used to acting llike a princess so this wasn't too hard for her. However, Scarecrow's entrance… His mask… She narrowed her demon's eyes. Part of her wanted to deny that Yuuto would come for her, but she knew better. He would not let him keep her. It was a small comfort, but one she held to. Part of her wanted to scream at Yuuto across the distance to stay away, let her die. There had to be a better way.
The words from the old man made her lift her chin defiantly. She was a samurai. She was Oni-hime! She would not show feaar before this freak. "You will regret your words. I suggest you release these bonds in the least. I believe I'm beginning to lose feeling in my ankle."

"Oh, is that uncomfortable?" Scarecrow asks, chuckling a bit and walking over to where Katama sits. "Here let me help with that… Let's see if you're as tough as the boy, hmm?" he asks as he leans down face to face, only about six inches from her face as his mask puts out some kind of gas for her to inhale. Once taken in, she would begin to experience extreme, horrifying hallucinations… even past what she would have been allowed to experience of Yuuto's visions. It would vary based on her imagination, but would create a dark place in her own mind filled with monsters of its darkest designs.

Katama kept herface a mixture of annoyed and exasperated as he came closer to her. Was she as tough as the boy? Bring it you bastard. She held still and imperious as he came close, never looking away from his eyes, demon to demon. And when he exhaled that gas…. She struke like a viper, her forehead cracking into his nose, possibly causing damage to the cartelige there. She'd inhaled before he had exhaled so she blew it all out in an attempt to push the gas away from her, if nothing else it would dillute it a bit.
But even she couldn't fight the gas' effects for long. The room shifted and she closed her eyes to keep from getting dizzier than she would normally have been. But the creatures from her nightmares did come to life even behind closed lids. A demon from within the deapths of her soul began to form in her mind. She let out a shout and yanked hard, ripping he rope on her right hand apart with sheer physical strength. They had taken her armor which made her lighter nd easier to move.. in more ways than one. She immediately began clawing at her other wrist, breath comming shallowly as she fought. She knew she was panicing and not seeing what she was seeing but the gas mad her question even that when the rope sliced her arm, when her own nails cut into her skin, it was the demon in her blood that came out.
She swore, something very un-princesslike and very definitely from the streets….

Though arrogant, Scarecrow is no fool. He'd expected some sort of retaliation, so he's easily able to turn his head and avoid most of the damage from the hit. As she begins to fight, he merely laughs and takes a few steps back as he draws what looks like a smokebomb from his vest, tossing it down as the guards leave the room and close the door behind them. He apparently doesn't seem to need any help in battle, especially as more and more of the maddening gas fills the room without much hope for getting away from it. "Tick tock… tick tock… Do you think he'll make it to you before you go mad?"

Katama ripped the rope off her other hand, suprised that Scarecrow had not tried to stop her from freeing herself. She struggled then and twisted at her ankles where they were bound to the chair, only managing to topple herself ontot he flor with a thud that knocked the wind from her for a long moment. She had to focus! She had to think! It was so hard.. She shook her head and rolled onto her butt, sitting up and working stolidly to remove the ropes from her ankles. Once free, though seh didn't know what to do. She wrapped her arms around herself and knelt there, eyes shut tight trying not to breaathe more in…
It was useless, though. The nightmares only became more real and the world changed in shade to a crimson, the demon's eyes were red. The claws dripped in blood. this was the thing her acestor had lain with?! She could not believe it! It struck at her and she rolled away from it, though nothing was there in reaality. It struck againa nd seh lashed out with her fists, striking powerfully at the air. Of cours ein her mind it simply dodged this way and that. It didn't take her long to end up against the wall, panting. Once more she closed her eyes and whispered to herself. "Yuuto will come. hell be here. He's on his way. This isnt real. it's not real. F..face it.. Face it…" She looked up, defiantly and turned away from the creature, glaring at Scarecrow, trying to keep her hold. "You're going to die…."

Scarecrow watches with amusement as Katama is rendered useless by the gas. He chuckles at her words and nods. "Oh, I'm sure he will… In fact I'm counting on it," he says as he grabs another bomb from his vest. "This one should be interesting." With that he tosses it down, activating it and releasing yet another hallucinogenic gas that this time includes a temporary paralytic to keep her from having any hope of getting away or fighting until Yuuto arrives.

Katama suddenly ripped the bottom of her skirt and put the cloth over her nose and mouth for what good it would do her. She closed her eyes and desperately looked around for an escape. A window! She leapt to her feet and headed straight for it, her arms crossing in front of her. Unless stopped she would slam into the window, trying to break it out and for her to burst out, probably falling to her death but then Yuuto wouldn't be harmed because of her… Of course that was if she wasn't stopped. Her movements were stff and disoriented which lessened her speed quite a bit.

Rather than try to hold onto his bait, Scarecrow just stands and watches with amusement at Katama launches herself through the window and down to the pavement below. "Fool," he says with a dark laugh. "The trap is laid already," he calls as the woman falls. "All you've done is taken away his reason to want to get away alive." He then turns to walk back out the door and look to the men standing outside and down the hallway. "Get ready, men… Tonight's the night we take what the boy has taken from us out of his hide… Tonight is the night Yuuto comes home and brings me what is mine."

Katama's mad dash was successful. His woords met her half way but she ignored them as he put all the chakra che could muster into her hands and feet, catching the side of the tower enough to slow her descent. Not a lot, but enough. She slammed into the pavement below, her body curled and rolled several times, bones cracking, muscles tearing. When she finally came to rest she panted and the citizenry didn't know what to do with her. Would they be killed for helping the girl? Others wondered where she'd come from. People cleared the area quickly lest they be blamed for the girl's injuries… Katama's eyes fluttered closed as she faded into unconsciousness.

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