Perfect Trap part 3


Yuuto, Katama

Date: February 28, 2015


The conclusion to Yuuto's tale

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Perfect Trap part 3"

Tower in Amegakure

After Katama's jump from the window, she'd have found herself basically broken, but not dead and still under the effects of the paralytic, which ironically is enough to slow down her bodily processes enough to keep her alive longer at this point so that she can see what's going on. Scarecrow's men have brought her back and simply laid her down on the floor where Scarecrow would've given her another dose that would have the horrific effects of the other two to keep her still and giving those horrific images while still allowing her to watch the battle to come… Apparently Scarecrow enjoys having an audience for his work, especially one that won't enjoy the view.

Luckily for Katama, she had paid attention to the shinobi when they'd been teaching tree walking. She was unpracticed and had moved with instinct, but she'd managed to slow her descent enough that she'd minimized the permanent damage, but she still couldn't move well and the paralytic didn't help matters. Katama came to inside and groaned. She had hoped it would kill her or someone would try to help her once she was outside. No luck, though. The second doses compounded by the pain she was in had been enough to snap her temprarily and hse finally screamed. She screamed with everything she had, a sound that started in pain and ended in anger then exhaustion. She had fallen unconscious again for a short time, her eyes fluttering finally as she woke, still in pain, still seeing demons, but … could it? Yes.. she was starting to be able to move again. She kept it small, fingers, her head, she didnt want another dose after all. Apparently it was enough. Scarecrow had left her 'alone' and his men well, they didn't like that she could still bite. She closed her eyes, knowing she would hear Yuuto comming soon, not wanting him to…. She wanted to protect him and instead she was going to get him hurt….

After all the time he's been searching, Yuuto would be alerted to Katama's whereabouts simply by the breaking of the glass and her crashing to the floor. He runs up to the building to see the glass shattered all over the ground below then looks up to see where exactly it came from. His eyes narrow a moment as he ponders a plan. He could fight his way up and increase his odds against Scarecrow, or he could use a shortcut and fight them as they're able to enter the room…. Probably better to take the second option and take the opportunity to collapse the building in on them if it comes once he's able to spot Katama and hopefully get her away from the conflict. Those intense eyes begin to glow crimson once more, the jagged pattern of his Mangekyou Sharingan showing forth as he leaps and kicks off about halfway up the height of the building to where the breach in the window signals that Katama is being kept to land on his feet in a semi-crouching position and survey the room around him quickly for signs of Katama, Scarecrow, or his men.

For the moment it appeared as thoughScarecrow and his men were absent. They had withdrawn from the room, waiting for action on either the first floor or where Katama was being kept. No one was int he room but her, though. She opened her eyes when she heard his steps entering, the rain dripping off him onto the floor. Crimson eyes misted and teared up. She shook her head, trying to move, trying to get up, and for nothing. Her leg was broken and her arm couldn't support her. She crshed down again and bit into her lip to stifle a cry. She had to look away from him at one point lest she have to watch a demon begin taking over him. Bait those drugs. "Y.Yuuto.. Run! It's a trap! Get out of here!"

When his eyes notice a conspicuous lack of his father or his men in the room, Yuuto's brows furrow… The old man has another plan. He had to figure what course would be taken ahead of time. As Katama calls out, he merely stands back upright and looks over to her with a solemn expression to give a simple and calm yet dark and resolute answer. "… I know." His eyes scan around for signs of what traps might be laid around her, be it wires, floor panels, wall panels, or some kind of seal to detect his presence that would set something off. There is no being too careful with Scarecrow. He has to focus on getting Katama out of her safely before he can get her wounds tended to… If only he'd been able to complete his medical training…

Katama stilled at the sound of his voice, her eyes closing as if in pain, not something she would normally show especially to him. When she looked up again she kept silent but the expression on her face told him just how she felt. Guilty, ashamed to have brought him here, to have fallen into this trap. To have drug him with her. And yet she still couldn't help feeling happy too, that he knew it was a trap and still came for her. It was selfish to feel that way but she was powerless to stop it.
Yuuto would see a few seals in place around the rooom, one above the window had already been activated by his entering, one by the door as wellin case he had come int hat way. There were a few seals scattered around, mostly just motion/chakra detectors that alerted another part of the compound. to one side of her head was a seal that had a bit of scrollwork done as well, concealing some of that gas, the triggger was unknown or unseeable. She looked up at him and waited. Scarecrow listened…

As he spots the various seals and trapwork around the room, Yuuto frowns. This place was specifically designed with traps for him… Scarecrow can't be far. He's likely using something to mask his chakra, which is a true testament to the kind of ability he has to be able to hide from Yuuto's Mangekyou. There isn't time to dwell on that, though. They know he's here. "You really think that same gas you used to torture me with is still going to faze me after all these years, old man?" his voice rings out darkly. "You know what I find curious, that you chose now to escape. I think you can sense it as much as I can. Monster after monster has fallen. Even Yuuma died and took the Crawler with him… The shinobi world is changing, and the space in it for monsters like us is running out. I know the fate that awaits me now, but I make two promises to you… First… Katama will be leaving this place alive like I promised her… Second…. Even if speeding fate's hand onto my throat, I will make sure the same fate takes you by the throat and drags you to Hell with me."

Katama blinked up at Yuuto as he began tp speak. His tone was so angry…. But his words… She sighed and a look of exasperation mixed with one of her love for Yuuto. She always felt safe when he promised her something. It was a foregone conclusion to her. She had seen him form that Mangekyou, had been the catalyst for it. So now that he was using it and partially in defense of her… Well, she couldn't help a small shake of the head. His second declaration made her take a calming breath and she started to move, trying to get away from the seal she knew was behind her.
But Scarecrow's voice boomed in a laugh through the room, a communications eal on the wall clearly connected to one he had with him. "Well, well, my son returns finally. You had better hold still my dear, unless you'd like another dose of that treat I've been giving you." Katama paused and set her jaw, trying to figure out where the voice was comming from because in her eyes and mind it came from everywhere and no where and the demon spoke even while it's lips remained still.
"No, son, I don't think that same old gas will affect /you/. You're little toy there, though screams beautifully. And I barely had to touch her." He laughed agin and Katama's cheeks reddened.
Yes she had done alot of that damage but still! She grumbled a 'jackass' under hre breath and looked up at yuuto. "take out the building Yuuto. Dig me out later." She doubted he would do that but still it was worth a try…
Once more Scarecrow's voice boomed fromt he seal. "I tell you what, I'll give you five minutes to say your goodbyes. But don't try to leave or I'll blow up that entire room."

Yuuto's eyes narrow as Scarecrow's vice booms through the area. A perfect trap. He has no way of telling where that seal is linked back to right now. It could be right next door. It could be miles away. Once he finishes talking, Yuuto would turn back to Katama and walk over while avoiding activating the scroll traps that would release the gas. Kneeling down beside her, he places a hand on her cheek and shakes his head. "Digging you out later means digging out a corpse. I can't do that." Reaching to his collar, he'd remove the necklace he wears, placing it around her own neck and latching it to allow her to keep it for a memento. He then leans his head down to kiss her passionately, savoring it as much as possible as he knows Scarecrow will likely detonate one of the seals early or at least break before the five minute count is actually up.

Katama looked up at him, blinking as he put that necklace around her neck. She shook her head, denying the sentiment. Only for him to capture her lips in a passionalte kiss. One she forced her body to move into, herr hands reaching up to cup his face and run through his hair She groaned softly from the stress it put on her body, but held on tightly. When he pulled away she was worried. This was unlike him. "You're going to kill him." She hoped it sounded confident.
But Yuuto was right, Scarecrow had no intention o f letting them have the whole five minutes. Quietly a soldier dropped down from the broken window, standing there to keep Yuuto from going out the window, leaving the door as the only other exit. Katama was about halfway between them. At the four minute mark he opened the door and stepped in, closing it behind him. He wore that mask and Katama flinched at seeing him. Her hand closed on Yuuto's shirt and she held tightly, whispering that she loved him, even a her gut roiled.
Scarecrow chuckled and drew his sword. "Well how cute is that… Does this mean she's my daughter now?" He laughed again, drawing chakra all around him. "You know you should jsut come work for me Yuuto, then I suppose you could keep your toy. In your room of course."

Yuuto glances over his shoulder as the soldier enters the room, pressing into the kiss once last time before breaking it and looking up to watch as Scarecrow enters the room. He glances back at Katama as she clings to his shirt, whispering the same sentiments of love back to her before standing to his feet to look Scarecrow in the eye. "You mean let my guard down so you can kill her in front of me when you deem the time's right? Do you really think I'm that foolish?"
He notes the sword in the man's hand, smirking slightly as he reaches out to allow a gunbai to form in his hands composed of the chakra of the Injustice Weapon. "Tell me, father, do you remember?… Last time we met, I was only a boy with a kunai, and I sliced your face open. This time, I stand across from you as an equal, and I can confirm Katama's words with everything in me… I'm /going/ to kill you." With that his eyes look over to the guard at the wind, chakra focusing through them to create a spear of black rock out of the dust in the air to hurtle directly at the man's throat with intent of rending his head straight off his shoulders to free up one of the exits of the room.

Scarecrow laughed again as Yuuto pointed out the flaw in the whole joining him plan. He would indeed use the girl's life against Yuuto if that was what it took to control him. Yuuto had grown much that was easy to see, but what had this pathetic looking girl done for his son? Nothing. Nothing but make him weak. "If she's gone you wont have a plain weakness anymore and when I'm done with you there wont BE any weakness either."
Katama rested her foreheaad against Yuuto's as he pulled away finally, apprehension in her heart, partially because of the drugs he had subjected her to. Slowly she managed to get her arms under her and pushed herself to sit up and getting her head away from that seal.
Then Yuuto created a spear out of the dust in the air and she felt awe and pride swell in her chest. He was powerful. His declaration was powerful. Yes! They could win this! She squirmed her way backwards to give Yuuto more room, her free hand on that necklace as if it were a talisman to keep him safe.
The spear took the head off the guard without question. In point of fact it actually obliterated most of it, leaving a heaadless body to fall to the pavemment below. (Much to the dismay of the citizenry.) Scarecrow grinned behind his mask. "Wonderful! But how are your reflexes?" He suddenly launched himself forward at Yuuto, his sword slicing so fast it was a blur in the air, an X shaped attack that could easily maim… Left then right.

"Weakness, huh?" Yuuto asks as he looks to Scarecrow, using his eyes to throw the first blade strike off, though the second one would slash his arm. With a growl he spins into a powerful kick aimed directly at Scarecrow's face. Successful or not, he'd move into a ready stance for the next assault. "Is weakness what you felt when you were told I killed Nanami? Tell me, how did it feel knowing that, after spending my entire life taking everything from me, I'd finally taken something from you?"

Scarecrow's laugh echoed in the chamber when he drew Yuuto's blood. "You have to be quicker than that boy!" It may have only struck his arm but it drew first blood nonetheless. Scarecrow snickered and brought his blade up to block the kick towrd his face with the flat of the blade. "Now now you can do better than that. Even your taunt needs work, boy!" Yuuto might have had sharingan, but Scarecrow had gas, a new mixture, more potent than what he'd hit them with before and chemically engineered to have similar effects but be chemically different enough that Yuuto would not have an immunity to it. Katama covered her face with a hand and worked to rip off a piece of cloth from her shirt again,not wanting a dose of whateverr that was….

Unable to avoid the gas, Yuuto breathes it in, though he doesn't try to cover his face like Katama does. Though he feels its effects and begins to see the monsters of his visions more strongly than before, he merely coughs and spins again to drive his fist directly at Scarecrow's throat. "Old fool," he growls out as he throws the strike then goes to drive a knee directly up at Scarecrow's jaw.

Scarecrow brought his blade up to try and block Yuuto's kick but the boy was faster and it struck him right in the jaw, sending him back a few steps with a grunt. "I see.. Well, lets see how you deal with this…" He reached up and flicked open a small scroll, directly into Yuuto's face, looking to actually do damage this time, it contained a strong poison and an element that would cause pain and racing heart. Katama continued to watch with wide eyes, slowly regaining more movement it was not a fun process. She tied the cloth around her mouth and nose befre she pushed herself further against the wall…

As Yuuto's eyes lock with those of Scarecrow, he'd send the attack away from his face to not be able to harm him. Through the same surge of chakra, he attempts to force his body to lock up and open him up for a followup attack. "That the best you can do, old man?" he asks with a smirk as she tries to force the same kind of hallucinations the poison causes onto Scarecrow himself.

A small dose of gas to himself was all it took to break the spell Yuuto cast and Scarecrow laughed again, starting to get VERY excited about the whole thing. "aaah so close. Nice try. boy. But you'll have to do better than that." With that he turned and spit poisoned gas at Yuuto again, spraying enough that some might drift over to where Katama sat, though seh had the cloth over her mouth and nose. She looked worried and tired, certainly drained and in pain, but watching and trying to mve the poison from her system. She was rubbing at her arms, encouraging circulation.

This time the gas hits Yuuto effectively, causing him to hit a knee in pain as it starts to kick in. With the poison hitting him as it is, he decides to try for something a little less strenuous and more to his old fighting style, reaching into his coat pocket to withdraw a scroll and drop it on the ground. It opens up as he makes a handseal, releasing a flurry of snakes along with a giant winged lion that dive at Scarecrow and tries to pin him down for the snakes to bind him in place.

Scarecrow smirked behind his mask as he saw the pain cross Yuuto's eyes. When the boy hit his knee Katama gasped, wincing in empathy. She turned crimson eye on the two again and continued trying to rub circulation back into her numbed limbs. She wasn't getting results fast enough! Scarecrow meanwhile was facing a bigger issue. He tried to move out of the path of Yuuto's ink attack but found himself drug to the ground with a loud crack and a grunt. He struggled. And he swore.

When Scarecrow is caught in the vice, Yuuto grins and pushes himself back up to his feet, though the poison is still affect his system. Still, he fights through it, focusing chakra through those crimson eyes to cast another powerful jutsu that causes massive boulders of black rock to begin to fall out of thin air from the ceiling down on top of him. He is definitely quite intent on keeping his promise of ending Scarecrow tonight.

Scarecrow was buried in stones and the scent of blood hit the air. A few pebbles crumbled and bounced off the pile as it settled.. then the pile began to move and Scarecrow pushed his way out again, his mask askew he growled and pulled out that scroll again, aiming a paralytic at Yuuto before crawling out the rest of the way. Hopefully Yuuto was immobile but either way he drew that sword again, putting a heavy blow into it with all his strength. Katama gasped, hoping Yuuto could move in time.

Unable to avoid the gas once again, Yuuto this time is temporarily paralyzed by its effects, just long enough to watch a massive cleave of Scarecrow's sword coming his way and tearing through his flesh and sending him backward into the wall. As blood pours from his torso, he coughs up more due to the lasting effects of the poison in his system. "Not bad… You must have an interesting way of keeping yourself young with all those chemicals…. I doubt it does much against this, though," he says as chakra focuses through his eyes once more to form a spear of black rock that goes straight for the old man's gut with intent to rend straight through any armor he may be wearing.

Scarecrow cackled as Yuuto flew backwards and when he struck the wall Katama cried out. She still could barely move but she leaned forward. "Yuuto!" Crimson eyes turned on Scarecrow angrily. "Wasn't he supposed to be your tool? You're going to kill him!"
Scarecrow laughed at her. "Stupid child. He's beyond that now. And you should know it's your fault. If you'd just died with Nanami this would never have happened. Know that." Yes a master at manipultion and lies.
He turned back to Yuuto and watched the boy as he gathered that spear. But he underestimated Yuuto's ability with that mangekyou and he couldn't move in time. The spear lanced through his side, laying ribs bare for viewing and cost him a cry of pain. Much to his annoyance. He growled darkly and leapt forward, spraying gas at Yuuto again, looking to harm. "DIE PLOY!" It was clear however that he was not in good shape and could not last much longer….
Katama ducked as he moved past her toward Yuuto, it was all she could do, her bones were not cooperating with her and she could just barely crawl, but her left arm would not hold her up and her leg was broken…

With the lingering pain, Yuuto is unable to steer the poison away from himself enough to make a difference this time. It begins to tear at him mentally and physically, causing him to growl out in pain as the dark illusions and pain threaten to overtake him. "Maybe… But you're coming with me," Yuuto says through the pain as he sends yet another spear at Scarecrow, this time going for his chest to try and shred his lungs and the rest of his chest cavity. The moment it flies off, though, he falls back to a knee, coughing up more blood as more starts to pour from his eyes along with what he coughs up and the massive wounds he's sustained. At this point it may only be sheer will that's driving him forward, will to save Katama, will to finish this once and for all

Scarecrow was injured grievously and could not dodge, so he brought up his sword, but .. too slow. The spear tore into him, sending his body flying backwards and slamming into the wall, impaling him. It was plain that he didn't even have time foor last words. He was, quite plainly, dead.
Katama waited just a moment before she set her jaw and stood. It was hard work, she could barely move, barely stand, and yet, she moved, stumbling, limping, dragging her leg behind her. To Yuuto's side. When seh fell she just crawled, the pain in her body like flames, she could see the pain, see the blood, she knew deep down Yuuto was in trouble. By the time she made it to his side he was done speaking and she had annoyed her injuries, but she was there at his side. She pushed herself into a sitting position and opened her arms, reaching for him, if he allowed she would pull him close to her with her good arm, tears threatening the stoic girl. "Yuuto…My crazy love… Hold on.. okay?"

Looking up at Scarecrow as the spear hits, Yuuto can't help but smile as the final blow to him is dealt and he can watch Scarecrow die at last. Right after that, however, his glory is cut short by the enormous amounts of poison he's breathed in in this battle, causing him to fall over in pain as he feels the life draining from his body. When he feels Katama's arm around him, he looks up to her reaches a hand up to cup her cheek. "I'm sorry, Oni-hime…. I can't…. But promise me something, my love… survive this… Do live for revenge or try to take over this village in my name… Just… live…" His mission of saving her from Scarecrow accomplished, Yuuto's eyes would at last go back to their normal state and fade to show that the poison itself has damaged them beyond use as his body goes limp.

Katama held onto him, leaning into his touch as he spoke. She could see the poison had worked against his eyes, damaging them directly. She knew just what those eyes could fetch on the black market as well. But she would not allow that. His words caught her off guard and her eyes went wide as he told herr not to take revenge, she shook her head and simply wept. When the light finally drained from his eyes.. she screamed. Long, hard, at the top of her lungs she screamed until she couldn't breath and had no more breath to give. She lifted her hand to his cheek, stroking it as the body slowly began to lose heat. "Snagit Yuuto…" She bent, touching her forehead to his for a long moment then at last she pulled back, still petting his face.
She pawed around on his person, pulling tools from his pouches, looking for anything that could help her that wasn't sealed into a scroll. She frowned but finally just took his belt off him and put it around herr own waist. Lifting a kunai she steeled herself then tried to make sure the eyes had enough damage that they could ot be stoolen. Tried. And failed. She could not even bring herself to make a single cut. The kunai fell to the ground and she just bent over his lifeless body, holding him close. That was how she was found, barely conscious herself.

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