Dreams - Perfect World



Date: March 7, 2011


None given.

"Dreams - Perfect World"

Unknown location

…for the Cutscene Challenge: Dreams.

Goh opens his eyes to show a somewhat blurry vision at first — adjusting
to the bright light which the environment creates. What he sits on … is
placid. A glance down to the object will reveal a white-cream colour. A
few pokes will reveal that it is indeed soft. Soft enough to puncture.
Sliding off the 'cap' and hitting the ground, which itself is oddly hard,
the blonde peers up at what he was on. A /gigantic/ mushroom, dripping
with a yellow coloured juice. A lovely aroma wafting out.

Goh's mouth waters a little.

And then he begins to walk. Walk down a merry path, one made up of diced
onions, each of them very soft. A small crunch as his sandals move across
them — followed by a delightful scent that drifts into his nose. As he
begins to skip down the 'way, he notices that the path is lined with soft,
juicy carrots. Pickled to perfection. The mushroom styled trees grow more
common, but each still get a careful appraisal. With further examination,
Goh realizes he is standing upon a GIANT potato. It is the Earth of this
crazy Pickled world. Which of course, smells just the way Goh likes it.

Stopping to start /eating/ the ground, a possessed look in his eyes, Goh
hears a distant noise. His ears prickle, before he stands to look into the
distance. A tsunami of pickling juices, headed right for him! He stares,
jaw-dropping. Saliva pouring out and hitting the ground.

Out of seemingly no-where, Mushi appears, wearing naught but a string
bikini. Cuddling up to him and crying, she offeres in a meek voice 'Save
me, Goh-sama!'.

Wrapping a firm hand around her shoulders, Goh CHARGES at the wave of
pickling juices, wielding a straw in his spare hand. Bikini clad Mushi in
the other arm.


…just another dream.

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