Personal Suffering; Assassin Downed


Rockpath (emitter), Yori, Oshiro

Date: August 19, 2015


An ‘assassin’ tries to take the Raikage’s life, but he instead manages to get the attention of two of the Raikage’s most skilled Saito.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Personal Suffering; Assassin Downed"


Within Kumogakure, the Raikage often is not at his desk. This is, perhaps, a good thing. But it is bad for a certain man who is set out to kill Hiei. The Raikage had destroyed a village, or so he was led to believe. In truth, it was another Yotsuki (one that is long dead) that had destroyed his home. His family. And yet… That hardly mattered. Hiei was to blame. And on this cloudy day within the mountains, the man stood on a roof that provides a clear view of the Raikage's Administration hall. A bow is in his hands and a quiver full of Arrows is on his back.

COMBAT: Sniper focuses 2135 stamina to turn it into 3000 usable chakra!

COMBAT: Oshiro defends against ADVANCED-STEALTH(44) attack from Sniper with a PERCEPTION…22
RPCOMBAT: Oshiro defends against with a PERCEPTION-II…22

The Raikage was not present at this time, it had just been Oshiro and his student Yori, training with wooden kendo sticks. "The key to power is in your hips. Release your energy at your hips, and your wrists will follow." Oshiro often stood guard here, acting as a guard even when the Raikage was not present. If the shadowy figure in the Raikage's office was obvious to the stalker across the way on the roof, it was not obvious. He continued his training routine as normally, smacking little kids with giant sticks in the name of practice!

COMBAT: Yori defends against ADVANCED-STEALTH(48) attack from Sniper with a PERCEPTION…31

Yori is happy to be training. If he isn't reading then he'd rather be training! The boy is working with Oshiro without paying much mind to what's going on in their surroundings. After all the center of the village should be pretty safe for everyone right? What is there to worry about?

The sniper narrows his eyes. Dang it, where was the- hmm, was that him? The man has a feeling Oshiro might be the Kage (I mean, he's completely wrong, but he also doesn't really know what the Kage looks like. Lame assassin!), so he nocks a few arrows and takes aim. The arrows would sail through the window, and hopefully embed themselves into Yori and Oshiro's arms…

COMBAT: Oshiro defends against TRICKY-ARCHER-SHOT(49) attack from Sniper with a DODGE-II…56

Oshiro may not be very perceptive, but the clang of the arrow as it leaves it's position among the assassin's bow triggers the Jounin's senses. "Assassin!" He shouts as he side-steps the arrow with incredible finesse. "Watch out!" The Senshi tosses the wooden sword to the side as he retrieves the ancient Murakumou sword. His feet shift ever slightly as chakra surges over him. After a second he lunges out the window, firing his own form of attack at the assassin!

RP: Oshiro transforms into MURAKUMOU-LOTUS.
COMBAT: Yori defends against TRICKY-ARCHER-SHOT(52) attack from Sniper with a BREVITY…44
COMBAT: Yori loses the roll and sustains 427 damage.

Yori is surprised by the call of an assassin and he shifts to try and move away, but he's just too slow and takes the arrow in the shoulder. The young Saito doesn't hesitate as he pushes the pain out of his mind and snaps the arrow shaft, leaving the head in for now. The boy turns to look up where the arrow had come from, eyes narrowed slightly as he draws his own blade. For the moment he waits and watches while Oshiro attacks.

COMBAT: Sniper defends against WIND-BULLET(35) attack from Oshiro with a DODGE…28
COMBAT: Sniper loses the roll and sustains 401 damage.
COMBAT: Sniper defends against WIND-BULLET(44) attack from Oshiro with a DODGE…38
COMBAT: Sniper loses the roll and sustains 435 damage.
COMBAT: Sniper defends against WIND-BULLET(34) attack from Oshiro with a DODGE…37

The sniper didn't expect such a quick retaliation! Nothing that he shouldn't expect from the Raikage, though. He ends up getting hit in the side by two of the wind bullets, which draws blood. Ow! "Dang it…" He mutters, leaping away and seeking to hide among the crowd of people. Sadly, he's still bleeding from his wound, though he's trying to bind it.

COMBAT: Oshiro defends against ADVANCED-STEALTH(42) attack from Sniper with a PERCEPTION-II…26

Oshiro's retaliation had been directly linked to his thousands of training routines that he had underwent years before. He knew this room better than any room in the village, and was aware of most of it's 'vantage' points. Unfortunately, the assassin manages to slip out of sight. Moving to the position that the archer had been in, Oshiro looks about for a blood trail, there no doubt had to be one. "Yori, are you alright?" He shouts into the Raikage building while his eyes remain focused on spotting a wounded villager.

COMBAT: Yori defends against ADVANCED-STEALTH(52) attack from Sniper with a PERCEPTION…24

Yori's eyes move back to his bleeding shoulder when the attacker takes injury and dives down into the crowds. The boy just grits his teeth against the pain as he moves out to try and look around, but to no avail. "I'll be fine, Oshiro-sensei," he calls back, just ignoring the wound for now. It wasn't fatal.

COMBAT: Sniper heals Sniper for 360 with FIRST AID.

The man starts making his way through the crowd, seeking an escape route. Both Oshiro and Yori wouldn't be able to find him, though, until they get to where there are very few people. There are spots of blood that were masked by walking people and pets making dirt, but eventually the man would come into view near the Village entrance. Every now and then he would look back.

"Come on.. I need your help." Oshiro eventually picks up on the blood trail, and quickly follows up on him, leaping down from his perch while he stalks the stalker. Instead of attacking right off the bat, Oshiro makes a hand gesture towards the bushes, in an attempt to create a sneak attack with his pupil. With is sword steady, he attempts to disappear in to the shadows.

Yori follows after Oshiro, looking for the blood trail as well before following after it. He's not sure that Oshiro truly needs his help after seeing what this man was able to do. At most he might be able to distract him and take some more shots. A few arrows never killed anyone. The boy follows Oshiro into the bushes at the signal, moving after him quietly and quickly.

COMBAT: Sniper defends against STEALTH(36) attack from Oshiro with a PERCEPTION…36
COMBAT: Sniper defends against STEALTH(29) attack from Yori with a PERCEPTION…24

The sniper heard someone moving around and he frowned. Suspicious, he starts to look around, drawing his bow and nocking the string. Then his eyes light upon something suspicious, and three arrows are loosed into the shadows. "I see you!" he says, mostly to himself. A few villagers stop where they are, almost getting hit by the arrows. They start to cause a huge commotion. Good thing there are only 5.

COMBAT: Oshiro defends against ARCHER-SHOT(32) attack from Sniper with a DODGE…47
COMBAT: Oshiro defends against ARCHER-SHOT(28) attack from Sniper with a DODGE…33
COMBAT: Oshiro defends against ARCHER-SHOT(30) attack from Sniper with a DODGE…43

Oshiro was prepared now for whatever he might face. Like a lightning bolt, the shinobi practically flickers left and right, avoiding each arrow with ease. There is an expression of utter annoyance that he had to do as much work as he was doing for this assassin. Without waiting, Oshiro flips through the air, landing next to the Sniper with a resounding thud! Moving his blade sideway, Oshiro attempts to knock the opponent flat on the ground with the side of the blade!

RP: Oshiro reverts to their normal state.

Yori waits until Oshiro just lands to make his own move, flashing out of the bushes to come at the attacker with a flickering blow towards his midsection. After that he turns quickly to throw out three quick slashes towards the man, each of them taking a fraction of the time a normal slash would.

COMBAT: Sniper defends against MURAKUMOU-FLURRY(61) attack from Oshiro with a ACROBATIC-DODGE…36
COMBAT: You lose your stamina for 1 attacks.
COMBAT: Sniper loses the roll and sustains 500 damage.
COMBAT: Sniper defends against FLASH-STRIKE(26) attack from Yori with a TENSE…6
COMBAT: Sniper loses the roll and sustains 453 damage.
COMBAT: Sniper defends against TRIPLE-SLASH(41) attack from Yori with a TENSE…8
COMBAT: Sniper loses the roll and sustains 543 damage.

The sniper isn't a close-ranged combatant! He tries to avoid the flurry of strikes, but he ends up getting a lot of cuts, and he is forced to the ground in the process. Now that he's on his butt, he doesn't look like such a threat! The man scowls and finds himself with a nice cut to his stomach thanks to Yori, along with a few more slashes. This wasn't pleasant! Dang it. He coughs up a bit of blood and scrambles backwards, knocking another arrow. A net suddenly springs into being as he launches the arrow at the 'enemies', and he tries to entangle them both!

COMBAT: Oshiro defends against NETTED-ARCHER-SHOT(53) attack from Sniper with a DODGE-II…48

Oshiro is caught off guard by the net, and it takes him down to the ground where he struggles with it for several moments. He' attempt to get his sword loose from it's position. "Ugh." He's shifting back and forth waiting for an opportunity to break free.

COMBAT: Yori defends against NETTED-ARCHER-SHOT(46) attack from Sniper with a UNCANNY-DEFENSE…58

A focus comes over Yori's features as he decides he can't split it against this foe. His battle sense kicks in and with a movement like lightning his blade comes up to slash through the net in that instant that it's at the right distance, letting it fall to either side of him. Without turning he slashes to the side to cut the net free of Oshiro. A moment later he flashes forward, his blade spinning in the air as he comes at the archer, his sleeve falling back as his lightning filled vambrace appears to try and strike the man in his middle whilst he passes. Once he passes he reaches up to grab the sword as is comes back down and turns to slice once again.

COMBAT: Yori focuses 2618 stamina to turn it into 3000 usable chakra!
RP: Yori transforms into BATTLE-MIND.
COMBAT: Sniper defends against LIGHTNING-VAMBRACE-STRIKE(47) attack from Yori with a ACROBATIC-DODGE…45
COMBAT: Sniper loses the roll and sustains 252 damage.
COMBAT: Sniper defends against TRIPLE-SLASH(60) attack from Yori with a TENSE…10
COMBAT: Sniper loses the roll and sustains 716 damage.

ACK! Mr. Sniper was so proud that he was able to get Oshiro that he totally forgot about Yori! The younger Saito is able to slip right through his guard, and he ends up doubled over, his muscles spasming a bit before Yori slices continuously in several fluid movements, rendering one arm useless. And unfortunately for the Sniper-dude, it takes more than one arm to wield his bow… "MISFORTUNE!!!" he shouts at Yori, furious that the boy was able to stop his main weapon. His other arm, the one that didn't get a very important muscle cut, lashes out to try and hit Yori with a slice of wind.

COMBAT: Oshiro focuses 2294 stamina to turn it into 3000 usable chakra!
RP: Oshiro transforms into MURAKUMOU-TIGER.

Oshiro was finally able to slip through the netting, his blade slicing it without much effort once he was able to get the angle right. Sliding out of the crevice made, Oshiro refocuses his energy while slipping into an appropriate stance. He hardly waits before flickering beside his teammate, a focused attack being brought down like an executioner's blade!

COMBAT: Yori defends against WIND-SLICE(34) attack from Sniper with a BREVITY…54

Yori doesn't hesitate as he continues to move along on the other side of the archer from Oshiro, his blade shifting quickly in his hand as he turns to slice at the man once more. There's no real show of…anything in his face. It's just a calm, thoughtful, neutrality as the blade fills with lightning and he slashes at the man twice in quick succession.

COMBAT: Sniper defends against MURAKUMOU-STRIKE-III(60) attack from Oshiro with a ACROBATIC-DODGE-II…56
COMBAT: Sniper loses the roll and sustains 1008 damage.
COMBAT: Sniper defends against LIGHTNING-FLOW-SHARP(48) attack from Yori with a ACROBATIC-DODGE…49
COMBAT: Sniper defends against LIGHTNING-FLOW-SHARP(52) attack from Yori with a ACROBATIC-DODGE…40
COMBAT: Sniper loses the roll and sustains 434 damage.

The man tries to jump out of the way from Oshiro's strike, but the blade comes down hard, lopping off his whole left arm! And his right arm is already damaged beyond shooting ability. Fortunately, getting his left arm lopped off means that Yori's initial strike to that side fails, but he's a bit more accurate as the lightning-enhanced blade cuts into his side, electrocuting the man's insides. He ends up on the ground, eyes glazed with shock. He can't attack. The only thing he could do is run, and by this point, he's probably going to die before he reaches a yard out of the village!

Oshiro kneels on the man's bloody nub of a wound, "You can tell me who sent you and why, and I may consider letting you live, or you can say nothing and lose your head. I suggest you speak." The edge of the sword is pressed firmly against the man's throat. One false move, and he would be one head lighter.

With a practiced flick of the blade Yori frees the steel of blood, the droplets splattering on the ground as he sheathes the clean weapon. The boy says nothing, leaving it to the older Saito as he watches with golden-brown eyes narrowed. He's not pleased, but it's not his place now.

The man says, "No one," and leaves it at that. It's up to Oshiro and Yori to figure out if he was telling the truth. … And then the man does something really unwise and spits in Oshiro's face!

Oshiro had no patience for disrespectful assassins, without even blinking, Oshiro slides the blade through the mans neck in one solid movement, as if it were butter, blood spraying on his face and clothes, "No traitor shall prosper in the land of lightning.." He stands, saying louder, "Let this be a lesson to those who consider treachery in the future!"

Yori doesn't even flinch when Oshiro skewers the man, only waiting a few moments before turning and walking to the guards at the gate. A few quiet orders from Michiko's assistant sees a few men come to cover the body and quickly carry it off, likely to be identified and the buried or burned.

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