Petty thievery


Satomi, Hiei

Date: April 20, 2013


Hiei and Satomi are out to do a little marriage councelling

Poster's notes: Konohagakure would be unlikely to actually accept a mission of this nature. Foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Petty thievery"

Land of fire

It's early in the morning when Hiei gets brutally awoken by the soft step of Satomi at his diplomatic residence front porch. She knocks on the door a few times, and eyes the shadows slithering along the door-post, and in between the door. She places her hand against the shadow and focusses her chakra, slowly melting into it, so when Hiei opens the door there is nobody. When he closes the door again and turns away Satomi suddenly and silently slides out of the shadow at his door. Only when he relaxes again does she go: "Boo." Smiling from ear to ear, crossing her arms and leaning back against the door post. "I got a mission, it's just a D-rank… And I figured you wouldn't mind making some extra cash. Want to join me hot-stuff?" She asks him, grinning sheepishly.

She crosses her arms and yawns. "I'll brief you if you decide to join. And about Ogo, it'll be our little secret. You won't even be mentioned in the report." She smiles while gazing at the door. "Come on, it'll be fun!"

Hiei was sleeping off the brief fainting spell he had in the hot springs. According to him, it was because he had been in there too long and the heat got to him. That was his story and he was sticking to it. However at the knock, the sleepy Yotsuki pokes his head out of the door. Seeing no one, he grumbles. "Stop being childish, Hiro." Thinking that his teammate was playing one of his tricks. He turns around and jumps, moving immediately into a fighting stance. Squinting slightly, he frowns. "You almost gave me a heart attack, Satomi." After listening to her proposal he thinks about it for a moment, then looks over at the next room where Ogo was sleeping. He shrugs. "Why not. Give me a minute to get dressed and geared up." Not only could he use the cash, but he could also use the experience. Shooing Satomi out of the room so he can get dressed, he's ready after a couple minutes. Quietly making his way outside, he joins Satomi now clad in his usual gear minus the traveling cloak.

"It's a D-rank, but that doesn't make it any less important." Satomi explains while walking with him to the gate… "You know how to henge?" She asks him…. Stopping near the gate. "If you do, change into Naota.. or Fudo… Or Hisoka. That way there'll be no one to report you're going out with me. Not that they would, but just in case." She smiles while walking towards the gate, waiting for him to henge (or not) before simply walking through, nodding at the gate guard. It must be 6AM…

"So, how is your stealth?" She asks curiously, walking with him along the forest path. "The mission is simple… A woman divorced from her… well former husband. And threw away the wedding ring. Apperently he found it and gave it to some other girl who he's now married too. Ex wife is angry, and hired us to steal her ring… off her finger." She nods a few times. "So I brought some soap… and… you." She grins. "She'll be asleep for two more hours or so… we'll arrive in a little less than an hour. So we have an hour to come up with a plan and execute it. Steal the ring off her finger, and return to the village." She nods a few times. "Note… No force, you don't want to hurt any land of fire citizent at any cost… got it?"

Hiei walks alongside Satomi and when she asks if he knows how to henge, he nods, places his hands together and with a *poof* he is now Naota, glasses and all. Having fought him, he knew him a little better than any of the others. He had his mannerisms down, even the way he pushed his glasses up onto his nose. "Ready." Hiei says in Naota's voice. "I see. I wouldn't want to hurt any Fire citizen if I could help it. But I'm not really a stealth kind of guy. But I did pass the course at the academy, so I'm competent."

"It's not like you're breaking into some fortress." She remarks while chuckling, walking alongside him. And indeed it's about thirty minutes walking. Satomi looks around a little. "Lets see… number…. 40" She points at a house in the middle of the village. Walking up to it, before leaning back against a small wooden fence. Quietly walking. "Lets see, step one… case the place." She says while just staring at the building. In her mind she's making a thousand calculations. "Bedroom." She comments, pointing to a top left window, right next to a balcony.

"The balcony is outside the bathroom.." She nods a few times… Now how the stickyfingers does she know that? … In truth, she simply deducted it by looking at water-lines, window dressing… position in the house related to the front door. "Jump up to that balcony quietly, open up the window, slip in….." She reaches out with a small green bottle. "Apply this to her fingers WITHOUT waking her up." She passes it on to Hiei. "Take the ring, and leave… close the window. As if you have never been there." She nods a couple of times. "Alright?"

Once they arrive, Hiei listens to Satomi's instructions. It didn't sound like it would be too hard. Then again, escorting a guy to a town didn't sound hard either and he remembers how that turned out. He takes the little green bottle and places it into one of the pouches onto his belt. At this point, he looks like himself again. He does not ask how she knows so much detail about the house. You never looks a gift horse in the mouth, or in this case, a Nara. Briefly, he wonders how much of a stink it would raise if he wanted to transfer here from Kumo, but quickly dismisses that idea. Bending his legs slightly, he leaps up onto the balcony. Taking a moment to slow his breathing and to focus, he opens the window and steps in quietly.

Satomi nods and silently leans back. Closing her eyes for a moment. Curious to see how silent he stays. Turns out Hiei is in for some bad luck. As his feet hit the balcony he finds out the tiles are laid loosely, almost making a lot of sound. However, his skill managed to keep him on his toes, which means no sound came out. When he reaches for the window…. You have … got to be kidding me! It's locked! The window doesn't budge! Again his nimble fingers don't give away a sound, so he remained perfectly hidden. A final option was the balcony door into the house from the balcony, which seems unlocked. Though it leads into a bathroom…. And … swipeit, the bathroom door is locked as well! Satomi blinks and looks at him as she spots the window's locked… curious how he'll solve that.

Hiei says stock still until he could move without kicking over the loose tile. Finding the window locked, he frowns and then leaps over to the balcony. Opening the door, he steps into the bathroom. After quickly looking around, he tries the bathroom door only to find it locked. He frowns again, thinking to himself 'Who locks the bathroom door when no one's in it?' However, he is inspired with an idea. Concentrating for a moment, he produces a single lightning needle at the tip of his finger. Using that, he'll insert it into the locking mechanism in an attempt to melt it open.

After entering the sober bathroom it indeed does occur to one why someone would lock the bathroom door. It makes sense when you realize they can't lock the balcony most likely. It's to prevent sneaky burglars like yourself from going in! When the needle is produced and pressed into the cheap metal the smell of melting metal eventually hits your nose. But you manage to melt it just right, and just like that, the door opens.

The bedroom is equally sober, a large king-size bed in the corner, the thirty year old woman sleeping there, hands on the sheets…. she's well asleep, though something's off! WHERE IS HER HUSBAND!? … The sound of water running downstairs. He must have gotten up for something. His bed is disturbed! Chances are … he's coming back…. Clock's ticking! The ring is right there on her finger! Though her thick finger looks like a challenge to stealthily work… what choice do you have?

Faith roll(s) Bad luck from 0 to 10 and get(s) a 4. - Rolled by: Satomi
RPCOMBAT: Hiei attacks with STEALTH…9

Result: Hiei doesn't wake up the woman while working the ring off

Husband roll(s) Return time from 20 to 30 and get(s) a 21. - Rolled by: Satomi
RP: Hiei makes a Spd roll and got 5.
30-5 = 25
Result: The husband returns after 21 seconds, Hiei can not take the ring in 21 seconds.
Note: Hiei can hear the husband coming

HIei hears the husband downstairs and begins to work the ring off the lady's finger. He withdraws the little green bottle and applies it to the finger. He could hear the footsteps getting closer and he knew that he wasn't going to make it. Leaving the lady for the time being, he takes the bottle and hurries back to the balcony window as fast as he can. He throws the bottle so that it impacts the front door on the first floor. Hopefully, the husband will go check out the sound, giving him enough time to finish getting the ring and get back out of the door before he makes it back upstairs again.

The footsteps of the husband draw closer… and closer… Hiei unlocked the window just in time, a few more steps and he would be busted! The man stops, and you can hear him turn back around, walking down the stairs. "Hello?" He asks while carefully stepping, giving Hiei another ten seconds while he quickly looks at the front door. Enough time to grab the ring and bolt. Satomi perks an eyebrow to suddenly see him poking his head out….

Problem, the sound woke the lady up, who's slowly opening her eyes. "Moto!" She says, her eyes still half closed. "Moto why are you out of bed?" She asks while running her hand over the open side of the bed… her ring almost off her finger… "Ugh what is this.." She asks while rubbing her finger with her other hand. "Some kind of goo!" She comments, only now opening her eyes…

Lady roll(s) Perception from 1 to 8 and get(s) a 6. - Rolled by: Satomi

Mission accomplished. Kinda. Hiei had the ring, but the husband would be back any moment. Thinking fast, Hiei drops to his knees and rolls underneath the bed. He places his hands down by his side and concentrates on slowing his breathing so that he wouldn't make any extra noise. He would simply wait until the husband went back to sleep again, and when he does, he'd sneak out. But now the woman was awake, too and looking for the husband. If he didn't think it would give him away, Hiei would actually curse right about now. Briefly he wonders how he always seems to get himself into these situations.

"Moto did you put this one my hand?" She asks, gazing at it… "My ring!" She says, while rubbing her hand, looking around. "Moto my ring is gone! And my finger is all gooey!" She gets up out of bed. While her husband, who clearly couldn't care less gets back into bed. "You probably misplaced it…" He states, the woman wide awake and alert, running around the room while the husband lays down.

Oshit! The bed quickly lowers under his weight! If Hiei doesn't roll to the other side of the bed he'll be pinned and stuck under the sleeping husband! Who knows, he might even notice he's laying on top of something! Meanwhile the woman is washing her hand and smelling, looking out of the balcony.

"Pickpockets! They came in through the balcony honey! You smell that? Burned metal! Burned through the lock no doubt!" She sighs while looking out of the balcony, trying to spot whomever ran off with her ring. "No one!" She states, while headed back to bed. "We'll report it to the police tomorrow, and get a new ring right!" … Filched oppertunist. The man just grumbles.

Faith roll(s) Bad luck from 0 to 7 and get(s) a 4. - Rolled by: Satomi
RP: Hiei makes a Spd roll and got 5.
Result: Hiei manages to shift out of the way in time!

Hiei closes his eyes and tries to will himself to be invisible. Okay, he didn't have that kind of jutsu, but when the man got into bed, he was just barely able to roll over so that he wasn't crushed by his weight. Rolling his eyes a little at the woman's hysterics, he resigned himself to wait. Hopefully, they'd go back to sleep, but since his exit strategy had been compromised, he may have to come up with another way of getting out of here.

Luckily for Hiei she doesn't weight so much, so he manages to stay flat underneath her. "Honey lock the door." She says. "We can't… lock's broken." The husband says… trying to get to sleep. "Honey…" She says again… after which he sighs. "No…" He states. "Then don't go to sleep! And go out there to find my bagged ring! What kind of a man are you!" She hit him right in the manliness. After which the older male sighs and gets up. "Get off my back woman!" He states, slamming the bathroom door shut.

He proceeds to walk down the stairs….. Returning a minute later with some rope. Tying the door to the foot of the bed. "There… if someone tries to pull it open now, they'll pull the bed with them, so we'll know." He states… "Now get the f… to sleep!" He says, turning around. "Thank you Moto!" She says while he can hear them kiss… and kiss… and smooch… and kiss again…. HOW LONG IS THING GOING TO TAKE!?

Once they're done smooching they're both fast asleep! Hiei can hear them both snoring. Now's his chance! But the balcony is compromised! Though … the window? Opening that without opening them both up with the breeze and sound was risky.. front door maybe? … Possibly… But that means going down the loud stairs! … Decisions decisions!

Couple roll(s) Smooching timez from 15 to 120 and get(s) a 94. - Rolled by: Satomi
Result: They take 94 minutes to fall asleep

Hiei is in pure hell. The couple smooch with each other for over 94 minutes. It was the longest 94 minutes of his life. But it's not long after they finish that he hears snoring, and after an activity like that, perhaps they'd stay asleep for awhile. This was his chance to get the lift out of here. He knew the balcony was compromised, he wasn't getting out that way. His options were the window and the front door. Of course, he had the creaky stairs to deal with if he took that route. Deciding to go with the window, he unlocks it and then eases it up as quietly as possible.

Faith roll(s) Bad luck from 0 to 10 and get(s) a 1. - Rolled by: Satomi

The window slips open easily… Allowing Hiei enough room to slip out and even close it behind him. Satomi is still where she was at first. Sleeping herself, arms crossed. When he walks up to her she opens her eyes. "I'm awake!" She states, smiling faintly. "Thought you were dead!" She comments, before holding out her hand to inspect the ring. "Good job…" She states even before he shows it to her. "How did it go?" She asks…. inspecting the ring slowly, nodding in approval. "What took you so long anyways?" She could only imagine what the palm the twelve year old was doing inside that house…! Nah it can't be that… She curiously looks at Hiei for answers. Smiling in a friendly way. Curious to hear his story.

Hiei shakes his head. "You wouldn't believe me. Well, you know the bedroom window was locked, so I went in through the balcony. The bathroom door was locked there and then I used some ligthning to get the lock off. The husband was awake and down stairs. He came back up quickly. So, I had to hide under the bed. Only it took them forever to go to sleep because they were….smooching." He makes a face. "Together."

She nods completely casually as he explains how he had some trouble getting in… But when he gets to the details why it took him so long she chuckles, and then she simply bursts out laughing. "Really!?" She says while punching his bicep! "Hahaha you doofus! Next time be quicker." She tells him, before messing up Hiei's hair. "And smooching is generally done… together." She tells him, before walking with him to the village in silence. "Here's the reward, 900 Ryo… It's not a lot, but it's a D-rank and thus decently paid. You can have my cut for the hardships you went though." She giggles silently, small-talking before they reach the gate. "You going to catch up some sleep? Or joining me for breakfast?" She asks him once they're inside.

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