Pillaging Pirates


Reina, Hiken

Date: May 29, 2014


Reina and Hiken arrive at a village being attacked by pirates, and sack the pirates and villagers.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Pillaging Pirates"

Ankua Village

Hiken would have heard that Reina does jobs mostly given by clients. But of late her types of clients haven't been reliable. She's been backstabbed, sometimes literally, by those scumbags. And worse, much worse, they give her only part of the profit. Unforgiveable. So she'd taken the initiative to find her own jobs, and she explains it to Hiken as they walk amongst the dunes.

"Takuya-kun and I went into a prison," she says. She laughs. "We questioned a pirate, and learned where their next attack will be. They're starting to attack places furthest from hidden village shinobi radar. Which is, sad to say, my places. Too bold. We'll teach them a lesson. They sacked a village, and now we'll sack them." And from then on she'd move in the shadows of the dunes, around reefs, across a stormy lagoon, and then in the town of Ankua. The screams of the people, and the roars of the pirates are growing louder. "Hmm. Still raiding. Let's wait a bit so they can pack our loot." Reina sits down on a driftwood log.

Idly sitting beside Reina, Hiken hmms as he listens and then idly pulls out some jerky, "Well, isn't this just the most morbid thing." He chuckles and offers over some of the jerky while chewing on his own, "I'd think you'd wanna do something more." He glances toward the town, "I mean, this is your town after all. Your area as you state." He nods his head and then looks at his jerky, "Either way." He chuckles and shrugs, "I just know a forest cut down, produces nothing."

Reina smirks. "Not so much my area geographically as politically. I don't want them scooping up all the good hits. And I'd relish a bit of a fight. You know…" She cuts off as they hear the sound of someone approaching. It's not hard. There's harsh breathing, frantic footsteps, and then a fisherman runs into the encircling reef they sit in. The man is frantic, bleeding, panicked. And close behind are shouts. He stops at the sight of the two just sitting there, and a second later, three pirates come hot on his heels. Reina tosses a kunai at him. An underhand throw. "Catch."

He does. "Wait…help me!" he says. Reina shrugs. "Nope. Good luck." Then the pirates are on him. He turns and slashes at one of the pirates. He actually scratches on with his wild, sloppy attack, just before he's cut down. The pirates then notice Reina and Hiken, largely because Reina is howling with laughter. "You're joking… you got hit by that fisherman!" She looks at Hiken with a grin. "Guess we're going out sooner. Let none of them escape." One flings his blade across to skewer Hiken, and the other two start to charge, splashing through the shallow water.

"Oh, I was thinking more along the lines of a bit of fear, some muscle and the proper amount of protection from us and from them." Hiken gestures at the incoming pirates, chuckling at her fun and then shaking his head, "They pay us…they don't die." He then stands up and makes a couple of seals before stomping and up springs a wall of Earth. The blade hits it and then the wall dissippates and he peers at Reina, "Whatever, either way it is all fun." He then turns his gaze to the pirates and tosses out an orb that explodes upon all three before he simply tosses up some water, making a few gestures and off a swarm of needles go toward the one that threw the blade.

Reina watches as Hiken avoids being skewered, and his attacks hits. The sword thrower struggles up, but then slumps back down in pain as the poison spreads through him. He falls facedown in the water with a splash. The other goes to save him from drowning, but only a step. There's a roar of wind and fire that ignites the pirate and he stumbles around, screaming. The other is surrounded by a shimmering wave of heat that makes him burst out in sores, and blists, but then he uses a chakra shield to repel it, and turns to run away, calling for help. Reina seems more interested in the corpses. She doesn't even glance as he flees. "Weak. Maybe this'll be an easy job."

Another quick gesture and off goes a flying group of needles toward the fleeing pirate. Hiken watches him before turning his gaze back to Reina and shrugging, "Well, they are just pirates. Not shinobi." He then looks down at the dead corpses and then ponders, "Unless this group is just a bunch of whiny herps who were sent to have 'fun' while the real fighters rest."

Their cover is blown, or will be soon. Reina walks out onto the beach. The town is only a quarter mile away. It's not a battle. It's a slaughter. Corpses already litter the streets, and buildings are burning. Once it was probably a pretty village, but no longer. Reina smiles. "Such mayhem. We should…oh my." They clearly have some lookouts, because arrows are raining down on them. Sheltered behind rocks and in the dunes. In the distance are two fast, narrow ships. Reina laughs as she dodges away from the flitting arrows. Then Hiken would feel a wave of burning, murderous heat that makes the air shimmer like a mirage. The men behind them scream as they burst into boils and sores under the chakra fueled heat wave, and collapse. Which leaves two in the dunes, re-knocking arrows quickly.

A shake of his head and Hiken walks along, "Reina, Reina, Reina. You kill them so quickly." He nods his head as he creates a dome of Earth around himself which is reduced to a simple barrier as the attacks come in. He then looks over as he toses two orbs at the men and chuckles as the gas will release, attempting to stun them and poison them, a slow painful death of paralysis and pain. He then looks over and hmms, "We also might need some to talk to." he then chuckles and starts walking toward the village, "Lovely place. See, I see it as a forest being chopped down recklessly. A garden simply being harvested and not a single seed being saved to sew."

Reina smiles to Hiken. "I just don't seem to like them. You don't seem to either." His victims are falling down in pain and misery. Reina goes over to slice one up with a blade of wind. Reina nods in agreement to his assessment. "Why burn? If nothing else let them rebuild so you can take it from them again." She laughs when Hiken talks about questioning the pirates, and goes to finish off the stunned one. "What do we need to know? Everything looks pretty obvious to me. We'd probably learn more from the villagers." And with that she goes down the streets. There's the dead and the dying, both of which Reina ignores, though she occasionally peers into a house. "It seems they've done a pretty good job of looting, but Reina occasionally grabs another item and stores it in a scroll."

Along the way they meet many pirates still looting. Pirates carrying women away, pirates ransacking houses, pirates strolling in knots along the street. All attack upon sight, and as Hiken wanders he'll meet three such men, with swords and water jutsu. Reina breaks into a house with three pirates busy searching around, prying up floorboards, with a villager huddled in the corner. Reina takes the time to look around, and ducks beneath the first blade, only to rebuff the others with a burst of wind. She just laughs, and the air begins to boil, making their flesh burst in sores then dry and shrivel, mummified in an instant.

It is with ease that Hiken prevents the attacks upon him, a barrier of Earth Shielding him from the attacks. He then shakes his head and looks around at the various attacks. He notes the people carrying off women, another attacking a child. Two of them before him get water needles in return for their trouble, the one attacking a child gets another set of water needles. He shakes his head, "Let the boy grow up first." He shakes his head, "You harvest far too soon." He then looks at the last pirate who he didn't finish and grins a little, "How do you wanna die?"

As Reina looks around for anything lootworthy, she hears something soft. Sniffling. She looks to her left and then goes to the bed, listening to the child under it. He'd probably seen the whole thing, not only his family but the pirates wiped out about the last attack. She grabs the blanket on top and lets it fall, shielding him better, before striding out and nearly getting stabbed through the neck by a pirate. "Oww!" She claps a hand on her bleeding neck, and sends out slashing blades of wind to carve the pirate up. She takes out a few bandage strips, wads some against her wound, and wraps the rest to hold it in place. In the meantime another pirate slides around a fence to send thin needles at Hiken's heart to stab and poison him. But when another pirate comes around the corner, he takes in the scene, and runs back towards the beach and the ships. Many pirates are retreating, some tactically, others in fear from their ten now dead.

Hearing the movement behind him, Hiken simply makes a quick gesture and stomps the ground. Behind him, Earth flows up and blocks all the incoming attacks before he chuckles and looks back as the Earth falls. He idly pulls out a couple of orbs, sending a bit of chakra into each and tossing them before saying, "Bad plan." He then looks back toward the boy who is still alive and shakes his head, "Now now, child. I'd run. Don't just stare." He then chuckles and starts off toward the ship they are running to, "Hey, aren't you going tow ait for the message I have for your captain and his friends?"

The child flees when Hiken allows it. Columns of smoke rise into the air, the village is alive with fire, and only carnage is left behind. Reina notes the pirates withdrawing, and she falls in beside Takuya. "Let's get them before they—hey, they're leaving!" The ships with ten men are sailing away, leaving behind the few stragglers. Reina frowns. "My jutsu aren't made for water. Sink their boats." There are villagers in there, bound and bleeding in the back. The ships are already half a mile out, with the pirates splashing in the surf. Reina goes after the nearest three, and for the first time her heat is more visible. Not just in the withering corpses, but the ocean water turns into steam, evaporating in an instant and agonizingly killing all three.

COMBAT: Reina finishes her turn.

COMBAT: It is now Hiken's turn.

Watching as the pirates are going out, Hiken hmms and then ponders, "Well, that's going to be one heck of a shot." A hmm and he makes a few gestures before focusing on the water behind it. Staring after, he fires watery needles at the boats and the people on board before shaking his head, "not sure I have anything good enough to sink boats."

The water needles pepper one of the boats, punching holes through it so that it quickly begins to sink. But in the other one of the pirates manage to raise a barrier of water that absorbs the needles. They even send a return volley of water needles at the two, from afar. Reina dodges from around them, and answers with cutting blades of wind. They don't just scratch the boat, they demolish it so that it's cut near in half. The boat goes down, making it clear half of them can't water walk. Three are swimming back, two running on water. One water walker gets hit by a wind blade and goes down in a bloody splash. And all the prisoners are bound and drowning. Reina watches them with no pleasure, though very little concern either.

Watching carefully as the boats go down, Hiken idly taps his chin and shakes his head, "What a silly bunch." He nods his head, "And seriously, you dont' want any to escape? No one tells tales if they are dead and I would htink tales is what you would want told given the nature of this situation." He then raises up his hands for more gestures and this time…the three swimmers seem to not even get attacked…given the needles are being made and sent up from under water.

Reina shrugs at Hiken's words. "You're the one not running out to save them," she points out. "I can't be bothered." The boxes of cargo are floating to the surface. that's when one of the villagers surfaces. He managed to get loose of his bonds, but immediately he dives back under and starts fishing up his comrades, one by one. They're all helping each other to come back up, some clinging to the boxes. Reina makes a few hand seals as she watches the easy targets, before she sends out more blades of wind—towards the pirates swimming back. She glances at the sinking boat. A few pirates, a few prisoners. But she doesn't destroy that one. "Go be a hero if you want," she says.

A roll of his eyes and Hiken turns to walk away, "Whatever, it's your show." He states and starts off, "I was just thinking that living people are more grateful…even if they are foolishly so." He states and then looks off toward the village, "Quite the lovely place, really." He nods his head as he looks around, "The fire and pillaging really brings out the lovely hues." He then shrugs and starts off, "I wonder if tehy have any alcohol anywhere."

As Hiken walks away, Reina says, "Those people are drowning. From the boat you punched holes in. Kind of ironic the boat I split in half is going to have so many survivors, and everyone in yours is going to drown, since it's not your show." As he walks away Reina says, "Well, I'm getting the cargo. If you want to see this through, stay." Then she goes to finish the remainder of the pirates, while collecting the cargo and piling it up on the beach over a scroll.

A roll of his eyes and Hiken looks back, "I dont' have the ability to cut a boat in half." He chuckles, "And you wanted it stopped, boss lady." He then starts back over and points, "What? Was I supposed to poison the ship. I'm sure it'd have gotten all stunned by the herbs and poisons in these orbs." He holds one up and then shakes his head, "And I wasn't talking about the villagers." he chuckles, "I was talking about the pirates. If one of them survives…they go tell others how scary we are." He then starts helping, "Derp the villagers…there will be more. Better if they live but they don't tell any real worth while tales." he nods his head, "Except by painting us as heroes which only makes more people show up."

Reina looks at Hiken, startled. That is not what she had expected to hear. But a moment later she lets out a light laugh. "I'm sure some of them are half alive," she says. But she doesn't pursue the two who are turning tail to run. Seems she takes good advice. For some reason she's sniffing at the boxes, and leaving some behind. After a few boxes she opens one. Seeds for crops that'd barely cost coppers. Blankets. One is filled with hay. Reina rolls her eyes. "That's stupid. They were weighing themselves down trying to escape…with this?" She'd leave some of the boxes she seems to deem worthless behind, and store the rest in a scroll. But some are heavy and one is filled with gold and silver antiques. "Their next plan is smarter. This one was as easy as it was worthless. Ugh." She shrugs and goes to the town. "Maybe there is some alcohol.."

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