Pirate vs Ninja


Akari, Fuuta, Suigintou, Masanori, Hibiki

Date: April 12, 2013


Pirates are investigated by a platoon. And by investigated I mean slaughtered. (Kiribonics)

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Pirate vs Ninja"


Early morning on the water finds a small squad of Kirigakure shinobi +1 walking across the sea towards a small island off the coast near Kirigakure. They'd taken a small boat for the majority of the trip, just barely big enough to accommodate each of them. Akari had been placed in charge of the mission, and you might ask, what is one of the Seven Swordsmen doing hunting pirates? Well, she'd spent a fair share of her youth working as a sailor and encountered them a number of times, and also, because it had been decided that they would be taking Kirigakure's new guest along for the hunt, to see whether the man could prove to be an asset or not. Due to having originally heard of him after a massacre involving a pirate ship, it was deemed this would prove a fitting test to give the man, whether he knew it was a test or not was up to his wits to decide. Akari had simply told him the village
wished his assistance in dealing with reports of pirates.
The rest of the group would consist of a perhaps unusual grouping, a Jounin, Fuuta. A Chuunin, Suigintou, and a Genin, Hibiki. The Jounin had been selected as a balancing measure, should Masanori prove to be a problem, and the Genin was being given a chance to prove himself as well.
As they grow closer to the island, just a few moments walk away now, with the sun still not risen, Akari glances to the others in the group, "Odds are this is a remnant of some previous group that's rebuilt itself and gotten some new blood. They seem to know what they're doing, the only reports we get are of boats missing or pieces washing up on shore, we have no witness accounts, which likely means there are none. All of the disappearances have occurred near this island however, so the idea is to scour it and see what we can find. Be wary, and follow orders of the person above you should we wind up split up." She looks to Masanori, "You will remain near me unless otherwise instructed." Glancing to the others, "Genin Hibiki, Chuunin Suigintou, you will be expected to take care of yourself. Do not do anything stupid. Jounin Fuuta is in charge should anything happen to me." A pause. "Are there any questions?" Walking as she speaks, the small group is now just a few hundred feet from the shore, which is a stretch of sandy expanse leading up to a dense forest.

Masanori got a request from his handler to tag along. Quite unsure if he could even refuse. But it was killing pirates… and hey, what's the worse thing that could happened. "I work alone.." He first concludes, before sighing, following her anyways. "Chi o Nomu was hungry anyways." He remarks, sliding his hand along his back to grip his scythe. Nodding at the team she assembled. Most odd… at least when he hired some henchmen they had a role. He had no clue why they wouldn't just send him at the pirates on his own.

"Morning." He would say at everyone, giving them a nod. He's carrying two bottles of water on his belt, some very unusual looking balls that seem to be smashed flat. And his trusty scythe. On the way to the boats he was completely silent, and also when on the boat he remained completely complainless. "Agreed." He simply said towards his handler as she gives him his instructions. Not really caring about the details. "You're making a mistake." He then concludes as they're headed for the island. "You're sailing directly towards them. Either we run into a trap or mines, or they fled." He explains, while looking at the sail. "Sail past them parallel, while trying to hide the ship. They smell weakness, give them fake weakness, and they'll poke their heads out. They hide in these islands for a reason. If someone comes for them they won't be stupid enough to confront." He explains while keeping his arms crossed, ducked and seated low in the boat. Not really caring either way. "I know, because I worked with that sort of scum for a long time." He sighs, gazing up into the sun. "Waves won't be too aggressive this morning… If you turn thirty degrees starboard you'll have full wind, going at full speed will make you attractive, as you seem scared and wanting to pass the islands as soon as possible."

He stops his rant while looking at his handler, giving her a test in turn. It's interesting to see who would take good advice and is wise enough to go by it, even by someone lesser in rank. And who would ignore it just because it comes from a lower ranked person. "But by all means.." He says while lookin at Hibiki. Then the rest of the crew.

Hibiki walks along the sea, his coat trailing behind him in breeze carried off the water. It's early in the morning, the sun is not yet tight in the sky, the wind carrying a coolness along its back. The Genin walks besides Suigintou, but quietly so. A few sprays of wave crash into the boy's ankles on the way to the island. His eyes find the stranger - met so recently - and his tar-black walk. A small grin chirps the corner of his mouth, and the boy casts his eyes to the rolling blue white ground beneath him. There is not much to say; not much to do; but go. On and on it goes, to the shore, and the unknown which lies beyond.

To say the ride in the boat was uncomfortable would be an understatement for Suigintou. Crammed in that small boat with the others made him wonder what kind of budget Kirigakure was on lately, not being able to provide better accommodations. To top it all off it was Summer and the heat was not kind to someone like him. Being slightly irked by having people around him didn't help either, and has Suigintou in a bad mood by the time they are on the water. He stands, crouched, ontop of the water, moving with the small swells beneath his feet, as he listens to the unfamiliar person give him his instructions.
Being on the water helped calm the Hozuki down, half tempted to just slip into the water and be gone from this sweltering heat. He pulls out a water bottle from his belt loop and drinks, re-hydrating before he turned to goo. The instructions were simple enough, look after himself. Oooh that cool current over there seemed tempting to look after himself with….

"If you're going to call me by a title just address me as the GREAT YOKO FUUUUUTAMA." Fuuta corrects Akari while wagging a finger disapprovingly at her. This was his second time working with a Seven Swordsman. He was never fond of them but thats mostly Sakura's fault, the last Seven Swordsman he worked with. Still he had no hard feelings towards Akari just yet. The most annoying thing about this mission was that he was dealing with Pirates again. The young jounin wasn't as enthusiastic as usual but he's still a bit more zealous than most. He glances back to Suigintou and Hibiki and nods to each of them. "I've heard interesting things about these two." Fuuta then turns attention to Masanori "Never seen you before. But I like the way you think. Let the lady lead though. She should know what she's doing." Fuuta chuckles "Besides the way you speak it's as if you don't really care one way or another."
Fuuta drifts to the back of the group during the pause in advance letting the lower ranks take the lead. He figured he'd want to keep an eye on them, and their guest. He has no questions thus far but his actions say otherwise. It is clear something is on Fuuta's mind and his eyes wander. The young jounin however remains silent choosing to keep his thoughts to himself, they must not be too important.

Simply put, Masanori's suggestions were ignored. She cares very little for the man's input at this time and there are very few people in the world whose advice the Swordswoman would take seriously. Sludge man from who knows where is not on that list, and likely won't ever be. In her mind he's mostly here to see whether he'll be a hindrance or asset.
Looking to the children, because well, when you're nearly thirty-five and constantly surrounded by teenagers, they kind of all get lumped together as children. The blue-haired woman rolls her eyes at Fuuta's comment, a smirk on her lips, "Jounin Fuuta. Have you? I've been away from the Village a few months, I am not entirely up to date with the young-lings." She studies the younger pair for a moment, a subtle nod given in the Jounin's direction as he moves to the back, and a flick of hand signs directing him to keep an eye on Masanori. After that, she adds, "Anyone found on this island is to be presumed a threat. Kill them. I imagine a few will get away or manage to hide, but that is fine. Some need to be left alive to give a first hand account of what happens to pirates in the Land of Water."
Reaching the shore, Akari would pause, glancing around briefly. The island was about a mile wide in the middle, so it had numerous shores and other routes of access, and in the midst of the forest, the elevation could see to be higher towards the center. It was difficult to see much beyond the shore, in the shadows of the forest, but the sandy shore showed some traces of being packed down in places, likely signifying that a small boat was brought ashore at least on occasion here, which the Swordswoman points out, "People have been coming in here, it looks like." Looking to the forest, she would comment, "Are we all ready? Stay close, watch your backs. Fuuta, you're in the back." And then she's moving for the trees.

Masanori chuckles as they go off the boat. Another stupid decision. Oh well, he'll have to follow these incompetent henchmen (at least, that's what they are in his mind) regardless. And who knows, maybe he can teach them a thing or two. He sighs in extecy as his feet his the water, immidiatly absorbing some fluids into his body. Someone as sensetive as a Hozuki might notice his ability is strangly close to theirs. Though with some significant differences. He walks up over the water, seeming to have no issues water walking.

"I'll follow your lead." He says while ignoring Fuuta. Chuckling even as he runs next to Akari. "So you have a plan or are you just charging in there? What makes you so sure you'll clear all of them if you do it this way?" He asks before then turning to Fuuta. "And what makes you great? I do not see a significant size difference." He shrugs while genuinly not understanding. Another effect of growing up alone, stuff like irony, sarcasm and figure of speech often don't process properly with him. Causing these kind of misunderstandings.

A keen eye can immediately his muscles are more pumped and taut. His steps leave very light tar footprints in the water, and he occasionally drips a droplet down. Nothing too significant however.

When they reach the Island Masanori silently follows Akari her lead. "If these pirates have any brains they're long gone. It's what I would have done." He comments while looking at Hibiki. Making a mental note to protect him. Common tactics, go for the weakling. And at present time, he looked the weakest. "Anyone's a threat huh.." He smiles while taking a good look around him, His chakra flaring. "I like the sound of that!"

Hibiki completes with the others their landfall upon the shore, his feet still risen above even the sand. His clothes look cleaner than they would normally seem, the frayed edges snipped, holes patched with black, as if the worn were borne young, sprightly and wise. The youth stops alongside the others, his eyes swiveling from end to end, and the ever green in-between. The youth's neck crinkles at the side, twitching furiously, collapsing his head to the right, and then: done — up again. His casts an eye following the gaze of Akari, to perhaps glimpse her intentions in the distance. Hibiki sucks his lip, a gasp amongst the wash of shore. But nothing more. Quiet, and nothing more.

Gin shows little interest as he is studied by Akari and the others, looking off towards the endless ocean and the horizon, wanting more than anything to just drift through the water like back home. He figured the sooner he did this mission the sooner he could go home and swept the thoughts of drifting to the back of his mind. If there was a Kiri version of a Nara, Suigintou would fit right in. Upon the shore he steps, following the group as the Swordswoman leads them forward, marking anyone on the island as a threat. It made things easier that Gin could just kill anyone in his way as he walked around the island. With the strange jounin who refers to himself with a title watching his back, Gin couldn't decide if he felt safe or worried. Either way, the group heads into the trees and Gin follows.

Fuuta blinks at Akari almost not hearing her correctly. "You sound a lot older than you look." he comments with a sly smirk. The jounin nods to the swordswoman "But yes. I'm not expecting too many problems out of them." Fuuta looks to Hibiki who looks quite stern then Gin who looks…absent. "Right Suigintou-san!?" Fuuta asks rather loudly chuckling loudly. He then looks over towards Masa and smiles "I'm glad you asked." Fuuta would take a deep breath "Remind me to explain it to you later. I don't want to draw attention even though…" FUuta glances back in the direction where their ship was left. "Let's proceed under the assumption that they're expecting us." Fuuta adds. "Just be cautious."
The dark drops leaking from Masa's footsteps don't go unnoticed by the jounin and would cause him to give Masa a curious glance. When they come to the shore and Akari gives the plan of approach Fuuta nods quietly. He reaches into his tool pouch and fleshes out some seals. "Threats all around. Neat." He notes the change in personality of their guest now. Fuuta rubs his head "Okaaaay. Ready to move out." he affirms taking up the rear.

"Charging in. They're pirates. It's not like we tracked down a band of missing-nin, you know," Akari rolls her eyes and then snaps at Fuuta, "I'm not that plundered old, pup, watch it." Falling silent, she gestures for the rest of the group (read : Fuuta and Masanori and herself) to do the same. Leave it to the three oldest people present to be the ones blabbing. She does add however, "Watch for traps. If someone gets me or themselves killed because they hit a trip wire, I will be angry." A hand settles upon one of her hilts, drawing electrical energy to herself as she moves.
Shaking her head, she continues forward, feet leaving sand for the grass at the edge of the forest. The forest is thick and ominous with shadows, and seemingly deathly silent. No bird calls, no chittering monkeys, no roaring ligers, no neighing unicorns, no ribbiting bullfrogs.

Masanori gazes around the group, quickly judging everyone. "My fighting style is very … fast." He explains, gazing at the group. "Please listen carefully for I won't repeat myself. When my scythe is out, keep a slight distance, I will not be held responsible for lost limbs in the dance of the half moon." He then stops, concluding his sentence and figuring they'll figure out what he means by that once they see him fight with his scythe. The close range style he developed being fairly unique with scythe fighters, who usually use the range optimally.

He occasionally drips tar onto the beach as well, pooling even if he's left standing somewhere for a long time. His clothing gingerly shifting in the light breeze. While he follows Akari. He chuckles and relaxes. Keeping his eyes open and his ears listening while he's keen on all those spots he'd pick to ambush from, curious to see what shinobi-lands pirates are made off… apparently, not much. If he were to believe the swordsman.

"Hmm? Oh..right." Gin says as he is spoken to by Fuuta, nodding his head in a (less than) assuring way. He turns back to look straight ahead as they move, noticing the strange stillness of the island. "Well unless all the wildlife left, I'd say we are probably walking right towards them." he muses out loud, stretching his hands out as he reaches for the sky, walking along with the group. Masanori gets an odd look, it seemed like he was the odd duck out in this mission, causing Suigintou to wonder where he had come from. Perhaps he would ask later. For now he just walked on, keeping note of things around them.

Fuuta blinks softly at Akari. "Right right. Uh my mistake." he apologizes not wanting to tread carelessly over the sensitive issue of age. Masanori was generating a lot of mysteriousness. Fuuta watches again as the black substance drips off him into the sand. Fuuta nods "Yeah don't worry. We'll be watching you." he remarks. "Try to utilize some control. Survivors can be useful sometimes." He adds with a weak laugh. Suigintou's actions made Fuuta chuckle, but he knew the chuunin was more reliable than he appeared, just easily distracted if there was nothing noteworthy to focus on. At the command Fuuta gets quiet. The forest was thick but quiet as well. The animals are either absent or spooked to silence. Either way it hinted the presence of something to be feared. Fuuta began securing the seals to kunai while he scans the area for traps.

As the group nears the fringe of the forest, it becomes evident that there are shadows in those trees, and realizing they've been spotted, a gravelly voice thunders from behind the first line of trees, "Get them, boys!"
There's some rustling, movement among the boughs of the trees and then a few clusters of black-clad figures with various weapons in hands leap from the branches at the group of Kirigakure shinobi.
A large portion of the figures leap over the group, landing behind them on the beach and charging from the rear, kamas, swords, kunai and spears in hand. Fuuta, being in the back gets the attention of many of them. A handful of men with bladed weapons begin slicing, thrusting and slashing at the Jounin in an attempt to allow the others to swarm past him and focus on the rest of the group.
Hibiki gets a trio of men surrounding him, one of whom throws a kunai at the boy while another swings a wooden quarterstaff at his head while the other two distract him.
Suigintou is set upon by a pair of slender men wielding katanas who look like they might be related to each other, which is confirmed when one of them speaks, "Hey, bro! I bet I land the killing blow!" The pair attempts to get in front and behind the boy, one swinging high while the other swings low.
Akari, being in the front of the group gets swamped beneath the biggest group of the men cutting at her with swords and kamas and kunai. And if one were to look, there seems to be yet more movement amidst the shadow-laden branches.
Masanori, being close to the Swordswoman, gets the attention of a number of the men who can't manage to crowd in around the woman, knives and sabres trying to find his flesh. A pair of shuriken come flying out of the trees aimed at him as well.

The wielder of Kiba has her blades out in a flash, blue lightning crackling to life as she parries and deflects a number of blows, her Thunderswords repeatedly finding pirate flesh and parting flesh and bone like butter, "Don't let them get all over you! Watch your backs!"

Masanori grins while gripping his scythe. "Mistake." He whispers while the weapon begins rolling over his limbs, the sharp blade moving so face you can only see flashes of it occasionally which seems to look like a crescent moon. The shuriken flying his way get deflected, and the pirates getting close noticing they can't get their weapons past his dancing defense while he quickly closes in with athletic steps and grace… well… until Akari sees an arm flying past her, and then a head, the razor-sharp scythe making quick work of one of the pirates, before he reaches out with his scythe, one two three heads popping off, blood flying everywhere. He truely is cruel and seems to revel in it.

"Accept the embrace…" He whispers while he continues dancing the weapon around until he has mutilated everyone around him, before turning his head towards Hibiki. "Hibiki-kun!" He says while jumping up, his scythe extending with tar and striking one of the trio surrounding him, the curled blade hooking around his midsection which then rips the pirate into two by the waist gruesomely. Masanori ending up on his feet, getting charges by one more pirate, stretching his left arm, his fingers digging deeply into the man's eyesockets, before he smirks behind his mask, tar beginning to flow out of the man's ear nose and mouth while his eye sockets bleed. He's shivering and trembling, until he dies, choked in the tar.

One more pirate right behind him lifting a club, though an image of Masanori pops out behind his back, smacking the pirate in the face, breaking his nose, causing blood to fly everywhere as the pirate falls over. And the tar clone gets reabsorbed.

Suigintou is met by two brothers who seem to have a lust to kill him. He looks up at one, then the other, that disinterested gaze of his unchanging. As the duo strike he steps back out of the range of the weapons before placing his palms together in his long sleeves and flashing through some hand seals. A series of water needles flies out from the genin's palm to strike the duo in the gut, the chest, and the neck, aiming a few for the head as well in case. Either way, he didn't feel like they were much of a threat and wondered if this was the lot of them or if these were the goons. Secretly he hoped this was it so he could go home and rest in the shade.

Fuuta sighs "Not a very imaginative lot are they?" he says sounding rather disappointed. The young jounin tosses one of his kunai at the ground. "Don't let them surround you. I'll try and take one alive." Fuuta states as the pirates rush the group from behind. He blinks "Well….there certainly are a lot of you." Fuuta says. Just when the pirates come within range the smoke tag attached to the kunai goes off. In that smoke explosion Fuuta evades attack and drops Makibishi to keep the pirates from advancing. Fuuta escaped outside the smoke's range a bit closer towards the group (Kiri shinobi). He takes out another kunai and just waits. "Wait for it…." he mutters. A glow from the detection seal ALSO attached to that kunai, goes off in the smoke and at the sight of the glow Fuuta slings the kunai into the smoke cloud. With a handseal he sets off an explosion. "Ok…now who's still alive?"

As the Hidden Mist shinobi make quick work of the swarm around them, the tell-tale POOF POOF POOF of multiple scrolls can be heard from the branches. And then? Take all the sharp objects that just got swung at the group of Kiri shinobi. Multiply them by ten. Now, picture all of them flying at you. The burst of bladed weapons contains kunai, shuriken, knives, senbon, and anything else that comes with a sharp point. The rain of weapons is centered around the swordswoman, but it covers nearly the whole area, drawing a few agonized cries from pirates who weren't quite dead yet.
Lightning flares beneath Akari's feet as she tries to dash away at the sounds of the poofs, but she's not quite fast enough, and a number of them strike home, a scattering of senbon protruding from her side and a gash on the opposite leg from a kunai.

Following that attack, half a dozen men leap down from the trees, these ones clad differently. Having assessed the skill levels of the Kirigakure group in the skirmish, three of the men, focus on the two youngest of the group, Hibiki and Suigintou. This trio all carry numerous scrolls. Each of them snaps a scroll case out and draws it out, another trio of POOFs sounding as halberds pop from the scrolls, two aimed at Gin and one at Hibiki.

Of the three remaining men, one breaks from the pair, charging Masanori and forming hand seals as he does, "Wind Style : Wind Cutter Jutsu!" The wind picks up, and a number of wind-forged sickles fly at the guest member of the Kirigakure group.

Fuuta is a popular one, and the last two men turn their attention on the GREAT YOKO FUUUUUTAMA, hand seals forming and the pair lets loose a joint wind pressure attack, the blasts coming from different directions and pressure zones, seeking to unbalance, to make the Jounin nauseous and dizzy for a brief time.

Which leaves Akari all alone! The Swordswoman turns to go to the help of the rest of the squad, only to hear a grizzled shout of, "Fuuton: Kamisori Metsuki!" A wind-forged mini-vortex in the shape of a large shuriken flying at the blue-haired woman. Lightning flares to life around the wounded woman, forming a crackling dual layered shield of lightning between her and the attack. The aura of electricity strains and barely manages to deflect the attack. She leaps into the trees, Kiba seeking the flesh of the man in the trees.

Masanori looks up at the flying weapons. "This is going to hurt.." He concludes while continuing to shift his weapon, blocking a whole lot of sharp weapons coming his way, though he can't stop everything. Which causes him to groan as several kunai fly past his body, leaving gashes. Though he doesn't bleed, instead he just leaks tar in those places more, his skin does look damaged like a normal human though.

He quickly jumps out of the way while he notices the wind attack, chuckling. "My prey." He says before slowly walking up to the man who missed his wind jutsu, grabbing him by the head before stomping his stomach over and over, untill he passes out in pain, as a final knockout Masanori lifts his elbow, smacking the pirate's face in. "Who's next?" He asks while looking around, before checking his wounds, concluding they're not too bad.

As the rain of weaponry stab Suigintou they literally move right through him as his water clone collapses under the barrage of weaponry. This causes Suigintou to have to move quickly out of the way of the extra weaponry that heads his way, thinking he might actually have to build up some chakra for this one. He is able to throw a few kunai at the scroll users as a distraction. Slipping away for a moment into the treeline, Suigintou uses the opportunity in the confusion of battle to build up some chakra reserves to use in case combat gets any more extreme.

Fuuta walks over to inspect the damage done. So far it these pirates proved to be nothing special. Fuuta finds a few that are still alive and seems delighted. "Oh tough bunch you guys are." Fuuta smiles down at them. But before he can secure any of the survivors he notes a flickering shadow and his eyes go skyward. "That's….quite the collection." Fuuta attempts to escape the range of the raining weaponry but is unsuccessful in his attempt. Instead he's sliced cleanly along his arm and leg. Fuuta winces once the rain is clear and sighs. "Could've handled that better." he murmurs as he inspects the damage done. Before he can really gauge the level of his injuries he detects two men at work with handseals. Fuuta's a bit too slow to defend and ends up recieving the pressurized blast. His senses were disorientated for the moment and his vision blurred to the point where he could hardly make out a thing. "J-just Pirates my dinghy…" he hissed as he tried to shake himself clear of the effects of this wind based attack.

Finishing her quick little hunt results in a headless man over there in the woods, Akari will have to make sure to have the Genin and Chuunin drag the shinobi bodies into a pile for proper burning before they leave the island. She dashes back to the rest of her squad, sheathing her swords.
Akari's target was down, Masanori's was down, that left the two giving Fuuta a hard time and the three with scrolls bothering the children.

The three scroll users continue to hassle the younger pair, each of them drawing out another scroll and summoning a rain of weapons, one summons kunai, another senbon and the final suriken.
This is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Akari behind two of the men, a hand going to each of their necks, and dropping them in a fit of spasms. That leaves one scroll user. She calls out loudly, "Shinigami, help Fuutama with the other two."

As the swordswoman speaks, that very pair splits. One of them forms the seals for another wind jutsu, sending a blast of chakra-sharpened gusts of wind at the Kirigakure Jounin, while the other surrounds him himself in an aura of wind and turns to leap back towards the trees, seemingly intent on fleeing.

Defying her direct order Shinigami (Masanori) instead speeds off at the blink of an eye, tar dripping while he jumps up in front of Suigintou, moving his scythe around to catch the flying weapons coming his way. Successfully keeping him safe. "You unharmed?" He asks while throwing Akari an accusatory glare. "This is no place for children!" He says towards her. "If there's trouble, just… I'll keep my eyes open." He urges.. as Suigitou sounding human for a change, before shooting up towards Fuutama, though staying out of the way, they'd only hinder each other. Masanori has never fought in a team before, and has no clue on how to cooperate.

Gin is able to flicker from his position now that he was all nice and refueled. About to send out the attack, he notices the swordswoman come in to attack, muttering to himself about 'looking after himself' in the orders he received at the start. Gin shrugs, less work for him. He charges forward, unleashing a powerful punch and kic combo that slams into the third guy with a tidal force because, after all, it was a water clone! Suigintou himself is kind of lazying about near the trees.

"Can't see…feeling sick….." Fuuta turns a direction listening to Akari's voice "That's the GREAT Yoko Fuutama! And save it." He corrects. Fuuta sighs and feels the wind start to shift around him. He quickly brings out a seal and invokes a barrier. Fuuta soon recovers from his disorientated state. The jounin looks to his arm and shakes his head "Eekk, that's pretty bad. Should probably rest it." He notes when the seal fades that pair that attacked him are splitting. "Oh no you don't." he says with a grin. Just then a clone is summoned. "Kunai please." Fuuta asks. After handing the kunai over the clone heads for the pirate that wasn't fleeing. Fuuta meanwhile turns his attention towards the fleeing man. "Using wind to make yourself faster…gonna be tricky to penetrate." Fuuta sighs and retrieves another kunai. WIth both hin hand he slings one first after the pirate. It's low but sails quickly the next he would through right after it aimed for the handle of the first kunai. It turned the blade upwards and sent it spiraling up towards the pirate from below. Back with the clone well whether the pirate struck it or not, Fuuta was feeling spiteful so the clone bursts with acid once it got close covering the area and man with a deadly toxin and corrosive.

Gin would down the last of the scroll users, and Fuuta would subject the other remaining enemy to a painful, miserable acid bath death.
Akari would set to beheading all but one of the shinobi the group had killed, leaving one of the two she had zapped unconscious, "Genin Hibiki, Chuunin Suigintou, gather the bodies of the dead shinobi into a pile, their bodies must be burned before we return to Kirigakure." She shakes her head slowly, "After that, secure the six heads, these five and the one I left in the trees. That last shinobi isn't worth chasing, let him tell the story, and if we get any information out of that one," she gestures to the unconscious man, "We can return." The swordswoman looks around at the team and grins briefly, "Good work, children. Shinigami, I'll be sure to inform the village of your cooperation and usefulness."

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