Pirates, Lightning, Explosions, Oh my!… And a Lurking Nara


Kaito, Hiroyasu, Hiei, Ogosokamaru (as Yin), Kana, Amani

Date: November 2, 2013


A team from Kumogakure is sent to guard a high priority shipment, which winds up attacked by a fleet of pirates led by the infamous Hiyama Nobuo, whom a shinobi from Konoha has been sent to retrieve as a Bingo Book Bounty.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Pirates, Lightning, Explosions, Oh my!… And a Lurking Nara"

Somewhere out at sea

With the coming of evening, a high priority shipment has left the Land of Lightning and is headed down past the Land of Water toward the Land of Sea. A team of Kumogakure shinobi has been sent to guard the shipment from a likely attack by pirates. The sails are loosed, the ship moving as quickly as possible toward its destination. There is a certain urgency in the crew, though the presence of the shinobi helps them remain calm.
Miles out and not quite within eyeshot yet, what seems to be a small fleet is heading to intercept the course of the cargo ship. At the helm of the frontmost and centermost ship, the notorious Hiyama Nobuo stands with a coy grin on his face. He is middle-aged, handsome, and adorned in a pirate-esque suit with a black longcoat and hat. The silver-tongued man managed to gain the loyalty of other captains and crews and is slowly building a small army of pirates. His deeds of late have been dastardly enough in some countries to land in his name Konoha's Bingo Book, which leads to the reason for the tailing of this battalion by the next man to be introduced…
In the water beneath the ship, a bubble made of water and filled with oxygen, Nara Kaito sits back with one eye closed as per normal. His orders for this mission are pretty simple… Capture or kill the target then scatter the cockroaches before they really become an established group without drawing too much attention to himself. He hoped to be able to do this rather cleanly at nightfall when there would be the most confusion to separate the men after hopefully snatching the captain away in his sleep. However, with the ships soon to be approaching their target, that plan may have to be altered.

- Hiro is sitting with his back on the railing looking at a seal, "Yotsuki-san, I thought you couldn't handle sailing?" he asks amazed that he would even take the mission to escort the ship to safer ports. Then he tilts his head for a moment, "That is really strange.. there is an enormous amount of chakra coming from under the ocean.." he rubs his chin "I think its familiar.." he says standing up and point out into the distance "Somewhere out that way" he says with a small sweep of the possible direction. -

Hiei stands at the bow of the ship, his arms crossed and staring out at the horizon. Due to the wind coming off the water, the end of his sleeveless trenchcoat billow outwards behind him. Another escourt mission was fine by him. The last one he was on some wind users tried to steal a gold shipment to Kumogakure. That had ended in failure thanks to him and the team he was with. He takes a moment to glance around at who's been assigned with this time. He extends his arms above his head before a yawn. "I never told you that I didn't like sail. I think you have me confused with Nariko again." He replies to Hiroyasu before looking in the direction that he indicates. "A familiar chakra coming from the ocean? You may need to get your senses checked, my friend." He steps in that direction, his eyes looking. "There's nothing out towards that way. Not that I can see anyway."

And Yin was uh.. training! Yeah, training down below just now. He comes up just as Hiei speaks of Hiro getting his senses checked. Nothing that direction. Yin's masked and hooded head turns to that direction. "I don't see anything either. But just because a tiger doesn't see the worm, it doesn't mean the bird will starve." Old sayings Hiei might have heard him say a few times before when they've met. Yin had a few on that mission with the gold cart… and some on that mission where he first met the group of Nariko, Hiei, Hiroyasu.. and some others? Eh, either way, Yin steps up onto the railing and balances, putting a hand up to try and see better into the distance.

And out on her first official mission as a genin, Kana stands at the front of the ship, looking out with wide eyes at the water and all the vastness of it. The shinobi still doesn't seem over it yet. It's just too amazing to be seen. Kana finally stops and flips out a pack of cards and pulls one card free, flipping it around over and over on the approach to the others. A glance around before looking at teh water again, "What is in the water?" The soft, neutral voice asks as the shinobi walks toward the water and then turns again to the others, "Oh, and I th ink I saw some ships in the distance. Not sure."

Amani was quiet for the most part. She wasn't entirely focused on the mission as her mind often drifted elsewhere. She looked at the water with a blank stare before moving off to somewhere else to bide her time. She took a seat and decided to take some inventory of supplies she had on her for this mission. She knows she has everything together, but it doesn't hurt to check anyhow. Once she was sure she had everything, she kept sitting while listening in to the conversation every so often. She looked over the ship and back to those gathered saying, "I need you guys to focus. I don't know if there is or isn't chakra present. If there is, maybe I can locate something as a source. what exactly is it that we're looking for?"

The fleet continues to sail on for a bit before their target comes into view. When it does, Nobou calls out, "Alright, men! This is our first big score as a group! Remember the plan, and we'll have smooth sailing and riches at day's end! Forward!" As the fleet would come into view for the shinobi, it would be splitting into pieces to surround the ship. Numbering about a dozen ships, they split into groups of three ships that sail at different angles toward the cargo vessel. As they approach, it becomes a bit more obvious that the ship is being surrounded in three layers to prevent escape. The ship that was centermost before is now at the very back, Nobuo hides in among the crew while crewmen on each of the ships shout in unison, "This is your only warning! Give up your goods or die! You've got sixty seconds to decide!"
Meanwhile, Kaito has noticed the change in pattern of the ships, though he has yet to surface. From under the ship, he spots the new ship that has been surrounded. "… Volts," he grumbles as he stands up, letting out a yawn. "Guess I won't get to rest this one out 'till evening."

- Hiroyasu protests, "No! I am not, you have an issue with anything but calm sea… I remember treating you for sea-sickness.." then he grumbles to himself "I don't think Nariko has issues.. she mentioned like sailing between Kumogakure and Tea" before Hiroyasu stares blankly at Yin being his usual strange self.. "I think the only starving thing, is your brain.. Yin" he chides looking to the side having been made fun of.. "If we knew what to look for, we wouldn't be straining to see, Tsukikage." he adds before it was too late and it was apparent what it was a large fleet against a single vessel.. this was going to be bad. "So uh.. ships.. hoy" he says clearing his voice looking to the others.. While taking a moment to prepare himself mentally and spiritually. -

Hiei glances at Amani. "Says the woman who was daydreaming a minute ago." There is a smirk on his lips, indicating that he was most likely joking. He looks over at Yin, then to Kana, and finally to Hiroyasu. "Eh." He shrugs slightly before moving to walk to the other side of the ship, but then they notice the ships coming and Hiei walks back over to the group. "I apologize Hiro. You were right. Both about the issues and the chakra. I'm good as long as there isn't too much rocking." He was about to ask if they were friendly or not before the ultimatum came over. He sighs. "Knew this trip would be trouble." He crosses his arms over his chest again to see how the others wanted to play this out. In the meantime, he prepares his body for battle.

Yin watches the ships come up. "Oh, these guys look kind enough to give us more of an esc-" THey pirates all shout at once in unison for them to give up their stuff or die, in so many words.
"Oh. Great." He hops off the railing, to land on the main deck, looking at Hiei and HIroyasu one at a time. "So, what do you think we should do? I could go over there and talk to them." He turns around, putting his hands up ready to shout to them something akin to 'take me to your leader'.

A look at the approaching ships and Kana hmms before pondering, "Wow." A statement simple enough and then Kana glances in one direction and then the other. The masked shinobi walks off to one edge and then to another, "Should…I test my new jutsu now?" A glance at the others here, "I'm the low man on the totem pole here but I can blow stuff up…I'm pretty sure. It's…kinda untested."

Amani waved a hand. "Bah. I wasn't daydreaming," she replied to Hiei with a chuckle. Raising up from the deck, she finds that ships are now coming at them and at a fast rate. They begin to surround the cargo ship quickly which doesn't give her a good feeling. She's had missions like these before. Pirates. Sigh.
She prepares herself for the worst. "An ultimatum chant. How nice…" She looked at the others around here. "It looks like we have 60 seconds to do anything. Blowing up a ship? Well, we might be ale to use that later. If we act now, there might be problems. Granted, we have a little time to do anything, but typically we try to figure out alternatives." She was open to the whole group, but the last bit focused on Kana's words, specifically. "Is the cargo all they want?"
She begins to draw up some chakra for use just to be on the safe side.

The crew on the ship seems to looking to the shinobi here. Most of them are too nervous to even say anything, much less act, at this point. "Time's up! Better get moving!" one of the pirates calls out before hooks with ropes attached would begin flying at the sails and hooking onto them. A moment later, dozens of pirates would begin to fly on the ship from the innermost ships onto the cargo vessel with blades drawn. Of course, at this point some of them start to notice there are guards on board and look a little nervous, but it's rather late it this point to back up and account "So, are you giving up, or do we have to use force?" "The day will go much better if you just give us what we came for."
"Well, guess this a good chance as any," Kaito mumbles to himself as he starts to slowly step up side of the ship that Nobuo was on. The man stands amongst dozens of pirates of his original crew watching as the initial strike begins and waiting to see what happens. For now, the Nara stands at the back just below the railing and waits.

- Hiroyasu says "So I guess that people are just going to stand-by and wait for someone else to act…" he sighs "Fine, Yotsuki-san show them why the land of lightning should be feared… If you can cripple their vessels enough we can try to get away.. but standing around and losing the cargo is how we all end up in a court marshal." He takes a moment to draw his chakra in with a deep breath closing his eyes, opening them with them having been took over by the inky blackness and the seals swirls into existence. "I can't do much without any solid earth so lets just use what we have.." he leaps to the mast and using a combination of tree-walking and shimmying his way up so he can have a birds eye view.. "Yamayuki-san, can you get us deafening battle cry please?" he says from his perch. -

Hiei frowns. "We're not giving them the cargo. They're pirates, even if we give them what they want, they'll still kill us. So I say we don't make it easy for them." He turns to the crew. "Everyone who can fight come up to the deck. Those that can't, send them below deck." He looks at the shinobi around him. "We each protect a side along with some of this ship's crew. Hit them with your jutsu until they come within melee range, and then take them apart with taijutsu if you can. We are NOT giving them this ship. If they want it, they'll have to take it by force." Hiei steps toward the railing and begins forming handseals. "You hesitate and you die. Now, get to your butts in gear!" He draws his katana and points it at a ship. "Lighting Release: Lighting Strike!" A powerful bolt of lightning lances from the tip of his blade and flies on course with one of the ships. "Show them the pride of the Kumo-Nin!"

A blink at the reaction of the others and Kana nods a little, "Well…ok then." The young shinobi looks at the ship on the side nearest and draws forth a small bag. The bag is tossed up before Kana's face, those silvery eyes focused upon the deck of the enemy ship as handsigns flow easily from Kana's hands then the bag is caught, the string pulled and Kana simply tosses it into the air at the enemy ship's deck, "I hope you pirates enjoy a game of marbles." As soon as the marbles make contact with any surface…or anyone…they start to explode in burst after burst like a bag full of volatile cherry bombs.

Yin looks at Hiroyasu, then to Hiei as they go back and forth between one another for a few moments, And Yin looks around the soon-to-be pirate-filling ship, and picks his side. "I'll get the back!" And runs to the rear of the vessel, making seals as he gets there, leaping up onto the railing again (what is it with this guy?) and once he was there he holds both hands out in front of him, aiming for the first guy that would estimatedly get to his area. "Water Style: Needle Jutsu!" And a flurry of water needles would shoot from the ocean surface up at the guy, and understandably his rope, too.

And so the decision has been made. Amani nodded at Hiroyasu's remarks and began to dedicate all her energy towards giving these pirates a difficult time. "You heard them both. Find a place and get there. This ship will not be taken by the hands of pirates." With that being said, she begins to deliver a battle cry in waves to stun the opponents that were headed for the ship.

As some of the shinobi starts to prepare for battle, the pirates begin to charge them with increasing numbers in attempts to surround them. One guy actually seems to almost ignore them and attacks their ship, leading to him getting charged even harder as a hole is left in one of the vessels. Each shinobi winds up with half a dozen shinobi charging him or her, blades attempting to stab from various sides, except for the first guy to reach Yin's area, who falls to the deck floor as multiple needles pierce his body. Meanwhile, though Kana's technique creates a show, the pirates headed for her are able to dodge the explosions let off by the marbles and charge her. To Hiro, some of the pirates who've climbed up the mast on their own ship swing toward him with blades drawn in an attempt to get him as well. Around Amani, a first wave of pirates are knocked down by the sound wave. Some stab at her feet while a few manage to push themselves back up and charge her again.

- Using the sail like a wavy floor as he darts about, using his enhanced vision Hiroyasu attempts to cut the ropes they are swinging on the chance is not good but it was worth the try, reaching into his seal pouch lets the seals fly as they burst into blue flames and being as hard a steel as they fly. -

Hiei takes a step back and then executes a horizontal corkscrew flip. He goes into a series of dazzling acrobatic manuvers to both dodge the incoming attacks and create separation between himself the crowd of pirates. His fingers move, creating handseals as he calls upon the power of the Yotsuki. "Release: Lightning Dynamic!" He reaches up to draw his second sword as his muscles expand, becoming more dense. Bolts of lightning flow freely throughout his body as he growls. "Come on!" Then Hiei goes on the offensive, using both blades to carve a path through the pirates.

There was lots of commotion coming at the boat. The ones that come at Yin are deftly evaded. "Ha hoo yah heh!" He makes noises as he dodges the oncoming sword strikes. "Back at you!" He says as he goes to quickly start punching them. Faces. "Facesmash no jutsu! Facesmash no jutsu!" He repeats every time he attempts to punch one of them, hopefully landing every time.

Kana just isn't quick enough to create her clone in time to avoid getting cut up. The damage isn't too heavy on a normal person but on Kana it is pretty nasty and Kana stumbles back and winces. Kana takes out a deck of cards from the sleeve and growls, "Jerks. Ok, well fine then. No more Mr. Nice Shinobi." Kana chuckles and then flips the deck boxes up again and makes another set of handsigns and then catches the deck boxes in one hand. Upside down, both decks slide into Kana's right hand and then they are quickly seperated, "You boys insterested in a game of 52 card pick up? How about 104 card?" And then the deck of cards are fluttered out in both directions, cards flying everywhere and exploding all around Kana.

Amani dodges the incoming blades against her feet and body. Being surrounded is never any fun, but she thinks she can handle herself well enough. She can't use her bow in such close quarters, unfortunately, but that'd have to be worked over eventually. Close quarter combat with bows takes a bit more skill than what she has now, at the moment. So, she falls back onto her sound to help her. With her sound at the ready, she struck out with her fists and feet against her attackers.
The sound of explosions that went off captured her attention and in that moment, she was able to see that Kana took some damage. After she was finished with these mooks, she'd go ahead and help her out with a quick heal to get her back to top condition.

As their ropes are cut, some pirates would go crashing onto the deck below, other's plummeting into the blue abyss below, leaving Hiroyasu unscathed thus far. Meanwhile, Hiei is successful in dodging strikes and then slicing and dicing through pirates. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Though he's being a bit… odd, Yin is quite successful punching people in the face and sending them back, though that's not quite deadly enough to send them down, which leaves them to charge him again. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Despite her earlier bad luck and getting cut, Kana is able to create explosions that send some of the men skidding on the deck and even a couple off the boat while Amani's sound-amplified strikes have a similar effect to those surrounding her.
As the numbers on the ship start diminishing, more ropes catch onto the mast, bringing double the number of pirates onto the ship that charge the shinobi on it, along with a dozen swinging at Hiro with blades drawn. Yin, since he chose to just punch, has triple the pirates charging him since those attacking him initially weren't incapacitated.

- As the swords come at him, two Hiroyasu's appear and dart about like startled little goats giving a good chase for the pirates trying to hit him.. Meanwhile on the back of the sail he can see that kana is out of her element, to be expected from a first official mission genin. He hurls down a seal which extends into a barrier of chakra which shields the genin from her strike before a rain of blue engulfed hardened seals flying out like kunai. -

Hiei doesn't waste any movements. He rocks his body back and forth, the attacks from the pirates just missing him as he backpedals a bit before striking out with his sword in a counter attack. He glances over to where Kana and Amani are and notices what kind of condition the genin is in. His body simply vanishes and re-appears in front of Amani as the sound of metal against metal rings out as he blocks an attack that was meant for the Yamayuki. "Do your thing, Yamayuki. I've got your back." He then spins in place, holding his swords out to the side as he attempts to cut through more pirates to give the Kumo kunoichi room to work. "They aren't hard to knock down. It's getting them to stay down that's the problem." He comments.

Yin was nearly nicked by one of the blades that the guys was coming at him with. CLose enough it catches his hood and cuts it down the middle to about the middle portion of the back of the head, making it fall down leaving Yin's masked head (front and back) exposed.. so to speak.
But with mask still on, he turns to the guy that got that shot in after dodging ducking dipping diving and dodging more swords, he ends up hopefully close to that guy. If not, he draws twin tantos and starts at him. "My sister made this for me! I -was- being nice!" And he starts cuttin peeps. Well, pirates. With those two tantos used in unison, kinda like Hiei was using his two swords, but different.

A breath escapes Kana as the attacks come in and then a seal blocks them all in one go. A shake of that green hair from side to side causes Kana to adjust the headband. A nod, "Obliged." Kana states to Hiro and nods to him before another handseal and a three marbles are drawn out. A marble is flicked out to three different vile pirates, each one packing a very literal punch.

With the battle going the way it is, Amani couldn't exactly do much to heal. She was frustrated at that, for certain, but it'd be nothing to hold her back. She'd figure out a way. With more attackers coming at her, she was getting ready to defend herself once again from attackers, but Hiei came in and did the work for her. She smiled and gave him a nod as she made her way over to Kana and proceeded to help her heal up. "I'm glad you're able to keep attacking, but explosions aren't my sort of thing. I've always kind of not liked them. Had a terrible experience with some, but I think they'll grow on me. I'll patch you up, but just know a single hit isn't enough to take a Kumo shinobi down. It's us against them and we've got enough firepower to take all these guys out. Remember that from here on out, okay," she stated while her hand glowed green and aimed for the wound she took. "Keep blowing up those pirates."

With the flying seals, pirates are knocked down and off into the sea along with being struck down by Hiei's blade. The team is working together quite well in ridding keeping the pirates at bay. Kana even manages to knock a couple of them back while being healed. However, a whole new mass of dozens of hooks land on the mast now, enough that one can feel the mast creaking a bit as the men swing their way in turn.
Meanwhile, Kaito finally peeks his head out from behind the railing of the ship. As he hops over onto the deck among behind where the remaining men stand. Just as he spots Nobuo, the captain swings off, though he lands on one of the inner ships in the circle rather than on the cargo vessel itself. "Fight harder! Are you all just trying to die?!" he shouts out. Meanwhile, Kaito grumbles a bit as he is spotted by remaining pirates on the ship. "Oye…"

- Paying much too much attention to the desk, he finds himself on the end of the nasty blade and cannot get out of the way in time a finds the steel tasting flesh.. Hiroyasu was not having it all this boarding, holding out his hand the glow escaping from under the sleeve as the will of the wisps starts flying out splitting in three which zip and zag like they were a tad bit wild be slamming into the hulls of the approaching ships waiting to implant its explosive payload. -

Hiei takes the time to sheathe his swords as he steps away from Amani and Kana. "We're getting nowhere like this. Time to hit them where it hurts." He begins to rapidly form handseals. "Release: Dual Lightning Arc!" Lightning charges at the end of his fingertips on each hand before he aims them towards the ships themselves. He's setting the decks on fire, the sails, anything that he can perceive as a target. He goes into another set of seals. "Ninja Art: Lightning Needles." Small lightning bolts form and swirl around his body before he sends them off like patriot missiles towards their targets. His muscles shrink slightly in size and the lightning stops zipping across his body as he releases his nintaijutsu technique. "If you don't leave, we'll destroy all of your ships. You will all die here!" He yells towards the captain.

As the fighting goes on, Yin begins using his tanto to block incoming attacks, getting himself more and more into the fray but easily keeping up with the large numbers around him, and even if he gets surrounded, he would probably manage to find a way out of the mass of pirates. This entire fight he'd probably be doing that until the entirety of the pirates gave up, were dead. Based on Hiei's 'generous forecast' to them as a group, Yin obviously concurred.

Then the pirates come in again at Kana. This time, Kana is ready so ready…that one comes in at Kana from the left, the other the right and a third from straight forward and they run Kana right through. "You got that shinobi good!" Declares Kana from off ot the side as the green haired, dead clone simply vanishes in a poof and Kana scratches a small itch hidden somewhere in the middle of those green locks, "You boys do realize you are standing in a mine field, right?" And then Kana points down just in time for the PIrate who turned to face Kana steps right on a marble, setting off a vicious chain reaction for the pirates that came for that poor clone.

"Gotcha," Amani stated to Hiei as she defended against her attackers by sending out shockwaves of sound with her feet. She'd clear away from them so that she'd have room to draw her bow. She acted as if she was taking aim against them, but instead turned her attention on the ships. She slipping two arrows from her quiver, she fired off two sonic arrows at a ship to punch holes in the hull.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! The surrounding ships begin to be splintered and burned by tags and lightning. Meanwhile, some of the pirates are zapped and others smacked down by Yin. While Kana doesn't actually deal any damage, her attacks are enough of a distraction to make the others more effective, though those who aren't being slaughtered in some manner continue to fight as they are cheered on by Nobuo's shouts. "We still outnumber them! They have to be wearing doing! That treasure will be ours yet!"
The explosions give Kaito just enough time to slip off the side of the ship and fly on what appears to be a surfboard of water toward the remains of the ship Nobuo is shouting orders from. Just as he's about to grab him, the guy falls through the floor onto the next level down as it is splintered by explosions.

- Hiroyasu is speared by the attack only to disappears in a poof of smoke as he leaps out from around the rigging hurling a several at the chakra hardened seal towards the pirate still trying to attack him on his post on the mast and rigging as he darts about. -

Hiei quickdraws his katana to block the incoming attacks from the pirates. His blade glows neon blue as he counter attacks. "Please. We can do this all day. Call your men off and we won't have to send you all to Davy Jone's locker!"

Again, it's only a clone that is being attacked and Kana sighs thorugh that mask of cloth, silver looking down at a trio of cards, already empowered by chakra and looking at the next pirates who attacked that clone, "Seriously, guys. You can keep attacking clones or you can just give up. Or you can just blow up." Those three cards are flicked out and don't find marks but Kana is backing away before saying, "Hey…how many more guys this group got?" It seems Kana is indeed starting to wear down.

"Not much more!" Amani called as she thrust her foot forward to force out a barrier to block out all incoming attacks against her. She was really ticked, so that barrier probably felt more like a punch to the face. "Once all these ships go down, they'll all be dead in the water," she commented to Kana as she shot off more arrows towards the ships to ensure they had many more holes to sink them with.

As more and more hits come their way, the pirates' numbers continue to diminish. "You've gotta slow down some time!" Nobou calls out amongst the smoke and flying bits of ship that he can't really see past at this point. "We're gonna-HEY!" Suddenly, he's sudden floating up in a bubble completely filled with water and unable to move as he seems to be fighting drifting toward unconsciousness. Meanwhile, his fleet is sinking, burning, and blasting apart while his men are knocked out and into the water. Between the showmanship of the Nininjutsuists and Nintaijutsuist and the… odd yet skillful antics of Yin, it's not long before the entire fleet is leveled, a large portion of them floating in the water either dead or incapacitated in some manner.
"So that's how Kumogakure takes care of business, huh?" Kaito asks as his board flies up beside the floating bubble. "Not bad at all." Just as the captain passes out, he widens his board a bit releases the bubble to allow him to fall into it with bonds of water forming over the pirate's body to keep him still.

- Hiroyasu makes his way down from the mast seeing that what was started is almost finished. "Ehh not really how we like to do it.. not enough bedlam really." he chides rubbing the back of his head.. "I thought I had felt you lurking about, explains the large chunk of chakra lurking under boats.." he says before looking at the others "Everyone alright? We got everything in tact physically?" he asks before tending to some of the orphaned hooks and lines back into the sea while he waits for the answer. -

Hiei sheathes his sword as he moves about the deck. "I need a damage report and a head count. If anyone is hurt, come see one of the medinin." He pats one of the crew members on the shoulders. "Good job. Find out how soon we can get under way. We still have a shipment to deliver." He looks over at Kaito and offers him a two-fingered salute. "Nara. I thought I heard someone snoring." A faint smile. "Good to see you, though. Looks like you got your guy, too." He sits down on top of a barrel and exhales softly. "I think we're good. Probably some scrapes and bruises, but definitely not bad. Good call on blowing up the ships, Hiro." He looks over at Kana and nods. "Nice job, kid. Learn how to protect yourself better, though. You won't always have a medical ninja around to heal you up during a fight."

"Good to see you guys again as well," Kaito says with a nod. "I must be headed back to Konoha now, I fear. See you around." With that, his surfboard takes off into the sky to carry away his bounty with him.

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