Playing with Buruno-chan


Sarasa, Koseitama

Date: February 24, 2014


A pair of not-quite-right-in-the-head kunoichi have a chance meeting with each other and an oh-so-friendly swamp denizen.

"Playing with Buruno-chan"

Blood Marsh - Entrance [Kirigakure]


The forbidden path continues..haulting just short of a large rickety wooden construction undoubtedly ages old. Jutting up out of the mushy moss covered marsh floor, an ancient looking archway rises up forbodingly to herald the entrance of the blood marsh..showing signs of severe decay, dark red vines cover the wooden archway; blood red mushrooms growing on one side of the posts facing the setting sun. Etched into the wood on the top of the arch as one passes under is kanji that states, "Blood Marsh"..the surrounding area slowly undertaking a conversion of greenery to redly hued plants and reeds..a crimson tinted mist lightly blanketing the area, forming a choking veil deeper into the swamp. This being the very outskirt of the marsh, cypress trees are sparse here; but grow thick as the mysterious mist through and beyond the archway.


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