Steel Soul Tourney - Playing with Puppets: Kaidan vs. Koseitama


Rockpath (as Mai), Koseitama, Kaidan

Date: May 16, 2015


The Steel Soul Tournament’s fight between Shirayuki Koseitama and Karakuri Kaidan.

"Steel Soul Tourney - Playing with Puppets: Kaidan vs. Koseitama"

Dammed Arena - Kirigakure

The announcements were posted; the brackets were formed. And allies have turned into temporary enemies with one of the match ups. Shirayuki Koseitama, Chuunin of Kirigakure, is to face off against Karakuri Kaidan, Chuunin of Sunagakure. Kaguya Mai of Kiri stands in the middle of the Arena, her gaze shifting between where the two contestants were supposed to enter.
Then her voice rings out over the murmur of the crowds. "Today we are witnessing a fight between Karakuri Kaidan," she pauses as cheers ring from the Hidden Sand people. "And Shirayuki Koseitama." Again, there's a pause for both cheers and boos. "This is not going to be a match where they are protected by barriers. They have been warned of this before hand. I expect a good fight from both. And now, let's welcome them to the stage." With that, Mai leaps back into a place that was meant specifically for a proctor, as she didn't want to get blown away or affected by jutsu when she wasn't supposed to. Sure, she could probably block most. But why work harder than she must?

Koseitama comes marching cheerfully out to her mark in the arena. Literally, she looks like a toy soldier, swinging her arms and legs in a stiff mechanical walk, a beaming smile painted on her face. 8) Upon reaching her designated spot, she stands to attention and throws a wooden salute, tilting her head to the side a bit. "Very very honored to be facing you, sir~!" she says in a sing-song voice. 8D While her behavior might be pretty silly, though, the flare of her chakra indicates she means business. >8)

RP: Koseitama transforms into MOOD-SHIFT-CYAN.
COMBAT: Koseitama focuses 7217 stamina to turn it into 9358 usable chakra!

Arriving in the arena after being announced, Kaidan steps out to his spot and immediately begins to focus his chakra, his armor sliding up into place to protect what is left of him that is still human. He looks toward Mai to nod to her and then looks toward his opponent. He doesn't acknowledge the cheers from the crowd or any boos that might come his way. He simply rolls his shoulders and looks to her through eyes that are left unveiled by the armor. He takes in a slow breath and then lets it out just as slowly as he watches her. For now, his only acknowledgement of her words is a slow simple nod of ascent.

COMBAT: Kaidan focuses 4416 stamina to turn it into 5600 usable chakra!
RP: Kaidan transforms into NADIAK-MOTO.

Koseitama remains in her off-kilter salute pose until the signal to begin the match. Then her arm sweeps down in front of herself, and a scythe of wind chakra races out toward Kaidan. "Fair winds accompany you graciously, sir~!" 8D Koseitama's other arm swings out to send another one immediately following.

COMBAT: Kaidan defends against WIND-CUTTER(34) attack from Koseitama with a MASTERED-ARMORED-PUPPETRY…55
COMBAT: Kaidan defends against WIND-CUTTER(41) attack from Koseitama with a MASTERED-ARMORED-PUPPETRY…53

The attacks come flying at him and Kaidan simply nods forward and races straight through them. The wind, sharpened by chakra, simply is broken as he passes right through it and attempts to send a kick right up toward Koseitama's jaw before he brings that foot back down in an axe kick. As he does, though, the axe kick is not a kick. A blade whipped up out of his heel and as he was coming down he was attempting to slice it across her front, closing the blade as his foot comes down, "Hardly fair if you ask me." He states and the grin is only in his eyes as he attempts to make sure he keeps Koseitama close.

COMBAT: Koseitama defends against PUPPET-PHYSICAL-II(41) attack from Kaidan with a WALL-OF-WIND…42
COMBAT: Koseitama defends against PUPPETRY-SHARP-II(42) attack from Kaidan with a WALL-OF-WIND…68

Koseitama's arms, crossed over in front of herself after flinging her attacks, suddenly snap down to either side. A vortex of wind and small stones from the arena floor suddenly springs up around her, deflecting both of Kaidan's attacks. "Naughty naughty shouldn't break your toys so quick, sir~!" 89 A gang of Koseitama look-alikes pop into existence from the swirling air, and they rush at Kaidan from all sides.

COMBAT: Kaidan defends against MULTIPLE-WIND-CLONES(36) attack from Koseitama with a MASTERED-ARMORED-PUPPETRY…60

Simply crossing his arms before his face, all the attacks of all the clones slam into Kaidan and they all meet that impressive armor he wears. He presses his arms up and back and stands up straight before suddenly he is a blur of momentum. He attacks with a flurry of blows that will hammer all the clones around him as well as their originator if she is not fast enough to escape from the sudden speedy rush of attacks from the puppet man known as Kaidan, "I have never been good with taking care of my things."

COMBAT: Koseitama defends against PUPPET-PHYSICAL-III(69) attack from Kaidan with a WALL-OF-WIND…66
COMBAT: Koseitama loses the roll and sustains 632 damage.

Koseitama's wind vortex springs up once again to soften the blows, but it isn't quite enough to stop them this time. Koseitama is sent flying back, landing near one of the stand walls. A small chorus of boos rain down on her, along with bits of junk that the audience members had to hand. Who let this crazy kunoichi into the tournament anyway? D< She's making Kiri look bad!
Koseitama gets up slowly, picking up from among the debris…a nacho tray, a rectangular popcorn bucket, and a bendy-straw from somebody's cup. The bucket is set upside-down inside the tray, forming the semblence of a strange hat with a brim, and the almagation is shoved firmly onto Koseitama's head. Then she sticks the straw into the corner of her mouth and looks out at Kaidan with a long gaze. "Nice punch, compadre…but how's yer shootin'?" Koseitama hooks her thumbs into her belt, pointing the index and middle fingers of each hand down along her thighs. "Draw." B|

RP: Koseitama transforms into MOOD-SHIFT-GREEN.

Finishing up his assault with her getting knocked away has Kaidan looking to the crowd who appears to be against Koseitama. He tilts his head a little before he watches how she changes, "Definitely insane." He states to himself more than anyone and then rushes right at her and her 'gun'. He has no shooting and he states as much as he arrives, "Guns aren't really my style." He aims a hammer fist right for her and then he totally misses. Well, it seems like he missed right up until his arm is past her and a blade shoots right out his forearm to try to cut her right after the 'missed' hammerfist attack. It seems he does literaly have a few tricks up his sleeves.

COMBAT: Koseitama defends against DEADLY-TRICK(53) attack from Kaidan with a VANISHING-GALE…68

Koseitama smirks as Kaidan rushes in. "Ain't none o' mine neither." Just as Kaidan makes his strike Koseitama vanishes, leaving a gust of wind on the <strike>dusty trail</strike>pebbly bed. Perched against the wall, Koseitama inhales deeply as she runs through handseals, then spews out a swirling maelstrom of ice at Kaidan. "Hope you packed yer snow gear, pardner."

COMBAT: Kaidan defends against FREEZING-WHIRLWIND(50) attack from Koseitama with a DASH-STEP-III…76

Blinking as she zips out of the way, Kaidan is thrown off balance for a moment as his strike finds no purchase. He then skids and looks in the direction she came from and then he squints his eyes as he watches a maelstrom of ice coming at him. He seems to get caught in it that is until at the very last second he all but disappears in a burst of absolute speed that has him rushing to right behind the Shirayuki, his right arm seeming to very literaly detach from his body, multiple chakra strings building up between the pieces before the whole thing slams back to his shoulder with a massive burst of chakra. The arm, that was stretched out behind him swings forward in a wicked cross as he aims it right for Koseitama's back, "I hope you enjoyed this game."

COMBAT: Koseitama defends against PENULTIMATE-PUPPETRY-STRIKE(58) attack from Kaidan with a WALL-OF-WIND…74

Koseitama stares straight ahead as Kaidan's arm comes at her from the side. Before it can reach her, though, that wall of wind springs up again to defend her, forcing the blow aside (fortuntely AWAY from the wall). "Reckon I am," Koseitama remarks, tossing the straw into the remains of the air current and watching it float upward. "Ain't got much shot of winnin', I kin tell, but I got a trick or two left. Talkin' yer ear off while my little friends get th'drop on ye, fer example." A few lumpy little snowmen, drawn together from the earlier mini-blizzard, pounce at Kaidan with intent to chill. >D

COMBAT: Kaidan defends against SNOW-MONSTERS(64) attack from Koseitama with a DASH-STEP-III…60
COMBAT: Kaidan loses the roll and sustains 567 damage.

Getting hit by the snowmen, Kaidan winces as he feels the cold leak into his body and he growls as he isn't fast enough to get out of the way. None the less, they don't stop him completely as he is able to finally get away from them only to stare at the girl and shakes his head, "Dangerous for a mad woman." He then rushes forward for another upward snapping kick, that once again hides a blade in the back of his ankle that he attempts to cut her with, "I'm not done either!"

COMBAT: Koseitama defends against DEADLY-TRICK(78) attack from Kaidan with a WALL-OF-WIND…72
COMBAT: Koseitama loses the roll and sustains 466 damage.

Koseitama brings up the air barrier once more. "Y'all must be thinkin' I'm a one-trick pony after all th — durnit!" >.<; The blade manages to reach through far enough to gash Koseitama's forearm. Koseitama clamps her other hand onto her upper forearm, squeezing to limit the bloodflow. "Well, cuss…" Koseitama looks over toward Mai. "Yer honor, I'm agonna give up my claim on this here fight. I got in my licks enough to show I ain't no yellow-bellied chicken, but I kin tell this trail ain't gonna lead me nowhere…and 'sides, I think I done got snake-bit." -.-;

Watching as the woman gives up, Kaidan takes a step back and looks at her carefully. He nods to her and then states, "You really should get that looked at." He nods his head, "An attack like that will do more than just a small gash." He nods his head and then he takes a breath before he gestures and his armor vanishes back into a scroll. He is left standing his normal state again but even before he is walking off, another puppet appears beside him dressed in the garbs of a nurse, "Good fight."

Kaguya Mai listens to Koseitama, and she nods, hopping from her perch and waving her hand for medics that stood by. They were there for Koseitama, mostly, but Kaidan could try and convince them to help him out. "The winner today is Karakuri Kaidan, Chuunin of Sunagakure. Congratulations." She gives him a sort of look that gives both a congratulations that match her words and a promise that he probably wasn't going to walk away undefeated. This was Kirigakure's home, after all, and the Kaguya had her pride.

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