Plot Thickens Battle at the Docks!


Kawichi, Akane, Setsiro

Date: September 6, 2010


Kawichi First Mission

"Plot Thickens Battle at the Docks!"

Lightning Ferry Docks

After finishing the spar with Akane they thought it best to patrol the border of the village as they did this they notice something that was off. As they moved they quickly notice that there we in a genjutsu. With swiftness both nin try their best to break the hold by normal means but Kawichi field. "What the hell is going on?" is said as Akane faded from sight. Kawichi did the next best thing cut himself with his own blade. By doing this blood dripped onto the ground and Kawichi was out. Little did Kawichi know he was still in the genjutsu. "Tsk….where is everyone where is the road?" is asked to himself as he stood there alone.

Akane peers around the area. "Something is wrong…" Akane suspects a genjutsu is at fault. He can't break out of it through noraml means. Forming a clay mine Akane has it detonate to blow up the terrain to release them from this genjutsu.

As the genjutsu wore off Kawichi would look at Akane before taking off into the tree as he moved he was attacked with an sword attacked. With an swift pull of his sword he blocked the strike and pulled into a power struggle. "Who are you? Why are you attacking us?" is asked but the masked nin gave no answer as for Akane he would be attacked but with bombed kunai for a distance. Sounds of explosing could be heard as he fought with the masked nin. "Tsk….alright your starting to piss me off." is said as he resheath his sword.

Akane barly brings up the clay statue to defend from the kunai the explosion knocked him down. "WHat the hell is going on." Akane winced as he came to a slow rise. He began concentrating chakra and looked at Kawichi. "Ehh, he's alright." Akane tried to locate the person who threw the kunai.

Kawichi would land on a near by tree as the masked Ninja would fade from sight and then attacked Kawichi with so much speed and force even if he does block it he would be sent flying. As he moved his sword up it was way to late as he hit him dead into a tree knocking him down with the tree on top. As he didn't move the masked figure would then take this chance to run away. Akane on the other hand had his hands full with this hidden Nin who just let the kunai fall down like rain. until the last one that dropped was a super powered one. With a bomb the shock wave would awake Kawichi.

Akane brought up a quick statue this time, quick enough for him to defend himself. Akane sits behind it and tries to locate the man. "I know he's around here some where." Akane used the mines he had before to try and flush the man out. "Katsu!" he says as a couple of them explode. He then began looking for the slightist thing that would reveal the man's whereabouts.

As Akane would go on the offensive the man thought it best to leave for now as for the trapped Reizei, Kawichi would reach into his pocket and pull out a pill and eat it as he felt its power flowing threw him his body would pluse a little bit as he punched the tree off of him and flashed back to Akane. "What the hell was that aobout?" is asked as he thought of something they could do about this. "Something isn't right here lets see if we can find them or something. Kawichi would then close his eyes and take in slow controlled breaths as he listened in on them.

Akane sighs as it seems the worst is over, never the less he still looks for the culprits behind this attack. Akane winced as he place a strand of straw in his mouth to calm his nerves. "I don't know…but we best report this…" Akane peers around looking for anything, some clue as to who the attackers could have been. His eyes drifted to Kawichi "Did you see anything?"

There he is," said Setsiro to the two as she dashed by them, feet swift as thunder. "I'll capture him," was called back before she brought her hands up before her, fingers blazing through handseals before she simply vanished, reappearing in front of the bomb wielding masked man, her dagger unsheathed and in hand. She shifted her sword to the side with one hand as she went down, seeking to stab down in the hollow of the man's shoulder, stopping him in his tracks.

Seeing the actions of the female Reizei his face turn red. "Damnit why the hell do she have to be here?" is asked to himself but since she had him he would flash over to her. Taking out his sword he looked at him and placed it on his cheek. "Where is she?" is asked with an smile. As he tapped the sword up on the mask figure cheek. Kawichi pulled off the masked and just them boom! The blast was stronger enough to kill the body of the man but it was enough to blast Kawichi back with sure force. "What the hell?" is asked to himself as he sat there. "Tsk…..we have to give chase guys not tell what they are up to…he was heading north we should head that way at once." Kawichi barked out orders as he waited to her what everyone else had to say.

Akane ties to bring up a clay wall to protect himself from the explosion, he had very little time to be artsy about it. "Damn….there goes out interrogation." Akane stands looking at the body "Yep….dead. Perhaps we should inform someone before we follow blindly." Akane states as he looks in the direction Kawichi mentioned. Peering at the woman who showed up Akane smiles and nods "Glad you showed up when you did. What do you recommend miss?"

Setsiro lets out a small sound of surprise, instinct sending her leaping backwards, but the small woman's reaction hadn't been quite quick enough, and she managed to avoid the blast itself but remained in range of the concussion. It sent her skidding backwards a good ten feet, only her planting herself keeping her from being bowled over.
She shook her head a bit and stood straighter, realizing that she'd held onto her dagger in a death grip. She paused, llips pursing, to wipe off some brain matter from her arm, looking much paler than usual as she returned to the others. "I…" She paused for a steadying breath. "I have just arrived and I do not know the current situation. I cannot give you recocmendation." That said, she inclined her head in greeting to the both of them before saying, "Lead on."

Alright since Setsiro is the fastest she is going to go and tell what we found while me and you Akane weill give chase." AS he jumps into the trees he dashed in the directions of the masked fighter. Kawichi points and without looking at Akane tell him to send on of his birds a mile that way. With this action he points to the west and told Akane to fan out in a north west path while he took a north east one. As for Setsiro a big masked man would be blocking her path. "Were are you going little lady?" is asked with an smile as he started to spin the ball and chain over his head. "As for Kawichi he would step on to a branch he would feel himself slipping since the branch snapped and he fall all the way down. "Tsk not this shit again." is said as he landed onto his index finger. Another masked fight would be in his path as well. "Your the sameone as last time." is asked as he balanced himself. As for Akane as beautiful red head would start to run right beside him. "Hey sexy how are you?' is asked as they jumpped from tree to tree.

Following orders from Kawichi? Eek Akane didn't like it but he had no choice. He did as instructed then glanced as the red head appeared next to him while he was in persuit. With a blank stare Akane looks at the woman and brings up a seal. He doesn't say a word but a clay octopus comes out at the red head. Akane simply would have it detain her in hopes that he could then get some information outta her.

Setsiro nodded slightly, realizing that with what litle she knew of the situation, she would best be used to deliver information and bring in backup. Of course, that'd require her knowing something about the situation first, but Kawichi and the other had set off before she could say so. She frowned in his generally direction until she felt a sudden cool. The small woman turned, finding a large man that had blocked out the sun from her view. A grimace took her face at the behemoth's words, disgust written across her features. "Do not be uncouth," she rebuked. Suddenly, she was behind the huge man, and then next to him, then on his shoulders, and once more behind him — each vanishing acommpanied by a reappearing. She began to walk away, weapon sheathed, assured that he was taken care of.

With a deep breath Kawichi popped up and landed and smirked. "Good I need to get you back." Kawichi was still under the influece of the food pill he thought it best to use its effects of chakra and so he started to blur slightly from sight. "Alright you I'm ending this." is said as he tapped his foot on the ground. Akane on the other hand tries and capture the beautiful red hand but fails as he twisted her body out of the way and landed infront of him and blew him a kiss. "I like you." is said as his finger nails started to grow and fangs started to extend from her mouth. "I'm going to eat you up." is said as she attacked with a twin paw attack. If it hit she would then bite him in the neck. As for Setsiro who wasted no time in attacking she would see the first attacked dodged but the second one hit dead on. But only cut him slightly. "Oh your a speed type this should be fun. Is said as he waved three hand signs. "Earth Style: Ball of Hell!" Aiming to break her arm with each strike if two land then the arm would go numb but if one hits it would be hurt badly but not broken. Kawichi waited for her to strike again but this time he was ready for it or so he thinks as he flashed again from sight she would later appear and attacked him with the same attack that had both speed and power. but in this exchange he would reach out and grab her mask.

"Hrm" Akane remarks to the red heads abrasive love complex. Of course Akane thought he was attractive but love at first sight seemed a bit too unrealistic. Taking his time as he defended against the attack Akane would form a realistic bird out of clay with the help of the mouths in his hands. He looked back and tossed the clay bird at the woman's face and made his attempt to hide. Behind a tree Akane would sigh "Why do I get the strange ones?"

Setsiro whirled around at the deep voice behind her, baring her teeth in a snarl. "Persistent." Her blade flashed out, batting the first attack away despite its size. The movement left her open, though, and forced her to attempt to dodge, though unsecesfully, the attack bringing her left arm under duress. She frowned, straining to clench her left arm into a fist as she batted the third attack away. "You do not want me to be forced to kill you," said the Reizei, teeth clenched with the pain of the blow. She jumped at the man, brandishing her blade once more, slashing down both his collarbones, hoping to break them.

As the man fell onto his knees he smiled as he looked at her and with a dispell of a jutsu she would see two people standing there. "We don't like you much." is said as one had a big ball and was helding it with one hand while the other one had a whip like chain. Kawichi smirked as some blood dripped on the ground from his forehead. "Oh shit your a girl!" is said as she smiled at him slightly. Kawichi would then use this time to flash in and attacked with with an twin slashes. "She seems to be stronger then she looks." Akane blast would hit her but also cause some smoke to appear as he went to hide he flew right into her arms. "Hello honey bear." is said as he went in to bite him and attacked with a dual claw strike. As for Setsiro the one holding the ball threw it at her at such speed you thought he was tossing a rock but the chain would be hidden in the shadow of the ball and would be use to subdue her if hit.

Akane is shocked that the woman managed to find him so quickly he gets out of her arms by forcing a statue into her face but his neck is bitten. Akane touches his neck an sighs "You're annoying…." Akane stops and faces the woman "I made it a point to try and not harm women…but you get special treatment." Akane placed his hands into the pouches of clay and awaits for the woman's next move. "I'll end it quick."

Setsiro's blade lashed out, meant to hit the underside of the boulder and flip it up over, but she was too hasty and it skimmed the bottom, its speed thowing it upwards to glance off of her shoulder, undoubtedly causing a bruise beneath her jacket. She tried again, blade lashing out with at the chain.
Her angle was off and it began to wrap around her with blinding speed — but she kept her blade between it and herself and slipped downwards, rolling out from under the attack with a frown. Immediately, she was up on her feet and dashing towards the two. She remembered what happened to the first man and leaped, her sword glinting. She Flew in between them, lashing out at their faces, not to harm them but to get between their masks and flip them off of them, hoping for the explosion to come as she flew past.

After taking Setsiro or so they thought she slipped out and moved in and attacke them but what happen next would be put on hold for the moment. As for the women before him he smirked as he placed his sword out over his head and the light of the sun reflected off his sword onto here. As he started to burn his eye narrowed. What the hell is this?" as he thought about it he notice the masked. She faded from sight with burns on her face as Kawichi would stand there waiting to strike….."I'll cut down the trees to expose more sun light." as he took an Tenken stance he flashed over an took down six trees with one sword strike. Akane on the other hand would see her burn as the sun would move into place and so the beautiful nin turned ugly. As she faded and hide. With the other two unawake of Setsiro she cut them deep. As they licked their hands they would rub them on each other. And their wounds healed, as their masked sliced in half the sun would also burn them badly. As they pushed each other out of the way. If she notice they couldn't healed the burn wounds.

Akane gags a bit "That was in love with me?" Akane nods as he has finished his preperations. Setting his hand down to the ground he lets small clay insects and spider roam from his hands. He also releases two small birds that would float next to him. "Awww don't tell me you're shy now?" Akane teased as he looked around for the woman's whereabouts, what she didn't know is that Akane already had this area covered with him clay mines in the form of animals. "Time for a little landscaping. Katsu!" several explosions go off and tree trunks fall. "The sun is good for those pores…"

"Sunlight?" wondered Setsiro, wondering just what powers these people had and the price they had paid for them. She wasted no time to remain pondering on the conundrum, however, and instead jumped up into the trees. Rather than slicing the tree at the base, her sword went into a whirlwind of attacks, slicing cleanly through the branches of one tree in a few seconds of rapid leaping before she moved on to the next, and the next, and continued.

A cloud of smoke start to rise as he stood there Kawichi started to think about something as he he started to blur more he smirked. "I don't have time for this." is said as he would appear behind him as he faded threw her twice it didn't look like he moved at all. "Did bitch." is said as he cracked his neck and yawned as he body started to fade away. The sounds of explosing told him where to find akane and so he went there. But as he was about to move she would appear infront of him. "Where are you going?" is asked as Kawichi tapped his foot on the ground. Akane enemy would be standing there waiting to move as she darted across she was left open. The twins stood there as the light moved across the sky they came in and attacked her with one last strike.

Akane smiled as the woman ran he formed a wolf to hawk her down. As the wolf closed in on her akane would detonate some mines that were ahead of the woman, knocking down more trees and letting in some sun. She can't go that way anymore. Akane smiked at a double came out to attack the woman as well. hopefully slowing her down so the wolf could catch her. Akane would detonate them both should they get close enough to the woman. The clay birds were no longer at his side either.

Setsiro landed lightly in the light of the newly opened clearing, leaf covered twigs falling down about her. She stood down the charge from the monstrously large twins, eyes placid as she found her concentration, allowing her left arm to fall limp. They reached for her——Suddenly, she was in the air behind them. Their arms moved outwards to the side from the force of her swift parries. Their bodies turned, moving slowly with the force of size, and their necks shifted. Heads slipped from shoulders as the Reizei landed on the other side, the twins crashing to the earth, fleth clothed skulls rolling into the shadows.
Setsiro frowned lightly, taking a cloth from her weapon's sheathe, forcing her left arm to begin cleaning the blood from the weapon.

The sounds of clay bombs Kawichi smirked. "Your friend is dead." is said as he sheathed his sword. She said nothing as he looked at her. She then would Dashes off with speed he could match but he decided not to. As he watched her get away he smirked as he cracked his arm. "I can't wait to fight you again." Kawichi would then turns back to Akane and rushes over. "Let's head back!" before he got there Akane would see the bird miss but the clone would be there and with a boom she was no more. As for Setsiro she would hit them with the Reizei slashes combo. AS Akane made his way over to her he smiled as he pulled out a piece of paper he got from their exchange. "She got away so don't ask okay." is said as they dashed off to the village. The other nin made it to her master and bowed and with a wave of his hand he made three more shadown nins. "Kawichi boy am I hungry as hell." is said as he tapped his foot up and down and moved his sword to the side so he could rest his arm.

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