Plugging a Leak


Arika, Nanashi (as Miyako), Shintario, Itami

Date: April 1, 2015


Detractors of Sunagakure have been leaking information about the village to enemies for various purposes and have to be stopped. With information about their whereabouts provided, an assault team is led to their compound within the Fertile Delta area to wipe them out and stop anymore information from traveling and reaching enemy ears.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Plugging a Leak"

Fertile Delta - Wind / Rivers Border

Information can leak. It happens sometimes, though it shouldn't. There are always cracks present that aren't handled and grow larger until they finally burst. It is because of this poor management that particular individuals have taken advantage of the situation and sought personal gain or some form of prestige among peers and superiors, marking their fate as enemies. It is the ones that perform this against their own home that must be dealt with swiftly and effectively as there is no more room for this sort of thing to happen, at least not with this amount of frequency. Thus, teams have been assembled to handle this problem, taking them all the way to the river delta that serves as the border between Wind and Fire. Foolishly enough, the enemies set up camp on the Wind side of the delta, erasing all the political problems that goes with crossing over borders.
"We all have a common enemy here, so I'll be frank. Do not spare their lives here," Itami spoke, having the team hidden among the trees in the area. "Their camp isn't far from where we're stationed. There's a patch of land large enough to support a base where their operations take place," she looks over her shoulder and around to the others. "What they've done is one of the worst crimes you can perform against your homeland. I don't care what background they come from and what reasons they have for doing such a thing. They knew that this decision would come with danger and now it's here to face them. Are you all prepared to engage them? Let me know now. From here, there is no turning back…or regrets."

Standing in the trees amongst the newly crowned Kazekage and the rest of the team, Miyako listens to each detail she speaks. Each word is take in and analyzed along with the details of the area around. "I am prepared, Kazekage-sama," the young woman affirms with a nod. It would seem the new training or perhaps something else has changed this one's attitude of late. No longer is she the timid, nervous-acting Genin who almost seemed uncomfortable in her own skin. Rather she seems prepared to do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission in the name of Sunagakure.

Arika takes perch on Miyako's back, if allowed, nodding lightly to Itami when she gives the orders. The girl doesn't look /too/ happy at killing people, so she glances to Miyako. "I think I can make them go down, and then you can take them out," she offers, essentially trying to form a combo-team with the other Jinchuuriki. Much to Gyuki's unhappines… ~I don't wanna work with that stupid Tanuki! Do this mission by yourself!~ 'Hush! I wanna work with Miya-chan!'

"Good. If that's the case, we'll get started…" Itami began as she slipped out a map and pointed out choice areas. "Having had some shinobi scout the area, they've come back and returned information that the guard perimeter is within these areas. In fact, we're settled into one right now. The plan is very simple. We each disperse into these locations and wait for their rounds. There are three guards that come out, split amongst these areas and they each proceed to the next, area, making certain to cover as much ground as possible and be the eyes and ears behind one another's back. However, sometimes watching your back too much means that you meet death from the front," she shrugged. "So, each of you memorize these areas and break into them. It won't be long before the guards come out and scan the area. Hide and when they come around, ambush them." She handed the map around for each person to see. Once it circled around back to her, she slipped it away and took her position within the tree they're settled in.
The guards exit their camp and begin to climb the trees not long after the current plan was set in place. They each give one another a confirmation of clear prior to taking off and beginning their rounds.

Miyako smiles up at Arika, smirking just a bit as Shukaku grumbles about a mouthy squid. She nods to the girl's words then looks back to Itami as she explains the situation. "See you when the situation calls for it," she says up to Arika then gently removes the girl from her back and slips away. By the time the guards would find her, she has changed her form completely to appear like another of their company that's assisting in the search. This 'other guard' searches a bit before walking up by the other one as if attempting to assist before going to jab a blade that pops out of a palm directly into his chest a trio of times while bringing a hand up to cover his mouth so that no screams or alerts can be heard.

Arika pouts just a bit as it seems Miyako disappeared. A clone appears beside her, though, moving out to scout the area. As soon as the information on the guards is gathered, Arika makes a handseal that would allow for a large burst of wind to come crashing down on the camp, forcing everyone there to the ground, even if they want to call for help.

Shintario however had different plans he knelt down and placed his hands on to the ground. Sand from his gourge moved through the earth breaking it down to create just enough to find two guards. Creeping up it wraps then as well as covered their mouths and noses; thus suffocation soon followed with that he called back the sand before walking up to join the others so far so good. His long blonde hair was pushed back into a ponytail his green eyes glossed over the area. His red gi was open exposing his athletic build. The last guy thought he was safe as he tries to go for help however Shintario sand bound his legs and made quick work of him not even leaving him a chance to escape or scream. Stealth thy name be Shintario.

The guards and camp had no idea what hit them. Literally. The uniform assault against the guards brings them all down within the trees and then some. Stabbed, suffocated by sand and grounded by wind, the camp was effectively under attack, but not quite under siege. Those within were well alerted to the activities by the nature of what was taking place outside as the bursts of wind caused a low howl to enter into the massive tree bunker they were located in. An alert sounded throughout the camp within. Those that were considered more civilian were told to flee while those that were fighters were told to prepare for a battle.
"We figured you all would show up soon," a shinobi came out, headband missing from his head, but Itami recognized him. "Tokuoka Shuko," she repeated. He smirked as his name was called. "The only one. Well, since you all are here, I suppose we ought to put on a show." Two other shinobi joined him, but they were no name as far as Itami was concerned. She cast her eyes towards the camp entrance and then back to Shuko. "Don't think you're getting in there," he remarked as he withdrew a kunai. He ran through handseals and wind began to gather around prior to crashing down on the entrance, completely destroying it. "There, that's better." He wasted no time as he rushed through handseals once more and performed another attack, casting a ring of wind around the area to attack everyone present. The other shinobi with him each gathered around to target a particular shinobi to attack, wasting no time in engagement.

When she senses someone else using sand, Miyako blinks… Well, if a non-Jinchuuriki can use it, surely she can… and this guy's no joke, so it's time to pull out the stops. Just as it seems the man will catch them all, the Genin seems to literally grow a platform of sand from under her feet that carries her into the air above the range of the attack as well as the trap. "Who said we need to get in to deal with all of you?" she asks, smirking down at him as she brings her hands into a seal, causing orbs of sand to fire off one after another at Shoku and his buddies. This is definitely not quite the same Miyako…

Arika squeaks as she feels the pressure of the attack, the girl finding herself getting blown away for a bit and landing on the ground hard. Owwww… She gets up, rubbing her back and glaring at the person who hurt her. With a few seals, the weaker enemies would feel a giant gale of wind forcing them to the ground again, Arika still not quite aiming to kill, but allow others to kill.

Shintario sand shield blocked nothing and thus it knocked him back along with the his wind. Laying on the ground Shintario would be piece together what the pipe just hit him?! "Any get the number of that-" Before he finished two other guys showed up and thus he had to spring into action however he couldn't. He struggled to get back to his feet, shaking he formed a seal and scent sand to bind he two weaker nin or so he thought.

And so a battle ensues! The detractors against the Suna shinobi. Already, it appears that Sunagakure seems to be the losing side, having endured some hits that are certain to weaken their numbers. The enemy base continues with its operation of evacuating the detractors out of the area. The shinobi who set off the kunai trap found themselves all manner of mangled after the combined attacks of the Suna shinobi coming down upon them, falling into the waters below covered in sand and forced further into the water by wind. If they weren't crushed and chaffed by sand now, they were drowning breathing in water. This left Shuko as the only one left between them and the base.
"We can't sit here as the base is closed off from entry. Arika, Miyako, find a way inside the base. Shintario, you stay with me!" Itami commands as she makes her way forward and inhales deeply to force out a flame in the shape of a large dragon at Shuko beneath the water. It's hot enough to pierce the surface and boil up a mist as it sought him out beneath while also enabling a cover to be provided for Arika and Miyako to head off without disruption. With Shuko trapped under the force of wind, the fire is easily guided down towards him to bring some damage.

Upon Itami's orders, Miyako nods then ponders a moment… Well, she's already used sand. May as well open the place up for business in a way that they can't refuse! She brings her hands into a seal, seeming to stand still for a moment before a wave of silt and grain fires up from the ground to come crashing down in a massive wave in an attempt to destroy any barriers keeping them out… along with anyone in the path of the wave as the tidal wave comes crashing down on the base.

To add to Miyako's crushing sand is Arika's terrible wind. Her first and only element comes crashing down, adding to the speed of the sand, and likely causing even more destruction to the compound that they're attacking than what was likely going to occur. The young girl glances over to Miyako, keeping up with the other Jinchuuriki easily despite her age.

Shintario heeded the order and thus he slammed his hand onto he ground and bullets from the air spun out and shoot like a bullet. With grace and skills Shintario changed the hollow earth bullets into sand and with that he twisted it around the targets trying to bind them into place. The crazy part was his contact with the earth is what allowed him to know where they where. "Gotcha now," is said softly as he hope the attack was dead on however there was a chance it didn't work and it was that possibility blushed what forced the last three seals which he slammed the ground once more pulling up an earth wall.

The mass of sand raised from the ground made certain to fill the area, raising any roots and dirt that gathered around the base of the tree and…caused it to lean. It slowly continues to tilt to the side, having the ground it was settled in raised enough to loosen its grip on the land. At some point, the tree was bound to topple over, but for now, it was still more than enough that it could support the weight of people, but perhaps not the effects of the battle as it continued.
The compound itself found the ground caving in and surrounding those who were too slow to evade the structural collapse. Those that were still ahead escaped through a network of tunnels created by the roots of trees to escape to another patch of land that contained a harbor and boats ready to help them to an escape.
Shuko, having recovered from the barrage against him, raised up from the water and found his way back on the collapsing tree. He gathered his strength and utilized his wind techniques in an attempt to guide the tree in a wild manner to attack the shinobi against him. As an added effect, the mist was now cleared enough for him to attack, but the windstorm would continue, rocking the trees around them and waving the branches to make unstable ground.
If this wind keeps up, this is going to be more than a problem for the shinobi, but for the delta area. It'll take time to recover from the damage here and who knows what kind of costs that'd add up to in the long run. Itami grumbled to herself, thinking it unwise to partner any further fire against that wind and risk burning trees in the area. "We have a giant treee to worry about!" She called over the gale of winds. "And a tree! It's slow, but if it hits, it'll be incredibly damaging!" She continued. "Try to cut the tree into pieces!" She moved forward as best as she could to power through the wind and approach the tree enough that her own winds would slice right through the tree.

While Itami gives her advice, Miyako apparently has her own ideas about stopping the tree and the men trying to escape. With the area now sufficiently covered underground and above with enough silt and other sandy material to support her jutsu, she brings her hands into a seal once more. This time the ground itself seems to attack, intending to close the tunnels in on themselves while giant hands of silt reach up from the ground to try and yank anyone left above along with the tree down into the ground with intent to suffocate anyone it can get its grasp on.

Everything was crazy! Arika covered her eyes, trying to shield them from the flying sand and debris that was going everywhere. At Itami's words that she just barely manages to make out, she gives a small nod and flashes through the handseals that would turn the wind itself into deadly blades to slash at the tree that Itami had pointed out. Her eyes are all squinted so she doesn't go blind, so the only way she can tell where the tree is is thanks to her ninjutsu.

Shintario didn't really have the punching or slashing power to get through a tree however the sand mixed well with his own creating for massive coffins grab hold of the unlucky few none will escape is said to himself. Holding the seal and reaching the limits of his chakra he made one final push to suffocate those caught however the earth barrier crumbled leaving him expose to the elements lucky for him he was used to it.

Blades of wind and sand all converge to cut the tree into pieces, each slice edging closer to Shunko until he has no choice left but to jump away and take to the waters once more. The windstorm follow suit and ends, causing the pieces of tree to crash into the waters and ground around it as well as bumping into other trees. Some trees tilt while others fall completely and water begins to rush into any open holes that lead into the compound, speeding up what demise the people would suffer at the hands of the earth coming to life and grasping at anyone and everyone that is unfortunate enough to be captured in the mud, sand and debris spread about the area.
Itami seeks out Shuko as she's certain that the compound and its inhabitants have been dealt with, but she can't be confident enough that she won't scout out escapees on the small chance that someone survived. So, she keeps her senses open to the idea while tracking down Shuko. At the moment, he's trying to make his escape using the water as a cover, utilizing a bubble of wind to provide him some air to breathe with. The only evidence of his movement happens to be some small turbulence on the water's surface as he moves along. "Shintario, help me to find Shuko! Arika and Miyako, make certain that there are no more bodies left here that are breathing well enough to escape. Use every sense and ability you have to trace a body out of this rubble and extinguish them!" Who knows, there may be a few bodies left to carry on the task they betrayed their home for.

"Got it," Miyako calls down to Itami, seeming to have no issue continue the slaughter. Another surge of chakra rings out as she cause the silt in the ground to clamps down once again to try and finish off anyone that might still be left alive. Once it's done, she'd use her ability to sense through sand to be sure that no one but Itami's target is left alive.

Arika uses her own abilities to try to find anyone moving. Upon not finding anything more than dead bodies, she allows the wind to pick up and scoot sand over the entire area, making a mini sandstorm that allows for the place to seem like it never existed.

Thankfully for the Suna team, there aren't any other bodies alive, but this area suffered a great deal of damage that Itami intends to have fixed at some point. Not now, but definitely later. She along with Shintario both track down Shuko who hasn't made it very far away. He resurfaces from the water with some help from Itami, having utilized the earth to hammer him in the chest and send him up out of the water where Shintario could continue the assault against him.
He recovers by deflecting any further attacks around him from them both with strong bursts of wind before thrusting his palms forward to fire out vortexes of wind to strike down his pursuers. Itami decides to fight wind with wind and as she uses a tree to give her some leverage, she pushed off and flew forward, summoning a tail to swing around and strike Shuko in his chest to compromise it after taking a direct blow from the earth spear that struck him prior. He'd lose wind and his body falls limp as he comes down on a tree branch, struggling to breathe. Internal bleeding was almost certain to be his issue along with his crushed ribs. "You all make me sick…" He sputters out. "There's so many secrets that need to be exposed… So many people that have suffered because of that village…" He coughed. "We didn't forget what happened at Juba!" He states.

Once she's certain the men around are dead, Miyako would look around and then walk over to Arika. "You alright, Ari-chan?" she asks with a smile as she bends down to offer the girl a spot on her back once more. "You did good. We should go out for treats when we get back to the village to celebrate the progress we're both making, hmm?" She doesn't seem overly concerned about Itami's current state, probably already knowing the situation over their due to her ability to sense through the silt she's been controlling.

Arika isn't too sure what's going on anymore, but it seems her job is done. The girl gives a small nod when asked if she's alright. "Uh-huh! I only got hurt a little, and it's not that bad." And the healing powers of the chakra beast just really help with that. The girl perks up and clambers onto Miyako's back, bouncing a bit at the prospect of treats. "Ooh! Let's get mochi and onigiri and stuff! And fried lizard meat!" she exclaims!

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