Poachers of Giants - Batty Bat Killer Killed


Arika, Aziz, Jiro

Date: March 20, 2015


Wanderer and wielder of the Justice Weapon makes his way to complete a task, hiring two of Suna’s genin to lead the way.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Poachers of Giants - Batty Bat Killer Killed"

Land of Wind - Ruins of San Sara Daruta

A certain man in the Land of Tea had assigned Aziz to take care of business for him. The note given had orders written: There is a man working on poisoning summons, his most recent incident one concerning the Land of Bats. Please find him, kill him, and return his notes to me.
Notably, the note said nothing about bringing a companion or two, so Aziz was free to have a tag along. The man they were looking for was somewhere in the Land of Wind hiding, from what Aziz could find. Rumors of strange sounds in the night at some old ruins have been reported and likely reached the man's ears… How intriguing.

Aziz was able to track him to near Sunagakure, but wasn't able to pick out where, exactly. Hmm.. well, the answer was to get a guide! So it was that Aziz had visited Suna to hire someone for helping him out. Two would work well and not be too expensive. Thus Aziz waited for the two natives at the front gate of Sunagakure, ready to go take this chemist down and potentially recover the notes. This was a first step on a new path for him and Aziz was excited. Kyouki not so much, but the taking down of the chemist at least was justified.

Who better to guide then one who had lived both inside and outside of the Village at various points? Nevermind the fact that he's still not fully (mentally) recovered from his last mission, he's ready to go. He just needs an interpreter. Someone better than Itami. Okay, he also brought some paper and a pencil too, just in case. When Jiro arrives at the gates (likely with Arika) he gives a wave to Aziz, recognizing the man from his previous spying. Well hey, at least he knows /why/ he was in the village now. Hiring miniature shinobi!

Arika is the other native assigned to help Aziz. Well, she's acting as Jiro's translator since she knows the boy. And possibly much better than Itami, so she should be better… possibly. The girl is stuck to her friend's side, per usual. "What're we doing, anyway?" she wonders, as the mission details to the Suna-Nin were not very detailed. Aziz had only requested people to guide him, after all, and why would the admins tell two relatively new Genin /all/ the details?

Aziz looked between Jiro and Arika. Genin. Young genin. Sigh. Nodding lightly he'd turn and motion to the desert. "there's been rumors of an area that was abandon ta be havin sounds and lights and such goin on there.. It's nearby, but I ain't been able ta track it ta where it was, exactly.. so.. I'm hirin ya two, to show me the way.. and ifn ya get added inta the fight that's up to ya.. but basically I'm stoppin a crook who's been experimentin on people.. bringin my own brand of justice ta the situation, ifn ya know what that means." He'd glance back to them with a small nod. "So shall we?"

Jiro lets his hands flop on top of his head as he listens to what Aziz has to say, head tilting slightly as he thinks on the words. Finally he just nods and looks to Arika with a small grin. Yep, he's ready to go.

Arika just looks a bit confused at what Aziz is talking about, but hey! It sounds like there are bad guys that need to be stopped. She can do that. The girl nods in understanding, looking to Jiro if he needs anything translated. Uhh… Nope! "Let's go!" she says with a grin that pretty much mirrors her friend's.

The map that Aziz likely had, or at least his description, maybe? Well, regardless! The trail would slowly make its way north and then easy to the ruins of San Sara Daruta, a place that many criminals went before it was… well, in ruins. While sometimes it is in use by some people hunting for shelter or bandits, it's usually not too active. The fact that there are guards near some of the entrances is already very suspicious, if the small trail of gas isn't a tip off. It'd be difficult to spot the gas, though, since it is blue enough to blend with the sky and only make small haze lines.

Aziz would follow the two kids towards where they lead him. Hmm.. totally missed this in his searching.. but then again that's the reason he hired the genin! A nod was given to them in thanks as he'd start off towards the guards. "If you join in. Great. If not. Well, that's a reduced reward for the mission." He'd glance at Jiro and Arika with a flashed grin before a flash of light happen at his hand, resulting in a pure metal spear of unknown metal flash into existance in his hand. No hand signs, no real chakra surge.. just.. there. If the ability to sense chakra is there, the tainted chakra in Aziz was much higher now and focused mostly in his hand. Aziz called out to the guards as he approached. "Hey!! You don't belong here! Get lost or get hurt, yer choice!!"

The trip was uneventful and, at least from Jiro, silent. Once there the boy watches as Aziz pulls a weapon out of his ass with a slightly surprised look, then looks to Arika for a moment and shrugs lightly. His thoughts are obvious when he reaches down to pull off his sash, the breakaway knot giving with the proper tug. The sash is then pulled around behind his neck as he heads after Aziz in silence, jogging a little to catch up.

Arika allows for her chakra to gather up, the girl drawing some Kunai after the initial shock and awe of seeing a weapon just suddenly appear from nowhere dissipated. So cool! She would have to ask on that later. The girl trudges after the two boys with a grumble, as Aziz just basically revealed their location to openly challenge the guards. Guards that didn't look all too happy…

Of course the guards aren't too happy! They just got told off by this random guy with a shiny new weapon. "Get lost," grumbles one. "Yer not welcome here. We're guarding the place to keep travelers out. 's not safe 'ere." The other just facepalms. "Pakkun, look at those headbands. They're shinobi!" she says, bapping her fellow guard. "We gotta kill them, remember? Or keep them hostage or whatever." The woman eyes the two kids, flashes through handseals, and then a torrent of water comes rushing toward the trio from nowhere!

"Here we go.." And the sphere flickered in his hand. Aziz stared at it dumbly, then looked up at the washing water, gritting his teeth he'd focus himself, pushing the spear forward to deflect some of the liquid away, literally interacting on the chakra level to dissapating some of the strike. This left Aziz soaking wet.. and penguined. The spear snapped to the side, Aziz suddenly put on a burst of speed to rush at the two guards. "I warned ya.. now yer gonna get it.." That first strike came in fast, the blunt end of the spear sweeping the first guard, the bladed top came across to try and impale the second guard, before the weapon was spun about to stab the first guard as well. Now that he was between them, it should make it a LITTLE harder.. hopefully? How did Ataru fight this way???

Jiro blinks as water comes rushing towards them and he flicks his cloth around, letting it flare in front of him before the tip sinks into the ground, surrounding him in one direction completely. The water hits and deflects off and away. Once it's gone the cloth goes limp and he leaps forward after Aziz, striking at one guard, then the other, basically hitting the one that the other man isn't.

Arika squeaks a bit, jumping back from the water with a gust of wind. "Sc-scary guards…." she mumbles, glad she didn't get washed away. The kunai she had in her hands are gone, though, as she had flicked them to take down each of the guards. The wind-sharpened edges would slice, even if a bit off in their aim. Hopefully they go through with all this going on at once.

While both guards were able to block Aziz's attacks, the also had to deal with two shrimps. Each of them got distracted by either Jiro or Arika, trying to block one and failing their defense in the other. Since the cuts are only shallow ones, they seem very angry… "Pakkun, take yer useless body and get some backup," the water user scolds, and so he nods and ends up dashing off, unless someone chases and captures him! The woman tries to cover his escape by sending another torrent of water at the trio.

With one guy running off, Aziz tried to chase, only to have the water cut him off. Gritting his teeth, he planted the staff against the ground, sand kicked up as the spear dispersed the chakra in the strike, leaving Aziz dry in his little area. Turning on the water worker he'd glance to the others. "Get em!!" That initial strike was a leg strike, stabbing to try and go clean through the water user's leg, pulling the weapon free he'd spin to the side, spear flashing in the light as it'd come across in a short range impalement for the water user's arm.

Jiro blinks as another wave of water comes and he quickly tries to jump away. But, the water catches his leg and he flips forward to smack his chin on the ground. Ouch. He pushes himself back up with an angry look and looks towards the water user. Seems like Aziz has that taken care of. So he makes after the other guard quickly, pulling out two kunai in his free hand and flinging them after the man.

Arika watches the one guard skitter away to get reinforcements and is about to chase after him when a giant torrent of water comes along… again. "You should bring that water to Suna…" she grumbles, seal forming so she could dash away from the current. She notices Jiro start to dash off at the man after getting hit and her attention splits, the girl unsure if she should go after Jiro or the water user. Eventually she settles on the water user, and three kunai make their way to the woman.

The man who was running away ends up getting cut down by two of Jiro's kunai. His back was turned, and he was useless to begin with, from the sounds of it, so he doesn't get to go far. Not even an alarm is sounded. The woman, while she's able to block one of Aziz's strikes, finds herself with a long gash on her arm, rendering it useless. And she can't form seals. … Robin. The woman looks scared now, and she also tries to run. Without her jutsu, she's powerless!

"No." Aziz planted the spear to push off of, using the speed to dash forward, kicking up sand as the spear vanished a moment, letting him land cleaning, then reappear, having him plant the spear to let the woman run into it. Aziz would immediately have it flash out and back in again as he'd step to the side, once more aiming to pierce the woman from the side with that spear and make her drop. "Justice will be served." Is basically muttered by Aziz and only after she was down would he look to the others to make sure they were ok.

Jiro doesn't stop until he's at the downed man, crouching to make sure he's good and dead before retrieving his kunai and looking back towards the others to see how they fared. Seeing as the girl is down he just waits for them to catch up, cloth around behind his neck and arms crossed in front of him as he just…waits. He crouches to draw a kanji in sand for them when they /finally/ get there. 'Slow'.

Arika sticks her tongue out at Jiro once she gets her kunai that stuck into the dead body of the woman. All they had to do was get in and defeat this random bad guy scientist person. Not too hard. "We just had a tougher opponent than you," she tells Jiro, trying to justify their slowness.

The trail into the ruins is pretty littered with debris and sand. Lots of sand. They would notice, though, that a few of the paths had less sand than others, which might help them travel along the right trail. For those who can sense chakra, not many signatures would be of note. There were about 3 pinpricks (that could be due to distance) that could be made out, all of the hovering around a specific area. And the tunnels had air flowing freely, allowing for the group to be able to navigate with any wind-user's help.

Aziz looked around, the spear flashing once more to be gone as silently as it had appeared. Frowning, his attention focused on the distance for a moment. "I'm guessin that's the direction we gotta go.." He'd glance to the other two then. "ya'll did pretty good.. So any idea how we're gonna get closer ta the guy I gotta get?"

Jiro sticks his tongue out at Arika when she tries to play off why there were so slow before he turns his attention up to Aziz. A small shrug before he pulls out a kunai and spins it around on a finger before catching it and making stabby motions.

Arika sticks her tongue out at Jiro again. "Let's just go forward and stuff. I can scout things if you want me too. Be all super sneaky and all!" She noddles lightly, pointing to the direction that seemed to have the most air coming from it. People were bound to be there, yep! Totally! She starts to head off, then, leading the gang forward. … if they follow.

Aziz lost his track as the others motioned, a smirk given to Jiro. "More the stabby type then really the trackin type, huh? Fine.." He'd look to Arika with a nod in response and follow along behind her. While he'd keep an eye out, he wasn't getting as much information from Kyouki as he'd prefer.

Jiro nods to Aziz when he figures out what the boy means. Hey, maybe he's getting better at this mimeing thing! He follows after the others, the kunai put away in favor of the cloth around his neck. He watches around them carefully while he lets Arika lead.

Arika leads them down a few turns and a few odd paths, eventually stopping in her spot. Voices can be heard from afar, though most of them saying things like, "I haven't heard anything from the guys outside. You think they're alright?" "Pakkun might be dead by Kiara's hands by now. You know how much she hates him." There's laughter. "The boss is setting up a few more things before he goes, I think… We'll be here for the next few hours. You know how he operates." There's a murmur of discontent as they hear they'll be around on over-time.
"Shh…" Arika says, touching a finger to her lips and starting to creep her way towards the sounds. They would see about three guards all standing outside a door that was securely shut right now. It's made of pure earth, suggesting that this part of the ruins was fortified by ninjutsu.

Aziz follows the others, heading for that source that Arika found. She'd get a nod from Aziz as he'd look at the door. The spear would flash into existance, flicker, then solidify at Aziz's frown, he headed for the door and seek to plant the butt of the spear against the base of the door, this was of course, to try and drain the chakra that was supporting the earth and give them access. Aziz wasn't exactly the shy type.. or quiet it seems as once he made an entrance he'd head inside. "A'right ya'll.. ifn ya dun wanna die.. get lost!" Had to be just about it, right?

Jiro follows, crouching a bit as he watches behind them to make sure no one tries to sneak up on them. He hears the voices and glances over to see what they're going to do…and Aziz is already on the move. Okay. The boy just waits for the moment, pulling his cloth around so it's ready.

Arika facepalms when Aziz just goes out in the open like that. And that's why he's not a shinobi, perhaps…. The girl just shakes her head a bit before she glances to Jiro and waits for… well, something to happen. She doubts the guards will end up doing much of anything… Unless they try to kill Aziz. Then they're in trouble.

… what… what kind of guy is Aziz? … The guards just give him an odd look before realizing that he's not supposed to be there… And apparently he took down the guards outside, too! What the heck? Granted, those two guards weren't great, but still… With a few handseals, a river of earth would come down to try and knock Aziz away while the others followed through by poking their spears at the justice-warrior. Gosh, just leave them to their business!

Knocked over by the strikes, he'd grit his teeth slightly. That.. hurt. The spear he wielded was spun, knocking the weapons aside after the damage had been done, allowing him to get back to his feet as he'd retaliate, his own spear strike much more solid than suspected as it'd strike at first one, then the other guard. "You were warned! Now yer gonna die!!"

Jiro just shakes his head as Aziz gets attacked. What a shock. You just go in you're going to get attacked of course. The boy looks over to Arika and nudges her a bit before nodding to the guard. After that he focuses himself, then launches towards the men, lashing out with a quick strike at each.

Arika narrows her eyes a bit when the guards come in, watching Aziz and Jiro take them on. She decides to go for the one suffering the least damage, throwing kunai after kunai at the man that didn't end up getting knocked over and stabbed by Aziz. Jiro also got in a good biting hit on a man that she didn't have to worry about. Okay, so far so good!

The bandits are able to avoid many of the strikes, but one gets impaled by the spear that Aziz is wielding while another gets a good ol' slash across his stomach thanks to Jiro. Shallow but deadly! Arika also got in a nice slash along a man's leg, making him yelp in pain. Silly guards are underestimating Aziz, it seems, and also didn't expect for there to be back up. Now only two are left… One with a spear starts stabbing at Jiro and Arika rapidly, aiming to hurt them bad while the earth user sends earthen bullet after earthen bullet at Aziz.

Aziz planted that spear as the ranged strikes came in, deflecting the one, but moving the spear before realizing the second was coming, so only partially catching it. Shaking his head, Aziz rushed the earth user, the spear vanishing for a moment as Aziz would leap upward, it flashed into existance, point down as he'd seek to drive it right through the chest of the earth user, finishing the person off with a step back and twist to rip the spear free of flesh. "Ya'll are startin to riddler me off!"

Jiro is totes ready for that spear. And by ready it means he's going to take it like a champ. The boy's eyes narrow as he silently takes the stabs, not even grunting or making any sound of pain. Instead he just watches with angry eyes before launching himself at the closest baddie, throwing the cloth forward to try and trip him up before lashing out twice more to try and drill into him.

Arika doesn't have much to do since both Jiro and Aziz are able to take down their opponents with ease. She feels a bit useless now, ahahaa! But they still haven't quite reached their goal… What is behind that door. Arika makes a handseal, and the wind starts to pick up. When she kicks out, the door that is made of earth breaks, revealing the lab of the crazy scientist that's been poisoning different animals with his tests!

The man doesn't look very happy that his door got broken down. "I told you idiots to-" his voice trails off when he realizes that it's /not/ the guards he hired. … Joker. "Uhh… Hey there…." he says weakly, trying to scoot his way long-way away from the three.

Panting softly as he'd finish off the guard, he'd nod a thanks to Arika with the door being busted in. Stepping into the room, the spear not even dripping blood eerily enough, he'd point the long weapon at the man. "Hold it! Yer not gonna be able ta do what ya've been doing any longer! Justice will be served!!" And with that, Aziz would rush the guy (surprise!) seeking to stab him with the spear, spin about with a sweeping kick of his leg, only to stab him again from the side.

No way, Aziz is charging in? Well, what a shock. Jiro is right behind him, seeming to work decently well in tandem with the relative stranger as he attacks the baddie while neatly avoiding Aziz's strikes and stays out of his way. How? Mad skillz yo!

Arika follows everyone's leads, drawing out kunai and sharpening their edges with wind before throwing them at the man. She doesn't quite get Aziz's whole justice things, but a mission is a mission, and he's the client! … Yep.

The scientist dude is essentially out in the open, allowing for all the strikes to hit him. He tries to move out of the way, of course, but he ends up almost dead by the end of the slashes and stabs that were associated with the welcome. A lot of blood …. One could finish him off or just leave him for dead. Either way, there's full access to his lab!

The blood wouldn't stick to Kyouki, the spear clean even after the bloody stabbing. A small nod was given as he'd glance to the other two. "Gather up the documents fer me ifn ya would.. I gotta take a momento ta show proof this guy ain't comin back." The head of the spear would shift slightly, widen, to be more of a grip, rather than just a stabbing device. With that, Aziz would slam it into the scientist's chest and rip out the heart of the scientist. Rather he would live after that was guranteed to be not. The organ was put into a bag that Aziz had for carrying it, along with the sliced off ear of the scientist to show further proof. That should do it! With that done, he'd look over to the genin. "All set ya'll? Let's go back so ya can get paid."

Surprisingly, Jiro doesn't seem to mind the request or the odd way Aziz goes about killing the man. He simply reties the breakaway knot in the sash around his waist and starts gathering up documents that look important. When all is said and done he turns back to Aziz and grins, then gives him a nod of agreement before looking over to Arika.

Arika nods and goes to grab the files that Aziz is looking for, missing the killing completely (thankfully). When she gets back, all she sees is the end, and that's enough to make her look a mite paler than she was two minutes ago… "Let's go!" she says, trying to keep up her cheer before she drags Jiro off and back to the entrance.

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