Poachers of Giants - New Justice


Aziz, Shuuren (as Tadashi)

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"Poachers of Giants - New Justice"

Fuuma Alley - Ward 9

Aziz completed his training with Ataru. Or more specifically got bored of having to do the same ol same ol and skipped town. But then again Ataru was expecting that so what's the difference, right? Either way, Aziz has been wandering around, picking up clues of something.. some other group, something other than the village that fought for more than just the Daimyo. They fought for something that resonated within him deeply. That core of the weapon he was melded to in fact. So of course, where does Aziz wind up? one of the most lawless places in the lands. It was never said by name, but he was asking around. The one thing he got was a name, Tadashi. That this person was a person to talk to, to get.. things. Aziz was currently in a small pub, barely 3 tables there and no one really around as he'd count his dwindling coins.

Aziz's asking around would almost seem to go unnoticed, as people looking for criminal groups and such in this town isn't really irregular. However, just when one might think it's hopeless to find any trace of the Order, a black-adorned man in a white mask steps into the pub. Eyes would immediately turn away from him as he steps in, something incredibly ominous about the man. Still, he seems to basically not notice, merely stepping over and sitting down across from the young man at the table. "There are certain things men ought not go searching for when there's no guarantee of making back if they don't like what they find," he says as he sizes the boy up, sitting back in his chair in a relaxed manner. "So tell me… What leads a boy like you to so thoroughly search for someone like me?"

Jackpot! The few patrons there were 'ignoring' the one who stepped in, having Aziz watch him with an open interest. As he'd join him at the table, a grin was flashed in response. "Honestly mate? Ifn I toldja the truth ya probably wouldn't believe me. Let's just say that I've heard word that yer the type ta try ta help organize chaos.. It's somethin of a big deal ta me.. as I'm whatcha call a seeker of Justice.. weildin it like a weapon.. ifn ya would. So.. I'm interested in findin if there really is such a thing.. eh?"

"You mean that self-righteous blabber-mouth you play host to?" Tadashi asks, seeming a touch amused at the play on words from the boy. "If you want a chance at helping destroy chaos and bring justice, I can give it, but let me tell you something. Justice isn't pretty. It isn't about rescuing puppies and kittens, getting the girl, or even glory. It's about doing whatever it takes to be sure this shinobi world can grow as it needs to despite the fools who try to hinder it for their own personal gain. Do you think you can handle that?"

He knew? There was a brief bit of shock to Aziz's look that quickly vanished. Lips setting in a grim line, he'd simply give a nod of his head. "I got the weapon, I'm here. Ifn ya thought it'd take somethin like that to draw me off.. it ain't happenin.. I can tell ya that. Justice is rarely roses and glory mate.. I know ya know it too.. it's grit and hard work ta keep a balance.." Aziz would lean back in his chair with a smirk. "And the self-righteous blabber-mouth says he resents ya callin em that."

"Good enough," Tadashi says, nodding to Aziz then shrugging his shoulders. "That is not my concern." He then reaches into his coat, withdrawing a picture and setting it on the table in front off the boy. "If you want a chance to prove yourself to join me, here it is. This man is a biologist who's assisting a group of poachers that are causing some havoc for clans. Kill him and bring me proof."

Aziz leans forward and picks up the picture. He'd study it for a moment before giving a nod and stash the picture on his person. "Alright. So bust em up, take his head, bring ya proof ta show I ain't a joke.. easy enough, fer sure. I'll get on that." Shrugging, Aziz would lean forward then, watching Tadashi. "Anythin else yer wantin while I'm at it? Wouldn't wanna make the trip a waste mate."

"That's all for now," Tadashi says, nodding and then standing. "Perform well on this, and you'll receive more offers from there. Screw it up or try and double cross me, and your luck will turn the opposite direction in a hurry… Farewell." With that he'd turn to walk out of the pub to vanish as quickly as he came.

Aziz gave a nod and would get to his feet. Turning away he'd pause and glance back to Tadashi. "I ain't the type.. ifn ya know 'bout the weapon.. then ya also know that. Or was that just fer yer people that might be listenin in?" He'd smirk with a shrug and wave. "See ya when I come back with em. Or at least part of em.." And with that Aziz would head out. Time to hunt the first one to start fixing the balance.

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