Poachers of Giants - Research


Shuuren, Katama

Date: March 6, 2015


Shuuren and Katama research the environment in the cave network to try and find out what is causing the bats to fall ill.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Poachers of Giants - Research"

Hidden Cave Network

After going over the map of the area and situation with the bats in the throne room of the cave, Shuuren and Katama would be on their way to a section of the cave that seems the most likely cause of the issue to Shuuren. He walks along, peering at any bats as they move along and using his diagnostic jutsu to evaluated all of them, which Katama would feel since the chakra washes over her as well. "They seem to believe this is an illness, but I'm not convinced of that… At least not fully," he says as he walks, continuing to speculate as they walk. "This place is almost impossible to find, so much that they wouldn't suspect this out of mere pride in their choice of place to live… But I think this is caused by some kind of poison. These bats are large, exceedingly so. Poachers could make a LOT of money off selling their fangs, wings, fur, and such on the black market." His eyes narrow as they walk forward, thinking more. "If I'm correct on that, it also means we're dealing with someone that may be a rather powerful shinobi. Poison that does this kind of thing is not easy to make by any margin."

Katama kept close to Shuuren as they travelled. She had pulled her shoulder length hair into a ponytail high on her head like a topknot so her face was in full view. Her crimson eyes flickered over the bats as they passed. "A poison…" he shook her head, a hint of sadness in her eyes. "That someone would do such a thing to such noble creatures…" She shook her head. As they passed one alcove Katama reached out to tug lightly at Shuuren's sleeve, just enough to get his attention that she was stopping. A young and small bat was being tended by a parent but he kept licking at his fangs and making a sound like smacking of lips in a human. Katama forced herself to put a smile on and apprached with a hand up, slow and careful. She pulled out her canteen and showed it to the parent bat. "Water. Would it help?" Yes she had a soft spot in her heart (and it would help the bat's opinion of them)…

"It's despicable, yes," Shuuren says with a nod, letting out a sigh. "It's things like this that make me think maybe it's time to reform a group underground to take care of such fools." Feeling the tug on his sleeve, Shuuren peers over. It's not often anyone's brave enough to touch his suit, but he notices the bat child and nods. "Probably, yes," Shuuren responds as he steps over to the child. "I am Nagamura Shuuren, the medic your leader asked to come help… If you don't mind, I'll try something to heal your child. If it works, we'll know what to look for." Of course, at best this is experimental. That's why he didn't offer the same to the Elder or the others. Once he does have affirmation of what they're dealing with, he can cure the others, but that still leaves the source that must be deal with for this to be over. Surprsingly, the parent nods in agreement to both of them, thus Shuuren moves his hands through a set of seals then places them over the child, sending a wave of healing chakra to purge the child of all poisons in its system, giving Katama enough room still to let it drink some water if she wishes.

Katama smiled again then cradled the child's head and helped him drink from her canteen, slowly. She could only assume the movement of his lips was a small smile… she'd never dealt with bats before… She could feelShuuren's healing chakra and carefully stroked along the child's head. Shuuren would find that the 'poison' was indeed pernicious and hard to eliminate completely. It had been in the child's system little by little for quite aa long time, less than the adults probably die to the younger bats eating more fruit than meat. So he did help but it would take a more checmical type of antidote to cleanse the system entirely. Katama looked up at Shuuren curiously for what he found.

Shuuren takes note of each detail as he heals the child, eyes narrowing slightly before he finishes up then stands up and smiles. "He's going to be fine," he says to the mother before turning back to Katama and showing a look of confidence as he brings his hands into a seal. "Kage Bunshin," he says before a trio of clones appear beside him. "Go. Apply that cure to every infected bat. Go to the young and elderly first. One of you go to the Elder immediately. This will make them able to withstand the poison until we are absolutely certain of its contents and can remove it." He then retrieves a few scrolls from his coat marked with symbols for food and clean water. "Take these and tell them to make sure they only eat and drink from what's in here until the crisis is resolved." After taking the supplies and orders, the clones turn and take off down the cave to get what he's said done. As they run, he'd turn back to Katama and nod before starting to walk back in the direction they were going. "We've got this."

Katama smiled to both child and parent and carefully slipped away, tucking her canteen at her belt and moving to follow Shuuren and a small smirk on her lips. The display with the shadow clones was impressive. She followed behind him then came up next to him. "So what did you learn about it? Is it a poison?" He seemed quite upbeat and confident about his chances to beat this thing, but of course Katama was not privy to that knowledge.

"Yes," Shuuren responds with a nod as they move along, peering around the cave to measure about how far they have left until they reach where they're headed. "At least it's poisonous to the bats… If it's what I'm thinking it might be now… Clever footnotes." Finally, a bit of light would begin to bleed through the cave as they reach an underground sanctuary much like the one in Kirigakure, except even more lush with all sorts of plants and forestry, along with wildlife that lives in the area. This is where the bats get their food from, along with being their hunting grounds.

Katama listened attentively to Shuuren's words but of course he never seemed to share much information all at once. He seemed to be a secretive person. It was both good and bad that it was a poison. Good because poisons were more straight forward than many new diseases. And bad because that meant someone was actively trying to kill the bats. "I hope you did not mind that I stopped. he just looked so thirsty…" She flushed. A warrior shouldn't be so weak as that…. But she kept on as they approached the ligh source and then.. an oasis. Katama had never seen Kirigakure's oasis but this was breathtaking to the woman. "How lovely…"

"It helped us get them better a little quicker, so I don't mind," Shuuren says with a shrug. As they enter the sanctuary, he looks around, emitting a low 'hmm'. "We need to find the most eaten from fruit tree, not just by the bats but by every creature in the forest. If you look for that for me, I'll go find test their water source. Once you've found it, focus a bit of chakra, and I'll know where you are."

Katama nodded. "Aye." And set off toward the fruit groves. She took close notice of each tree, slowly to be sure she wasn't missing anything major. The fruit was nibbled on for the most part but it wasn't until she came to a large tree, heavy with fruit that she looked closely at that she found a tree heavily eaten from. She walked around the tree and few times then checked a few more around it but that large tree was the most fed from clearly. She focused some chakra to let Shuuren know she seemed to have found it then walked up the tree. Sittingon a lower branch she picked a fruit and sniffed at it….

While Katama is looking for the tree, Shuuren moves to the stream that flows through the sanctuary. He walks up it, gathering vials of it at different points. Once they're all gathered, he'd grab a magnifing monocle and put each vial under a microscope, only to frown when the last one is done… only to find clean water. Hopefully his other suspicion is correct. That'll actually probably make solving this easier… When he feels Katama's chakra signature increase, he turns and vanishes into thin air, only to reappear near where she is. "What have you found?"

Katama stuck her thumb into the fruit and pulled it in half, looking and sniffing at the fruit. She tilted it and set it town on the branch, picking another whole fruit. One second she was swinging her legs like a kidin the tree, the next Shuuren was under her…. As he looked up he might notice she did not wear shorts underr that skirt of hers. In any case she held up the whle fruit. "Catch." And carefully dropped it into his hands. the one she'd split she picked up and slid down the tree to show him. Inside the fruit was a dark color toward the center, oddly so. She held up one half. "It has an odor."

Whether Shuuren notices or not, he says nothing, simply taking the fruit she drops into his hands and looking at it. "Yes, it does, but actually smell it. That's not actual poison," Shuuren says, smirking just slghtly and scooping the dark part of the fruit out to hold it up to his nose and then to her own. "Impressive, isn't it? This is a very specific ingredient used to flavor foods in some countries. Specifically, it contains a chemical that is harmless to most animals, but one that bats can't digest. The other animals eat it, but not all of them, so that's what it looks more like an illness than a poison because not all of them are being hit by it. Whoever is doing this knows their biology."

Katama tilted her head and sniffed when he held it up, curious. His explaination about an additive for food made her think back, trying to remember anything similar.. She just shook her head and pulled out the canteen, holding it up and ready to clean Shuuren's hands now that he had gotten the fruit juice on them. He would be all sticky if he let it dry. As for the suit.. She wasn't informed about touching the suit so she had seen nothing stopping her from tugging on his sleeve to get his attention. ^T^Y The cmment that the people doing this knew the bat's biology made her frown. "I wonder if any of their members went missing mysteriously just before this all started… Maybe that's how the culprits have such detailed information on their biology…"

As his sleeve is tugged on again, Shuuren blinks again, but simply washes his hands clean with the water then withdraws a cloth from his jacket to dry them. "That's probably a lot kinder than the truth if you want me to be frank about what I think is going on," he says with a sigh before getting a rather stern look on his face. "I think there's a traitor in the clan. Otherwise, how would anyone know this incredibly evolved breed of bats hadn't evolved past that singular weakness?' With that he withdraws a scroll from his pouch, opening it to release a puff of smoke that reveals a change of attire from his suit, which means this situation is more serious than he previously thought… especially by the looks of the black battle garb he just adorned.

Katama was hppy to help him clean his hands, not finding anything but honor in serving a Daimyo. But when he suddenly changed into that battle gear she grew serious immediately. Listening to his words she frowned as he explained his thoughts. Indeed, a traitor would explain a few things but it meant a big upheval in the clan. They could easily turn on Shuuren and Katama for bearing such news. Yet they had no choice if that was the truth of the matter. "I see… What do you want to do next, Tono?" She used a word that was associated with one's lord rather than his name, becomming a touch more formal, her hand on her katama's hilt.'''

"We need to get back and report this," Shuuren says as he reaches up, stretching his arm out past normal human lenght to retrieve another piece of fruit from the tree and look it over. Finally she spots what he's looking for, a tiny needle puncture near the core of the fruit, barely noticable due to its location right beside where the fruit attaches to the tree. He turns it over then so Katama can see, saying, "The tree itself doesn't appear to be infected, so someone took at least a night's worth of work to puncture all the fruit on a tree this large… Meaning they had someone guarding their actions to not be caught since there weren't any deaths reported yet." With another sigh, he gathers himself, looking incredibly serious now as he turns to start walking back toward the throne room through the cave network. "Let's go."

Katama looked Shuuren over, interested in how he seemed to shift between pri and proper to the actions of a soldier. His arm extending was curious to watch and a faint flush crossed the girl's face, though it was hard to see in the light. She leaned forward looking at the indicated place on the fruit. Indeed it was punctured. That location would also explain the coloring at the center of the fruit as well. She nodded to his assertion that they had to report it. And she followed him as he headed toward the throne room again. She was light on her feet as she followed him, looking him over from every angle she could manage without drawing attention. But ever quiet.

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