Poachers of Giants - The Offer


Shuuren, Katama

Date: March 9, 2015


After taking care of the traitor and the poacher, Shuuren approach the Elder Bat once again.

"Poachers of Giants - The Offer"

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After a rather thorough interrogation, Katama would've seen just the insanity of Shuuren's peak strength used on the poacher as a body with a severely caved in skull from a powerful kick would be all that's left of the man. Not one to leave a mess, the Daimyo sealed the corpse into a scroll before making their way back into the throne room.

As they arrive, they would be greeted by the Elder's voice, which, while still a bit shaky, is much calmer than before. "Welcome back, humans… What news do you have from our would-be poachers?"

With a light bow of his head, Shuuren says, "He and Giichi were the only ones involved in the poaching, but he did have contacts in the black market that are likely waiting for their delivery… I'll handle that personally and make sure your clan is left alone by these sort of men from this point on."

Katama kept a cold expression on her face the entire time that Shuuren was interrogating the man. He was strong and vicious, she was comming to realize. Her thought on that would have to wait until later, though….. Once the corpse was cleaned up Katama took up her position behind and to one side of Shuuren as they approached the throne. She bowed formally to the elder then listened to Shuuren's report. His promise made her nod, eyes turned on the elder then, awaiting his response…

"I see," the Elder says, seeming to mull that over in his head and then nod to Shuuren. "You have our thanks for your graciousness in handling this for us rather than taking advantage of the situation. Our clan is recovery, and we will thrive." He looks around, smiling at his clan members around him that were once gravely ill but now will live on thanks to these two, and then looks back directly to them. "That brings us to payment. As I'm sure you are aware, we do not deal in human currency. We have no need for it… But I think I can offer you something even more lucrative and precious." A large female bat then flies and presents a large scroll to Shuuren, opening it to reveal that it is none other than a summoning contract. "For your assistance and showing of strength, we offer to partner with you in a contract to help you as you have helped us."

Shuuren listens intently as the Elder speaks, taking in each word. When he mentions an alternate payment, the man blinks and looks up. A humble look comes over his face as the scroll is presented. He seems to think it over for a long moment before saying, "Your offer and your trust are appreciated, Elder… But I will need to think it over and be sure this threat has truly passed before I can accept such an offer.”

Katama knew little of summoning contracts, but she understood thescroll's purpose well enough. Glancing at Shuuren she waited for his answer. The look of humility on his face made her smile inside, though her face remained serious… While he pondered it over, Katama showed reverence by simply waiting until he made his decision. When Shuuren backed up again she rose once more to her feet.

“Very then. As grateful as we are, we know such things are not taken frivolously by men like yourself,” the Elder says with a smile as the contract is taken away. "Thank you again for all your help. I'm sure we'll see you again some day.” With that a puff of smoke would raise up around Shuuren and Katama. When it falls again, they are back in his office in the Land of Tea, the reverse summoning technique having sent the back to where they were. As they arrive, he looks over his wounds, bringing his hands into a seal to use a healing technique that immediately seals up the small amount of wounds he sustained. "Are you wounded?"

Katama blinked as they were transported back to Shuuren's office. The question of whether or not she was wounded had her looking her body over for cuts or bruises. Finally she shook her head. "I am unharmed." Taking a long moment to watch him she bowed just her head to Shuuren. "Congratulations. If I understand it correctly that is not something given easily to humans."

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