Police Academy


Mayu, Kyuketsuki, Hige, Zori, Rockpath (as Rokuro)

Date: March 24, 2015


Mayu's father - Rokuro - is asked to show some genin what it is like working as a police officer. Then Zori happens.

"Police Academy"

Konoha Police Station

Konoha Police Station is a pretty serious place. Not every criminal that is targeted by the force winds up dead, but almost all of them wind up pretty injured - that's what happens when you have a police force that utilizes swords, sai and shuriken as the standard tools of the trade. By the time they are being dispatched to bring you in, 'reasonable force' has a rather more broad definition.

Today, some vague effort has been made to soften the atmosphere, because today is the day when the police force reaches out to try and convince other ninja at various stages of their development that it might be a good idea to sign up wth the police! They aren't the menacing ANBU, they aren't the even-more-worrisome Hunter Nin, they don't have that level of innate respect and allure. They're just… the police. They catch bad guys, you know?

The lucky officer in charge of today's outreach effort is Uchiha Rokuro - a six foot tall, slender man with his hair tied back and an obvious familial resemblance to the only Genin who has, so far, shown up. Mayu really felt obligated to help out, what with her dad's involvement, and so she's helped clear some space over to the side of reception, and laid out a platter of small baked goods and some tea.

"You told all your friends about this, didn't you Mayu?" He asks, and the girl just sighs, because she has ~so~ many friends.

"Yes, Father, I told both of them."

Kyu comes walking towards the place. He isn't moving as quick as he used to, (not due to old age!) because he doesn't want to strain himself. He really does feel like he's ready to run and such without danger to his health but to be safe he chooses not to. When he gets close enough he waves to both of them. "Konichiwa Mayu-chan. And you too sir." He bows to the older man respecfully. "You must be Mayu's father. Pleasure to meet you." He gives a friendly smile to them and awaits a response.

Well, Hige had heard from Mayu about this shindig and, while he doubted he'd ever be in the police force, Konsho convinced him he should make a showing at least. So he does. Hands clasped behind his head, the Inuzuka duo enter the police station and look around curiously, giving the air a few sniffs before Hige wrinkles his nose. Inmates stink. Oddly enough the boys arms and hands are bandaged all the way up his shirt, which means his torso may well be as well. When he spies Kyu and Mayu he heads over, lowering one hand to give Kyu a hard pat on the back. "Hey Kyu. Hey Mayu. I'm not interrupting a date am I?" He asks with a wickedly evil grin before looking up to the taller Uchiha curiously.

Zori heard about the police force development in progress. Walking into the police station glancing around he sees Kyu and Hige. Walking up to Hige first he gives the Inuzuka a pat on the back. "Sup Hige". Afterwards he waves to Kyu "Sup Kyu!" just before turning to face the other Uchiha man hes never even seen before. Zori looks him over from head to toe.

Rokuro looks over the other Genin as they arrive, smiling his most disarming smile. "Well, here we go! Glad everyone could make it." He says, snapping his fingers. "My name is is Uchiha Rokuro, and yes, I'm Mayu's father." As he says this, he moves to lay one hand on Hige's shoulder, squeezing lightly. "So lets lay off the dating jokes, shall we champ? Haha, that's a /sport/." His tone doesn't change at all - it stays scarily cheerful throughout, though he is soon letting go of Hige's shoulder to wag his finger at Kyu.

"Anyway." He continues, "I'm afraid I can't let you take part, Kyuketsuki-kun. Not until we know if you're even still going to BE a Genin, right? Hahaha. I'm only joking." Mayu closes her eyes and sighs at that, "But seriously." He says, "Maybe next time, right?"

Then, he turns to greet Masa, "Ah, Masa-san. Nice to see you. Are you here to find out how we do things too? There's always room for a great swordsman you know!"

This distraction gives Mayu the time she needs to nod her head to Zori, and then do her best to slouch out of her father's eye-line, and force a sticky bun into Hige's hands. "Please." She whispers, urgently. "Just… don't encourage him. If we all keep our mouths shut and let him do all the talking, we might be able to get out of here before sundown."

Hige looks up at the elder Uchiha when the hand goes to his shoulder, and surprisingly he just gives the man the most innocent of smiles along with the puppy dog eyes. Oh he can play the sweet and innocent type, no worries about /that/. "Sorry." He says, acting sheepish before stepping back to take the sticky bun and snack on it. Hmm, oh the trouble he could cause here…"I don't know what you mean Mayu, I have all kinds of questions!"

Zori continues to glare into Rokuros eyes as he grins evily. "Another Uchiha eh? thats all i ever see." Zori teases. Glancing over at Hige while thumbing over his shoulder at Rokuro. "You seriously gonna let this man threaten you like that?" Zori continues to grin. He then looks over at the Uchiha girl Mayu , a person he never seen before "Hello whats your name girl?"

Masa shakes his head, offering a grin. "I may have always looked up to you when I was younger, Rokuro, but I gotta forge my own path. Especially when I don't have any of that fancy jutsu you guys use!" A small chuckle before he taps the sword hilt on his back. "But no, I'm here on business. Just a bit distracted. And maybe I can convince these guys that the task force isn't as great as you'll make it out to be." The joking note in his voice isn't leaving! A glance to Zori at all his jesting, though, and the swordsman hits him on the back of the head. Or tries to.

If looks alone could kill, Mayu's glare would have struck Hige dead in an instant. Perhaps it is for the best that they can't - not unless she develops a far higher level of the Sharingan than she currently has, at least.

"Well, jutsu are handy." Rokuro says, diplomatically ignoring Zori's words, "But the main thing I want to get across today is that you don't really NEED any of that stuff. The main criteria to being a successful Officer, heck… the main thing you need to be successful in life, is a sharp mind."

Mayu shrugs her shoulders to Zori. "Mayu." She says. "So you're Zori, huh? I've heard about you."

Then Rokuro is clapping his hands together, "Okay guys, we can't stand in reception cluttering it up all day, so we'll start with a tour. If you'll follow me?" He meets Masa's eye just before he turns, "You're welcome to come along and provide a different opinion, Masa."

Hige turns that super sweet, overly innocent smile to Mayu when she gives him the death glare. Hiding in those semi-feral eyes is a mischevious gleam that tells just how bad this could be. "Oh I can't wait!" He says as he looks back to Rokuro innocently. "Please make sure to tell us /everything/!"

Masa shakes his head a bit. "I would, but I can't stay. I actually gotta check up on some things. Just saw all the genin over here and had to say hi, yeah? You know me!" Masa tends to be known for being friendly. Even with a bit of an anger problem. "I'll talk about how the police are just all a bunch of lazy bums later! Haha!" He grins and gives a light salute, apparently having a death wish, before walking off to where he was actually heading.

Zori smirks as Mayu talks to him. "So your Mayu, i like your name." He pauses then continues with "So you heard of me heh? Good things right?" He grins evily. Zori nods to Uchiha Rokuro in agreement for the tour. "That would be great hehe." Zori would then follow closeby in the group.

"Yeah. Right."

Mayu gives a wave to Masa as the Chuunin heads off, and then groans at Hige. Why? What did she do to deserve this?!

Rokuro seems cheerful enough at least, "Yeah, yeah. And only those who can use ninjutsu are REAL ninja, Masa." He shoots right back, still with a joking tone for the other man, but he can't let the slight against the Police go unchallenged!

"I'm glad you're so interested, Hige-kun." He says, "Mayu-chan hasn't been half as curious. Well. Lets get started, then. Obviously, I can't show you quite everything, there's some areas we keep off limits for safety or security reasons, but most are interested in seeing the holding cells first. What do you say?"

"They are rooms with locked doors." Mayu says, dryly. "They are /fascinating/."

"Oh yes, most interested in seeing the prison cells!" Hige says enthusiastically, silently plotting to perhaps lock Zori into one of them. Hmm. "And Mayu was very excited about this whole trip earlier, I think she just doesn't want to appear too happy or others might get jealous!"

When they enter the location of the cells Hige's eyes shadow over for the briefest of moments, a memory recalled then pushed away for the time being. "Yeah Zori, you are acting a little big for your britches. Maybe we should toss you into one of the cells here and see how you do. Without your wires." He looks back to the Police man and nods, the 'excitement' returning. "Pretty neat. Easy to keep these simple folk locked up huh?"

Walking with the group, Zoris eyes flicker from Hige to Mayu then back to Rokuro "Yeah im always careful, dont wanna end up here with the rest of these killers. Hehe." Zori overhears Higes comment and glances over to him "Thats what you think. Toss me into the cells if you dare, Gonna need a bunch of trash bags." Zori walks over to one of the holding cells, and looks through the viewing slots. "Hey, it must suck for you guys. Being all alone in here. Haha" Zori shouts to the prisoners while maintaining his grin.

"Oh, you don't just throw a ninja in jail, even a genin." Rokuro says to Hige, "If we were locking up Zori here, we'd take away his equipment, sure, but we'd also want to add a seal to disrupt his ability to focus chakra, at a minimum. You can't take the risk of casualties." The older man walks over, then, and meaningfully closes the viewing slot. "If these people are in here, and alive, there's a reason for that. We aren't here to humiliate them—"

"We're here to see justice done." Mayu finishes for her dad, with a tired, bored air which suggests she's heard all this dozens of times over. "And of course it is easy to keep them locked up, Hige. They're /villagers/, or just barely better. It isn't like they're a threat."

Hige gives a fang-toothed smile to the others followed by a small nod. "Don't worry Zori, you'd talk them to death and I wouldn't want them to suffer such a horrible fate." He takes in a deep breath then, raising a hand to idle pick at one of his claws as he thinks on something for a moment, then hmms, "It's not fun to have your chakra disrupted and sit in a cell. I've been there once. For over a week." Okay so the innocent act may not work so well now, even if the reason he'd been in jail wasn't his fault.
Zori grunts as Rokuro closes the viewing slot. "Justice huh.. Seems like i was doing a emaculate job at it" Zori snickers. Shrugging as he walks away from the viewing slot giving Rokuro one slight glance before he looks over at Hige "Yeah i would talk them to death, they wouldnt stand a chance. Give me a few minutes and ill have them killing themselfs one by one. Hehe". Zori clasps his hands behind his head as he looks back over at Rokuro "Yeah cant have you taking away my equipment, Sir. I might never get it back from you." Zori grins. Zori eyes points back over at Hige "You been here before? Intresting"

Mayu gives Hige a look of honest surprise - although she would have guessed many things about him, she wouldn't have guessed that. Though the girl is smart enough to realize that being restrained in that way, does not necessarily mean you're a criminal. Rokuro gives Hige an appraising look - once more fairly blatantly ignoring Zori. "You have, hm?" He says. "Well. It isn't pleasant, but it is necessary sometimes. I'm sure you can appreciate why."

Hige shrugs lightly at the words from Rokuro, "Yeah, well, I was innocent and released, but I was still stuck for over a week. Definitely wasn't pleasant. I could think of a lot of other things I'd rather have done." The innocent look is gone now and instead he just looks thoughtful before motioning for Rokuro to continue. As an afterthought he looks to Zori and shakes his head. "No, Inuzuka Village has their own cells. It was there."

Zori hands remains clasps behind his head, staring at Hige "Ah a Inuzuka holding cell. What was that like?" Zori walks over to Mayu as he cracks his knuckles. Once he arrives in front of Mayu he says "So.. Uchiha Mayu, I have a friend who has his Sharingan. Show me your Sharingan!" with that Zori's wires unravels from his wrists slithering down his torso then to his legs and finaly unto the ground only to tease the young girl with no intent of harm. Zori stares into Mayu's eyes giving her a serious look. Even know hes messing around with her.

Mayu raises her eyebrow as Zori demands that she show him her Sharingan. The heavy foot of her father steps on the wires before they get close to tickling her, and the Uchiha police officer shakes his head. "Alright. I think that's enough for today."

Mayu sighs softly, and rubs again at the bridge of her nose, "Yeah. I don't think we're going to get much more out of this. It was a nice thought, Father, but… maybe next year, huh?" She turns to Hige, and raises her hand, "I'll see you around, Hige-kun. I'm going back home to study."

Then, she walks away. Rokuro doesn't really make any further attempt to restrain the wires, or the boy wielding them, but he doesn't look happy, either. "Goodbye, both of you."

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