Ponies of Death


Yoichi, Yuuka, Yoma

Date: July 22, 2013


Yoichi, Yuuka, and Yoma are dispatched to investigate what has been reported as livestock being eaten by ponies.

"Ponies of Death"

Land of Rice Paddies

Even by Kirigakure standards, today's mission is a bit odd. A trio of Swordsmen have been sent out to deal with what a farmer has classified as 'ponies eating his livestock'. Since this likely involves shinobi of some kind, Yuge sent in a group that could deal with it. This also lends a hand in having the Swordsmen get to know each other a bit, not that all of them in this group are exactly social.
After being debriefed about when this oddity usually goes down, the three's job would be to simply wait in a hiding spot and watch until something happens. In a barn, Yoichi is currently standing upside down with his arms folded over his chest and his eyes closed. Rather than searching with his eyes, he is keeping a focus on his chakra senses and enhanced hearing as a Koumorite to try to detect incoming intruders. This pony trick has to be a jutsu of some kind, so it shouldn't be that tricky to figure out with a dual-set of information coming to him.

Not only was the mission a little bit strange, but meeting another Swordsman that was… a bit on the quiet side made Yuuka wonder just what was in store for them. At least this would be a good, if but interesting, way to test how well they can fight together as a unit. A few feet from where Yoichi is standing upside down the kunoichi also is crouched, upside down and positioned herself in the rafters in such a way to keep herself relatively hidden. Yuuka carefully breathes through her nose, silent while they settle in for the wait, stretching her own senses.

Yoma remained on the ground level, staying low to the ground and using bails of hay and farm equipment to keep himself hidden. He would look… strange and obvious in the rafters after all. Yoichi was someone he'd only seen somewhat during the new years festival before he had to go on yet another mission during the event itself. So he knew nothing about him, not even his clan as of yet. Yoma would learn more from him in combat than he would from conversation any how, and it seemed that Yoichi wasn't going to waste his time trying to let words speak for him either.

Several moments of silence go by before Yoichi finally opens his eyes, a rather intense look in them. "From my position at two, four, and seven o'clock," his dark voice rings out. A moment later, one could hear a farmer yelling, "Hey! Those dang ponies are back!" This is a rather incredible display to the average person. However, to a shinobi, what shows in no more than a pathetic Genjutsu put on by men adorned in all black to hide their movements in the night, likely ex-shinobi, five men to a group. "They aren't specialists in Genjutsu, but they should be at least somewhat formidable in Taijutsu and maybe Ninjutsu. This is the first wave. There should be two more after this, depending how they take our intrusion." After a brief pause, he'd look to Yoma and Yuuka directly, "Shall we do this a person to each group, or did one of you have a better plan?"

Yuuka narrows her eyes through the shadows, sensing the clustered groups of chakra just as Yoichi points them out. Silent as she listens, the kunoichi turns her head to glance in his general direction. "Groups would be effective. And if we use the night to our advantage we can take several of them before they even realize we're here." she murmurs. Specialists or not, it would be difficult to gauge just how strong they were in combat, so best err in the way of caution.

"Agreed." Is all of Yoma's input on the situation. Though he knew that both he and Yuuka could take on at least two groups at once with their talents, he was not certain of the other and thus playing it a bit safer at first was the best plan. Yoma would already be sliping out, using the high fields and the scents in the air to guide him when he cannot see. He already knew their general direction, and he could hear them more sharply as he closed in on them, readying his weapons for the famed silent killing stroke of Kirigakure.

"I can make my own tactic seem like a natural disaster and distract them to take out one group while you two move around to get into killing position," Yoichi comments with a nod before he'd seem to vanish into thin air. Moments later, what would appears to be a bolt of lightning actually shooting up would light up the dark sky just slightly, giving only a split second of wondering what the heck might be going on to the black-adorned men as the clouds above charge with electricity before a massive rain of bolts would come down on them. As it comes down from the sky, there is currently no trace back to where Yoichi currently stands with his hands in a seal and the Kiba blades stabbed into the ground. This produces a lot of carnage as the lightning bolts are guided at the men, along with a lot of noise to distract the others so Yoma and Yuuka can get to work while the men are looking at what would almost seem to be nature itself striking at their comrades.

Yoichi and Yoma seem to disappear ahead of her, earning a small smirk with some amusement just before Yuuka flickers and she disappears from her perch with sudden speed. Choosing the group at seven o'clock as indicated, the sudden lightning does its job. Even taking out a good deal number of targets in the process. Inhaling a sharp, deep breath, Yuuka exhales as she runs with smooth speed, scattering micro slivers of ivory as she circles around her selected group. And skidding with an abrupt stop, her smile becomes darker with growing amusement, knowing bloodshed is at hand. Its as if bone is dug up from the earth itself as larger, sharp spikes snap upwards in the air, spinning briefly in the air before the several dozen suddenly plunges and stabs their intended targets at several angles.

Maintaining his stalking posture, he would take after the group he was on when they were started and attempted to form a defensive perimeter, standing in a some what tight circle as they tried to figure out what was going on. The screams barely heard through the storm as Yuuka's tehchniques ripped through the other group would cause them to tense up and simply remain as they were, prepared for anything… or so they thought.

A flash of residual lightning from Yoichi's technique would reveal the looming figure between the group for a split second before it was gone again and all that would be heard was a suddenly rending and tearing of flesh, surprised screams barely started before suddenly and fatally stopped, and the splash of gore about the farm land immediately after.

With many of the first wave members down, the group seems to have gotten a little confused. What they thought would be just another night with a high pay off is turning out to be something entirely different. The second wave charges out, this time with double the numbers as they try to figure out what's going on in the confusion of their friends being turned into pin-cushions, ripped to shreds, and roasted by lightning while they're trying to steal from this field.

Another bolt of lightning strikes down, this time where Yoichi was standing. A moment later, he lunges out toward the men, covered in what appears to be a cloak of lightning as he almost appears to fly at them in a spin with strands of lightning jolting out from each sword, creating a deadly vortex of lightning as he tries to strike down as many of them as possible.

Now that the ex-shinobi are fully aware they're being attacked, after watching several dozen of their men being killed, their numbers double as they rush out at them. The several dozen ivory spikes withdraw from the limp bodies all at once, dropping the corpses to the floor as Yuuka straightens the curve of her back and rises calmly to her feet. The bloodied spikes turn smoothly in the air as she turns and walks towards the oncoming slaughter. A dark chuckle rises from her throat as the bone spikes are sent forward, slashing at several more shinobi while she moves. All at her will.

Leaping extremely high from the location of his murder when the next wave would come, almost turning insivible from the sheer blackness of the night sky, Yoma would sail through the air towards them as they ran forward trying to coutner attack…. something. They were nto sure what was happening, only that it was time to charge. And yet more and more of them fell, and they were barely able to start understanding that they were being attacked. Not only attacked, but by very few people comparibly. Suddenly, it didn't seem like such a good idea to have charged out. But thinking took too long, and action had arrived.
The earth quakes. The crops fly in to the air, as do bodies, mangled and broken or simply utterly shocked and dazed. Some fell to their death upon hitting thr ground, wihle others simply ended up wonded or broken by the secondary impact if not the first. Yoma would now raise his hammer and stand back up, looking around from the crater he had created to see whom mgiht be able to communicate for a few minutes, should this be the end of this game.

These two are good. That's for sure. However, the appearance of a good team not stopping these ex-shinobi from at least attempting to save their friends, as the final wave charges out, this time quadruple in numbers as they try to take the Kirigakure shinobi down. They fan out, attempting to surround each of them as they charge to attack.

Yoichi makes swift movements to duck out of the way of incoming strikes from all around, his body's quickness aided by the lightning armor around it. Not one to be outdone on his first mission, even by the impressive display Yoma is showing, the Koumorite shinobi would raise the blades into the air, allowing himself to be struck by lightning again. This time, rather than a single strand of lightning, each of his blades gains nine, creating a massive wave of destructions as he swings them at the men in a spiraling motions. They will be punished severely for their efforts.

The numbers continue to increase, like lambs to a slaughter. It was a moment of perfection, of absolute clarity for any Kaguya. This kind of moment is what they live for. The true, raw power that courses through veins to release destruction upon those that were foolish to ever think that they could oppose your will. It was like holding your breath underwater for so long that your lungs burned with hot pain before the sudden relief of fresh air fills you completely. Yuuka smirks, delight shining in her eyes as she dives deeper into the slaughter, Ivory spikes whipping through the air on an invisible string several dozen targets at a time, staining the ground with blood.

Charging towards the increased numbers plain out now, Yoma would move to meet them in melee combat, one against dozens as he'd spin sharply on his heel as he held the mallet, allowing the axe blade to cut down and rend anything in his path. During his final rotation, he would drive in to the middle of the large group and run around a couple of them rapidly, trying causing them to rise in to the air before the hammer would drop on to them with a viened right arm having crushed ground below, but missing the targets themselves. Any attacks that were thrown at him without actual chakra or concentration quite literally defelcted off of his flesh most of the time, but occassionally a stab would simply get stuck less than a quarter inch deep and leave no wound afterwards.

A wide sweep of his axe would cut in to a few people, his powerful arm lifting their half torn bodies easily aa the axe continued against several more enemies that were suddenly caught between an axe and a hard place as the mallet would come crashing in from the other side with an absolutely grotesque splatter of bodies, covering the seemingly raging mad Kaguya in his opponents quite literally. The last few remaining would try to retreat, as Yoma's fighting style prayed upon their fears with stark reality. His weapon was thrown at them much like a bola that would snatch them off of their feet just as he'd land atop them, both of his fists gouging them in to the soil, planting them there as cadaverific corpse trees.

With the numbers of these ex-shinobi steadily diminishing, those still alive might be thinking about retreat. Of course, the likelihood of these Swordsmen allowing such an action is very slim. Yoichi himself wants to be dead sure none of them escape. As such, he repeats his first action of combat, stabbing the Kiba blades into the ground. With a quick hand seal, a bolt of lightning would fire off into the sky, charging the clouds above, except more potently now due to the armor of lightning he wears. In a split second, a powerful mass of lightning fires down on the ground, splitting off into numbers large bolts that seek out any left living of the enemy around the Koumorite.
Screams ring out, though they are silenced as men are electrically burned to death around him. His loyalty is to his leaders. If the heads of the village say no survivors, there will be no survivors.

Yoma had barely worked up any real battle fervor, but it was still quite entertaining. More challenging opponents would have gotten his blood pumping to the 'right' levels though. He would look around, growling deeply as he inhaled and exhaled slowly, a smirk on his face as he'd lift his weapons, a few dangling bodies still caught up in it like dead fish in a net that he was plucking off one by one. "However… I assume the farmers will not be happy with our work. But when they replant the soil, they have some frest fertalizer."

"Whatever their feelings on collateral, that is not our problem. They requested an A-Rank mission and got A-Rank results," Yoichi comments with a shrug, apathetic as usual. "I believe our duties are complete here." With that, he'd seem to vanish to begin making his way back toward Kirigakure. Despite the mission being complete, he's still not much for socializing.
The rush begins to subside as Yuuka lifts a pale brow, her eyes looking from Yoma to Yoichi as she listens, just before Yoichi disappears. "Hm. Chatty." Indeed, their duties were complete. Time for home.

"Yes. A lightning storm, an earth quake, and dancing bones is an A rank result. They got what they paid for." It wasn't their place nor inclination to inform them that Chuunin probably could have done this with relative ease. This is how the village makes money after all, and they were not left with anything more to worry about as far as the targets. "Let's go home, Yuuka." he'd say as they would all head back.

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