Pool Party


Amani, Arashi, Fudo, Hiei, Hiroyasu, Kotone, Misaki, Nariko, Ogosokamaru

Date: August 2, 2013


Relaxation turns into a little bit of training which goes awry and ends up a mess.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Pool Party"

Kumogakure Hotsprings

Misaki's soul pretends to be American and thus she wears her swimsuit! No really, she's fully dressed in a cute Yotsuki emblemmed swimsuit Hiei gave her. Happily floating around the springs when she hears Hiro's sigh. "Hiro!" She muses …. "I'll recognice that sigh anytime, anyday!" She grins. Poking another girl. "He sighs like that at everything he disapproves off, which is like…. most things." Misaki grins. "It's been a while Hiro! I heard you kissed Kotone!"

The evening was a time of relaxation for Nariko and she felt much better this day than she had been. She felt that a nice evening at the springs would do her some good and would help her relax even more. She pays her toll and walks into the changing room, slipping into her purple swimsuit. She washes herself off before stepping outside the rooms and walking off towards the communal springs.

Hiroyasu frowns "Yeah, disapproving of everything Hiro at your service.." he grumps, that was what he needed reminding that his life was relatively unhappy. "It has been Miso, yeah it was a mix up she had hinged into Amani as a joke," he pauses "Explaining that to her father this morning.. was.. intense" he looks up "Sorry I haven't come to see you but I'm not allowed at Hiei's house and … I can't go back to our apartment" before his roll about hearing the sound of someone approaching, well more like feeling it in the back of his skull. "Yotsuki, Nariko" he greets her with a wave before looking back at Misaki and her bath time friend.

Misaki looks around at Nariko and flashes her a friendly smile. "Hello!" She says calmly. Waving at Nariko while lifting her dripping hand from the water. "Aw I'm sorry Hiro, I was just trying to make a little joke!" She waddles closer through the water and gives him a brief hug. "I hope you and Amani are okay?"

Nariko reaches the springs gives a nice smile to Hiro. "Hey Hiro. How're you today?" She slips a foot into the spring and looks towards Misaki, giving her a friendly smile. "Hi Misaki. How're you doing?" She gives her a polite bow of the head, and then one to the other girl in the springs. She then slips her other foot in and slips fully down into the water. "Ahhh, this feels good." She closes her eyes and then peeks out of the side at Hiro, giving a smirk.

Another long day at the office. Ogo ran by his house after leaving the office, and then he planned on hitting the springs. After changing into his black swim trunks, the Reizei emerges from the changing room. He walks over to the side of the communal spring, and gives a wave to everyone, looking from each to the other. He didn't catch the conversation past Hiroyasu's last comments about their apartment, so Ogo leaves that alone for now. "Hiroyasu, Misaki, Nariko," he gives people there that he didn't recognize a nod and a polite smile just like was given the three he knew by name.
He steps down into the pool, somewhere between Hiro and Nariko, across from Misaki and her 'point-and-giggle' counterpart. He lowers himself into the water by crouching, and takes a deep, relaxed breath.

Hiroyasu returns the hug, the remembrance of a better time, "Oh yeah, she was there.. I believe she couldn't stop laughing at Kotone who stood there in a daze.." in response to the topic at hand before going on "But overall, Yeah we are doing good. I asked Hiei but he avoided it" he nudges her in the ribs "when are you two getting married. I mean living at your boyfriends house against his fathers better judgment." that thought actually made him smirk. "Good evening, Nariko. I'm doing alright, just spent the last couple hours sorting today's mission reports, preparing the itinerary for tomorrow." he leans his back on the towel, "Miso you should come over for dinner sometime, the shrine is just up the road from the Yotsuki compound." he raises his eyebrow "I thought you had gone home for the day, Sensei" he says having just left him not but 15 or 20 minutes ago.

"I'm only living there because I got nowhere else to go!" She pauses. "Not that I mind.." She grins… "It's nice to have someone to cuddle up with… It's like having a life-size care-bear!" She looks over at Nariko. Before turning to Hiro again and nodding. "I'll do that!" She smiles and blinks when Ogo shows up. Now that's a shocker. "Hey Sensei.." She says. "Coming to eh… throw someone through a door?" She giggles innocently. "Just kidding… Look what I taught myself!" She jumps up, and stays up, floating on the water. "See, I can wa-@EDJ@(jd" Ofcourse, self taught tricks are rarely perfect, and her water walking plainly SUCKS. She puts so much chakra in, under Matatabi's influence she literally pushes away the water under her feet to walk on, causing her to drop and get a mouth-full of water while boating her so petifull skills!

Nariko nods to Ogo as he greets her and the others. "Ogosokamaru-san. How have you been?" She asks politely, rising up in the water. She looks to Hiro and nods. "Sounds like a really exciting day." She chuckles a moment and then pouts. "How come I don't get an invitation?" Well, that was a rhetorical question, but she just had to ask. She then looks at Misaki falls into the water and smirks. "It's better than what I can do."

Ogo looks at Hiro when he asks about going home, "Oh, I did," he says matter-of-factly, "but being here is better than being alone at home right now." Learning his frienemy named 'Sake' isn't the best of company when it's just the two of them at home alone. "No, not yet," he responds to Misaki's comment about throwing people. Her little stunt gets Ogosokamaru watching her more closely, "Some progress you've-*HAGLBLARBLE*.." Misaki wasn't the only one that got a mouthful. Apparently when one of her hands hit the water, it splashed directly into his wide open trap. Hair wet, dripping, he deadpans at her, shooting the water out the side of his mouth like a small fountain and out of the spring altogether.
He breaks the deadpan stare at Nariko and leans his head to the side in a single bounce, "Well, y'know. My student trying to drown me. Captivating and capsizing all in one moment." He narrows his eyes at Nariko, then looks at Misaki and then Hiroyasu. "None of you know water walking completely? I'll help." And he then 'steps' up onto the water. "Misaki, too much. You blow out the water from underneath you and you fall. Too little and you sink." And he now stands there on top of the water, gesturing to the water in front of himself. "Find the right balance. Hotsprings are at least comfortable if you fall in, but they taste nasty." Eyeing Misaki. =.=

"I'm only living there because I got nowhere else to go!" She pauses. "Not that I mind.." She grins… "It's nice to have someone to cuddle up with… It's like having a life-size care-bear!" She looks over at Nariko. Before turning to Hiro again and nodding. "I'll do that!" She smiles and blinks when Ogo shows up. Now that's a shocker. "Hey Sensei.." She says. "Coming to eh… throw someone through a door?" She giggles innocently. "Just kidding… Look what I taught myself!" She jumps up, and stays up, floating on the water. "See, I can wa-@EDJ@(jd" Ofcourse, self taught tricks are rarely perfect, and her water walking plainly SUCKS. She puts so much chakra in, under Matatabi's influence she literally pushes away the water under her feet to walk on, causing her to drop and get a mouth-full of water while boating her so petifull skills!

Hiroyasu nods "Uh huh, Hiei spit out perfectly good ramen when I asked him the same question." he elbows Misaki when she makes a backhanded comment, "Miso.." he chides her before she goes into her look what I can -almost- do, when she come back with a mouthful of water he moves over to her patting her on the back and rubbing her shoulders. "Maybe you need to join me again in the mornings for meditation, that helped you before.." before moving back, "You sure can nariko-san. I'm sure Miso would mind.." if she did, it would be erased when you put a bowl of food in front of her, or it used too. "I've been practicing" he grumps crossing his arms across his chest. He idly floats over to the nariko idly ribbing her with his elbow. "I hear that you have a fan.. what is that kids name.. the hentai" he mutters..

"Oh yea the hentai!" Misaki nods and recalls the boy who was calling Nariko a perfect 9! "That was hilarious!" She looks at Ogo and actually pays attention. "Yea, I know that DUH!" She floats back up the water, before the water underneath her blasts away and she trips and falls again with a huge splash. "PADDLEIT!" She yells while yanking Ogo's leg. "ITS NOT WORKING!" She says. "Why is it not working!?"
Hiei arrives from Kuraido Street.
Hiei has arrived.

Nariko shakes her head at Ogo. "No, I wouldn't even know where to start learning it." Hiro nudges her with his elbow. "Oh Hiro, you shouldn't touch a lady like that!" She says, squirming in the water. OF course the mention of a fan she raises a brow. "Oh…him…uh…hmm..I hope he's just a fan." She doesn't even know how to respond to that, the kid was much younger than her, she wasn't into that kind of thing. And then Misaki splashes into the water, she isn't quick to bring her hands up to protect her face, but at least she closed her eyes. "Oh no! My hair!" She says laughing.

Ogo look at Hiroyasu, "Put that practice into practice." He points in front of himself, "Prove it to me." He watches Misaki, "Even Misaki is tr-" Misaki splashes again, and Ogo palm-to-face while Misaki frantically grabs at him. "-trying… to drown us all." He removes his face from his palm, again to Nariko to break him from the Misaki-'churn'obyl-of-the-hotsprings. "Right here is where you start." He says with a smile, gesturing in front of himself again, but Misaki is there flailing, where he reaches down and would grab a wrist where he could, then lift, "A little at a time, calm down, you." Looking at her very close. Oooo, serious Ogo at Misaki!

Hiei had been in the mountains with Sado all morning. After releasing the boy to his own devices, Hiei had decided to spend some time in the hot springs. He walks out of the dressing area to find most of the people he knows already here. "I'm hurt. It's a party and nobody invited me." He actually cracks a joke as he steps out onto the water. He walks over to the middle of the spring and then manipulates his chakra so that he simply falls in. Lowering himself into the water, he asks. "So, what's up with everyone?"

It's always nice to get a bit of relaxation in every now and then. Being a medic can be taxing, but well worth the troubles the job brings. When Amani pays the attendant and gets herself primed to settle down in the baths, she finds the place is full. "Huh…" Awkward. What the heck was going on here? "…"

Kotone makes her way into the bathouse- like Hiei, she'd been training for most of the day. Her dad has the whole 'if you can dodge an avalanche you can dodge a kunai' mentality, so She's bruised, sporting scrapes on her elbows, and generally tired. But she seems cheerful, "How have you never been to the hot springs?" She yells to her dad over the divider between shower areas. "You've been here like a bajillion times!" she says, before sitting down to wash her hair and such.
Hiroyasu is chided for touching a lady, /like that/, for the second time this week. "I did nothing of the sort, yotsuki.." glub glub… as a the splash from the saki bomb hits him in the face. He floats aimlessly face down in the water for a second, bubbles escaping.. before he pops up "Ahh training.. but but.. I was trying to relax Sensei!" he whines, he glares at misaki, the ~you did this~ kind of look. Sweet sexy savior, "Tsukikage!" he leaps out of the water his foot bounding off the waters surface as he flings himself at her headlong.

Misaki got lifted out of the water by Ogo, like a father lifts out a child who's learning how to swim! She wasn't angry, in fact, only Ogo saw a glimps of proud, true appreciation in her face. She was glowing! And tried again right away, this time, it held for three seconds before she sends herself crashing again.

Nariko looks at Ogo and hmms. "Does this trick involve rocks?" She had heard of the rocks that Hiei and Hiro's Sensei had them do, she didn't know if she trust this training of water walking. She looks to Hiei as he walks on water. "Yeah, yeah, just don't trip." She mumbles to herself. She looks back to Hiro and smiles. "Uh huh..sure ya didn't." She gives him a wink and then waves to Amani. "Hey Amani, how're you today?"

Ogo watches Hiei enter, and just waltz across the surface of the water then sink in at will, "Next time I'll attach an invitation to a rock to give you the quickest notice possible. And I'm fine, how are you, Hiei?" He would wait for a response while looking where Hiroyasu was leaping to, well, that first step is usually a doosie, and Hiro seemed to take that to heart. Or.. at least take it flying towards Amani. Makes Ogo smirk.
Looking at Nariko, he shakes his head, "Just some chakra control. And if it were four months ago, it would have." Admitting he was far harsher before on his team. "But, if you ever want lessons, come find me. I can set you up with the perfect rock for you." Rockmatch.com
Ogo watches Misaki crash again. "Ok y'know what?" He lets his chakra out to sink into the water, and look at Misaki, "-More- calm. Or I can find you more rocks to tire you out so you aren't so hyper." Ok, maybe he's not -that- soft after all this time.

Hiei watches Misaki train and smirks. "I'm fine Sensei. Been training with my little cousin today. Showed him what boulder training was all about. Just like how you taught me." Hiei goes to greet Hiro but he leaps out of the water towards Amani and he smirks, completely understanding. If Misaki hadn't been busy, he'd probably have done the same thing. "Hi, Nariko. Hey, Doctor Amani." He watches Misaki wipe out again and shakes his head. "You've got to calm down, sweetheart. Concentrate." That's how he learned anyways. Well, he and Hiro were in the mountains with Ogo and it was either sink or walk on water.

"Hiro! Who's a good boy?" Amani chimed as Hiro flung himself toward her. Sadly, she had no biscuits. "Come on, now!" She opened her arms to accept him. "Hello, everyone!" She figured she'd get that out before the tackle came through.

Kotone finally finishes scrubbing off, and makes her way into the hot spring section. Her dad- a seven foot tall bear of a man, with a mane of blonde hair and an epicc beard- emerges from the men's side. He lokks distinctly uncomfortable. "It's too hot. And what's with this thing." he pokes at the tiny towel he's wearing about his waist.
"Psh, like your 'battle subligar' is any better." Retorts Kotone. "Hey, the battle subligar is an ancient and honored family tradition!" her father complains. However, he is soon distracted as they head in. Is it the flesh parade? No. His worthy opponent sense is tingling, and he's peering right at Ogo. "Oh jeeze." Complains Kotone, as she heads towards the (relatively speaking) sane folks closer to her age. Kotone calls out to Hiro, Hiei, Amani, Naruko and- well, about every ninja in Kumo- "Hey! You guys were all partying while I was out training?" she says then, grinning.
Yamayuki Shira, on the other hand, has initiated a one-sided starting competition with Ogosokamaru.

Hiroyasu chimes in "Meeeee~" as he wraps himself into her embrace, it would have been a tackle but tree walking does wonders for sure footing. He nuzzles his shining star, "Good evening." he responds it wasn't directed at him in particular but he had to say it. Then he gets that feeling, he heard Kotone and bear-man he buries his head into amani and utters "save me…" he pleads.

Misaki thought it was cute. "Hey Hiei.." She says. "Why don't you ever call me shining star?" She then blinks. "AND HOW COME YOU HAVEN'T GIVEN ME A KISS YET!" She gets up on the water and nails it perfectly while giving Hiei a crawled off Misaki face. Before looking down. "O-M-G I'm doing it. Look sen-*BOOOOOOOM*" See if you're Misaki and you forget to keep your chakra under control, quite a bit flows out. So Misaki managed to create a miniature tidal wave with the amount of chakra she accidently let fly there! Before crashing into the water herself! "WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING!?"

Nariko looks to Ogo and shrugs. "Well, as long as I don't have to deal with rocks I might just take you up on that." She smiles at him and then looks to Hiei as he tells of training with Sado. She lowers her voice and brings her arms above the water saying, "Rock smash! Must smash rock!" She smashes the water with her fists for a moment and then looks to Hiei and smirks with a two finger wave to him. She looks towards Kotone when she hears her greet everyone. "Hey Kotone! Just the girl I wanted to see!" She shrugs and laughs. "Well, I was going to invite you…but I didn't know where you were! And who is this?" She asks looking towards the bear-man. She then leaps into the wave created by Misaki's fall, at least she didn't take it in the face.

"Good, rock on," he says to Hiei. Amani actually drew a sweatdrop from Ogo. Mental image of Hiro the dog, Misaki the cat, and Hiei the bull and Ogo is the ringmaster in a three-genin circus. That drew a chuckle from him, but he loses that thought as Nariko talks to him, "Oh, don't worry, the only rocks you have to deal with are standing amongst you right now." Underhanded context against those who are the bigger… distractions right now. But the tinge of some sort of gladiatorial competition tickles the back of his head. He looks over and.. up.. at the large man. The staring contest is returned with an undeterred smile. "Good evening." He greets, stuck in that slight smiling pose while hiroshimisaki blows up and washes over the unmoving Ogo who is now drenched again, hair sopping and ticking against his face as it is drug down by the weight of the water. Staring contest might be over after that, because Ogo reaches up to rub his head, looking down to
see how much water was actually left in the springs.

Hiei blinks as Misaki yells at him for…not being more romantic. Well, he wasn't going to let Hiroyasu make him look bad. When the tidal wave comes, he leaps up, his feet planting on the water as he rides it out. He reaches down and picks up Misaki, holding her in his arms. "Because you're more than just a shining star. You're my entire universe. None of this works without you. I love you." And with that, he lays one of the most hot and steamy kisses he can muster on her. Everyone else in the springs cease to exist for him while he kisses Misaki.

Amani headpats Hiro. "Yes, you are~" She chuckled while being nuzzled. "Evening," she replied back. "You want me to save you?" She looked around and spotted Kotone's dad. "I'm…not sure I can save you from that," she grins. Though, she finds herself getting wet and nearly knocked over by the tidal wave that rushes out of the springs and across the floor. She made certain to lock herself down onto the floor with tree walking to ensure she wouldn't find herself on the ground.

Kotone was /just/ in the process of sinking into the spring when the wave catches her off guard and she less getis into the springs and is more, dragged in by the receding water. She goes under. A towel floats up for a moment before it becomes saturated in water and sinks again. Kotone emerges a few moments later for air. Then she eyes the display between Hiei and Misaki, she makes a gagging noise noise and gesture- not only at the PDA, but mostly at the incredibly lame poetry stuff.
Meanwhile, outside the water, Shira staes at Ogo… and then suddenly flexes. "Hrrrnngggghhhh!" he grunts as he… he flexes. He just stands there flexing. Is this some kind of… mating ritual? Kotone facepalms and blushes at her dads dorky behavior.
She decides to distract herself with Noriko. "Oh yeah! You mentioned like, some kind of gossip! And then ran off, you big teas! What did you want to speak about?" She asks, doing he rbest to ignore her dad.

Misaki kisses Hiei back as passionately as he kisses her. When he's done she nods at the group. "I got an errand to run, see you guys soon!"

Hiroyasu nods holding on to Amani as the waves rushes by them.. "Are we that cheesy?" he whispers into her air before looking over his shoulder at Hiei and Misaki before looking everyone else. Gently moving back to the pond, before sitting back in his spot next to Nariko. "Can you believe that…" he says trying to act non-chalant.

Nariko looks at Ogo and gives a little laugh. Clearly she got the underhanded context, or at least thought that way when he said it. "Then I'll definitely have to keep that in mind." She looks to Hiei and has a similar reaction to the kiss he gives Misaki. "Get a room!" She yells to them before Misaki runs off. She looks back to Kotone and giggles. "Sorry about that, my mom needed me to do something ridiculous for her. But anyway. so later on that day I was talking with Hanako and I had this idea about you, Amani, and myself being a part of a team. She liked the idea of it and I just wanted to see if you were on board. Amani is." She points to Amani and then peers at her. "Right? You're still on board?"

Hiei is distracted by the Misaki distractinator.. and hormones. So is Hiroyasu. Misaki goes to run an errand, and Ogo waves to her. "Keep working on it!" He yells after her. Though, the muscle covered in more muscles wrapped in steroids dipped in a bit of Sparta was now blocking the way. All of the ways. Ogo looks at the redundantly large man for a moment more. "Good job. The weight room-" he points, "-is that way, I'm sure you were about to grunt then ask."
He is distracted just enough by Nariko to break eye contact from the guy determined to have a staring contest with Ogo that the Reizei expected him to gloat victory in a moment, but whatever. To Nariko he says, "Yes. If you need help, or anyone else for that matter, let me know and I can help if you catch me and Hiro on a slow day." He smiles to her, then listens for a moment about the girl team, and then looks some other direction than to the human bicep with ears.

After Hiei finishes kissing Misaki and she leaves to run her errands, he looks around, still standing on top of the water. "What? Never seen a guy kiss his girlfriend before?" He eyes Nariko for a moment before grunting. "Shut up." He sinks down into the water again, only this time, he tries to relax. He looks over at Kotone. "Hey, I bet you didn't make any disgusting noises when your lips were wrapped around Hiro's!" Stroke Yamayukis.

"Can't say that we are…" Amani whispered back to Hiro. She soon joined him in the water so that she could finally settle in to relax. "Team talk? Hope I'm right because now I want to be in on it. All of us on a team together would be amazing. One boys team err, well…, one girls team. We'd rock the shinobi world together. I realize the other team has a girl on it, but…you get the idea." She chuckled at Kotone. "If I'm not already on board now, I don't know what I am," she laughed. "I'm not sure I can take noises of the disgusting kind, me being Yamayuki and all. I'm much more sensitive to those kinds of things. I can do without my face being sucked off by a carp or lamprey…." She snickers.

Kotone oooohs, "That sounds awesome. You and cuz are both awesome, and Hanako is super glamorous and pretty. I'll bring the showmanship- we'll be unstoppable!" wait, is she talking about a ninja team or a girl band here? Knowing the Yamayuki girl, probably both. To Hiei, she answers, "Hrm, I think it was something like 'MRRPHMHRR?'" she recites, covering her mouth with her hand for that whole muffled effect.
Sure enough, when Ogo looks away Shira lets out a triumphant 'Aha!' and then decides to go celebrate his victory in one of the cooler pools. He has sensitive skin, after all.

"So…" Fudo stated as he seemed to just look over all of them, arms lightly crossed. "This is what goes on in this village. I have never seen so many shinobi in a hot spring at once… and i saw some leave already." Fudo continued with a tilt of his head as he peered over them, smirking. "I suppose it gets the mind off of the dangerous of this life." Fudo would slowly walk around the hot spring, at least 10 feet away from the edge, just watching as they… frolicked with one another, or what ever the proper term is.

Hiroyasu nods to Amani before listening to Nariko pitch her plan.. a team of all Kunoichi.. "Can I join Nariko-san?" he jests already knowing the answer but come on.. it was the perfect way to be next to his girlfriend and all her really hot friends. "Uchiha..san?" he asks questioning, it was like the second or third time he had seen him but you don't forget the faces of those who stood with you in the battlefield. Before nodding at Kotone "It was more MMMpmhfffphfmm.. if you ask me" he adds.

Nariko looks at Amani and nods. "Team meeting at the hot springs! What could be a better place!" She laughs and then looks to Kotone. "Great! No matter what it will be amazing! I'm so glad." She looks to Hiei and pouts. "That's not how you respect your elders Hiei!" She points a finger at him then sticks her tongue out at him. She looks to Hiro and chuckles. "We have a requirement that you be female." She winks at him and then points at Hiei. "You know, I am still trying to find the family connection."

Ogo watches the large man leave, and just blinks a couple times. "Guess he -was- looking for the weight room." He looks behind him at the girls chattering on about a girl band or something, and he leaves that be for now, stepping out of the spring and looks at Fudo who has now spoken, "Work hard, play hard." And for a moment, Ogo literally stands between Fudo and the ones from his own village, but as Fudo moves more around the pool, Ogo watches him, and for a second, it's reminescent of the sheepdog standing between the flock and the wolf.
Irony the sheepdog used to work with the wolf's father.
Ogo turns to look at everyone, and then goes to sit on the edge of the pool on the side more, leaning back against the warm rocks drawing heat from the ground below the springs, with his calves and below dangling into the water. Relaxed.

Hiei lifts a hand in greeting from his spot in the hot springs when Fudo comes in. "Hey, Fudo. Well, everybody needs to relax, right? The water is awesome. You should come in!" He sits down in the water and then looks over at Nariko, Kotone, and Amani as they chatter on about female bands or something. Hiei was feeling a little mischievous and so while Ogo was busy looking at Fudo, he points a finger at him and attempts to Zap him.

"I assure you, this is not a common occurrence." Amani replied to Fudo. "But I agree, the sound was something similar to that…" She pointed out Kotone's reenactment of Hiei's kiss with Misaki. "In terms of family connections, it is possible to claim him removed," she remarked to Nariko. "Uh…" She observed Hiei. "Do you think that's safe?" She questioned of Hiei and his break into mischief. All she knows is that she'll probably be out of the water when something goes down.

Kotone offers thumbs up to Nariko and Amani then, since it seems like they're settled on kunoichi rock band. "Oh, we need some badass name. How about, like. Banshee Sisters!" she says then "Oh, or how about Kumo Killer Kunoichis!" she says then.

The young wolf was indeed watching them all for various things outside of simply a social visit, but that was how he was all of the time. Perhaps he didn't see nothing but slow roasting sheep after all. In any case, Fudo would find himself a seat on a boulder, lounging upon it as he observed them, seemingly having not desire to actually participate in the hot springs. "No thanks, Hiei. I tend to make things too hot to handle." he'd state with a very slight smirk. "Besides, observing you all is good enough entertainment for me."

"Arashi….what are you up to?" asks a chuunin and instructor at the academy who seems to know Arashi well. Arashi shakes his head laughs "Just going to relax in the hot springs. Same old…same old." The chuunin stares daggers at Arashi but the boy is unresponsive. A smile is all he gives before passing the chuunin by and entering the Hot Springs. "If you start any trouble….you'll answer to me." Arashi waves dismissively back at the man. "Hey hey I paid my fee. Lay off me alright? I'm just here for a nice innocent soak." A dark gleam was in those amethyst eyes.
Upon entering the hot springs Arashi immediately moves to get changed. His body trembles form a combination of fear and excitement. "Am I already sweating? It's been a while….since I put my life on the line like this." Arashi chuckles weakly. Once he's changed Arashi takes a few moments to prepare himself. "To the divine, should I meet my demise tonight I only ask that the world knows one thing." He turns mustering up a wealth of foolhardiness and courage. Steam escapes his nostrils as he exhales with inspiring determination and resolve. "Know that I, Saito Arashi, REGRET NOTHING!" and with the warcry he begins his noble crusade. "Hell will have to wait, for my soul."

Hiroyasu frowns, in his mind he was flying high then Nariko shoot him down with a lightning bolt finger gun.. he slinks down into the water.. "but..but.. we let amani in our squad.." he whines before perking up.. "I've been calling you Sirens.. luring men to their doom" he says before looking Fudo with raised eyebrow that was awkward.. He moves over to Amani giving her a hug "It's been a long day. Love you Tsukikage" he makes finger guns at Nariko "Dinner? Tomorrow" he says making his way out of the pool.

Nariko looks to Hiei and shakes her head. "He's at least trying." She looks to him and smirks. "Don't blame me if it back fires." She looks to Kotone and Amani as they seem fired up about the team. "Oh this is great! Mmm…I don't like those names." But when Hiro suggests Sirens she nods. "Sirens, that sounds like a cool name." She waves to Hiro and nods. "I'll be there! And maybe we can discuss you being on ours." She tells him with a wink. It was only fair if Amani was on theirs at some point.

Hiei's shock hits Ogo in the foot. Ogo's leg tenses for a second, and he turns his head to look at Hiei. And Ogo's eyes dissappear in that anime angry way behind his hair in shadow for a moment, then his mouth turns to a smile, "Hiei, Misaki is so happy with you alive. Don't make me adjust your life expectancy." He was absolutely serious, because it was that smile that had a tinge of dark at the corners of his eyes.
Kinda dark, but he was getting his point across hopefully. And he tilted his head back up, and then stands, "Well, I must get going. You guys have a good night."
The first forced smile tonight, but he's hiding something well, and lowers his head to everyone in a bow before looking at Fudo. "Stop creeping and enjoy your time here. And without enjoying being so shady, Uchiha." With that, Ogo gives everyone one more look with a more sincere smile, hint of that other feeling he was starting to not like, so he tries to dump it with a breath, and out he heads unless someone has something to say to him other than a farewell.

Hiei looks at Ogo. "Come on, Sensei. It was just a little shock. You gotta learn to relax." Hiei even has the audacity to toss an arm around Ogo, though it's a little awkward being that the Jounin is taller than he is. "I'm sorry. I was just kidding around, though." He pats him on the shoulder before leaping up to balance himself on the surface of the water. He then runs across the spring to the edge. "Soaking in the spring always makes me hungry. I'm gonna go get some food. I'll see you guys later." He offers Fudo a two-fingered salute before heading to the dressing area to dry off and put his clothes on.

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