Pool Pest


Noab, Yuuto

Date: April 11, 2014


Yuuto is sent on a wildlife control mission to test the waters, literally and figuratively.

"Pool Pest"

The Waterfall [Land of Fire]


A large waterfall that streams into a massive pool. Surrounding this beautiful location are green trees and lush bushes. The element of nature seems plentiful here, as deer and even predators come here in a neutral alliance to drink from these waters. The waters of the waterfall crash onto large rocks, causing a faint mist to surround it. The pool is a dark blue color, signifying how deep it is. The true depth of the water is unknown.


Don't go in the water… c.c
That's the advice that's been circulating about the waterfall pool near Konohagakure lately. A few people have reported feeling something large and slimy under the water's surface that darted away upon being touched, and one family apparently lost their pet dog during a visit to the area. While this is certainly not a fortuitous circumstance, it is seen as something of an opportunity by Konohagakure. A mission that involves a mild amount of danger, but no civilian lives or property to be damaged nearby…perfect for testing out a newcomer.
Akimichi Noab walks along the path toward the waterfall, accompanying one Kawaguchi Yuuto. He's there almost as much to observe and report as he is to participate; if the threat level is as low as anticipated, he shouldn't even be needed. Still, no sense in dropping one's guard. "We're about to head into a potentially hazardous situation," Noab remarks as they approach the pool. "Just to let you know, I don't trust you. Best that we both know where we stand before we get into danger." :P

A mission already right when Yuuto gets back from getting his new weapon from Kumogakure. Perfect timing really. He decided to wear his regular clothes rather than the new outfit he bought since this mission is likely to get kind of messy. As they approach the pool, the Uchiha smirks at the man's words as he looks over at him. "If you trusted me outright when I just left Sunagakure in the fashion I did, I'd call you an idiot. I don't expect anyone here to trust me yet." With that, he looks down into the pool, eyes turning red and a trio of tomoe spinning out as he peers down into the water to try to figure out what exactly it is that they're dealing with.

Noab nods. "Good that we understand one another, then." The water contains the usual assortment of faint chakra signals from various animal life — in fact, the presence of algae and the like makes the water rather murky chakra-wise. Darn narrator coming up with reasons why super-powers won't work in this instance. :P Still, there is a slightly stronger presence that can be made out, something looooooong laid out in coils mostly along the bottom of the pool. "Whatever it is, it's probably not going to confront us if it can help it," Noab remarks. "If it were aggressive, the reports we received would've been a lot more explosive…or they'd be simple missing person reports." e.U

While examining the water, Yuuto ponders a bit on the best course of action. "I suppose we'll need to draw it out then," he says simply before moving through a set of handseals and planting his hands on the ground. While it's not really that visible from the surface of the water, what he's done is to make columns of stone jut out of the earth encasing the pool below the waterfall at random spots all around it in an attempt to jar whatever creature is down there and make it come up out of the water.

GEOGRAPHIC DISTURBANCE! At least that's how a dumb animal would interpret what's going on. Of course, how it reacts to that is the question. Maybe it'll just hide itself more tightly along the bottom of the pool. But hey, that'd make for a dull, dragging scene, right? So in this case, the creature at least pokes its head up out of the water along the shoreline. A reptilian head, belonging to an enormous watersnake. Noab lifts an eyebrow appraisingly. "That's a big'n." No further comment or offer for help, this is Yuuto's rodeo if at all possible. >) The snake's eyes film over briefly, warily observing the largest other life-forms in the vicinity. (I)

As the creature surfaces its head, Yuuto ponders a moment as it looks back at them. "As big as you are, you could easily be part of a summon family," he says. "This is your chance to identify yourself and move away from this area peacefully or at least state your business. If you don't identify yourself as such, I'll assume you're just an overgrown mutant and I'll have to use another method to remove you." That said, he watches the creature, awaiting a response and preparing for whatever may come.

The snake regards Yuuto unresponsively. If it understood anything he said, it gives no indication of it. Looks like it's just an unusually large but otherwise ordinary predator that found its way to a place that humans like. Well, as much as Yuuto might want to live and let live, something's gotta be done about such a hazardous animal in —
Up from the water beside Yuuto comes ANOTHER huge snake! Looks like the monster has a mate, and it's making a surprise strike! The first snake also quickens alarmingly and darts in to entangle Yuuto's legs. Noab chortles while glancing around against the possibility of yet more snakes coming out. "Hohoho, wish I could get soldiers to pull off a decoy and flank that cleanly!" XD

Yuuto seems to be standing still as the snake goes to coil him, causing him to fall over and SPLAT! His body shatters to ink. Alas, the young soul is lost… at least in that clone. From ten feet back, the Uchiha opens a scroll, releasing a trio of ink wolves that charge at the snake that was trying to bind him, attempting to knock it down while a second round of them charges the snake in the water. Seems he's starting off with somewhat mild tactics, though he apparently used something of a decoy tactic himself.

Knock it down? Okay, although orientation doesn't matter that much to a snake. c.c The snake is successfully knocked onto its back, but it rights itself easily and snaps through the ink wolves. >E Its mate (y'know what, we'll assume the second one is the female, just for referencing convenience) is more difficult to knock about, as she's still mostly in the water, and manages to dispatch the wolves sent after her too. The snakes then glide after Yuuto, though not directly. They split off to each side and circle around him. One heads into the underbrush while the other spirals around a tree, swiftly climbing its trunk and going out on a branch above Yuuto. He hangs his head down and snaps at Yuuto, while his mate goes for Yuuto's ankle from behind.

Well, so much for scaring the creatures away. Looks like they'll need to be roughed up or killed. As both snakes come for Yuuto again, this time he sinks into the ground before he can be struck then bursts from the ground behind the two into the air as he forms handseals then places a hand over his mouth and breathes forth a massive fireball down at them. While it's not likely enough to kill them, it may get the point across if they're not just totally berserk.

Well, yes, fire is definitely something that nearly all dumb animals will not stick around to mess with (and quite a few smart ones too!). Unfortunately, their instinct is naturally to flee straight back into the water! Hey, that's what you would head for too if you'd just been burned, right? :P "Don't think we're going to solve this one without bloodshed," Noab remarks as the snakes slip into the pool. "Even if we could scare them away, they'd just come back after we left. We need to make this place safe for people again."

As he lands on the ground, Yuuto smirks and nods at Noab. With both snakes now in the water, he leans down and grips the earth, ripping up a pretty huge chunk of it and flinging it into the water. As the rock flies, he reaches to his back and grabs a sword, preparing for the snakes to flee the water again. "Too bad these things are too wild to recruit back to the village for training.. Maybe they have a nest somewhere nearby, though, since both of them are hanging around here."

*KERSPLASH!!!* The big earth chunk is certainly enough to bring the snakes back out of the pool, along with any other critters capable of living on both land and water. C.C; The snakes are pretty riled now, and they come at Yuuto straight this time, rearing up aggressively and snapping at him with all their speed and ferocity. "I'll bet they do, and we'll have to find it," Noab responds to Yuuto's conjecture. "Otherwise we'll have giant snakes terrorizing the pool again in just a couple years. Could probably leave it to Inuzuka hunters if we can't locate it in an hour or so, though. Just have to remember to save a piece of these things for them to get a scent from."

Yuuto smirks a bit as the creatures come at him, seeming rather unafraid for facing snakes big enough they could probably eat him. His crimson eyes calculate as the creatures come his way, only for him to splatter into ink under their strikes again. This time above them, he comes down with blade in hand toward the first snake, driving his sword down in a spiral motion with intent to severe enough of the beast's head from the rest of its body to kill it then move on to the next one.

A moment, if you will, to see things through the eyes of the snakes.
"SCALIO!!! Dear sweet Scalio, what hast befallen thee!?"
"Alas *kaff*, fair Meslitha, my time with thee draws to a close. This knavish scoundrel who commands the very blackness of night hath rent my head from my…erm, neck I suppose."
"Dastard mammal! Thou shalt feel the sting of my bitter vengeance, that it may stop thy warm-blooded heart!"
"Nay, Meslitha, you must flee! Flee, and live to raise our brood!"
"…We're snakes, we fend for ourselves from birth."
"Oh, right. Well then, do as you like, m'dear." *ded* x.x
Yeah, something like that, if they weren't cold-blooded, tiny-brained reptiles. One snake down, the other still biting in a frenzy.

With one snake down, Yuuto eyes the other and stands in a ready stance with his blade, moving underground again as it starts to bite at him again. This time, rather than pop up above them, he uses his Sharingan to see where it is and calculate. A moment later, he would pop up out of the ground under the creature with his blade spiraling just as it did before with intent to severe this one's life as well.

That'll do it, then. Snakes aren't smart enough to learn from strange occurrences that quickly, and soon Meslitha is joining Scalio in serpent heaven. Noab grunts and limbers up his old bones from standing in place and watching. "Well done. I suppose I can vouch for your abilities well enough now, at any rate." Seemed reluctant to take life too, even dangerous, beastly life…usually a decent sign for a person's character. Not that he couldn't have been faking it. e.U Still, probably worth mentioning in his report. "All right then, let's take a look around for any eggs, then head back." Aaaand the rest of this would probably be pretty dull regardless of whether they found anything, so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

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