Suna Drug Cartel - Pop Shots for 1


Suterusu, Ryousha, Kameko, Akina (briefly)

Date: November 16, 2012


There was talk of a party. Teens, whispering about a meeting at midnight. There was also mention of something hot going on. Although it was even harder to track that down. With it being close to the village, it was decided a small group would actually go check it out. Their residential stealth person, that figure (Suterusu) — along with his recent 'attachments' in the form of the Ryousha twins Nao and Jun — was sent to look into it, while Akina and Kameko were designated to 'blend in' with the teen crowd, figure out what's going on, who's the mastermind behind it and if there is any potential threat to the youth of Sunagakure, shut it down.

"Suna Drug Cartel - Pop Shots for 1"

South Shiren Caverns (Land of Wind)

There was some disagreement between the twins just what the figure meant by 'play' clothes, but eventually they settled on their usual fuzzy-lined coats… without the tights on beneath. Rather than their boots, they wore simple sandals, which were somewhat awkward to get used to as they made their way to meet up with Suterusu. By the time Nao and Jun stood on either side of him, though, they seemed to have gotten used to it. For now, their hoods were down while they waited, quiet — perhaps even more reliably so than usual — beside him.

Kameko was surprised how many acting roles she was beginning to receive recently, word must have spread since the pretend slavery incident that she was quite skilled in it. Still more work meant more ryo to put away for a new home to live in, so it was definitely appreciate. She calmly approaches the gate and nods politely at Suterusu and the twins. She takes a moment to admire the twin's outfits and tilts her head slightly at the figure before asking "Is there any word on what sort of 'teens' we will be dealing with?…I will need to know so that I am able to blend in properly." She crosses her arms as she waits for a response still contemplating a plan of sorts for once she and Akina are in.

Really, what's the big deal about a party anyways? Isn't that what teenagers are supposed to do? Party? At least that's what she thought in any case, and she couldn't understand why people would be upset. Oh well. She still had a mission to do. The cool winds pick up around her as Akina lowers her hooded head, quickening her steps as she makes her way to the village gate where the team is supposed to meet. Her dusky eyes blink lightly from behind her mask at the figures there. Suterusu, Kameko who she's worked with before, and twin girls she hasn't. Stepping into the circle gathered, the short girl lowers her chin with a nod of acknowledgement. "Greetings."

Waiting patiently for all of them to show up, a small nod was given to the twins as they came in the outfit they chose. Once they were all gathered, that soft tenor voice would croon to them, "The idea is that there is some sort of drug being passed out at these parties. There has been several parties and after each one the teens that went to it.. went beserk. Fortunately, the med nin have been able to sedate then stop the chemical effect. However.. we need to know who, why and how to stop it." He'd look to Kameko then, unblinking red eyes staring at her, "I do not have a list of actual teens that will be there. It's been a random assortment. The one thing we do know is that no shinobi trained have made it in.." Looking to the twins then he'd nod towards Akina and Kameko. "You need to listen to them. I will be.. hidden. So I am not protecting you in this scenario. If it becomes hostile, do what they say and stay out of the way. We will work on future defensive and offensive techniques in your training another time." His attention returned to the group as a whole then, one last nod was given. "I am going to scout the back end, try to find a source, maybe detain or destroy it. We are doing our best to minimize any potential conflict.. these are civilians, afterall. It is in the caverns that are nearby. So is everyone ready?"

The girls smiled at Kameko but only tilted their heads at Akina. A mask didn't seem very… teenager-like. At least not for regular villagers. Maybe she'd take it off later or… maybe she knew something they didn't. Regardless, they'd peer at Suterusu as he started to speak and quietly nod their heads, though they didn't exactly look pleased about taking orders. The talk of staying out of the way got a confused look, though.
"If these are untrained kids, we can easily do something about them," Nao argued mildly. "If we have to, though…" Jun added, her sister seeming to grudgingly agree. It was fairly clear they didn't like this idea… There was a reason — a few actually — that they weren't actually associated with a village, after all, and taking orders was certainly not something they were generally good at.

Kameko nods slowly when the details were released to them lifting a brow when the drug was described. Hopefully they would not have to partake of such a substance in their attempts to blend in. "I suppose the fact that it is random will make it rather easy to blend in.." She glances up at her forehead protector before removing it and letting her bangs fall into place on her face. Since no shinobi were there it would only make her stand out more. Tucking that into her desert robe she nods in understanding "Listen, do what they say, stay out of the way, and avoid conflict. Sounds easy enough…" She glances down at Nao and Jun chuckling faintly to herself. That was certainly true, especially given the fact Kameko didn't even need to conceal a weapon on her. "That is true girls, but sometimes the best test of strength is the test of will power..while we could maime these kids, it would be much more impressive and less frowned upon if we do as Stealth says and keep out of the way." She gives another nod towards Suterusu "I am ready, let us be off…" With that she makes her way to the caverns where they were supposed to head to.

Hm, no trained shinobi has been able to infiltrate the parties so far. That sounded a bit odd to Akina, considering that the party was near a village whose considerably profitable commodity is filling jobs and missions that would otherwise be too dangerous for the average person to fulfill. And the drug… she was curious about it. She may need to get a sample of it herself on the downlow, which shouldn't be difficult. While everyone else is still chattering the little girl exhales a small breath as she closes her eyes, palms pressed quick together index fingers extended. With concentrated bit of chakra puffs smoke around her before it quickly dissipates with the wind. The tall blonde girl was several inches taller than Akina and several years older then her as well. Hair pulled back into a pretentious ponytail and bright blue eyes calmly glancing over the other girls with a bored air, dressed in a skirt and black clothes that suggest nothing less of a party.

A small nod was given to them as everything got sorted out between them. He'd study Akina for a moment. "That may not work. Prepare a backup story, just in case." Those last tenor words crooned her way, he'd start with the others for the caverns. Only once they got in sight of the entrance, which looks to have a couple of teen age boys outside of it, would the figure.. stealth away. Melting into the darkness of the night, he'd seek his own way past them, of course, with a group of teen girls walking up to the boys, it'd be an easy entrance, since the focus was on the four.. but no, he didn't plan it that way at all.. did he? Once they handled the 'guards' the party could be heard from within, loud music, laughter, the stomping of feet in dancing.. yep, your typical rave.

The twins were, honestly, a little grumpy but once Stealth vanished and they were left to — mostly — their own devices to get in, they took deep breaths. Turning to the other girls, Nao giggled. "The one on the left is kind of cute, huh?" A mischievous grin crossed her face and she picked up her pace to hurry toward the entrance, Jun immediately whining, "Hey! Wait for me." Despite having gotten a bit more used to the shoes, Nao was still not perfect with them, however, and ended up stumbling right into the 'cute' boy she mentioned.
"Ah! Sorry!" she blurted, standing upright after being caught, both by him and herself in a way. He, of course, smirked lightly, as well as the other boy as Jun almost stumbled into her sister's back. "Are you okay?" They both asked at once, referring to the other girl's trip. Then they both giggled at each other and clasped hands, moving to slip into the party with Nao giving a slight wink to the boy she'd called cute… unless stopped, of course.

Kameko approaches the boys and looks them over for a moment. She couldn't exactly flirt, but perhaps she could pull off a 'bad-girl persona' given her appearance. Standing tall and confident she intends on simply walking past the boys ignoring them while maintaining a tough and no nonsense demeanor. The boys cast each other a glance before simply nodding and allowing Kameko to pass. It was surprising how many people chose not to mess with a woman covered from head to toe in tattoos. She smirks to herself when she is in and glances around observing the party as she debated on where to head first. For now she heads out to the dance floor, dancing along with the crowd to avoid attention as she listens for any information that could be of use in their mission. She also attempts to keep an eye on Nao and Jun while they were there. It was hard telling what trouble those two could get into in a place like this.

The party was rocking, as only a teen age party could do. The group that was playing looked to be further back in the cavern system, however, with how the caves were, everything was pulsing forward and all over. There was low light in the area, torches mostly posted up here and there. Some of them had what seemed to be chemically altered so rather than the normal orange glow of a fire, they were green.. or blue. The overall effect, with the crystals of the cave, did make it very ecentric area to party in. Out on the dance floor, most people were simply there having a good time, as teen agers out past curfew would tend to do. There were a few whispers about the 'pop shots' that were going on in the other cave, however it'd be hard to track down a specific person that knows anything and any casual questions about it shows a lack of further knowledge then hearing someone that heard someone say something about it.
The figure was up in the cavern's top. The fires below were making it smokey up there, so he was having a slightly harder time than normal breathing. One small boon of the cloth over his face at least. Either way, he'd watch the girls below, losing them into the crowd quickly after they made it inside. A small nod given and he'd move on, slipping closer to where the music was coming from. That seemed to be where the more 'hardcore' stuff was at and the potential source of what was now known as 'pop shots'.

And so the twins were off, doing their own thing, mingling rather easily with the kids. In all honesty, the hyperactive way they often acted probably made it seem like they were already high to the other kids. Their fascination with the fires didn't help, but when the 'pop shots' were mentioned to the girls, they looked at each other 'hesitantly' before trying to ask what kind of high it gave.
They tried to ask if it was similar to an assortment of drugs they'd heard about (and perhaps taken at some point in their travels, but who knows?), to no real avail. With so little information about it, they weren't sure if they should approach the person selling it, since they weren't /really/ interested. Even so, they had to do /something/ so they agreed with the informant to at least check it out.

As Kameko continued to dance along with the music she takes mental notes of her surroundings. They were certainly fascinating with the eerie light given off from the altered torches, and the scene was so full of life it just had to be captured later. Kameko makes her way out from the dance floor in a light sweat and sighs faintly to herself. She wasn't learning anything from her mingling, except for a few whispers about these 'pop shots'. She thinks to herself for a long moment debating on where she'd keep any dangerous substances if she had to keep a supply at a party. Logically it'd make sense that they'd be kept somewhere where not many people could hear the details of any taboo exchanges made. So with that she nods to herself and makes her way towards the source of the music as well, hoping to find some sort of better lead there. From what she could see of the twins they seemed to be getting along with the others well enough, and didn't need her to intervene in their troublemaking quite yet.

As the girls would get closer to the back, they would notice that there was a subtle change to the teens, less enjoying themselves.. more.. intensity. It was something happening to them, causing it to be more intense.. whatever it was they were doing. While nothing explicit was obviously evident, it seemed that it was going that way soon. The crowd was also thinner, making it a little harder to blend in casually as most people back here seemed to be under whatever the effect was. Closer, the music was definitely taking on a darker tone, something lost in the echos of the caves on the outside. Towards the front of the area was a small table beside a barrel that was being carefully monitored by a man.. he definitely looked like he didn't fit in, nor did he look like he was untrained. His attention would press on the girls for a moment, before moving on. The guard was restless, it seems that they had picked up on the figure's presence.. the reason why trained shinobi don't normally get in.. but have yet to figure out where he is exactly. Of course, it didn't help that the figure had henged a couple of clones and had them mingling in the crowd in 'teen' guises, to throw off tracking of the real him up in the cavern's roof. Finally, one of the men near the table would approach Kameko as she seemed more 'hardcore' with the tats. "you. You interested in making this real? This place is so much more potent with the pop shots! Sure you don't want to try it?"

The twins were curious about the change in atmosphere. Despite their interest, they tried to be careful. After all, their childish demeanor dictated a bit of uncertainty when met with anything but happy-go-lucky and cuteness. When Kameko was offered some, the girls looked at her intently, waiting for her response. They were curious to see someone take it — at least that's what they intended to portray, rather than any interest in the girl in particular. They waited, Jun peering over her sister's shoulder as they both stood back. After a moment, though, Nao would step forward. "Potent, you say?"

Kameko looks around remaining casual as she walked through the more dark area of the party, looking at the teens who no longer seemed to be in much of a partying mood. Seems her hunch was correct, this part of the cave would be much more useful in gathering information. As she glanced over at the table her eyes rest on the barrel that the man was guarding. Must be where the 'pop shots' were kept, at least he wasn't paying much attention to her. Still he seemed somewhat on edge, it was hard telling what could be bothering him. Her attention turns to the man who approaches her and a wicked grin crosses her face. "I thought someone would never ask…lead the way or give me a shot, you will get your payment when I see the goods. And trust me…I have more than enough to cover it." Reaching into her robe she pulls out a pouch full of ryo to show the man emphasizing her point before glancing over at Nao and Jun. "Beat it squirts, think the stuff's a little strong for you two." She'd have to apologize to them later, but she couldn't let them know that she knew them, could lead to suspicions. Besides she was still absorbed into her bad girl alter ego. With that she turns back to the man and waits for him to decide what to do.

The twins were indeed looked at.. and dismissed as well when Kameko told them to bugger off. Seems her front worked well to make them not a target. The guard of the barrel seemed to be watching the three of them again, studying them slightly more intently this time. The guy who approached Kameko would just laugh with a shake of his head. "Nah nah. You don't have to pay for this.. this stuff is reeeaaalll.. you try it, you'll get into the goods and it won't matter.. money, power, none of it. It's all good, right?" He'd grin and lead them over towards the barrel. The choice of that being the source seemed to be correct as a cup was poured for Kameko and offered. The twins on the other hand, would suddenly find that some of the teens who hadn't seemed interested before, were starting to take an interest now.. one on each side of where they stood, attempting to force them back to back. "hey.. you two look pretty. Maybe we should go into one of the more secluded caves and see how pretty you are, huh?"
The figure would watch as the interaction occurred, a small nod given as he was pointed at the source. With so many civilians nearby, it'd be impossible to tell friend from foe, so this was going to be slightly more complicated. A wire mesh was tied to the stones in the roof, giving him a wide area to use as leverage for lifting and lowering. Once that was done, he'd lower himself down, much akin to a spider by using his feet on the guide line, down towrds the back of the barrel. No one seemed to be looking his way, as the attention was on the girls, but it was a delicate task as he worked the wire that was around his chest off and started it curling about the barrel and the stand it was on.

Nao blinked, a smirk beginning to spread over her lips before she shrugged when the person giving out the drugs dismissed her as well. She had turned and took Jun's hand, completely intent on leaving this part of the cavern. Of course, they were instead met with overly interested teens. The girls did actually let themselves be put back-to-back, smiles coming to their lips. "You really think so?" Jun asked first, her sister then adding, "As long as you promise to be gentle…" They'd wanted to get out of this particular part of the caves, anyway.

Kameko puts her pouch of ryo back away in her robe and allows the man to lead her straight to the source. The way the man was describing the stuff was intriguing to say the least, and something even more curious was that they weren't even charging for it. So that cut out money as a potential motive for getting these teens addicted, but what other motives could there be? She takes the cup offered to her and looks down at the drink swirling it around in the cup as she examined it. She wasn't sure where to go from here, but she was certain that getting intoxicated on the mission was not part of the plan. She also didn't want to have to be restrained and sedated by med-nins if she did end up growing crazy. Still she did glance briefly up for a moment, just long enough to notice the shine of the metal wire before turning her attention back to the cup. Stealth must have found his way in after all, but she'd need to keep people's attention. She glances over to the man by her side before shrugging vaguely seemingly losing interest "You make the stuff sound a bit soft for me, how do I know it's as real as you say it is and not just a waste of my time?"

The man guarding the barrel would come forward then. Yep, hit the ego and you get all the attention you want. He'd nod to the boys who had been chatting with Kameko, looking down at her after they would wander off again. "This stuff isn't soft in the slightest.. you can already see how happy everyone is.." He'd leer at her cruely. "Why don't you fess up? You don't have the guts to try the stuff.. so you're stalling while you try to figure out to not have to take it.. I'm on to your game girly.. now you're going to have to drink.."
The boys were almost.. surprised at the twins agreement. a semi-excited chuckle shared between all of them. "Oh.. oh yes.. of course.. we'll be.. 'gentle' for you.." They would lead the twins off towards one of the side tunnels, the smaller caverns being secluded, a few of them would hold sounds of what sounded exactly like what the boys had in mind as they'd look at the twins then each other. Well, it was obvious they weren't thinking with any head but the one that hangs low.
Kameko's distraction was enough, the last working of his jutsu allowing the wire to interject into everything in that area. All of the tools, the barrel, the table, everything, it was all threaded through with that living metal that was a key note of his ability. Turning over on the wire, he'd immediately scramble upward, getting into the mesh that had been created up in the rocks as he'd watch on. Studying, calculating. He noted the twins leaving and Kameko having to deal with the man.. It'd be at the right moment, especially if Kameko saw him go up and would say the right words, that the resonant chakra was sent down the wire, causing all of it to shatter as the wire would shrink in on itself, crushing wood like it was paper.

The twins followed without question, only lightly blushing at the sounds they started to hear. They didn't seem like they would run off anytime soon, though. Not at all. On the contrary, the whole idea was rather amusing to them. They assumed, of course, they'd be able to force their way out of a situation if need be, though. Hearing the cracking wood, though, they glance back toward the other cavern and ask simultaneously, "What do you suppose that is?"

Kameko lifted a brow in curiosity as the man actually threatened her in an attempt to get her to drink these 'pop shots', some people were just touchy when it came to people questioning their brew. "Oh am I now?…I don't think I'll have to." After those words the barrel is crushed by Stealth's wire, spilling out its contents onto the ground to not be saved. She smirks faintly to herself before turning over the cup in her hand emptying the liquid in it as well. "I believe I have more than enough guts when it comes to dealing with you…" Flowing chakra to her tattoos she exposes her moon chakram blades to the guard assuming a defensive stance. Hopefully she could simply startle him into giving up. "You can run, or you can try dealing with me and my friends, your choice. It would be rather useless fighting though with your supply gone correct?"

The man would indeed startle, first his supply just.. blew up? Then the person he was trying to get hooked was able to pull weapons. Both hands going up, he'd back up a step. "woah woah.. hold on there.. I am not looking for trouble.. and it seems trouble just followed you in. I don't want nothing of it. I'm so totally out of here!" With that, the guy would try to push past Kameko to flee into the crowd. The 'hardcore' group was suddenly slightly panicky, afterall, the source of their fun did just blow up for no apparent reason. The band was oblivious, continuing to play on while the hardcore group tried to flee, leaving Kameko to deal with the tide of kids that were suddenly faced with a serious dose of reality.
While the boys had almost lead to the twins off to a room, they were outside of one of those small caves that was dark, they'd pause like the twins did at the sound of the explosion of wood crushing from the metal grip. Glancing at each other, they'd shrug, then look at the twins. "Don't matter! Come on! Let's get in here and have real fun!" Turning towards the cave, both boys would suddenly pale. That figure, arms crossed over his chest, along with two others, stood there. The three of them, with unblinking red eyes, stared at the boys who stumbled back into the twins. One word, venomous in intent, even as it was softly crooned in that tenor voice was all that was said. "Leave." Possessive? It seems so, as the kids were stared off, he'd turn his attention to the twins then, studying them with what would normally be a raised brow, if he didn't have his face masked as part of that outfit.

The twins hummed thoughtfully, thought with the boys' suggestion of how to handle things, they just responded with a giggling, "'Kay~" Of course, when the kids stumbled back, both girls just raised their hands to catch them and then shifted to the side so they wouldn't need to be shoved or trampled by the fleeing teens. "Bye bye!" both girls offered, raising their hands to wave before turning to look at Stealth and his replicas. At the look, both of them ask, "What?"
"You're the one who told us to do as told, aren't you? She told us to… what was it again? 'Beat it', I believe. Maybe we took it a bit too literally?" Nao offered an explanation, quietly, and shrugged. "Besides, we were to stay out of the way if hostility presented itself. It sounded like we were a step ahead, even," Jun added, both girls with bright, if somewhat mischievous smiles on their faces.

Kameko smirks as the man flees from her but frowns and sighs as the group bursts into a panic. Suddenly she had to be the bearer of harsh news to a bunch of kids who couldn't get their fix. She climbs up onto the stage keeping her weapons out shooting the band a look to get them to stop playing the music. Looking out to the group she speaks up loud and clear so that everyone could hear her. "Party is over folks, go home or else you'll be carted off to the village by force…I will give you all to the count of three..Three." The kids blinked at the lack of time to prepare before scattering off out of the cave in a panic. Kameko nods to herself seems she didn't have to rough anyone up afterall. She hops down from the stage and looks around for the twins and Stealth. She glances over in the direction the twins wandered off in making her way over to see them. "Think the mission's done, the drug has been handled and everyone who is smart has left. What do you think Stealth?"

The two clones would vanish into that *POOF* of smoke, leaving just him. He'd continue to just stare at them for a long moment. "Too far." That soft tenor voice would croon, before he'd glance over at Kameko. A small nod was given. "Hai. We're done here. Let's head back to the village. Maybe watch how they sneak in, so we can plug security holes. I'm sure Kuroki Kuoroke would appreciate that as well." Arms would unfold from across his chest as he'd head for the entrance. "Come on." Was he displeased? yes. Of course, there was a bit of internal confusion. Why should he care what they did? They were just part of an experiment, right? It was something he was definitely going to have to study at length. If they got close, that was power.. could he actually handle someone having that sort of leverage over him? And if they were captured.. what does he do then?

The twins only pouted softly at Stealth's short, dismissive response before looking over at the tattooed girl when he did. They quietly listened to the exchange and turned to follow after him with no argument or voice otherwise. They just glanced at each other for a moment before raising their hoods over their heads. Of course, part of each of them was both amused and happy that he showed even that much emotion. It was too bad it was negative, really, but it was something. They'd talk to him later about it… perhaps even apologize. For now, they were quieter than they'd ever been as they trudged back toward the village.

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