Tsugumi, Saori

Date: July 27, 2016


Tsugumi recruits a new member to the team who can provide something that Team 13 is lacking. …Eventually.


Ninja Academy, Konohagakure

Tsugumi has heard the cries of her team for medical support, and honestly they're right. It's something she's been aware they've needed for awhile now, but until they could prove the effectiveness of a sensor-only unit, adding a 7th, or 8th, or more team to the mix wasn't likely to get approval. They've now demonstrated that this is a viable team composition, and so recruitment is being allowed.

While a more general call for interested parties will go out soon enough, Tsugumi has been reviewing the new graduates from the academy to see if there's any untapped talent like Aru that could use a guiding hand. First her daughter, then Reime, then Rinoko, Aru, and Nonon… She has found the experience of helping new ninja to become independent, self-confident, and capable to be immensely rewarding, both in terms of her duty and personally.

One recent graduate caught her eye when she was reviewing the reports. Hatake Saori. The Hatake are not a large Clan, but they are one with capable shinobi. And Saori is apparently a Medic-Nin and so capable in terms of her jutsu that she was fast-tracked through the academy despite not being capable of basic ninja skills… While that lack of the basics is a problem, that's an impressive feat and speaks of one who can contribue much with the right training and leadership.

So Tsugumi has requested to meet with Saori. And that is how they are here now, at a class room in the academy itself. Tsugumi is seated atop a desk, looking over some papers with one hand, while she rests her weight on the other. One leg hangs off the desk, touching the floor, while the other is folded underneath it. The sun is going down and casting a molten red-and-gold glow into the class room through the windows.

Saori has graduated the academy. She isn't sure why she's being called back. But she hasn't been graduated THAT long, so maybe there is still business to conclude. …Ah! She doesn't have her hita-ite yet. It must be that. So she enters the classroom expecting to be stepping before a few teachers and maybe some other officials, who will award to her a forehead protector, and make her an official Genin.

What she discovers is a woman she has never seen before, sitting on a desk, reading papers. The white-haired girl stays where she is in the entrance way, looking calmly upon the unknown woman, and waiting to be acknowledged. While not adept at social interactions, she understands something of manners. And based on the equipment being worn, and the general maturity, this stranger is probably very much her senior and very much out ranks her.

It's highly unlikely that the sound of the door opening will be missed. Whenever she -is- noticed, Saori bobs her head in respectful greeting and says, "Hatake Saori, reporting as ordered."

Tsugumi brushes some hair behind her ear idly. She definitely hears the foot steps in the hall, and definitely noticed the door opening. She looks up with Saori standing there, and says, "Good evening, Saori-san. I'm Uchiha Tsugumi. I'm joint leaders with a fellow Chuunin, Rankoro Rinoko, of the sensor unit, 'Team 13'. I am also the primary squad leader of Team 13A. We're looking to recruit more members. You are a recently graduated Genin, and I've been given a chance to review your file." Tsugumi turns her eyes back on the papers in her hand. "You developed proficiency with Medical Ninjutsu, and have manifested three Elemental Chakra affinities, as well as Sensor capabilities, all before you even left the Academy. You're lacking in physical capabilities and your Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, and Genjutsu proficiency is also only average. But you aren't deficient in any area to the point of handicap."

She then looks up and says, "Your mother and father were Sarutobi Mirai and Hatake Yasei. Is that correct?" Tsugumi puts the papers down on an adjacent desk and leans back on both hands. "These are some promising credentials, and a family of prodigious talent. Would you be interested in being part of a sensor unit, Saori-san?"

Saori blinks her pink-red eyes a bit. Uchiha? A very big-name clan. And Tsugumi is saying her family is one of prodigious talent? She bobs her head again. "I'm honored by your compliment." The run-down of her capabilities and her time at the academy, and her current status is not new information to Saori herself. And obviously, Tsugumi is already aware of it. She didn't come here requesting a meeting with Saori without having already read the file, and she doubts that she was 'refreshing her memory' by reciting the content of the papers with Saori present.

Saori's mind speeds alike, having already concluded it's likely that Tsugumi is testing her reactions, or attempting to create an atmosphere in which it seems that she knows more about Saori than Saori knows about Tsugumi (which would be true without such theatre), or more than Saori knows about herself (possibly true, though Saori considers it less likely). It could also be done to see if there are any discrepencies in what's documented that Saori could correct… Or to test her honesty. Or a variety of purposs. Saori runs through all of this idly in her head extremely quickly, without even pausing, and responds to the inquiry with, "If it is ordered of me, I will join the unit. If it is my choice, then I may still join, though I would like to hea what my expected duties will be so that I can prepare appropriately."

Tsugumi crosses one leg over the other and says, "I have requested permission to recruit additional members and received it. You are not ordered to join, but I am offering the opportunity. I've already evaluated your capabilities and have made estimates based on your demonstrated and expected growth rates of how you could become stronger in the future. Right now, our single most pressing need is for a medical ninja. So the focus of your training and studying, as well as your primary role within the unit, will be providing medical support to other members, and those of any other unit that Team 13's members are assigned to on missions where a sensor is needed."

Tsugumi shakes her head. "I understand that you're still new to this, and that it may seem a daunting task. But you have time. And I don't plan to throw you into any extreme missions without giving you as much time as possible to grow into the role of a Genin, and to become useful as a medical ninja, not to mention your sensory capabilities… But I see a lot of promise in you. And I think you'd make a great addition to the team if you're willing." Tsugumi smiles kindly to Saori, as the sun through the windows puts a golden silhouette to her ebony hair.

She's not EXACTLY being praised as a 'genius'… But there's still that expectation and pressure on her based on some nebulous 'potential'. But Tsugumi is of the 'genius' clan of the Uchiha. She's probably used to such terms being thrown around. This might actually be a more subdued way of discussing that particular topic, relative to how other Uchiha speak of their skills and talents. But one thing Saori knows is that Tsugumi seems… Kind. Understanding. Experienced. Mature.

She feels oddly safe around her. And the fact that Tsugumi is looking for a medical shinobi, could have a wide variety of such in the Hidden Leaf, and chose a child fresh out of the academy says a lot of things about Tsugumi's character. Though perhaps not so much about her motives. Saori doesn't know her well enough to judge that about her.

But presently, she sees no reason to say no.

The white-haired kunoichi bows her head lightly and says, "Then I will accept your offer, Tsugumi-sensei."

Tsugumi slides off the desk and onto her feet with barely a bounce, and walks over to pat Saori on the shoulder. Smiling down at her, she says, "Then welcome to Team 13. I'll introduce you to the others soon enough."

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