Practice time Team 01! Give it your best!


Maia, Kenta, Takeda, Hoiishime, Kira

Date: August 9, 2010


A day at Raiun Lake leaves Team 01 with a few bruises.

"Practice time Team 01! Give it your best!"

Raiun Lake

"You have no authority to give my team orders." Maia says firmly and resolutely. Her usually calm and cheery demeanor became one of annoyance as she furrowed her brows and facepalms as she scrunched her nose and facepalms as she looks towards Takeda, hoping that he actually doesn't do it. "And no, they aren't giving me trouble, this is Team 01 of Kumogakure. Or at least two-thirds of it anyway." she explains with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Hanma Hoiishime.." she says, motioning towards the monk. "And Yamayuki Takeda." later motioning to her clanmate as she looks back towards Kira with furrowed brows. "But either way, Takeda, you aren't to be speaking like that to one of /your/ senpai either. I am fully capable of defending my own honor and I do not believe there was any intention to be impolite in what he said earlier. It was all one misunderstanding."

"And as to what what my students have accomplished.." she replies, looking back towards Kira. "They have aided me in successfully defending Kumogakure from several of the Death Hand and have served on several C and B-ranked missions.""

A deep exhale, as Takeda doesn't even look like he is about to move, nor does he seem bothered by the tone. As always the masked genin, just watches the other, and wiggles his nose.."Your constant practicing, has left you with a smell, which could be used to follow you, from here to the village." Another exhale.."As far as what I have done? Depends? I have done many missions, all successful" a nod of his head, then says to Maia..with a slight bow of his head.."my apologies Maia-sensei"..a nd offers the other a brief nod, but says nothing else

Hearing and then seein this random dude just appear right next to him, showing off it seemed, Hoiishime would sweatdrop, and pause, looking to him blankly, right before continuing to do what he had been doing, the way he had been doing it. Besides, Maia's explanation would probably take care of it all. Though Hoiishime didn't really like behavior like this amongst comrades, nothing would be really done about it at this point. It was rough for to have strange folks like Kira around, sure, but perhaps it was only because he was the new guys around, that made things more awkward. Hoiishime knew how it was to be the strange one, so he kind of sympathized actually. Maia's explanation of what they have accomplished had been really big for him to hear. Hoiishime, never looked at how much the team had accomplished, and yet, hearing from Maia, made his chest stick out alittle, even putting a smile on his face.

But perhaps, it was abit much to speak in such away to Kira, even though, at the moment, his behavior, was a bit much to take. Hoiishime would rise to his feet, and say, "Umm.. If I may, Maia-sensei, perhaps I be speakin frank? I be tinkin we be gettin off on da wrong foot here." Hoiishime would look to Kira, and smile saying, "Besides.. I tink it be proper dat before ya be goin head an givin trainin tips, at least we should be knowin ya name, Senpai." A cordial nod would be said to the Yotsuki, Hoiishime at least trying to create a bridge between people at this point. Takeda would not get much of a comment from Hoiishime. Hoii was his friend, and for the most part, it seemed redundant, and rather unfriendly to say much after Maia had kind of let him know what was up.

Kira's eyes would widen at Maia's words, "I am sorry Senpai. I didn't realize they were part of your team." He chuckles, "I am just a chuunin tasked with raising Genin. And showing them who and what they really are." He chuckles, and his next words may as well have been an accusation. "I just saw that their spirit hasn't quite been broken, and their tongue left loose. Not quite how I remember things from the War. Even those who haven't been raised to Chuunin status had more.. humility than this bunch."

And speaking of War, and Takeda's words, a bunch of memories run back into Kira's head. His eyes almost glazed over as he stared into the distance, a small stream of lightning arcing across his fingers, before he curls his fist to snuff it out and smiles at Takeda. Than he sniffs at himself, "What are you talking about? I just came out of the water, I don't smell!" He sniffs again, just to make sure. Than when he mentions his accomplishments: "I don't doubt you, but you should ask yourself why are you still a lowly Genin than?" He doesn't add anything after that. Than he sniffs sharply and says with a smile, "Speaking of smells; Fish is ready!"

Than the smile would disappear from his face as he looked at Hoiishime, not quite cheerful anymore. Calm, collected.. serious. What's the point of acting nice when people think you're out of place, even obviously so. "Your sensei should've already received an letter of my new duties; and no doubt a bit of my background." He pauses, looking at the sun. "Even though it's been just 10 minutes since the letter was sent." He smirks. "Well. I guess no point waiting for an letter."

He looks to Maia, "Yotsuki Kira, senpai, pleasure to meet you. Officials decided that I should teach Genin, and no doubt Chuunin of tactics and" He glances at Hoiishime and Takeda, "knowledge and manners, that I learned in the Great Ninja War." Glancing back to Maia. "If there is anything you need, Senpai. Let me know." He pauses, back to his 'old' self, cheerful and smiling. "So, anyone want any fish? Guess not." He says immediately, flickering back next to the fish.

Having little to do after the last mission, Kenta's taking some free time and heading down to the lake. That, and it's a hot summer day so a dip in the lake would feel REALLY good right now. Having come off the path from the falls, Kenta starts getting close to where the rest of the group is, more or less. At least he can be see. No flashy entrances, no loud bangs and summoning with giant toads, nothing cool. Just Kenta walking down to the lake. Though he does have some extra things with him. Probably a towel and some beach items.

"No need for apologies. I was a chuunin training them not too long ago myself." she said with raised and furrowed brows as she shrugs her shoulders once more. "There are those who wish to break the spirits of their genin before they mold them in their teacher's image. I do not operate like that. I am not wanting to mold anyone on my team into a duplicate of myself. They each have their own personality, their own strengths, their own goals and even their own agendas. As a teacher, I am here to help them reach those goals and to fulfill their potential. I find breaking their spirits to be counterproductive to the process, so if they have insulted you due to their lack of.." and she pauses, pursing her lips for a few moments. "Humility, then do accept my apology as leader of Team 01. If anything, it is a failure on my part as their teacher that they haven't learned such things." she said firmly and resolutely a she facepalms as she looks towards Takeda and then Kira.

"Secondly, I remember, at least during my days as chuunin, that those who haven't been raised to Jounin had even more humility than who I see before me." she continues, her brows remaining furrowed once more. "The difference between genin and chuunin is only experience. Your years give you your rank along with your experience. I would expect that one of their sempai would be providing a better example as to how they should act if you find their actions repugnant." she says as she shakes her head once more as she idly runs her fingers through her hair.

"We were all part of the Great Ninja War, Yorsuki Kira. I think I remember you from before, but remember, we were also at war with Kirigakure only a few months ago and they served admirably on several scouting missions as well as defending our lands from the Seven Swordsmen and their Deathhand." she explained matter of factly.

Maia sighed as she ran her fingers through her hair and looked towards Takeda and Hoiishime, not yet noticing the last of Team 01 enter the area. It was a look to not say anymore, lest the matter continue to blow up.

"Please except my apologies, for my lack of humility towards my superior" Takeda replies simply.. though the masked genin says nothing else. A nod acknowledging the look from his team leader.. A nod to Hoiishime, who is always the peace-maker.. The yamayuki continues to be deadly calm, deadly cool

The chuunin than sighs. "No, please accept my apology. It seems I came too fast to my own conclusions." He shrugs, "Happens sometimes, y'know." He than pauses, "Well. I myself could benefit from a friendly spar." He says as he glances towards Kenta; Nodding to him. "Anyone feel like doing this for an 'grumpy old Veteran'?" He smirks.


A young boy with electric-blue eyes and a dark, spiky, mane sweeping backwards. His facial features are stoic and serious, eyes touched by something heavy and encumbering. Though, like a lion, he still manages to stand upright and tall at 5'8 feet; like a figure of calm.

He wears black shorts and a blue high collared shirt over his body. On his feet he wears closed sandals and his forehead protector rests over his forehead, supporting his wild hairstyle.

Kenta nods and moves over towards Takeda and nudges him in hello and grins. He looks back at Kira and tilts his head, "A spar?" He looks back at Maia, knowing about the last time a chuunin wanted to spar with her team underlings. It did not go well for team 01.

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A soft chuckle escapes from her lips as she looks at the now gathered team. Her brows furrow as she peers towards them as she idly runs her fingers through her hair. "Well, now would be a good time to prove that you are not.." and she pauses, "as he puts it, lowly genin." Maia says matter of factly. It seems she's giving her permission for any of them to accept the challenge, should they so choose.

RP: Hoiishime joins the roleplay.

"being lowly genin, taking all three of us on, should be no problem for one such as yourself? basically your on par with those seven Swordsman, which some of them did fight us all at once? What say you me and Hoisshime here?" Takeda asks rather calmly, hands still clasped behind his back..

"I was hoping for nothing less" Says the Chuunin as his hands clap together, his chakra focusing! "Well, I was hoping that your Sensei would join in as well. But I guess she'll be the judge that all is fair and square!" He says with a smile and than drops into a stance.

Looking to the man, who had been accusing a monk, of all people, of not being humble, Hoiishime, would have been really thrown off. After all, he hadn't been the one berating the man. Not in the least. He had been trying, in fact, to be nice. Hoiishime wouldn't understand it, but at the same time, it wasn't worth pursuing at this point. It seemed, rather, well, pointless. Besides, all this talk about spirits and humility, it was just, well, weird, to hear it being talked of by ninja. After all, being humble, and doing ninja duties, seemed rather, well out of place anyway. Ninja, were violent, and took orders which often, went against that same principle of 'humility'. Hoiishime didn't see what Kira wanted, as humility. He want subserviance. He wanted a puppet. He wanted obediance without a lip. That wasn't really humility.

Hoiishime wouldn't really want to share this, as Maia, had been looking for the boys /not/ to really say much after her words. A good thing for the Jounin of the bunch, to be the one to end the conversation. And besides. Hoiishime had really no interest in making more of a dispute than what already was, being that peacemaker that Takeda knows him as, and all. When Kenta would come in, Hoiishime would smile, and welcome him with a wave, before looking back to Kira, and the young man's mentioning of a spar. He and Takeda seemed to have Maia's permission. Perhaps this was a weird idea to train with but Hoiishime found it interesting. He would step at Takeda's side, and smile. "

"I tink I may just join too.. I don' mind bein a lowly genin. Me strength don' depend pon me rank, mon. I just be here to serve." He would have been summonining his own chakra as well.

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Maia just gives a nod, as she steps back and clears the area, taking a deep breath as she scrunches her nos and watches.

Setsiro finds herself walking the pathway down the valley, heading towards the waters of Raiun Lake. It came to her attention that she's been spending quite a bit of time here, lately. Something placid to sitting on the lake, letting the waters rock you to calmness.

It's on her way there that she notices a group of people near the lake side, and she finds that they were on her way. She was able to make out enough of them — by their stances, it looked like something of a fight was about to come to play.

Takeda nods to Hoiishime, and begins to focus, exhaling and getting into a partial stance.. Always the silent one, rolls his neck a bit too.. then his hands are out in front of him, as if he was holding something or pressed against the very air.

Kira than nods his head. This felt just like before; But he remained focused, emptying his mind, to not let memories overtake him. But there was always something within, threatening to break out.

He raised to the tips of his fingers, twisting his left ankle so he is in a comfortable position to…

And than Kira almost disappears as he body flickers towards Hoiishime, with a well aimed kick at the torso, and than a elbow towards his face. Before jumping backwards and turning towards Takeda, half expecting an attack.

And just as quick as Kira had been, Hoiishime tried his hardest to be just as. That Yotsuki was fast! And not in just that, 3 seconds, and there kind of speed. Naw.. this guys moved with the speed that had been really unexpected, even for someone who had been prepared. And as prepared as Hoiishime was, even the water clone that would seem to leap from behind him, would be totally torn through, the kick going through the torso of the clone, and grazing his skin just enough to declare the pain quite annoying. Hoiishime would be seen contorting through the air, twirling, and then landing in a crouch, just in time to stabilize, regroup, and defend, all in that order. And just as the elbow, would encrouch upon him, Hoiishime would say, "You.. shall not.. pass!", summoning chakra in a wave of steam, to the confines of only his arms, concentrating it all, then compacting it into the palms of his hands.

And then, the boy would clap, forcing a wave of gold chakra so tall and wide, that the blast back of this barrier would be enough send the Yotsuki chuunin, even one of his ability reeling back. And with that, the monk would take his stance, only to wince and look to the place that stung. His side, just shy of his kidney would have a nice black bruise upon it. "Hmph… strong.", would be said with a smile as his arm would then glow gold, and then touch the spot, cause it in turn to glow gold, before nearly erasing the wound. Hoiishime would sigh in relief, and smile, before gold lines would creep up his form, from the tops of his palms, and the tops of his feet, up his leg and arms, back, and chest, and then finally ending at his neck and chest. Hoiishime would then stance, dropping back to his left leg and then inhaling, the muscles on his body, even while weighted, buldging all at once, tensing, before a slow exhale would release the ninja into a slow sway. Now Hoiishime was prepared.

There was definitely a smack that was heard. It was Maia's hand on her forehead at the 'you shall not pass' comment. She oyes and just shakes her head as she calls out towards the two, nosescrunching. "Enough with the theatrics, Hoiishime! Teamwork. You have a more experienced opponent with skills that you are not aware of. He's faster than you. So what do you do?" She needs to remind the pair to think and to work as a team as she just crossed her arms over her chest as she continued to watch.

Takeda using the same type of speed, begins to move towards the far right of his opponent, to try and force him to see in both directions, hoping Hoiishime will follow suit.. Though he had already begin figuring out a strategy, for this cuunin.

Indeed, Kira reeled from the shockwave, as sand and embers from the fire are lifted off the ground; He tumbles backwards, still maintaining a sense of grace and dignity, as he watched Takeda run around in circles; Trying to confuse Kira? Heh.

Kira than leaps in Takeda's direction, trying to intercept him and punch him in the stomach, before turning around mid-jump and than Body flickering back to the now enhanced Hoiishime and deliver a body flicker technique assisted Muay Thai-esque move to his head. And just before impact, the knee would light up with lightning chakra; making the attack all the more dangerous. And needless to mention, painful.

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And Hoii takes a /crushing/ blow to the shoulder, instead of the head, but only because of his own even quicker movement, the medic nin knowing just how to focus chakra in reaction to the attack, to enhance and move. That hit to the shoulder however, was no joke, the push in the blow seeming to turn him outside in. The twist in his body, though it would use the momentum to land him right, and not blow him completely away. Though he would not be moved from his positioning, Hoiishime, would feel yet another pain that would probably make him yelp alittle. It was needless to say, that lightning touched to bare skin, /hurts/. But luckily, Hoiishime was just a tad bit tougher than the average of his peers. He would land, and take flight, nearing the water alittle before blazing through handseals. At this point, mist would rise from thre directions, going from his left, his right, and even from above, as before long, the whole field of the fight, aiding him in disguise to at least by him some time. After all, this guy was only a Taijutsuist.. right?

Setsiro made it further down the path, a small smile on her face at the sight of the golden light flowing from Hoiishime. It was an ability that she found beautiful and effective, both, and it appealed to her senses. Takeda caught her notice as well, as he circled their opponent, searching for an opening to press. Good; a bit of teamwork.

That must mean the person they were fighting was stronger than the both of them seperately. Together, though…

The small smile slipped off her face, though, when she saw the ferocity of the strike given to the grappler monk. It was… unnecessary. But, it was not her place to say anything, at this moment and time, so she simply walked into the new mists, its cool touch swirling. 'How will teamwork aid you like this, Hoiishime?' was her thought. She did not think the team was so synced as to know what each would do without visible cue and be able to coordinate.

Kenta's been lazy. He's been standing next to Maia this whole time eating what looks like dried fruit. He holds out the last peice to Maia and says, "Sorry, I didn't want to get in there before I ate these. They're good." He grins, showing his usual calm and lighthearted self. If she takes it, great, if she doesn't, he frowns and stuffs it into his mouth. He gives a deep sigh and knows it'll be dog walks, weed pulls, and snow shoveling missions for a month if this goes all pear shaped. He moves away and towards the fight, almost casually and reaches into his pocket. "Hoi-kun, I'm in…" he says while pulling out a medic-nin syringe full of green liquid. He jams it into his neck and with a hiss the liquid it goes right into the blood stream and to work. With a grunt, Kenta's muscles bulge and his bulk grows just enough to be noticed. Then he makes a hand sign and begins to focus his chakra sending streams of it around himself.

"Why are you all acting as if this is separate one-on-one spars. You are a team, and I have seen you work as a team before. You have faced tougher opponents and worked together beautifully. What is this sloppy work?" she says, sounding definitely annoyed as she looks towards Kenta. She plucks the piece of dried fruit and takes a bite to calm her down. Perhaps her own crankyness was due to low bloodsugar? Who knows? Still, she purses her lips and facepalms as she grumbles something under her breath. With a handseal, a notepad poofs out of nowhere as she makes a note to herself. "Reserve the Yamayuki maze for team synchronization exercises." she says before making the notepad and pen poof away.

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The Chuunin playing the opponent in this 3 on 1 scenario is, needless to say, suprised by the technique used by Hoiishime. I guess he did learn something in the Kiri war.

But the Chuunin did not allow himself to be inefficient, he fought great scale battles where the enemy used hiding techniques such as this. The trick is to simply keep assaulting.

And this is what he did; Quickly taking out two kunai and a shuriken, the Chuunin tosses them at Kenta while dashing backwards and expecting Hoiishime to reappear soon enough to deliver his own blows.

Kenta ponders just dodging the whirling blades, but knowing that his physical skills are not as good as his ninjutsu he makes a few hand signs and launches a large stream of water out catching two of the blades. But the third does manage to slice through the water spray and hit Kenta in the arm. He winces at the sudden pain but shakes it off, it's just a flesh wound. Kenta narrows his eyes as the water rains down around him, then makes a few hand signs and says, "Suiton, water senbons!" Several senbon fly out from the rain drops as they pool together in mid air. Following up, he opens his mouth and spits out several brown and green needles, much like the rain before, but something is mixed in with it now. He launches two volleys of these as he pulls out the blade from his arm and tosses it to the ground.

Maia hrmms for a few moments, just watching for now as she just shakes her head once more. Now she would just be coming up with exercises to give the team more of a sync. Perhaps tying them together for a weekwould work. Yes…

Kira quickly weaves left and right, dodging the attacks towards him; Two of them were kinda close, though the third one was dodged with such ease and grace as if to put shame on the Genin; And even worse, he dodged /towards/ the genin, charging at him, while throwing another shuriken at him; and than attempting to punch him in the gutt; and finish his combo with roundhouse kick, again, towards the abdomen.

"Not bad not bad! Need to be faster though!" The Chuunin exclaims.

Kenta panics and feels his chakra slipping away the longer he's in his pumped up state. Besides, he doesn't need speed right now, he needs chakra! "That's not…" he says flashing through hand signs and spews out water, this time in a shield in front of him. But well, the effects are obvious. Kenta is just not skilled enough to handle a chuunin. despite what he knows. Knowledge does not trump ability. Not by a long shot. The fists and feet connect in Kenta's midsections and sends him doubled over. He gasps in a long rasp and croak, nearly dropping over to his side, but for what he's worth he stays on his feet. Kenta coughs and eventually gets his breath back. "…possible. Not against a chuunin." For once, someone in the team takes leadership. He shakes his head and says, "Team 01, stand down. This practice is over. I won't allow my team mates to be pummled for no good reason. We don't need a lesson in pain and humility. We get enough of that on our missions." He points at Kira, "Got it?" He wipes a bit of blood from his duster sleeve, which he'll have to mend later. Kenta walks back to Maia and gives a little bow, "I'm sorry to cut it short and disappoint you, but I wasn't about for us to get beaten senseless by a chuunin again. Not like last time."

The mist seemed to functioning fine for what had been the job Hoiishime had been needing it for. He was observing. Thinking. It had to be this, for a reason. Kira was all in and balls in for fighting tai. So far he hadn't really shown much of ninjutsu. So that meant a couple of things.. But it also made him realize that even if he could nail him with an attack, he would have to make the best of his luck, count. He would have to make sure that his strategu worked. So.. It would look to Kira, like Hoiishime was simply pulling a dumb move, running out to simply give him a punch. But just before the Hoiishime would reach Kira, the clone, would disperse into water, almost like nothing. The water would then coil around the man's body, trapping him for nothing but one single and nescessary attack from above. Another water clone.

Her brows would furrow, nodding towards Kenta. She was surprised by the young genin taking charge, but it was pleasant surprise as she smiled warmly towards the young boy. "I applaud you for your executive decision, but it seems one of your companions didn't hear you." Maia says, motioning towards Hoiishime as she nose scrunched and watched him go for the chuunin.

"Kira-san, I hope you realize that my students have surrendered and have acknowledged their defeat in this spar. Surely, there will be no counterattack to what Hoiishime has done?" she asked curiously, her brows furrowed as she peers towards the chuunin.

"And you did…okay. Still, your teamwork needs work. Lots of it. I was hoping to see a bit of coordinated attacks without me having to say when one should go and when to take advantage of an opening, but that is something gained with experience. We'll just have to practice more as a team, yes?"

Kira was on a roll here; A 3 on 1 fight is never fair, even when it was decided that two Genin can match one Chuunin in strength, and three genin can match a Jounin in strength. At least that's what the 'heads' said.

Kira's form wavers for a moment and with a puff of smoke the young Chuunin propels himself in a zig zag manuever towards Kenta, dodging the water clones, just barely.

He stops near Kenta and he looks quite angry for a moment; "You. Do not. Tell me. What to do? Got /that/ punk?" He would than make a move, suddenly crackling with electricity to simply tap Kenta on the chest, a moment after the electricity disperses. If he succeeds he'd say, "If this was serious, you'd be dead now. And I know of places, I've seen them, where people are get killed for disrespect towards their superiors. No matter of rank or age. Simply because what they said or did. Keep that in mind. You are young, talented. A leader no doubt. But you gotta use your head." He taps his head to demonstrate. "When life throws problems into your face? You gotta know when to /headbutt/ them or use your brain not for bashing." He pauses, perhaps realizing he may be confusing the Genin. "In other words; At times you gotta know what you have to say."

Than he looks at Maia and nods his head. "Well, quite a interesting bunch you trained. You should be proud." A nod is given to Hoiishime and than the Chuunin steps back. "So, huh, anyone want fish?"

Kenta's eyes grow wide as the electricity snaps around Kira. Are those flames dancing in that chuunin's eyes?! Kenta knows he's got no chance in heck to block it or get out of the way, so at least he's glad Maia is there to protect him. Even if Kira doesn't move forward with the full attack. "Sometimes, chuunin-sempai, a retreat is wiser than an attack." He shakes his head, "No thank you, I do not eat meat." He smiles thoughtfully and tries not to think about the pain from all of this.

Hearing and then seeing things move after Kenta's surrender, kind of mad Hoiishime alittle scared. This was an excercise, and as much as he considered Kira's ways, well, alittle jerkish, hitting him accidentally wasn't in the plan. A wash of relief would come over the monk however, once he would see that Kira had not been hit. He would diminish the mist around them all, before coming out, just intime to see that Kira, still seemed to be attacking, even after Kenta's surrender!! That fiend. Hoiishime wouldn't like this, and just when he would move in to charge at the nin, it would seem that Maia had been in control. Hoiishime began to fear for Kira. It wasn't going to be pretty, if /those/ instincts had kicked in. Meanwhile, he himself had just been noticing that he had been fighting, all this time, naked.. The sheet that had cover his loins, had fell off about 4 rounds ago.

RP: Kira rolled a 17 with 6d6 die.

Hearing the crackle of electricity, Maia rushed towards Kenta, but just saw that it was going to be a tap in the end. So she went in the way as she raises her brows as she nods and agrees with her student. "One has to know his limits. When facing an enemy that is stronger, it is better to retreat and to fight another day than foolishly rushing into something and losing your life." she said firmly and resolutely as she seems a little put off by Kira's attitude.

"In addition, he didn't tell you what to do. /I/ did." she said firmly and resolutely, her brows furrowed as she nose scrunched. "If this was serious, I would have intercepted the attack and would have you trapped in one of my genjutsu or fuinjutsu. I had asked you to stop attacking after /my/ student had surrendered. I had expected you to follow that request and to stop but instead you continued. There is one thing to remember about being a leader, that I do not think you get yet, Kira san. Respect has to be earned. There is something to be said about you being of higher rank, but continue to act this way and not even academy students will respect you. If you want it to be given to you, then you give it to others as well. Is that clear?" she says matter of factly.

"And if I ever hear you telling my students what to do again without my permission, you will see me angry. And trust me, you don't want to see me angry."

Kira chuckles at Maia's words. He /chuckles/. But you can't blame him for the slight tinge of fear in his eyes. "I wasn't attacking him Maia-Sempai. I was merely demonstrating." He says. "And it was he who asked me 'Got it' as if I was just some student. I fought for my place, I don't know about you." He than steps back. "And as far as respect goes? Fear trumps it. I remember people who groweled at my feet 'respecting' me. But at the first sign of trouble; they were already gone. Ran away."

He than smiles, "Seems I've outworn my welcome here. Well, some other time than." He nods his head and disappears in a puff of smoke.

"Oh…" said Setsiro to herself, turning her eyes away. "Goodness…"

Kenta makes a mental note never to go up past genin in rank. Maia's the only sensible one between chuunin and jounin and to Kenta, that's scary. Not that he knows how anyway. Kenta gives a painful grunt and sits down against a rocky protrusion, "Good work using that hidden mist technique, hoi-kun. I didn't think you knew that one. Next time, I'll use my sludge emission technique, then we can focus all of our attacks on the target. Be sure to put chakra on the feet though, or you'll get stuck in it too." He grins, "I don't think I showed you that one yet, did I…"

"And that's why they left. Fear is why they followed you, but you hadn't earned their respect for them to defend you in your time of need." she said firmly and resolutely. She sighs and takes a deep breath, idly running her fingers through her hair as she looks towards her team. "Remember, when working together, you each have a niche. You use your niche and look and probe for weaknesses. Coordinate your attacks. If you're going to use your sludge emission, the Hoiishime and Takeda must attack. If you're going to use your water prison, then leave openings for Takeda and Kenta and so on and so forth." she says, still in a lecturing tone as she takes a deep breath.

"But still, I'm glad you knew when to stop. It's nice to see that while you can't beat those meatheads out there, that you have enough sense to know when you're beat and to go off to reformulate a new plan." she says matter of factly. "That too requires experience and so for a 'lowly' genin, you did just fine." she says, ruffling the youngerboy's hair before she finally looks towards Hoiishime.

Her eyes widen as she nosescrunches and just blinks for a few moments. "Your pants." and she covers her eyes, giving the monk his private time.

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