Prankster's Penance


Atoshi, Noab

Date: February 25, 2014


A listless genin receives a harsh awakening from Konoha's drill sergeant.

"Prankster's Penance"

Training Area #26 - Genin Training [Konohagakure]


The Special Genin Training ground, in Training Area #26, is designed to suit all of a Genin's training needs. As well, it serves as an excellent place for Jounin to teach their Genin team members. The area is mostly a large expanse of grassy field, surrounded by forest, with a nearby lake, and various poles and tree trunks for practicing attacks on. There are boxes, carefully camoflauged, containing supplies of shuriken, kunai, smoke bombs, and similar basic ninja equipment, as well as racks nailed to a few trees, with weapons stored on them. They are all covered to be protected from the environment, and regularly checked to make sure they are clean and in good condition.
There are also medical supplies hidden around the area. Most of this equipment can't even be found by most Genin, since their containers are meant to be known to and used by Jounin only, but a Jounin teacher may point out the location of a few for when he or she isn't present and the Genin want to train anyway.


Atoshi ducked behind a rock, quickly doing a seal to fade from sight. A group of three kids run to where he was at, frown and spread out. "Come ooon Atoshi! You just gotta listen to our idea!!" Silence. The three kids whined to each other but would walk off. Waiting a moment, Atoshi finally hopped out of a tree, landing lightly to stroll into the training ground proper. He'd look about then frown. "Well.. this is boring. I don't even want to train anymore.."

"You didn't want to listen to the other kids' idea, but now you're bored?" Noab was apparently sitting nearby, still as a stone himself, and managed to go unnoticed until now through the power of he-had-to-be-there-for-the-scene-to-get-going. :o "People with free time don't get to complain about being bored. If you're in control of what you're doing, it's your own fault if you're bored." Noab leers at Atoshi. "'Course, I could take away that freedom for a while, that might help." >)

Atoshi yelps! he'd spin on Noab, hands coming up, to pause. How'd.. "Ehh.. they like harassing me to do pranks. Their pranks are always boring. I was wanting to train, but training alone is boring.." He'd frown, taking a few steps towards Noab. "I'm not sure I recognize you. Who are you?"

"Akimichi Noab, jounin." And clan head, but whatever. "I'm keeping an eye on the training grounds. So, boring pranks, huh? Too bad they're not exciting pranks, then you should definitely do them." >P Noab gets up. "As for training alone being boring, that's your own fault again. Haven't you got any imagination? Not to mention, training doesn't have to be fun. Do it anyway."

Atoshi looks at Noab for a moment before shaking his head. "If it was an exciting prank, then I might do it. Genjutsu makes pranks too easy. It gets to where it's not worth it." He'd shrug slightly, hands shoving into his pockets. "I can train physically.. but it's no fun to train genjutsu alone.. nor does it really work. Besides, why be boring when something interesting could be found to do for training instead?"

Noab snorts. "Depends on whether the boring thing or the interesting thing is better training. But if you're using the skills your instructors drilled into you to prank people, that's a mighty sorry investment. We oughta strip you of your rank right here and now." Noab's eye narrows. "And believe me, sonny, I'm not afraid to do that. Wanna give me a reason why I shouldn't?"

Atoshi snorts. "Only skills my instructors gave me were basic at best. Anything that I would use in a prank is from my own forging of my dark cloak. I've pushed it both into a physical additive as well as mental." Atoshi shakes his head, hands coming out of his pockets to cross his arms. "Since I ain't pranked anyone lately, there isn't a need to threaten that anyways, is there?"

Noab stares at Atoshi for a moment. Then he laughs. It's not a pleasant laugh. It's harsh, booming, and derisive. "Ha! I'm sorry, did somebody tell you that you were a citizen in a benevolent country, with rights and due process of law and innocence until proven guilty?" XD Suddenly Noab's laugh turns into a fierce scowl, and his arm extends out to grab Atoshi's shirt. "You are a RANKED MEMBER of a MILITARY OUTFIT, and you will RESPECT your superiors or be kicked out! Now tell me how you intend to acquit yourself for abusing your ability as a ninja, and THINK FAST!!!" >[

Atoshi blinked, stepping back a step, although easily grabbed anyways. He'd stare at Noab for a moment. That.. wait.. what? He's.. he's serious. Atoshi gulped a little. "Uh…" Yeah, thinking fast there, Atoshi paled as he'd take a slow breath, letting it out. "I'm sorry, S-s-sir.. I will respect you better, Sir. Please don't kick me out Sir. I will do what you require of me to resolve the issue!"

"NOT GOOD ENOUGH!" Noab lifts Atoshi off the ground. "You really DON'T have any imagination, do you!? I tell you to tell me what you're going to do to make amends, and you try to put the burden on ME!? And you say you're a genjutsu user for all that!" Noab drops Atoshi with a slight backwards toss. "You get one more chance! Think about what you did wrong and tell me what you'll do to fix it!"

"Erk." Lifted off the ground, both hands immediately came up to latch onto Noab's arm as Atoshi tried to keep himself from choking by his own shirt. Tossed backwards, even with just that slight amount was enough to make him stumble, then fall on his rear with a thump. "I.. I.. I don't.. know what I did wrong.. The last.. prank I did was when I was a student. years. I haven't since because they were boring.. I.. what.. I.." Atoshi stalls, paling. He's going to get kicked out because he can't come up with something to fix it. That means no home.. no friends, no village.. what is he suppose to do??

Noab exhales. -.U "Try apologizing to the people you pranked, that'd be a good start at least." Noab takes in a deep breath and folds his arms. "All right, you're right, we're not about to toss out a salvageable ninja over a few minor offenses, that'd be a huge waste of resources." Noab gives Atoshi a hard glare. "BUT, you might WISH that's what happened by the time I'm done with you. Since you couldn't come up with a proper idea for making amends yourself, we're going to do this the hard way." Noab sits back down. "First, I want you to do fifty laps around the training grounds, and while you're doing that, think about all the people you ever pranked. Don't stop if you remember them all and run out, keep going over them again and again. I want you to be puking on those memories by the time you finish your laps, understand?"

"I.. err.. hai!" Atoshi had a flash of relief, immediately replaced with that dread again. This guy was tough! Getting to his feet quickly, he'd take off. It wasn't full tilt, but he was definitely putting himself hard into it. The pranks, what he had done, would go through his head. Looking back over them, they seemed so.. stupid now.. Even what he thought was good at the time was.. sad. pathetic.

"PUT SOME ENERGY INTO IT, I DON'T WANNA BE HERE WATCHING YOU UNTIL NIGHTFALL!!!" Noab bellows. >.U Noab sits down while Atoshi runs his laps and pulls out a writing pad. He scratches a missive on the pad over and over, sheet after sheet, pausing occasionally to harangue Atoshi.
When Atoshi is finally done, Noab hands him the pad. "I want you to give one of these to every person you pranked. Better start saving up, too." The sheets in the pad all read, in Noab's large and blocky but very legible handwriting, 'The bearer of this note is entitled to one free D-rank mission, to be performed and paid for by Gansao Atoshi. Signed, Akimichi Noab.'
…What's that? Atoshi never mentioned his family name? Um, Noab has a little dossier book to reference for all the ninja in the village. Yeah, that's it. c.U

Panting, Atoshi would slowly come to a stop near Noab. Even running near full tilt wasn't enough. He'd gulp air, frowning at the pad. Great.. just what he needed. A glance from it to Noab and back, he'd take them. "Hai, Sir." Not that Atoshi had a choice in the matter! Now he was going to be doing a bunch of boring legwork for random people.. wait.. "How'd you know my family name??"

Noab holds up his dossier book, open to the page with Atoshi's picture. "You're a ranked member of a military organization, remember?" :P DON'T LEAN ON THE FOURTH WALL IN THE SAME SPOT ANOTHER CHARACTER JUST DID, YOU FOOL! YOU'LL PUNCTURE IT AND DOOM US ALL! DX Ahem. Noab gets up. "I'll be watching you, genin. Dismissed!" Noab heads off to perform whatever other duties/activities/genin harassments he has slated for the day.

Atoshi stiffens up, giving a formal bow to Noab. "Hai, Sir." He'd stay there, watching until Noab left, before relaxing slightly. Looking over the notes that Noab made, he'd groan. he has a lot of work ahead of him. Shuffling his feet, he'd wander out of the training area. Man.. this is gonna be long and boring..

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