Pylon of Efficacy - Preemptive Scouting


Meruin, Tsiro, Rangiku, Naru, Daichi, Berii, Taji (Came in later)

Date: September 20, 2011


Meruin and Tsiro are about scouting for possible enemy positioning and prime locale for planting Kirigakure bases. A confrontation with various Konohagakure ninja who were scouting for intruders, themselves, ensue.

"Preemptive Scouting "

A clearing in the Miati Forest

Meruin arrived at a clearing in the Miati forest, the nine year old landing from a leap from the trees in a crouch. The place had been designated as the meetup spot for a group of Kiri-nin that'd been scouting the Miati forest. This was fairly soon after the incident involving the destruction of a great many ships with Kiri appearing to be very much at fault. And since no official war effort has been made as far as he was aware, it was unlikely that they'd find very much resistance, as of yet. As such, now would be the best time to set up bases and claim territory.
Meruin rose to his feet in a single supple motion, the Okumo turning his eyes to the sky for a moment. It was three for four hours past high noon. He and the others hadn't made entirely too much of a disturbance quiet yet. The birds could still be heard singing, though not immediately around him. The spiders in the area told him of wildlife about, still. Things… looked good. So he waited.

Moving through the woods, Tsiro was attempting to make the meeting spot on time. He refused to sacrifice his stealth for it though. As he approached the spot, he would crouch down and scout it. Once he spotted Meruin, he would stand up and walk towards him. His crimson eyes would glare towards the boy. Only nine years old and he was already a chuunin. "Reporting." The boy said sarcastically.

After hearing of another war coming on, Rangiku immediately set out with three genin to start scouting the borders of Konoha to make sure there were no incursions in their borders. Looking towards Naru, then Daichi then Berii, where the only unknown was Daichi, whom she had not met. Naturally, she leads her team through the trees, mostly for cover as she keeps an ear open for any sign of trouble.

Naturally, Naru moved swiftly through the trees, her soft raven hair trickled and bouncing along her neck as she leaped from branch to branch. She wasn't entirely too fast but well enough in her own control to keep up with the others, meanawhile her eyes watched and looked around… This scouting mission was suppose to be easy, or at least she thought… Check here and there for a few misfits and report back to base… Easy enough right? Despite this, Naru couldn't help but to feel slightly uncomfortable, she wasn't use to anyone else in the group except for their Chunnin leader, so rather than some light talk to she remained steadfast, continuing after their leader while keeping a close eye on the surroundings…

Under the command of a Chuunin he'd hadn't met before Daichi was a bit anxious. The other members of his team were unknowns too but he was very trusting of his fellow Konoha ninja. As a medic Daichi knew that the others would be depending on him just as much. Madness's Butcher on his back and a good supply of medical equipment stored, the genin was ready for whatever they may encounter. It was the second war he's been involved in directly, and again it was with Kiri. 'A violent bunch they are.' Daichi thought. He was aware however that such a thought was akin to the pot calling the kettle black. "War again…ugh how tiresome…."

Berii, already terrified of combat from her last mission was on another that had the possibility of danger. Berii looked grim but, at least she had grown /slightly/ better, her legs weren't shaking… yet. That may just be due to them constantly moving as they made their way through the forest. Berii's eyes bobbed left and right just like her hair did. Her expression perks up when Daichi mentions he was in the other war, though she doesn't question him. Her focus goes back to the Chuunin and keeping close.

Meruin turns his eye towards Tsiro as he arrived, giving a nod to the boy who was taller than him by half a foot and bulkier through age. He walked towards the Kaguya without preamble, smooth gait killing the distance in simple moments and when he reached him, he let his hand fly. The back of it was sent towards the genin's cheek, strong enough to turn the cheek but not enough to do true harm. It was a warning. "Show convincing respect to your superiors or be disciplined." The straightforward message given, he turned around and kept his eyes turned outwards.
"Be aware."

Tsiro would move to make a hand sign but it was too late. The hand would lightly smack his cheek. In return the boy would let out a growl, much like a beast. His crimson eyes glared at Meruin. "Would you prefer respect of a bitch or animosity from a killer?" The words were in a low tone, but this was a war and no matter how much Tsiro hated what he was, he was a Kaguya. His eyes would then move to scan the woods.

Stopping a short distance away, Rangiku holds up her hand, signalling the rest of the team to stop. Keeping hidden, she spots the two ninja down below them and shakes her head, especially after she hears the slap. She looks to the genin and points out the two ninja to them. She then signs for Daichi to stick with her while she points for Berii and Naru to pair up as well. For the moment, however, she chooses to observe…..

Observation seemed to be be the key in this case, and just as quick as Rangiku signaled for them to stop Naru quickly ceased her movement, remaining high in the trees with her hands pressed against a trunk of wood, she examined the shinobi below them, curious at first but soon moved back into a pair, glancing at Berii, Naru joins by her side, closely snug against another tree with one giant leap, however she remains her own stealth to watch and oberserve the situation….

Coming to a halt at the signal Daichi quietly lowers and watches as instructed by Rangiku. However the boy has a hard time staying quiet after seeing the two shiniobi Rangiku pointed out. One was someone new. Daichi hadn't seen him ever but the smaller one was like a reoccurring nightmare in Daichi's life. "Meruin" he mutters softly, doesn't want to bring too much attention to himself. Daichi nods at the pairings as he knows what Meruin is capable of. The other two seemed more than capable of taking on one opponent together, albeit they look a bit anxious themselves. Daichi nods to the both of them offering a faint smile. He wasn't the type abandon teammates and he wouldn't start now. He does his best to blend in with his environment however he is anticipating a response not sure if Meruin had dispatched his spiders or not. He wished he could give out the warning.

Berii starts to slow her, 'bad-times' senses were tingling. A few preperations were made, making sure everything was in check and manages to do so just before Rangiku gives the signal to stop. Berii halts completely, leaning forward and placing her hand on the ground as she looks ahead scouting out the two, the girl did not have the experience to figure what clans they were from if any but… she can't help but, stare at Meruin. He was, very strange looking to the point where she could feel a light tremble again.

Berii's teeth grit, well aware of Kirigakure ninja being monsters but, both of them were so young and left on their own. One looked like fighting was the most common thing for him next to breathing while the other barely looked human at all.
A glance would be given to Rangiku, hoping she'd give them the order to evade or turn around, instead they were split into groups. Berii nods to Naru, lowering herself even further as she takes cover with the help of shrubbery and the like. It's a good thing she didn't smell heavily of berries today.

"It does not matter either way, so long as you perform your job and ably," responded Meruin, eyes scanning the forest in front of him. "And you have not done so. We've been spotted. I count three in front of you." He lifted an arm in a swift motion, sending a pair of shuriken flying in a sharply arcing path, moving in a horizontal curve. He'd aimed to strike two of them with the abrupt motion, but the main idea was to flush them out into sight where he could determine what their threat level was and dispatch them more easily.
"Prepare for confrontation."

Tsiro would sense two shinobi as Meruin blamed him. Another growl would be given towards Meruin. 'Condescending bastard.' Tsiro thought to himself. It only seemed to enrage him even more. The boy would then turn his rage towards the two he had sensed. He would reach into his attire and pull out two kunai. He tossed them directly towards the two. "Come get some!".

Trying to block the Kunai with her own, Rangiku completely misses the block and gets the kunai in her arm. "well, that went well." she says before signalling for the others to go after them. Of course, Tsiro has now given her a Kunai. a sick way of looking at it, yes. Rangiku hangs back for the short run as she focuses to get a bit of chakra, then makes quick hand seals to shoot small fireballs at Meruin, trying to create an opening for Daichi.

Naru's instant reaction was to counter away the Kunai with her own, quickly expelling the blade from her arm guard, she slings it forward with deadly precision, however not quite accurate enough instead it stabs int othe floor below, only to projectile through at her to lightly cut into her flesh, though it was just a mere flesh wound. "Darn it…" Naru cursed under her breath, feeling her blood instantly boil almost feeling like freezing up, however quickly she places her hands together with a ram seal, focusing up her chakra as it began to bellow up about her body.

" Theres one coming for you Berii-san! We will have to work together!" She shouts out, dipping forward out of the tree she tugged one another kunai along her thigh pad, buckle, expelling her own Kunai to cut into Tsiro she landed on the ground with a slight thud… But hopefully that kunai would hit home while she set herself up for a premptive defense. " Bunshin no Jutsu!" Suddenly from around her a few clones poofed into existence, more than likely a way for her to defend against any incoming attacks.

Daichi's eyes are keen to the shuriken speeding his way. He didn't have time to block or deflect it which is just what the enemy wanted. Daichi moves swiftly hand going for the large cleaver as he avoids Meruin's attack. Forced out into the open Daichi gives Meruin a smile not as hostile as one would think between enemies. "Be careful everyone." Rangiku seems to have taken minor damage, Daichi wasn't worried. He anticipated injury on this mission and was prepared. He sees that she has taken the liberty to initiate an attack thus giving him an opening. Daichi positions himself a short distance away from Meruin so he has enough time to act instantly on the spiderchild's actions. His mighty cleaver comes down by the command of one hand. After the first strike, with the aid of his other arm, Daichi brings the blade around for another strike. Eyes shift to Rangiku seeking to regroup with her after Meruin defends.

They were on to them and Naru's warning makes it aware that even Berii's position was compromised. Berii's hand come together and she quickly shuffles through some hand seals. Whatever she was planning, it was to no avail as the kunai nails her right in the forehead. Wait, her forehead protector was on… how did it sink in exactly? -Poof- Berii turned into a clod of mud and the kunai sank down with her.
"Hnn. That was close." The girl would be found up in a tree, her hand over her heart as she tries to calm herself. "Mmmkay." Her hands slide into her sleeves and she pulls out two kunai.
The Uchiha's footing adjustes before she launches forward, flinging both of the kunai Tsiro's way before pulling out a third kunai presumably out of the same spot as she lands, with a quick motion of her right hand she aims to slash the Tsiro with the kunai in hand while running by him. She wasn't entirely sure what her teammate or the enemy could do so she'd have to get a feel for things before strategizing.

"Do not falter, Kaguya," were Meruin's words as his pupiless eyes lit under the fire of that blossomed and flew at him. Rather than attempt to move around he, he dashed towards it, small body opting to move through it instead. But it was a tactic that utilized the fact that he was facing two opponents. When Daichi landed nearby, it was enough for one of the fireballs to catch him in the arm, scorching him slightly. He ignored it, rolling under the first strike and moving to his opponent's side.
He jumped backwards and twisted, one arm pointed diagonally up and the other diagonally down. Long strands of spider silk whipped from the limbs, the acidic lashes streaking and heading to hit both of his opponents. They'd find that the silk held the draining properties of the Okumo and the acid burned enough to bring great pain. And the scorch that'd been on his arm was fading away.

Drawing another kunai from his pocket, Tsiro tries to block the incoming kunai. He moves his hand around in a circle trying to hit all three and fails completely. As the kunai rip through his clothing and cut him, the youth grimaces in pain. He refuses to scream though. As Berii moves to cut him, Tsiro moves to the side and slashes the girl at the hip. Being as Berii is the closest target to him, he seems to focus on her. He would run at her and aim a kick for her chest before attempting to slash her with the kunai. This time he would aim mid stomach.

As the acid lashes struck Rangiku, she disappeared in a puff of smoke, showing a flame being put out….a Fire clone. Rangiku aactually comes from the other direction….throwing a handful of Kunai at Maruin's back, even as he jumps through the air…..

It seemed as though Berii decided to take the lead, moving in on him with fast strikes of her Kunai hand held, making it slightly difficult for Naru herself to actually throw any more kunai without the risk of getting Berii in her cross hairs. " I'll follow your lead!" Naru shouts out, suddenly bursting into a full fledged run, while Berii kept the Kaguya distracted soon enough she leaps over Berii, coming down with a knuckling Axe kick to slam down deep into the others shoulder while spin kicking with a stern round house to send him staggering back… "Are you okay, Berii-san?!" Naru questioned out loud, of course there was no time to check for injuries…

Meruin was still a nimble little thing. Daichi's head goes up to follow the spider's movements. Chakra is gathered in his other hand while he slices and fans the silk away. With that done a chakra lance sit in the grip of the young medic. In one swift motion Daichi tosses it at Meruin letting is sail through the air on a course for the boy's chest. Daichi keeps the pressure on Meruin and flickers away in a display of speed. Blade ringing through the air as he attempts to slice Meruin.

The boy was quick, as soon as she saw she missed the kunai in hand would be dropped at her side, falling innocently between herself and Tsiro. With her back turned to him she takes a step or two forward, hand seals were formed again as she prepares one of the few things she was good at. A mixture of training of the past and little tricks from her first C-rank mission would be put together to prepare her for this moment.

Working with replacement technique. "Hnn, gotcha." The kick is taken in her back despite her apparently 'having' him. She drops to the ground and suddenly disappears, in her place a simple kunai. Actually… the kunai that she had dropped just moments ago, she was now right next to Tsiro, her kunai sliding to intercept his, knocking his arm high into the air to have a wide open strike at his mid-section right after Naru assaults him.
"Aye! Just fine but, watch out!" She responds to her clanmate as she finishes up a string of seals, "Katon!" Breathing in deep, whatever the rest of the technique was would not be mentioned. Anyone who knew a Uchiha well enough would expect what comes next.
Her body arches forward and she brings her index finger and thumb to her lips to control her technique as she gives Naru some time to get out of there and breathes out a large gout of flame from her mouth, hoping to end it there.

Meruin's body continued in the spin that he'd thrown it into as Rangiku's attacks came at him. The silk clothing covering his chest seemed to burst, sending a spray of shuriken towards the cloud kunai that'd been sent his way, canceling them all out. He landed in a crouch and came immediately to his feet, pivoting to the side to allow Daomi's lance of chakra to fly past him. With his opponent reappearing behind him, he simply threw himself into a crouch, leaving his hair behind to get tousled by Daichi's blade.
And then he vanished… reappearing just in front of Berii, his body covered in a sheenless chitin. The stream that starts the great fireball breaks off against his back, it's potency destroyed. His back was to the girl and he looked at Tsiro, the nine year old's eyes seeming judging by the very fact that there was no judgement in them when he spoke. "You must do better, Kaguya Tsiro. I cannot always spare the time to protect you from the weak." He looked over his shoulder, empty eyes taking in the young Uchiha after her attack had finished. "You must do it yourself…"
And then he started walking towards Daichi and Rangiku again, the black chitin seeping into his skin and leaving him as he was before it'd come. His long platinum hair rose of it's own volition, streaming behind him in undulating waves as he converted his body's reserves into those of a less physical nature. He was prepared.

Despite having been cut by Berii, Tsiro would turn in time to see the axe kick. He stepped to the side, then moved back to avoid Naru's spinning kick. Then his eyes widen as he hears the name of the jutsu from Berii. Luckily as he turned around Meruin would be there. For a brief moment, Tsiro hated Meruin less. Then Meruin opened his mouth and the gates of hatred opened once more. As if returning to reality, Tsiro would move to strike Naru with an elbow. He then would do a spin, tossing the kunai from his hand at Berii before returning his attention to Naru. This time he would aim to kick her in the gut.

Meruin would definitely have a hard time pinning Rangiku down, considering her use of Fire Clones. DEspite Meruin appearing right in front of her, Rangiku lashed out at him with a kunai knife, with another suddenly appearing right behind him as the Kunai came forward, making a bonechilling cry…



Naru was absolutely impressed, though most of her attacks failed to hit home so did his, each elbow and punch slammed into each of the two clones she had summoned earlier, only to leave a rather sneaking Naru directly behind him… Meruin's strength was definitely something she wouldn't be able to get use to watching as he took the full blaze of Berii's viritually perfect Goukakyuu, it made her quite envious of her, something that she herself didnt know how to do. Regardless, she continued with the motion, " Don't get cocky!" Naru shouted at Tsiro, clasping her hands together and motioning through the hand seals, ending on tiger she shouts. " Katon, Dangandanmaku no Jutsu!" Suddenly a stream of firey bullets begin to rain upon Tsiro from the opposite direction, exhaled right from the kunochi's mouth.

Daichi curses as Meruin avoids his strike once more. The young medic will have to step it up. Once he lands he keeps an eye on Rangiku and begins charging chakra seeing as Meruin took it upon himself to temporarily slip out of their battle. It was fortunate that the Meruin didn't set his sights on the two other genin. With Rangiku going at the spider child now Daichi waits for an opportunity. Having gathered enough chakra he's prepared for what the Kiri ninja has in store for them.

Berii didn't have an entirely clear view from behind the flame but, she did realize the fire break earlier than expected. All of that effort just up and ruined by that second shinobi, an angry huff of smoke runs out from between her lips. Well then she'll just have to make due, she obviously couldn't take the other one even if he did insult her she didn't even notice when he came in to protect the boy and he was already gone!

Really hoping that the two would handle that other guy, Berii pulls out a shuriken and makes a motion to toss it at the kunai. A sudden sharp pain from the wound she received earlier and the shuriken gets thrown without much power behind it. The kunai and shuriken collide but, the shuriken was easily overpowered and only manages to send Tsiro's kunai slightly off track, cutting her across the arm.
Berii takes a page from Naru and forms a few clones. While fire was being fired off by Naru, Berii would break into a run the clones and herself shuffling to confuse the boy while she gathers her chakra.

Meruin almost didn't seem to notice that Rangiku was right in front of him, coming at him with a kunai for a moment. Of course, as the weapon came in, he avoided the thing with a very sudden jerk backwards, the kunai flying wide. What he hadn't accounted for, of course, was the burst of heat and flame that accompanied the attack, scorching his front. Fire clone.
And another attack from the back. The Okumo ninja dived to the side, just barely overcoming natural surprise and tensing to leave the great fireball attack behind him. He ignored the barren earth where he'd been standing and the unhealthy smell that accompanied it. Abruptly, a tide of darkness leapt from him, coursing towards both of the Konoha ninja. Spiders from the slowly regenerating boy's body, leaping to the attack.

Tsiro's eyes grow wide again. He dives out of the way, but his back seems be scorched. 'Stop, drop and roll… roll!' Tsiro does just that. He rolls onto his front side to make sure the entire fire is out. This is accompanied by a grimace of pain from the burn on his back. "Why do I get stuck with the fire twins from hell?" He mutters under his breath. Between the two, Berii had clones going. This would leave Naru as his main target.
As he moved to his feet he would sling a kunai at her, from his pocket. Then he would run towards her and aim an axe kick of his own followed by a palm thrust.

Another pair of Fire clones disappear as the spiders hit them. Rangiku almost giggles as Meruin must be frustrated by now, however, she's not giving up. Forming another batch of quick hand seals, she inhales and brings her fingers to her mouth again, spitting out a good number of fireballs at meruin…..

Naru blinked and quickly sprouted into action once more. Tsiro was indeed a strong foe, however she somehow managed to get out of the way, utilizing her clones and replacement technique this time, Tsirou fist and melee attacks struck puffs of smoke and a hard log only to have an untouched kunochi to still remain infront of him, once more she motioned through the hand seals and calls out. " Alright! lets finish this!" Finishing up on tiger seal once more she let loose, this time an even more streams of fire, and hopefully much more powerful than before… Point blank towards him…

The swarm of spiders was met with an appropriate burst of chakra. The chakra blew the majority of them away however a few slipped under the bursts and their fangs dug into Daichi's arm. After shaking them off violently the genin decides to speed this brawl along. His eyes close briefly and his chakra spikes temporarily. When his eyes open again they glimmer with a golden luster. Daichi nods and flashes in a blur speeding towards Meruin. His blade was brought upward to slash the spiderchild. A simple maneuver of the wrist displaying both grace and strength and Daichi strikes again bringing the blade down at an angle across Meruin's chest. Taking hold of it with both hands now he moves in trying to slide the edge of the blade across Meruin to finish his combo.

Well, Berii was sort of out of moves. She could try the fireball technique again but, the two others were wrapped up in a bit of difficult to read combat. Though, her partner calls out to finish this that was enough of a signal if any and the seals she spotted Naru doing caused her to grin. She shouts out, "Aye!" The Uchiha and clone squad slides to a stop on the side opposite of Naru, leaving the Kaguya sandwiched between them. THe seals would be repeated as it looked as if they intended on roasting the Kaguya.

Berii did not think of the consequences of frying a human. The girl was too caught up in stopping the thing that was trying to kill them. So with out an ounce of regret she completes the hand seals once more, breathes deep and a gout of flame would come at the boy from the opposite direction of the bullet barrage.

Taji had been following the scouting group at a distance to make sure there were no surprises. This is why it took him a while to arrive at the scene of combat. At least he can be fairly sure that the group won't be caught from behind unawares. However this means he has missed quite a bit of the fighting and comes across the area in full melee. He quickly tries to take in who is fighting who and what the biggest threat is as he readies himself to go full out. He emerges from the trees and doesn't pause to focus or activate a TF.
Spying the runt on the Kiri side who seemed to be avoiding all the attacks and spouting spiders, Taji picks his target and making a quick set of hand seals, while still quite some distance away from Meruin, he throws a punch. There's no way that punch will hit, after all Taji is yards away. However as he finishes the punch a stream of mist that had formed around his fist continues forward in a tendril straight towards Meruin, mist snaking towards the Land of Water Chuunin with significant speed.

Tsiro would only get more and more pissed off as his attacks kept hitting clones. The girl was entirely too quick with those clones for him to hit. He would turn to dodge the fire barrage from Naru, only to stop as Berii launched her fireball. "Awe crap…" Tsiro would raise his arm and duck his face for protection. As the fire fades, Tsiro drops his arms. "DAAAAMIT!" he screams as he falls to his knees. "Nex..t … one.. o..n one." He says as his head hits the dirt beneath him. He was out cold.

Meruin seemed moderately hard to pin down. He simply dashed around, going through a series of very acrobatic flips, tumbles, dives, cartwheels and other fun things in an attempt to evade the chuunin's fire attacks. And he succeeded, the ground scorched in a great many places and his body unmarred. Of course, this was when Daichi would step up, newly empowered.
"I remember you," was his abrupt comment as he leaned backwards, avoiding the upwards slash. A pivot to the side took him out of danger of the second, more graceful slash. The final slash came in quicker than he'd anticipated and cut him across his chest, leaving a shallow cut. "I suppose I should have killed you long before."
And then Taji came in, sending waves of mist from his fist. Meruin remembered him as well, though less thoroughly. There was something that was dangerous about this boy. He didn't remember what, but he knew that he didn't want those mists touching him. So, he didn't let them. He slipped around Daomi, dashing away from the three ninja who'd attacked him to check on Tsiro.
Who was hitting the ground, his body charred and in between the two konoha ninja he'd been charged with defeating. Meruin vanished and so did Tsiro, the two of them reappearing a distance into the trees. His fangs were already bared and he pushed them into the Kaguya at the area of the largest burn. The pain should awaken him, he knew. The point was, though, to inject a healing chemical into the wound that would spread throughout his body, aiding it in regenerating itself. "Get to the secondary rendevous point. I'll meet you there."
And then he vanished, reappearing back in the clearing with the others. When he arrived, he was a wholly different ninja. His body was covered in platinum silk from head to toe and four large spider legs made of the same substance had sprouted from his back. Extra eyes had found their way onto his face, accompanied by much more prominent fangs and talons where his nails once were. He was faced with killing all of those here to prevent them from bringing word back of Kirigakure's presence in this land.

"Make sure the others are all right, Daichi." Rangiku orders before Meruin comes back…..and in a startling new form. She doesn't even hestitate to try and burn him down on the spot, spewing a large gout of flame where he goes to land….

Their team work paid off, and just like that it seemed as though Tsiro, at least for now was down to the count… Unfortunately though just as quick as he fell, Meruin once again decided to take action, moving away to drop the other shinobi somewhere until reappearing in a dangerously new form, it was then she began to take a stance, not attempting to pull away at any more of her chakra she blinked and exhcanged a quick look with Berii and everyone else…. Especially the new shinobi that appeared earlier.. " That… is disgusting…" Naru whispers quietly under her breath, taking out a kunai from her side and for now remaining idle, wishing to see what would happen next…

Nodding to the chuunin Daichi leaves her to Meruin, he'd have to return quickly however. The other Shiniboi form Kiri seems to have been removed from the equation. He looks to the two Genin and decides that the younger female is the more damaged of the two. He kneels down to assess her cuts and bruises. A glowing hand goes to relieve her damage. "Nice job." He looks to Naru and motions her to move closer. "You're next."

Berii doubles over as Tsiro finally goes down, breathing heavily and belatedly realizing the wounds she had sustained. The heat of battle had made her quickly forget the multiple gashes that were starting to bleed freely. "Hah… one on one, neh? No thanks." Berii's sense of security was instantly shattered when Tsiro disappears from the spot, she had completely forgotten about the other one in that short moment. Adrenaline begins to pump once again but, it was hard to re-ignore the pain at the moment.

Berii looked up to the older kunoichi she had been fighting alongside, as if silently asking her what they should do, unsure if they should pursue or… Meruin pops back up, looking even more terrifying than before! This just all sucked she should really help attack whatever this thing was but, her limbs would not respond in any usefuk way. No longer trying to look tough in front of her opponent, she'd go stark white upon realizing that Meruin had barely been injured.
Berii was obviously, done fighting as she sheepishly backs away from it all even when Daichi approached her. Berii looks down as some of her wounds are closed up, he would've been handy to have around on her last mission. "Hnn… thank you…" She somewhat whispers out to him.

Taji frowns as Meruin manages not only to avoid the incoming attacks of others easily but avoid his attack, manage to save one of the Kiri nin, and return in greater spleandor. The guy may be short but he's clearly a major threat. Taji can't afford to take this lightly and he focuses some chakra as he concentrates and makes a set of hand seals. Mist starts to gather around Taji, streaming from his form then… suddenly the mist collapses back onto his body, and suddenly it is as if there is a figure made out of pure mist standing there, outlined in haze. One might swear they could see through that body at times, but that's not possible, right?

Meruin looked around, examining the ninja arrayed against him. Two that he could kill without an issue, two that that he could kill with minimal chance of death, and one who was unknown. He had a man undoing the damage that he'd been done. A woman who would not stop trying to blow him to — an easy side-sliding leap took him out of danger from the great fireball technique — pieces, and another boy who'd seemed to turn to mists reminiscent of those that cloaked the whole of Kirigakure. He could possibly win out, he'd decided. But win or not, the battle would draw far too much attention to this area and leave him open for other opponent's to take him. Keeping his presence a secret was already lost. A retreat was best, then. This in mind, he did the only logical thing he could do.
He vanished.

Watching as Meruin runs, Rangiku takes a deep breath and shakes her head. "Come on, Let's get back to the medical wards. You all did great." She says before having them head back to the leaf village. Then she looks to Taji. 'thank you for covering our backs….."

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