Prelude to Evil Reborn


Ataru, Tsumi

Date: June 29, 2012


Ataru carrying a sachel for a mission of Konoha gets jumped by a crazy lady.

"Prelude to Evil Reborn"

3 days trip from Konoha to the edge of the Land of Fire and Land of Water

Ataru whistled while he walked. It was day 3 of his trip heading for a merchant town on the edge of the land of fire. Considering that it was close to the Land of Water, as well as this particular item he was carrying being a high value piece that is part of negotiations between merchants of Water and Fire, they had sent a chuunin level person instead of a genin on the delivery mission. Trying to throw off would be ambushes, they asked Ataru to do the mission, as he didn't look like a normal shinobi, he might slip through where another would not.
On Ataru's back was a backpack, the pack itself was sealed carefully, several tags covered the top and attached to the rest of the bag. It looked like a security set up so that if the bag was opened by the wrong person, either the materials would get wrecked, or the person would be blown up. Ataru didn't seem to mind that he was carrying in essance a bomb and continued at that leasurely ground eating pace.

Three… that was three today. Three citizens of the land of water, whom Tsumi had dragged across the border and torn into like a wild animal. Three innocent civilians… and now she was after a fourth! She sat in the treetops, her white cotton dress torn and bloody from her antics of the day. Her expression was a happy enough one, a wide grin that showed her teeth, though her wide eyes, and dilated pupils made her look… more than a little crazy.
She was sitting up in that tree when victim number four started walking by… Ataru was on his way to that nearby village, staying in the land of fire no doubt, but he would just be thrown across the border again when she was done, make it look like Kiri-nin did it in retalliation or something… Or wild animals, that was her usual shtick.
She dropped down from the tree as soon as Ataru passed… She was Already bloody, so her trick to lure him in would be simple… She immediately, and silently collapsed to the ground, crawling forward and speaking in a hushed, hoarse tone that hid her surging bloodlust, "H-help me…"

Ataru stops at the sound of animals going silent. He'd stop whistling as he frowned, looking around. Startled by the voice behind him, he turned to look at the lady on the ground. Blinking, he immediately rushed over to Tsumi's side, kneeling beside her. "Wha the? Hey, what happen ta ya?? There an animal that did this or somethin??" Ataru split his attention between attempting to check Tsumi over for wounds while also keeping an eye out for any would be follow up attacks on the poor defenseless teen. Yep, sucker born every minute.

"S-something like that." She says, still in a hoarse voice, "Please… I need you to do something for me… I need… I need…" She coughs, a weak, wet choking sound as she chokes back a giggle. Her wounds were… not there…? "I need you…" Her hoarse voice suddenly disappeared, now it was dark, insane, and filled with every ounce of the glorious bloodlust she had to work with. "To die for me…" She giggled wildly as she swung a hand at her would-be savior's throat, followed up by a sudden surge of her body for a tacklimg attack, trying to knock down Ataru for further attacks.

Ataru tensed at her words, that second's edge enough so that her hand missed, if only barely in getting his throat. Whispering by his ear, Ataru's eyes widen in shock, "Wha the heck?!?" As Tsumi went to tackle Ataru, he decided he had enough of that and with a heavy hand, literally shoved her to the ground as she flew at him. Of course, with her there, he'd hop back a step, settling into a stance as that chakra would surge through him. What is up with his luck and being jumped on missions?? "Are you after this package or something? You can't have it! I have to deliver it!!"

"Ooooh?" Tsumi slowly rose to her feet, giggling madly, "Where too? I'll deliver it for you. All you have to do is lie down and sleep for a REALLY long time… doesn't that sound better than delivering a package?" She smiles widely, staring at Ataru with a wide smirk.. She hesitates a moment, then rushes at him again, swinging her claw-fingers twice at his face as she approaches. "Here, let me show you how easy it is!"

Ataru shook his head, that chakra gathering to help him launch backwards, away from her physical attacks. He was of course, completely oblivious to that mental connection however. "Ah.. how about I help ya with that cackle ya got lodged in yer throat, eh?" Back foot planted, he'd kick up a small crater as he launched forward, no longer on the defensive, his own strikes were hard and heavy, two rapid punches, one for her gut, the other her head, both of them had an extra burst of chakra added just at moment of potential impact. He followed it with a spin, even that close to her, the small leap upward giving him room to launch a final back kick towards her chest, that burst of chakra launched from the end of his foot like the punches.

Tsumi avoids the kick expertly, and takes the punches to her gut… much much better than a normal girl really should, with only a mild pained sound. She grabs his arm the second time, with a smirk, as her skin starts glowing in multiple areas… giving her the appearance of having tattoos that weren't there originally. The dull blue glow slinks off of her like a snake, becoming somewhat similar to a claw over her fingers as she lashes out again at Ataru's chest with another wide, arcing swipe.

Ataru tried to move as she swiped, instead he got clipped, throwing him off. The tattoo snake.. thing. He wasn't sure what was up with that, struck faster than he could move, draining him of stamina, wearing him down. Eyes narrowed as he'd study her, it seems that she had a genjutsu? Or maybe it's just a wierd tattoo thingy? Leaving that to another time to contemplate, he went on the attack again. If she was going to hit him with that, he was going to make her pay dearly for it. Another strike, once again those chakra burst lead fists as he did a rapid four hit combo, two to the head, one to the body, the last to a knee in attempting to shatter it and slow her down.

Tsumi takes a couple hits to the head, and a few more in various places… the one to the knee, PROBABLY should have done the job… but it doesn't, she's still standing, with perhaps a few bruises.. She giggles a little more as she steps back a few feet, "Oooh, aren't YOU a fiesty one…" Perhaps I should wear you down a little bit before we continue…" The glowing shapes around her hands lengthen, fade, and transform into a pair of long tendrils… but she doesn't come after her victim yet, she seems to be waiting…

Ataru spits to the side. "I ain't gonna let ya do nothin." As she charged her chakra and the tattoos.. changed? He'd rush at her, this was a little tougher than originally expected, however he was not going to let up. If he did, he would die. As such, that rapid series of hits would once again have those chakra bursts at the end, one to the head, two more to the gut and yet again a shot was given to that knee, although he used a foot this time to aim for that knee, instead of just a punch to go along with the chakra burst.

Tsumi once again takes a few shots to the head and staggers back, then catching the leg aimed at her knee, and shoving back, "Time to stop plaaaying… Toys aren't supposed to fight back… Toys are supposed to sit there, and be played with… You're a bad toy, so I guess I have to break you." She screeches wildly and sends her false tattoos whipping at Ataru from two angles, hoping to catch him where they cross.

Ataru tensed as the attacks came in, once again they moved faster than he could respond, something being not right about the attacks. That is, until the second lash flickered in and out of sight to him, making it miss. Blinking, Ataru frowned, then decked.. himself? A step taken to the side as he staggered from the blow, he'd shake his head then eye Tsumi. Maybe.. not? A shrug of his shoulders given, he'd rush at her again. "Yer gonna die now lady, I ain't gonna just let ya take me out!!" Coming in, he lept just before reaching her, a set of kicks launched at her head, the one coming in high and if she managed to duck, he'd land behind her to immediately kick back, trying to catch her off guard with it.
Tsumi used her arms to block both, getting jarred, but surviving regardless. She glared, positively fuming at Ataru, "Why don't you just DIE when I tell you to?! Just stop moving, lie down, let me tear you to pieces!" She hisses, then steps back, "Next time… Next time I wont go so easy on you, I'll tear your face off…" She smirks wickedly, "Watch your back, stupid ninja…" And then she stepped into the treeline, supposedly leaving.

Ataru watched her back off. He launched himself after her immediately, that chakra adding a burst of speed that let him catch up. He'd do a three hit combo at her, those fists swinging again, although his chakra was increasing his damage output, he didn't have that extra burst at the end this time.

Tsumi hisses angrily as the stupid ninja comes back, laying into her from behind, "Are you stupid? You don't freaking CHASE someone who just tried to kill you. Don't you have a package to deliver?!" She looked weak… but she was still smirking, as if she knew something that Ataru didn't. "Almost dead… I don't have much left in me ninja… ya gonna kill me? You'll regret it…" She snickers, then spits blood, "Wouldn't be my first time in this situation… now go away so I can go kill someone else." And with that she backs off, once again retreating into the treeline, and then leaping into the branches to escape.

She took off again? Ataru shook his head, going after her once more. "Maybe ya shouldn't try ta kill people! Then ya won't get killed!" Gathering himself for that last strike, he'd launch himself at her back again, going for that tackle before he'd pummel her with his fists once again. He was going to put this insane person down for good!

And so he does… He gets tossed aside with the tackle, but his next couple hits land home, and thr weakened, insane woman… crumples up, eyes wide open, very much dead. No pulse, no brain activity, dead. Lot of good bringing a corpse to the police would do… They'd just arrange to have her buried or something…

Ataru beats her. A few more times, although he barely has anything left, he's barely standing himself. Standing to his feet, he looks at her body a moment, shaking his head. Crazy kid. Dead now. Looking around, he'd frown as he got his bearings and blurridly trodded off towards the village. Yes, he was worn down, but it would just take some rest to get back on his feet, crazy lady wasn't going to get back up, he knew it and after he reported the incident, she'd be left there in the forest to rot for all he cared.

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