The Business of Revenge - Preparing a Statement


Shuuren (as Tadashi), Suterusu (as Banshi)

Date: July 13, 2013


Tadashi and Banshi have a short meeting to discuss an upcoming mission.

"The Business of Revenge - Preparing a Statement"

Fuuma Alley - Ward 6 (inside Tadashi's office)

After the long trip to the cave for training, Tadashi has come to one of his offices back on the main continent. Inside the pleasure house basement office in Fuuma Alley, the masked man is seen going through a stack of folders and papers at his desk. Tossing a page with a map of a small but fairly wealthy village on the edge of the desk, he says, "This is our next stop… There should be some people there that know plenty about them. The entire village is funded and run by them, which is as good as being our enemies if they don't want to give us the information we need." While the man he's speaking to may not be visible at the moment, he knows exactly who he's speaking to.

Indeed. And that figure wasn't there for a moment, finally stepping out of the wall to approach the map, reaching out to pick the map up to look at it closely. Red eyes, unblinking, would study that map for a moment, until he had it memorized where it'd be sat back on the desk edge. "Alright." The soft tenor would croon in that semi-whisper. "We go there. Obtain information, remove them for dealing with the enemy, then engage the enemy. Removing that resource will also aid in our demoralization of the enemy." The figure would offer up as he'd watch the man in the mask. It seemed a pretty straight forward job to him and it'd get them one step closer on their path to Order in the world.

"Exactly," Tadashi says with a nod to his right hand man as he looks up at him. "But that is not all. It's time we send a message, one that will strike fear into them and leave the rest of the world confused. We're not going to leave the town bloody and full of bodies. We will make it look like its populace just vanished entirely. The yakuza will receive our message, and the rest of the world will be confused as to whether the yakuza got rid of them for betrayal or if something else may have happened. No trace of our existence. No sign of struggle… The Hitokage's Genjutsu will be instrumental in this."

The figure contemplated this for a few moments. Well.. that wasn't his normal way.. but, he worked for Tadashi for a reason. A simple nod was given in response. "Alright." The figure looked to the map again. "We're figuring 30 hitokage for that population size. I draw those we need out of the masses for questioning, the rest are sent to be consumed by the hitokage and buried in the ground. Seems fairly possible, all things considered?"

"Basically, yes," Tadashi says as he looks back down at his files. "But we'll need to find a place they can be led to and buried where there will be no signs of them being buried there… We will also have to bury them quite deep to be out of the range of pesky things such as Sharingan or Byakugan, but we'll find the ideal location on our way there. This also means we'll need to be sure the area around is clear of people, else they will have to die as well since we don't want to be discovered."

The figure gives a nod then. "I've been gone long enough from Suna, I need to check in. Then give me a week to scout the area. I can find both. I can use the metal manipulation to aid in the endevor as well." The figure shrugged slightly, looking at Tadashi. "If it is needed sooner, that can also be arranged. I just wish to be through about what I do, so the gurantee is a week." Those red eyes watched Tadashi closely, obviously he'd do whatever it took, but that was his recommendation.

After pondering a moment, Tadashi would give a nod, saying, "That is acceptable. This form of me should likely check in there as well… It'll be time to destroy it as far as Suna's knowledge is concerned soon enough. We don't need a disguise getting in the way of our larger efforts." With that, he'd reach into a drawer and toss a rather large money pouch to Banshi. "Good work as always. We'll decide where to meet once you pick out the burial location… You are dismissed."

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